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June 14, 2016 | Author: Rosamond May | Category: N/A
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Tesco Bank Box Insurance Private Car Policy Summary Inside you’ll find a summary of your Car Insurance

    Private  Car  Policy  Summary



Welcome  to  Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance     Thank  you  for  choosing  Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance  which  is  arranged  and  administered  by  Insure  The  Box  Limited.  This   is  a  summary  of  cover  provided  by  Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance.  It  does  not  include  all  the  Policy  benefits,  limits  and   exclusions,  which  can  be  found  in  your  Private  Car  Policy  Document.     We  only  offer  comprehensive  cover.  If  you  have  selected  and  paid  to  extend  your  benefits  to  include  any  of  the  add-­‐ ons,  then  this  will  be  shown  in  your  Schedule  of  Insurance.       Your  cover  is  connected  to  the  miles  you  drive.  You  pay  for  a  set  number  of  Policy  Miles  for  a  period  of  Policy  cover  of   12  months.  Your  mileage  is  measured  by  a  telematics  device,  called  an  in-­‐tele-­‐box,  fitted  to  your  car.    When  you  take   out  your  Policy  we  will  contact  you  to  arrange  for  the  in-­‐tele-­‐box  to  be  fitted  at  no  additional  cost  to  you.       If  you  need  to  drive  further  than  your  Policy  Miles  allow  there  are  additional  miles  available.  You  can  buy  Top  Up   Miles,  and  you  can  earn  Bonus  Miles  through  safe  driving.     All  Policy  documentation,  including  your  Certificate  of  Motor  Insurance,  will  be  made  available  to  you  electronically,   via  Your  Portal.  Your  Miles  available  for  the  current  period  of  insurance  can  be  viewed  at  any  time  via  Your  Portal.     Please  note:  if  you  exceed  your  Policy  Miles  and  do  not  Top  Up  your  miles  or  receive  Bonus  Miles  your  policy  will  be   cancelled.  Towards  the  end  of  each  Period  of  Policy  Cover,  we  will  use  your  driving  information  to  help  us  calculate   your  renewal  premium.  Please  refer  to  the  Private  Car  Policy  Document  for  further  details.     If  you  have  not  used  all  your  miles  when  your  Policy  is  due  to  be  renewed,  then  any  unused  Top  Up  and  Bonus  Miles   will  be  credited  to  your  overall  miles  for  the  next  Period  of  Policy  Cover.  Any  of  the  original  Policy  Miles  that  are   unused  will  not  be  credited  to  the  next  Period  of  Policy  Cover,  and  there  is  no  financial  exchange  for  any  unused  miles.       You  will  not  receive  a  refund  for  any  unused  Policy  Miles  at  the  end  of  your  Policy.     For  full  details  of  your  Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance  Policy  and  Terms  and  Conditions  please  read:     • the  Private  Car  Policy  Document   • the  Terms  and  Conditions   • your  Policy  Schedule  -­‐  this  shows  the  period  of  insurance,  which  sections  of  the  Policy  apply  and  details  of   applicable  excesses  and  endorsements   • your  Certificate  of  Motor  Insurance   • your  Statement  of  Fact  -­‐  this  shows  the  information  you  have  provided  to  us.     You  should  review  your  Policy  and  the  cover  it  provides  on  a  regular  basis  to  ensure  that  the  cover  remains  adequate   for  your  needs.     Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance  is  arranged  and  administered  by  Insure  The  Box  Limited  which  is  authorised  by  the  Gibraltar   Financial  Services  Commission,  and  authorised  and  subject  to  limited  regulation  by  the  Financial  Conduct  Authority.   Details  about  the  extent  of  our  authorisation  and  regulation  by  the  Financial  Conduct  Authority  are  available  from  us   on  request.    Insure  The  Box  Limited  is  incorporated  in  Gibraltar  (Company  Number:  102568),  registered  office:   Montagu  Pavilion,  8-­‐10  Queensway,  Gibraltar.     The  Insurers  of  Sections  1-­‐10  are  Catlin  Insurance  Company  (UK)  Ltd.  of  20  Gracechurch  Street,  London,  EC3V  0BG   (Financial  Services  Register  number  423308)  and  Great  Lakes  Reinsurance  (UK)  PLC  of  Plantation  Place,  30  Fenchurch   Street,  London,  EC3M  3AJ  (Financial  Services  Register  number  202715).  Both  firms  are  authorised  by  the  Prudential   Regulation  Authority  and  regulated  by  the  Financial  Conduct  Authority  and  the  Prudential  Regulation  Authority.   TBB  PCPS000001.3  


