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September 13, 2016 | Author: Bonnie Green | Category: N/A
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Verizon Enterprise Center ONLINE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT FROM VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME. Manage your business wireless account online through Verizon Enterprise Center. Verizon Enterprise Center offers convenient access to: Online statements: View bills from a single interface with 24/7 availability. Opt for paperless billing to eliminate paper bills. Make payments online: View balance as of last payment. Update your corporate credit card information and enroll in Auto Pay. Below you will find steps to register for wireless online access to Verizon Enterprise Center and how to set up Auto – Pay.

How to Register for Verizon Enterprise Center: 1. Click link to access Verizon Enterprise Center login page. Click Register

2. From the Registration page, select the option at the top of the page “I don’t have an Invitation Code”

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3. Indicate you are a Verizon Wireless Customer and select the option “I am responsible for single or multiple billing accounts at my company.” Enter the account number. When entering the account number, if your account begins with a zero please exclude that from your entry. For example: Account number 09123456-00001 would be entered 9123456-00001 Then enter ONE validation field per account number. Either the: Last Payment Amount OR Account Balance. Do not enter an Account Password. Note: Have a current invoice in front of you for the Last Payment amount and/or Account balance? Format is XXX.XX If zero: 0.00 When finished, click Next.

4. Continue creating your online profile and enter your User Information and Company information. Note: The address for the User Information should match your American Express billing address.

5. At the bottom of the page, complete the information to Setup your account. Establish a User ID, Password and Secret Q&A. Note: Project Code is not needed. When ready, click Register.

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7. A confirmation-enrollment submitted page displays. Once the request has been approved by Verizon Wireless, an email will be sent to the enrollee with a verification code and instructions for logon.

8. Logon to Verizon Enterprise Center from the confirmation window above by clicking “Proceed to Verizon Enterprise Center” or by clicking the URL received in the welcome email. Enter the Verification Code in the field provided (verification code can be found in your welcome e mail). Click Next.

9. Log in using your newly created User ID and Password and enter the Captcha characters/numbers displayed. 10. Read the terms & conditions and click the *I accept the Terms and Conditions check box. Submit. You are now successfully enrolled. Thank you for registering with the Verizon Enterprise Center for Johnson & Johnson. Please note, there can be a 24 hour delay with account information displaying after registering. If you have additional inquiries, please contact [email protected]. © Verizon Wireless

How to enroll in Auto-Pay through Verizon Enterprise Center: 1


First, enter credit card information to save as the payment account on file


Second, pay your current bill (if available)


Third, enroll in auto pay for future recurring payments

Adding a credit card Once Logged In, click on the Invoices tab

Under the Payments pod, select Manage Payment Accounts

Select “Add Debit/Credit Card”

Enter your American Express Corporate credit card information and click Submit. 2

Pay your bill If you have already paid your Verizon bill with a personal check, do not do these steps and skip down to THIRD STEP Once Logged In, click on the Invoices tab

Under the Payments pod click on Make Payments to expand the menu. Select Make One Time Payment.

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Select the account to apply your payment towards and the payment account you (saved credit card) to use as your payment method. When ready, click Make Payment. Confirm the information is accurate and read and accept the terms and conditions.


Setup Auto Pay Once Logged In, click on the Invoices tab

Under the Payments pod, click the arrow next to Make Payments. From the expanded menu, select Setup Recurring Payments.

Select the payment account to be used as your recurring payment method. Adjust the payment date if needed. Select your account, click Make Payment. Confirm the information is accurate and read and accept the terms and conditions. If you have any issues with this process, contact Verizon at 1-800-569-8799.

Instructions for obtaining an Invoice online:     

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Select the Invoices Tab Select View Invoices Select Invoice List Account Number should be present to select Summary page will show options to download the invoice.


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