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Registration for all summer 2016 sessions opens February 1, 2016; 8:30 a.m.


Bill Due Date: May 13, 2016; 5:00 p.m. (Online or in Person) Classes Begin/Late Registration: May 16, 2016 End of Term: June 03, 2016


Bill Due Date: May 20, 2016; 5:00 p.m. (Online or in Person) Classes Begin/Late Registration: May 23, 2016 End of Term: August 13, 2016


Bill Due Date: June 3, 2016; 5:00 p.m. (Online or in Person) Classes Begin/Late Registration: June 6, 2016 End of Term: July 9, 2016


Bill Due Date: July 8, 2016; 5:00 p.m. (Online or in Person) Classes Begin/Late Registration: July 11, 2016 End of Term: August 13, 2016

Complete UT Tyler schedule and current course availability:

myUTTyler ONLINE REGISTRATION myUTTyler ( is the online student registration and information system. Under the Student Center link, on the Student Home Page tab, you can register for classes, check course availability or your schedule, obtain an unofficial transcript, view your Patriot advising report, check your grades and a host of other functions. Check your Student Center regularly for important notifications under the Holds section. Click on the details link for more information. You log into myUTTyler using your Patriot Account username and password. Your Patriot Account must be activated before you can log into myUTTyler. To activate your Patriot Account, or change your Patriot Account password, go to ccs.uttyler. edu/?page=account. If you have any other Patriot Account problems, visit the Campus Computing Center in BUS 101 or send an email to [email protected] Please include the following information: n First Name n Date of Birth n Last Name n Student ID Number

Easy steps to register: 1. Log into myUTTyler with your Patriot email user name and password. 2. Click on Student Home Page tab. 3. Select Student Center under System Access area. 4. Click Search For Classes to begin searching. 5. Search by course subject, 4-digit course number or career. 6. When desired section appears, click Select Class. 7. Select Next to add course to your shopping cart. 8. Select Enroll, select term and click Continue. 9. Click Proceed to Step 2 of 3 to register for courses in your shopping cart. 10. Select Finish Enrolling to complete registration. Registration and Student Center tutorials are available at

Room Assignments

Room assignments will be available on myUTTyler the day before classes begin. Links and detailed information can be found at The day before classes begin, log into the myUTTyler Portal at and print your schedule. If you are on campus and need a copy of your schedule, bring a photo ID to the Enrollment Services Center (ESC) in ADM 230, and we’ll print a schedule for you. Printers are available for your use in the Campus Computing Center (BUS 101).

Census Date

Short Summer 2016 - May 17 Long Summer 2016 – June 6 Summer I 2016 - June 9 Summer II 2016 – July 14 The Census Date is an important date to remember each semester because it is the deadline for the following: 1) Submitting approved Transient Forms to the ESC (ADM 230) 2) Submitting Grade Replacement Contracts to the ESC (ADM 230) 3) Completing the process for tuition exemptions or waivers in the ESC (ADM 230) 4) Getting re-enrolled in classes after being dropped for non-payment (A post-census enrollment fee of $250 will be assessed) 5) Completing schedule adjustments (drop/add, section changes, etc.) 6) Getting a 100% refund for partial withdrawals 7) Submitting approval to take a course for Audit, Pass/Fail, or CR/NC to the ESC (ADM 230) 8) Submitting written request to withhold Directory Information to the ESC (ADM 230)

Withdrawal Policy

Short Summer 2016 – May 27 Long Summer 2016 – July 11 Summer I 2016 – June 27 Summer II 2016 – August 1 Courses may be dropped online until midnight on the last day prior to the first day of classes. From the first day of classes through the Census Date of fall, spring, and summer semesters students may drop courses by completing the registration form, which is available at the ESC (ADM 230). Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss options before dropping courses. From the day after the Census Date through the Last Day to Withdraw from One or More Courses of fall, spring and summer semesters, all withdrawals require a Course Drop or Withdrawal Request form, which is available at the ESC (ADM 230). For undergraduate students completing partial withdrawals, the form must be signed by the course instructor(s), the department

chair or the major college dean; undergraduates completing a full withdrawal and graduate students do not require these signatures. All drops at this time should be for urgent, serious and compelling reasons, and proper signatures are required. Appropriate signatures are required for all international students, student athletes, and students receiving scholarship, veteran’s benefits, or financial aid funds regardless of classification. Students who are unable to come to campus in person may submit a written drop request including their name, student identification number, course(s) from which the student wishes to withdraw, date, copy of the student’s photo ID and signature by fax to 903.566.7183, or by mail to: UT Tyler Enrollment Services Center, 3900 University Blvd., Tyler, TX 75799. Students may also email drop requests from their Patriot email addresses to [email protected]; no signature or ID are required. Patriot email requests, and requests submitted by mail or fax, will require responses to one or more confirmation emails, and will not be processed until all necessary confirmations are received; final processing will be effective as of the original submission date. As a courtesy, students are encouraged to inform the instructor for the course that they are dropping the class.