  The  Insurer  of  Section  11  of  this  policy  (Motor  Legal  Protection)  is  Ageas  Insurance  Limited  of  Ageas  House,  Tollgate   Eastleigh,  Hampshire,  SO53  3YA  (Company  number:  00354568  and  Financial  Services  Register  number:  202039).  Ageas   Insurance  Limited  is  authorised  by  the  Prudential  Regulation  Authority  and  regulated  by  the  Financial  Conduct   Authority  and  the  Prudential  Regulation  Authority.     Catlin  Insurance  Company  (UK)  Ltd.'s  associate  company  owns  more  than  10%  of  Box  Innovation  Group  Limited.

TBB  PCPS000001.3  


Significant  features  and  benefits   Most  claims  will  be  subject  to  an  excess,  which  is  the  amount  you  have  to  pay  towards  any  claim.  Your  Schedule  of   Insurance  shows  the  excesses  applicable  to  you  and  any  other  driver  for  the  type  of  claim  made.   Description  of  cover/product   features   Bonus  Miles  

Significant  limitations  and   exclusions   Bonus  Miles  are  additional  miles   You  earn  Bonus  Miles  for  safe   awarded  in  order  to  encourage  and   driving.  The  in-­‐tele-­‐box  in  your  car   reward  safe  driving.     will  record  the  following     information  about  your  driving:   Details  of  how  you  could  earn  up  to        •  The  time  of  day  you  drive   100  Bonus  Miles  each  month  can        •  The  speed  you  drive  at  on   be  found  in  Your  Portal  at   different  sorts  of  roads   https://boxins.tescobank.com/cust      •  How  smoothly  you  drive   omer-­‐portal/        •  If  you  take  breaks  on  long   journeys        •  Your  motorway  mileage        •  Your  total  mileage     You  can  start  earning  Bonus  Miles   immediately  but  you  will  not  be   able  to  see  them  on  Your  Portal   until  a  month  and  seven  days  after   your  Policy  has  started.  

Accident  alert  

If  you  are  involved  in  an  accident,   an  alert  message  may  be  sent  to  us   by  the  in-­‐tele-­‐box  and,  provided   your  car  isn’t  moving,  we  will  try  to   contact  you  by  telephone.       We  will  check  you  are  okay  and  try   to  help  you  get  going  again.  If  we   can  see  that  your  car  is  moving  we   will  assume  you  are  unharmed  and   do  not  require  immediate   assistance.     If  we  are  unable  to  contact  you  and   your  car  is  stationary  we  will  assess   all  the  circumstances  relating  to   the  incident,  such  as  the  location,   the  time  of  day  and  the  force  of  the   impact.  If  we  think  it  is  appropriate,   we  will  attempt  to  contact  the   emergency  services  and  request   that  they  attend.      

TBB  PCPS000001.3  

Significant  features  and  benefits  

The  accident  alert  service  is  not   guaranteed.     It  is  important  that  you  do  not   assume  that  we  will  contact  you,  or   any  emergency  services,  after  an   incident  has  occurred.     It  is  also  important  that  you  do  not   assume  that  we  are  aware  of  any   incident.  You  must  still  contact  us   to  report  any  circumstances  that   could  lead  to  a  claim  being  made   on  your  Policy  

