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Vineyard Cincinnati Counseling & Prayer Resources

Counseling Vineyard Cincinnati does not provide professional counseling but does have a relationship with many of the fine Christian counselors in our area. Referral to a Christian Counselor with insurance. If you would like assistance identifying Christian counselors in your insurance network contact Mark Lutz, pastor of Growth & Healing. You will need a hard copy listing of your network providers or a web address for your insurance company, the program your employer has contracted to provide to you; e.g. PPO, HMO, EPO, POS, and your zip code for finding counselors in your area.. To get you started here are several agencies that have multiple staff which one might be on your insurance panel. •

Life Way Christian Counseling 513.769.4600

Thompson and Associates 513.489.1171

Dr. Doug Reed and Associates 513.779.7400 Referral to a Christian Counselor without insurance.

Jeff Baker, PhD Hamilton & West Chester 513.726.5551

Freedom Counseling Services, LLC Kristin Wooten, PC, CR, MA 8080 Beckett Center Drive Suite 123 West Chester, OH 45069 (937) 404-1084

YouthWorks Counseling Stephanie Young 3952 North Bend Road Cincinnati, OH 45211 513.661.TEEN (513.661.8336)

Agencies that offer sliding scale fees. If you have no insurance coverage you may want to contact an agency that can provide counseling on a sliding scale fee structure. These agencies offer sliding scale fees: PPI Consultation Kenwood 513.791.5990 Cincinnati University Counseling Center, Price Hill 513.244.8193 There are also these non-professional lay helping organizations who offer services to little or no cost: Eve Center 513.985.9959 Teleios Ministry (College Hill Presbyterian Church) 513.541.5676

Prayer Finding help through conversation with God •

Healing Room Prayer: by appointment only; extended prayer for physical, spiritual or emotional healing. To make an appointment call (513) 671-0422 ext. 6-471 or email [email protected]

Healing Center: Prayer is available Wednesday - Friday, 9am - 12noon at the Healing Center.

Online Prayer Submissions: you can submit emergency, nonemergency as well as requests for Home & Hospital visitation prayer.

Monday Night Prayer: join us on Monday nights at 7:30pm, after 7pm Growth & Healing Worship (at Tri-County). One-on-one extended prayer is available from 7:30-9:30pm in the Connections room in the Atrium.

Home & Hospital Visit: if you'd like a prayer team to visit you at home or while you're in a hospital or long-term care facility, call (513) 671-0422 Ext. 6474. You can also request Home & Hospital visitation

Prayer Training: If you would like to learn how to pray for others, check out our next Prayer Training Class. This one-day class provides teaching and practice that will help you feel confident in praying for those around you.

Crisis Care If you have an emergency prayer request call the main phone number at (513) 671-0422 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm). If you're calling after hours, you may leave a message on our voice mail system for our "pastor on call."

The Healing Center is open on Saturday mornings until noon, and someone may be available to pray with you.

Someone is available to speak or pray with those who show up at the Main Church Building (Tri-County only) on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings during the service times.


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