Attention UT Tyler Freshmen 6-Drop Rule (SB 1231)

Any student who began college for the first time as a freshman in Fall 2007 or thereafter may not drop more than six courses during their entire undergraduate career. This includes courses dropped at another 2-year or 4-year Texas public college or university. For purposes of this rule, a dropped course is any course that is dropped after the published Census Date. Exceptions to the 6-drop rule include: 1) students totally withdrawing from the university; 2) students administratively dropped from a course by the university; 3) dropping a course for a provable illness or disability, for care for a sick or injured person or for a death in the immediate family; 4) dropping a course for documented change of work schedule; 5) dropping a course for active duty service with the U.S. armed forces or Texas National Guard; 6) dropping a course that does not carry college-level credit such as a developmental course or a zero-credit course; or 7) dropping courses taken as required co-requisites such as lecture class with a required laboratory. In such cases the lecture and lab are counted as one drop when dropped at the same time.

Excessive Hours Rule

Texas Education Code 54.068 allows colleges and universities to charge a higher tuition rate to students with excessive or repeated hours because the institution cannot receive state funding for the

courses. UT Tyler charges out-of-state tuition for all coursework to students with excessive hours. Students with excessive hours are defined as: a) Texas resident, undergraduates initially enrolling between the Fall 1999 and Summer 2006 semesters who exceed more than 45 hours of the number of required hours for their degree plan, OR b) Texas resident, undergraduates initially enrolling Fall 2006 or after who exceed more than 30 hours of the number of required hours for their degree plan. Exemption to the payment of higher tuition for repeated hours is available only in the semester prior to graduation, for only one term. For assistance or clarification of these rules, please contact the ESC (ADM 230).

Student Email Policy

UT Tyler’s Patriot Email system serves as the electronic communication source for corresponding with students. Upon acceptance for admission to UT Tyler, students are issued a unique Patriot Email address. Please check your Patriot Email account regularly. Important information from the university will be distributed to you through your Patriot Email account, and it will be the communication source for BlackBoard. For more information about Patriot Email or to access your account, click Patriot Email under UT Tyler Logins on the UT Tyler home page (

Directory Information

At its discretion, the university may release Directory Information, which shall include: (1) name, address, telephone number (2) major field of study at UT Tyler (3) dates of attendance (4) most recent previous educational institution attended (5) classification (6) degrees, certificates and awards received (7) date of graduation (8) e-mail address (9) photographs (10) participation in officially recognized activities and sports (11) weight and height of members of athletic teams Students may have all Directory Information withheld by notifying the ESC (ADM 230) in writing by the Census Date of each semester. The institution will honor the requests for non-disclosure until the student notifies the ESC in writing that Directory Information may be released.

Tuition Rebate for Qualified Undergraduates

The Tuition Rebate Program for Qualified Undergraduates, in accordance with Section 54.0065 of the Texas Education Code, provides a financial incentive (up to $1000) for a student to complete the bachelor’s degree with no more than 3 credit hours attempted above the degree requirements, thereby minimizing the number of courses taken and resulting in financial savings to students, parents and the state. Application forms are available in the ESC (ADM 230). Eligibility information can be found in the Tuition Rebate section at:

Graduation Steps, Processes, Filing Deadlines and Commencement Dates The steps listed below will assist you with successful completion of the graduation application process. Graduation Term Summer 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017

Priority Filing Date 06/06/2016 Fall Census Date Spring Census Date

Final Filing Deadline* 07/15/2016 11/01/2016 03/20/2017

* Applications received after the Final Filing Deadline will be deferred to the next available term.

To apply for graduation, follow the steps listed on the Office of the Registrar’s graduation page at graduation/index.php • Caps and gowns are available from the UT Tyler bookstore. • Honor cords will be presented during the commencement ceremony. • Monitor your Patriot email for ticketing information and ceremony instructions.

Summer Commencement

Students may apply for August graduation. Students who graduate in August must participate in the Fall commencement ceremony in December. Commencement information is available online at

Additional Information

All incomplete grades, required transcripts from other institutions and other evidence of outstanding requirements must be submitted within 30 days following the end of spring term. If the requirements have not been verified by this date, the student must re-file for graduation subject to the graduation filing deadlines.

Important UT Tyler Telephone Numbers (903 area code) Academic Advising Center 565.5718 Bookstore 566.7070 College of Business & Technology 566.7360 Education & Psychology 566.7339 Engineering 566.7040 Arts & Sciences 566.7368 Nursing & Health Sciences 566.7320 Eagle’s Landing Apartments 565.5990 Enrollment Services Center 566.7180 (Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Cashiers) Housing 566.7008 Library 566.7342 Longview University Center 663.8100 Ornelas Hall 565.6400 Palestine Campus 727.2300 Patriot Village Apartments 565.5737 Student Government Association 566.7083 Student Counseling Center 566.7079 University Pines Apartments 566.3565 University Police 566.7300

Mailing Address The University of Texas at Tyler 3900 University Boulevard Tyler, TX 75799

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