Policy   reference  

Important   terms  of   your  policy    

Accident   Alert  &   Section   12.3   Accident   and  claims   procedure  


Description  of  cover/product   features   Accidental  damage  to  your  car    

Significant  limitations  and   exclusions   Up  to  the  market  value  of  your  car   We  will  not  pay  for  loss  or  damage   and  its  accessories,  less  any   to  your  car  as  a  result  of  a   Excesses  shown  on  your  Schedule   deliberate  act  caused  by  you  or  any   of  Insurance.   other  driver  covered  to  drive  your     car  including,  but  not  limited  to,   Any  repairs  to  your  car  undertaken   driving  under  the  influence  of   by  one  of  our  approved  UK   alcohol  or  non-­‐prescription  drugs   repairers  are  subject  to  the   or  as  result  of  lawful   following  guarantees:   immobilisation  (clamping),  removal   • the  body  work,  paintwork   and/or  destruction.     and  labour  will  be   If  you  make  a  claim  and  you  have   guaranteed  for  4  years   not  paid  all  your  premium,  we  may   • the  replacement  parts   deduct  any  unpaid  premium  from   used  will  be  covered  for   any  claim  settlement  we  make  to   the  duration  of  the   manufacturer’s  guarantee.   you.       We  will  only  pay  the  cost  of   These  guarantees  will  remain  in   replacing  parts  needed  for  your  car   place  for  as  long  as  your  car   to  meet  the  manufacturer’s   remains  owned  by  you.   standard  specification  (including   optional  extras  fitted  by  the   manufacturer)  unless  any  non-­‐ standard  parts  have  been  agreed   by  us.   Fire  and  theft  damage  to  your   Up  to  the  market  value  of  your  car   We  will  not  pay  for  loss  or  theft  of   car   and  its  accessories,  less  any   any  car  keys  or  lock  transmitters,  or   If  your  car  is  damaged  by  fire  or   Excesses  shown  on  your  Schedule   the  cost  of  repairing  or  replacing   it  is  stolen  or  damaged  as  a   of  Insurance.   any  alarms  or  security  devices.   result  of  theft,    or  attempted       theft,  we  will  pay  for  the  repairs   Any  repairs  to  your  car  undertaken   Loss  or  damage  caused  by  theft  or   or  give  you  a  cash  amount.   by  one  of  our  approved  UK   attempted  theft  is  not  covered  if     repairers  are  subject  to  the   your  car  is  left  unlocked,  or  with   following  guarantees:   the  keys  in  it  or  with  a  window  or   • the  body  work,  paintwork   roof  open.     and  labour  will  be   If  you  make  a  claim  and  you  have   guaranteed  for  4  years   not  paid  all  your  premium,  we  may   • the  replacement  parts   deduct  any  unpaid  premium  from   used  will  be  covered  for   any  claim  settlement  we  make  to   the  duration  of  the   manufacturer’s  guarantee.   you.       We  will  only  pay  the  cost  of   These  guarantees  will  remain  in   replacing  parts  needed  for  your  car   place  for  as  long  as  your  car   to  meet  the  manufacturer’s   remains  owned  by  you.   standard  specification  (including   optional  extras  fitted  by  the   manufacturer)  unless  any  non-­‐ standard  parts  have  been  agreed   by  us.  

TBB  PCPS000001.3  

Significant  features  and  benefits  

Policy   reference  

Section  1   and   General   exclusions  

Section  2  


Description  of  cover/product   features   New  car  replacement   We  may  provide  you  with  a   new  car  if  your  car  is  under  12   months  old  and  it  is  seriously   damaged  or  stolen  and  not   recovered.    

Significant  limitations  and   exclusions   The  new  replacement  car  is  subject   If  a  suitable  replacement  car  is  not   to:   available,  the  claim  will  be  settled   • you  having  registered  your   by  one  of  the  other  options   referred  to  in  the  ‘How  we  will   car  in  your  name  from   settle  your  claim’  Section  of  your   new   Private  Car  Policy  Document.   • the  damage  to  your  car   exceeding  60%  of  the   manufacturer’s  list  price   plus  taxes  when  the   damage  happened   • a  suitable  replacement  car   being  available  in  the  U.K.   In-­‐car  entertainment,  phone   Payment  for  up  to  the  market   Cover  for  any  other  equipment  or   and  satellite  navigation   value  of  any  In-­‐car  entertainment,   specification  is  limited  to  a   equipment   phone  and  satellite  navigation   maximum  of  £250.   Accidental  damage  to,  or   equipment  that  is  permanently   damage  or  loss  caused  by  fire  or   fitted  by  the  manufacturer  as   theft  of,  your  car’s  in-­‐car   standard.   entertainment,  phone  and     satellite  navigation  equipment.   Child  car  seats   Payment  for  new  child  seats  of  the   The  seats  will  only  be  replaced  if   If  your  car  is  involved  in  an   same  quality  as  the  seat  being   your  car  is  involved  in  a  collision   accident  which  damages  the   replaced  up  to  a  limit  of  £300  for   and  the  incident  is  covered  under   car,  we  will  replace  the  child  car   each  accident.   Section  1  of  your  Private  Car  Policy   seats.   Document.   Temporary  replacement  car   The  provision  of  a  courtesy  car.  

TBB  PCPS000001.3  

Significant  features  and  benefits  

This  is  only  available  if  the  damage   to  your  car  is  covered  by  this   insurance  and  if  the  repairs  are   carried  out  by  our  approved  UK   repairer  Service,  and  they  have  a   suitable  car  available.     Temporary  replacement  cars  are   usually  small  one  litre  hatchbacks,   or  similar,  with  a  manual  gearbox,   and  will  have  Comprehensive   cover,  including  any  Policy   excesses,  on  your  Policy  for  the   period  of  the  loan.  

You  will  be  liable  for  any  fines  for   any  parking  or  driving  offences,   congestion,  tolls  or  road  pricing   charges  and  any  additional  costs   for  non-­‐payment  of  these  charges.     You  will  need  to  produce  an   appropriate  credit  or  debit  card   before  collecting  the  temporary   replacement  car  in  order  to  cover   these  costs.     Please  note:  temporary   replacement  cars  are  not  available   if  your  car  has  been  stolen,  and  has   not  been  recovered,  or  is  not   repairable.     Temporary  replacement  cars  are   not  provided  abroad.     Where  your  car  has  been  stolen   you  must  provide  a  crime  reference   number  from  the  Police.    

Policy   reference  

How  we   will  deal   with  your   claim  –   Sections  1   &  2  

How  we   will  deal   with  your   claim  –   Sections  1   &  2  

How  we   will  deal   with  your   claim  –   Sections  1   &  2   How  we   will  deal   with  your   claim  –   Sections  1   &  2  


Description  of  cover/product   features   Driving  other  cars    

Significant  features  and  benefits   There  is  no  cover  to  drive  other   cars.    

Cover  for  the  death  of,  or   injury  to,  other  people   including  injury  to  any   passengers   If  you  are  involved  in  an   accident  in  your  car  you  may  be   liable  to  pay  compensation  if   anyone  is  killed  or  injured.   Cover  for  damage  to  property   belonging  to  other  people   If  you  or  a  driver  covered  to   drive  your  car  are  involved  in  an   accident  in  your  car  you  may  be   liable  to  pay  for  damage  you   cause  to  other  vehicles,  and  to   property  belonging  to  other   people  such  as  fixed  items  e.g.   lamp-­‐posts  and  walls.   Legal  costs  and  expenses   You  are  covered  for  solicitor’s   fees  at  a  coroner’s  inquest,  fatal   accident  enquiry  or  Magistrates   Court  (including  a  court  of   similar  jurisdiction  in  any   country  within  the  territorial   limits)  and  defence  of  any  legal   proceedings  for  manslaughter,   or  causing  death  by  dangerous   or  reckless  driving   We  also  pay  any  other  costs   and  expenses  incurred  by  our   appointed  solicitor  and  their   appointed  agents;  and  charges   set  out  in  the  Road  Traffic  Acts.   Emergency  treatment  charges   If  you  are  involved  in  an   accident  and  receive  treatment   from  the  emergency  services   then  you  are  covered  for  any   cost  of  that  treatment   stipulated  in  the  Road  Traffic   Act.  

There  is  no  limit.  

Use  by  the  motor  trade,  hotels   and  car  parks   Your  car  is  covered  whilst  it  is   being  driven  by  a  member  of   the  Motor  Trade  or  an   employee  of  a  Hotel  or  Car   Park.  

Up  to  the  market  value  of  your  car   and  its  accessories.  

TBB  PCPS000001.3  

Significant  limitations  and   exclusions   There  is  no  cover  to  drive  other   cars.    

Cover  is  only  provided  for  the   vehicle  named  on  your  Certificate   of  Motor  Insurance,  whilst  it  is   being  driven  by  the  drivers  named   on  your  Certificate  of  Motor   Insurance  and  for  a  purpose   defined  on  your  Certificate  of   Motor  Insurance.   Up  to  £15,000,000  for  damage  to   Cover  is  only  provided  for  the   property  belonging  to  other  people   vehicle  named  on  your  Certificate   (third  parties)  and  up  to  £5,000,000   of  Motor  Insurance,  whilst  it  is   for  dealing  with  the  legal  costs   being  driven  by  the  drivers  named   arising  from  such  claims.   on  your  Certificate  of  Motor   Insurance  and  for  a  purpose   defined  on  your  Certificate  of   Motor  Insurance.  

Policy   reference  

Definitions   Your  Car   and   your   Schedule   of   insurance   Section  3    

Section  3  

There  is  no  limit.    

Cover  is  only  provided  for  the   vehicle  named  on  your  Certificate   of  Motor  Insurance,  whilst  it  is   being  driven  by  the  drivers  named   on  your  Certificate  of  Motor   Insurance  and  for  a  purpose   defined  on  your  Certificate  of   Motor  Insurance.     If  you  wish  to  arrange  for  your  own   representation  then  you  must   obtain  our  prior  written   consent.    Without  this,  these  costs   may  not  be  covered  by  your  Policy.    

Section  3  

There  is  no  limit.    

Cover  is  only  provided  for  the   vehicle  named  on  your  Certificate   of  Motor  Insurance,  whilst  it  is   being  driven  by  the  drivers  named   on  your  Certificate  of  Motor   Insurance  and  for  a  purpose   defined  on  your  certificate  of   Motor  Insurance.     None  

Section  3  

Section  4  


Description  of  cover/product   features   Glass  in  windscreens,  sunroofs   or  windows  (or  for  any   scratching  of  the  bodywork  as   a  result  of  broken  glass  from   your  car)  

Foreign  use   This  extends  the  full  cover  of   your  Policy  when  you  take  your   car  abroad  to  any  European   Union  (EU)  country,  or  any   country  specified  on  your   Schedule  of  Insurance.  

Personal  accident  benefits   Cover  is  provided  for  death  or   accidental  injury  to  you  or  your   husband,  wife,  common  law   partner  or  civil  partner  as  a   result  of  a  road  accident  whilst   you  are  travelling  in,  or  getting   in  or  out  of  any  car.      

Medical  expenses   Medical  expenses  resulting   from  an  accident  while   travelling  in  your  car.    

TBB  PCPS000001.3  

Significant  limitations  and   exclusions   You  must  notify  us  before  any  work   If  you  choose  not  to  use  our   is  carried  out.   approved  supplier,  then  the  most     we  will  pay  is  £200  less  any   You  will  pay  the  first  part  of  any   excesses  shown  on  your  Schedule   claim  for  any  glass  that  is  replaced   of  Insurance.   or  repaired.       Damage  to  your  car  as  a  result  of  a   The  level  of  your  contribution  (your   deliberate  act  caused  by  you  or  any   Excess),  is  shown  on  your  Schedule   driver  covered  to  drive  your  car.   of  Insurance.     Cover  automatically  applies   Cover  for  loss  or  damage  to  your   provided  it  is  shown  on  your   car  is  excluded  if  it  is  kept  abroad   Schedule  of  Insurance,  unless  the   for  more  than  90  consecutive  days   conditions  shown  in  the  next   in  any  one  annual  period  of  cover.   column  are  not  met.       Temporary  Replacement  Cars  are   You  will  not  need  a  Green  Card  for   not  available  abroad  and  repairs   these  journeys.   undertaken  abroad  are  not     guaranteed  as  they  are  not  carried   out  by  our  approved  network  of   repairers.     If  you  wish  to  arrange  cover  for  any   other  country  then  we  must  give   you  our  permission  in  advance  and   you  must  pay  any  additional   premium  due.   Cover  is  limited  to  £7,500  in  total   Cover  only  applies  if  the  injury   per  person  during  any  one  Period   results  in  death,  permanent  loss  of   of  Private  Car  Insurance  Cover.   any  limb  above  the  wrist  or  ankle;     or  the  complete  and  irrecoverable   loss  of  sight  in  one  or  both  eyes   within  90  days  of  the  incident.     Cover  will  not  be  provided  where   the  incident  was  as  a  result  of   suicide  or  attempted  suicide,  or   driving  under  the  influence  of   alcohol  or  non-­‐prescription  drugs,   or  where  the  driver  of  your  car  is   convicted  of  reckless  or  dangerous   driving,  or  where  the  person  is  not   wearing  a  seatbelt.   Cover  is  limited  to  £200  per  person   Cover  will  not  be  provided  where   travelling  in  your  car  at  the  time  of   the  driver  of  your  car  is  driving   the  accident.   under  the  influence  of  alcohol  or   non-­‐prescription  drugs,  or  where   the  driver  of  your  car  is  convicted   of  reckless  or  dangerous  driving,  or   where  the  person  is  not  wearing  a   seatbelt.   Significant  features  and  benefits  

Policy   reference  

Section  5  

Section  6  

Section  7  

Section  8  


Description  of  cover/product   features   Personal  belongings   Accidental  damage,  or  damage   or  loss  caused  by  fire  or  theft  of   personal  belongings  in  your  car.  

No  claim  discount   You  can  obtain  a  discount  from   your  Premium  in  accordance   with  the  scale  shown  in  your   Private  Car  Policy  Document  for   every  year  that  you  remain   claim  free  up  to  a  maximum  of   10  years.  

Protected  no  claim  discount   If  you  have  already  built  up  a   valuable  no  claim  discount  you   can  protect  it  so  that  even  if   you  do  have  a  claim  you  will   keep  your  full  discount.  

TBB  PCPS000001.3  

Significant  features  and  benefits   Cover  is  limited  to  £150.  

If  you  have  a  claim  you  will  lose   your  no  claim  discount  in   accordance  with  the  scale  shown  in   your  Policy.     Claims  for  emergency  treatment   charges,  glass,  motor  legal   protection    and  claims  where  you   are  not  at  fault  and  we  recover  all   that  we  have  paid,  will  not  affect   your  no  claim  discount.     Your  no  claim  discount  will  be   protected  provided  that  there  are   no  more  than  two  claims  in  any  five   consecutive  years  of  cover.     Any  change  in  the  level  of  your  no   claim  discount  is  no  guarantee  that   your  premium  will  not  increase.  

Significant  limitations  and   exclusions   Loss  or  damage  caused  by  theft  or   attempted  theft  is  not  covered  if   your  car  is  left  unlocked,  or  with   the  keys  in  it  or  with  a  window  or   roof  open.     Any  personal  belongings  must  be   kept  out  of  sight  in  the  locked  boot   or  glove  compartment  of  your  car.     None  

Your  no  claim  discounts  must  meet   our  acceptance  criteria.  Please   refer  to  our  terms  and  conditions   for  further  details.  

Policy   reference  

Section  9  

Section  10  

Section  10  


Description  of  cover/product   features   Motor  Legal  Protection  (Tesco   Legal  Guard)  

General  conditions  and   General  exceptions   These  terms,  conditions  and   exclusions  apply  irrespective  of   the  cover  you  select.  Your   Private  Car  Policy  Document   shows  all  of  them.  

Significant  limitations  and   Policy   reference   exclusions   Up  to  £100,000  of  cover  for  legal   Cover  is  only  available  if  a  claim  is   Section  11   costs  and  expenses  to  enable  you   more  likely  than  not  to  be   to  claim  compensation  for  personal   successful  and  if  any  judgement  is   injury  and/or  personal  losses   more  likely  than  not  to  be   following  a  road  traffic  accident   enforced.   within  the  EU  from  the  person     responsible  for  the  accident.  Tesco   Cover  is  not  available  if  you  appoint   Legal  Guard,  if  considered   a  solicitor  without  first  contacting   necessary,  will  appoint  a  specialist   Tesco  Legal  Guard.   solicitor  to  pursue  your  claim.     European  legal  and  UK  tax  helpline   -­‐  a  24  hour  advisory  service  for   telephone  advice  on  any  private   legal  or  taxation  problem  of   concern  to  you  or  any  member  of   your  household.  Simply  telephone   0845  120  1330  and  quote  'Tesco   Legal  Guard'.     Replacement  vehicle   If,  following  a  road  traffic  accident   where  somone  else  is  to  blame,   your  vehicle  is  off  the  road  and  you   require  a  replacement  vehicle,  you   will  be  provided  with  a  'like-­‐for-­‐ like'  replacement  vehicle  where   you  have  a  valid  claim  against   somebody  else.   Please  see  Section  12  and  Section   Please  see  Section  12  and  Section   Section  12   13  of  your  Private  Car  Policy   13  of  your  Private  Car  Policy   and   Document.   Document.   Section  13   Significant  features  and  benefits  

Optional  Extensions  of  cover  (The  add-­‐ons)   Road  Rescue   Key  Cover  

The  add-­‐ons  are  only  covered  if  they  are  shown  on  your  Schedule  of  Insurance  and   any  additional  premium  required  has  been  paid     Further  details  of  the  add-­‐ons  can  be  found  here:   http://tescobank.com/boxinsurance  



TBB  PCPS000001.3  



Cancellation   You  can  cancel  your  Policy  at  any  time  by  notifying  us.  Cancellation  can  take  effect  immediately  or  from  a  later  date,   although  it  cannot  be  backdated.         We  reserve  the  right  to  cancel  the  cover  providing  we  follow  the  procedure  defined  in  Section  12  of  the  Private  Car   Policy  Document:   • if    you  do  not  co-­‐operate  in  having  the  in-­‐tele-­‐box  fitted  within  14  days  of  you  arranging  cover  with  us   • if  you  do  not  pay  your  premium   • after  a  claim,  where  we  have  decided  to  make  a  cash  payment  for  not  more  than  the  market  value  of  your  car   at  the  time  of  the  damage  where  it  was  uneconomic  to  repair  or  replace  your  car;  or   • by  writing  to  you  at  your  last  known  address  7  days  in  advance  of  the  cancellation  date  if  there  are  serious   grounds  to  do  so  such  as  failure  to  provide  requested  documents  (proof  of  No  Claim  Discount  etc.),  exceeding   Policy  Miles  without  top  up,  where  your  car  is  being  driven  or  used  other  than  in  accordance  with    your   Certificate  of  Motor  Insurance,  following  a  fraud  or  deliberate  or  reckless  misrepresentation  or  if  you  have   withheld  information,  following  removal  of,  or  tampering  with,  the  in-­‐tele-­‐box.     If  we  so  request,  you  must  also  allow  us  or  our  approved  supplier  to  retrieve  the  in-­‐tele-­‐box  from  your  car  in  the  event   that  cover  is  no  longer  required.     Upon  cancellation  by  either  you  or  us,  you  will  receive  a  refund  of  premium  providing  no  claim  has  been  made  during   the  period  of  Policy  cover.  You  will  be  entitled  to  receive  a  refund  of  premium  less  an  administration  fee  of  £30  and  a   charge  reflecting  the  cover  we  have  provided  up  to  the  cancellation  of  your  Policy.  This  charge  will  be  calculated  on  a   proportionate  basis  on  either  the  period  of  cover  you  have  received  or  the  miles  you  have  used,  whichever  amount  is   higher.  When  you  take  out  a  Policy  with  us  we  pay  the  cost  of  the  in-­‐tele-­‐box,  its  fitting  and  retrieval  of  data  from  it.  In   the  event  that  you  cancel  your  Policy  and  if  the  in-­‐tele-­‐box  has  already  been  fitted  to  your  car,  or  had  been  fitted  to  a   car  you  previously  insured  with  us,  you  will  be  charged  an  additional  fee  of  £50  to  cover  the  cost  to  us  of  fitting  the  in-­‐ tele-­‐box.  These  fees  will  be  subject  to  Insurance  Premium  Tax  where  applicable.     If  you  have  made  a  claim  during  the  current  period  of  Policy  cover,  you  must  pay  the  full  annual  premium  and  you  will   not  be  entitled  to  any  refund.     You  must  surrender  your  Certificate  of  Motor  Insurance  to  us  within  7  days  of  the  cancellation  date,  as  it  is  an  offence   under  the  Road  Traffic  Act  not  to  do  so.  You  can  surrender  your  Certificate  of  Motor  Insurance  by  sending  us  a  notice   by  email  to  confirm  your  insurance  cover  has  ceased.  Alternatively  you  can  print  and  post  a  copy  of  your  Certificate  of   Motor  Insurance  to  us  on  which  you  state  that  cover  has  ceased  and  which  you  sign  to  that  effect.      


TBB  PCPS000001.3  



Important  telephone  numbers   Enquiry  

What  you  need  to  do  

Our  telephone  number  

Making  a  claim  or   report  an  accident    

If  you  need  to  make  a  claim,  please  follow  these  steps:     1.  Please  call  us  as  soon  after  the  incident  as  possible.   2.  Please  give  us  as  much  information  about  the  incident  as  you  can.   We  will  explain  what  your  Private  Car  Policy  covers  and  if  you  have  to   pay  any  excess.   3.  Wherever  possible,  speak  to  us  before  you  make  any   arrangements  for  replacement  or  repair.     For  more  details  on  how  to  make  a  claim  please  go  to   https://boxins.tescobank.com/customer-­‐portal/  and  see  your  Private   Car  Policy  Document.  

0330  022  2525  

If  your  car  is  stolen  

The  in-­‐tele-­‐box  includes  tracking  technology  which  tracks  the  location   of  your  car  and  can  help  us  find  your  car  if  it  is  stolen.     If  your  car  is  stolen,  please  tell  the  local  police  and  obtain  a  crime   reference  number.       You  should  then  contact  us.  We  will  confirm  your  details,  record  the   crime  reference  number  and  begin  to  monitor  the  location  of  your   car,  liaising  with  the  police  as  appropriate.     If  your  car  is  recovered  but  damaged,  or  not  recovered  at  all,  please   contact  the  claims  department  of  Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance  and  we   will  help  you  with  your  claim.  

0330  022  2525  

Windscreen  claims  

Have  your  Policy  number  to  hand  and  telephone  the  windscreen  and   glass  damage  team.  

0330  022  9449  

Motor  Legal  Protection   If  you  need  to  make  a  claim  on  your  Motor  Legal  Protection   (Tesco  Legal  Guard)  

0330  022  2525  

Tesco  Bank  Breakdown   Call  Tesco  Bank  Breakdown  Cover  to  arrange  a  patrol  to  help  you.   Cover   Level  of  cover  provided  is  based  on  add-­‐on  purchased.  

0333  2021897  

Tesco  Bank  Key  Cover  

Call  Tesco  Bank  Key  Cover  to  arrange  the  best  solution  for  your   situation.  Cover  is  only  available  if  you  purchased  the  add-­‐on.  

0845  366  0228  

Box  installations  team  

Have  your  Policy  number  to  hand  and  telephone  our  dedicated  in-­‐ tele-­‐box  installation  team.  

0800  781  0988  

For  customer  service   and  sales  enquiries  

You  can  go  to  https://boxins.tescobank.com/customer-­‐portal/  and   log  into  Your  Portal  where  you  can  use  Live  Chat  or  you  can  talk  to  us   on  the  telephone.  

0330  022  2202  

To  make  a  change  to   your  cover  

You  can  go  to  https://boxins.tescobank.com/customer-­‐portal/  and   log  into  Your  Portal  where  you  can  use  Live  Chat  or  you  can  talk  to  us   on  the  telephone.  

0330  022  2202  

  *  Any  calls  to  numbers  starting  03  cost  the  same  as  calls  to  numbers  starting  01  or  02  and  may  be  included  in  any  inclusive  calls  package  you  may   have.  Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance    does  not  earn  any  revenue  from  the  use  of  the  03  number.  

  Contact  us  via  email:     Customer  service:  [email protected]     Claims:  [email protected]   TBB  PCPS000001.3  


Or  you  can  write  to  us  at:   Customer  Service   Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance   PO  Box  1308   Newcastle   NE12  2BF  

If  we  do  not  provide  the  expected  service     We  aim  to  provide  a  high  level  of  service  and  we  want  you  to  tell  us  when  we  don’t.  We  take  all  complaints  we  receive   seriously  and  aim  to  resolve  these  promptly  and  fairly.  We  welcome  your  feedback.  We  will  record  and  analyse  your   comments  to  make  sure  we  continuously  improve  the  service  we  offer.   If  we  don’t  meet  the  level  of  service  you  expect,  and  you  have  a  complaint  about  your  policy  then  please  contact  our   customer  service  team  on  0330  022  2202.  Alternatively  you  can  email  [email protected]obank.com     If  you  need  to  make  a  complaint  about  your  Claim,  please  call  0330  022  2525.  Alternatively,  you  can  email  us  at   [email protected]   We  will  do  everything  we  can  to  resolve  your  complaint  immediately  but  if  we  can’t  or  we  need  to  investigate  we  will   explain  how  we  will  do  this  and  when  we  will  respond.   If  we  cannot  resolve  your  complaint  over  the  telephone,  or  you  are  dissatisfied  with  our  proposals  to  resolve  your   complaint  you  can  write  to:   Complaints  Officer   Tesco  Bank  Box  Insurance   PO  Box  1308   Newcastle  upon  Tyne   NE12  2BF   or  email:  [email protected]   You  should  quote  the  Policy  Number  shown  on  your  Schedule  of  Insurance  and  explain  the  nature  of  your  complaint.   If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  the  final  decision  regarding  your  complaint  or  you  have  not  received  the  final  decision   within  eight  weeks,  you  can  write  to:   The  Financial  Ombudsman  Service   South  Quay  Plaza   183  Marsh  Wall   London   E14  9SR       Following  the  complaints  procedure  does  not  affect  your  right  to  seek  and  take  legal  action.  

The  Financial  Services  Compensation  Scheme   Insure  The  Box Limited,  Catlin  Insurance  Company  (UK)  Ltd.,  Great  Lakes  Reinsurance  (UK)  PLC  and  Ageas  Insurance   Limited  are  members  of  the  Financial  Services  Compensation  Scheme  (FSCS).  You  might  be  entitled  to  compensation   from  the  FSCS  if  Insure  The  Box  Limited,  Catlin  Insurance  Company  (UK)  Ltd.,  Great  Lakes  Reinsurance  (UK)  PLC  or   Ageas  Insurance  Limited  are  unable  to  meet  their  obligations.  Further  information  on  the  scheme  can  be  obtained  at:   www.fscs.org.uk.  

TBB  PCPS000001.3   12

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