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1 Sage Software Accountants Network To Better Guide Your Clients To Better Grow Your Practice 1715 North Brown Road Lawr...


Sage Software Accountants Network To Better Guide Your Clients To Better Grow Your Practice

1715 North Brown Road Lawrenceville, GA 30043 For more information about the Sage Software Accountants Network and our software, call 866-565-2726, fax 770-564-6029, or visit us online at:

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Why Should You Join the Sage Software Accountants Network? Because the accounting environment today is more complex and more competitive than ever. Your clients need and expect more. And information technology has influenced virtually every aspect of the profession,

Join the Sage Software Accountants Network if you want to: • Access a wide range of accounting and business management solutions at a deeply discounted price for reference and in-firm use. • Be represented on Sage Software Web sites as a member of the Accountants Network to help grow your practice. • Get discounts from companies within the Business

from in-firm operations, to automated service delivery,

Connection Program to help you with practice

to client systems. It all means that your role as an


accountant is evolving at an incredible pace. But even as it does, your goals remain the same. You want to help your clients run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. And you want to grow your practice. The Sage Software Accountants Network helps you do both.

• Better understand your clients’ accounting and business management solutions by gaining access to information and low-cost education. • Be able to knowledgeably answer your clients’ questions about accounting and business management software and, if desired, deliver a level of technology consulting services to clients in need of assistance. • Build alliances with local technology firms that can provide services to you and your clients. Please take a moment now to read the rest of this brochure for a summary of the many benefits that await you in the Sage Software Accountants Network.

Enroll now and save on software and support from Sage Software. Visit



Premier Advisor Membership

Informative Communications

Access to Powerful Business Software

quarterly Sage Software Accountants Network News,

The more knowledgeable you are about available

weekly Newsflash e-mail communications, and dedicated

software solutions, the more confidently you’ll be able to

Web site enable you to stay current on the latest trends in

answer your clients’ questions and work with the output

accounting and business management solutions affecting

they provide you. The Sage Software Accountants

your clients. You’ll then be able to share that information

Network will make available to you live, not-for-resale

with your clients proactively, or when they ask you for

Sage Software solutions to use as a learning tool or to


automate your practice.

Knowledge and experience tie you to your clients. Our

Discounts on Sage Software Training

Online Listing in the Accountants Network

Sage Software offers dynamic, hands-on training courses

Member Locator

for many of our accounting and business management

This exclusive membership benefit is a helpful tool

solutions. Courses are held at Sage Software Corporate

which will allow your business to gain exposure and

Training Facilities and at Sage Software Authorized Training

potentially profit from additional marketing opportunities.

Centers and Resource Centers nationwide. All centers

You will have exposure to thousands of visitors from

are required to meet stringent facility and instructional

the Sage Software product Web sites. Better yet, you’ll

requirements, and are monitored by Sage Software to

be highlighted as a CPA, accountant, consultant, or

help ensure you receive training of the highest quality. In

bookkeeper who has a relationship with one of the Sage

addition, we offer a number of self-study and Web-based

Software small to midsized accounting products.

training courses to facilitate your independent learning. Not

Customer Support Award-winning priority support for Premier Advisors and

to mention, you’ll receive a 40% discount off of select CPE training classes.

your clients is a Sage Software hallmark. With state-of-

Premier Advisor Web Site Access

the-art call center systems and over 500 highly trained

As a Premier Advisor, you’ll also be able to take advantage

Sage Software product support technicians, you and

of additional product information, tools, discussion

your clients are assured you’ll get responsive support

boards, and support services through our Sage Software

from a knowledgeable source. Furthermore, we have

Accountants Network Web site.

developed innovative Web-based support services that provide online self-help, technical product information, and updates to members and customers alike.

Additional Values Because of your Premier Advisor membership, you’ll also receive special offers and communications that will provide

Automatic Updates

you with valuable discounts on the purchase of additional

As a user of software from Sage Software, you’ll

software and other Sage Software products and services.

automatically receive updates for the software you purchase. These updates include revisions to your tax tables when necessary and available.

Discounts on Sage Software Products and Services As a Sage Software Accountants Network member, you’ll receive discounts on selected Sage Software products and services that you can use yourself or pass along to your clients who choose Sage Software for their businesses.



Local Support

Your Premier Advisor membership is activated

With a network of market-leading business partners

automatically when you purchase one or more of

authorized to resell and support our products, we offer

the following software (see inside for details):

you the ability to receive services from Sage Software and a local Sage Authorized Software Specialist. We’ll assist you in developing a comfortable alliance with a local Sage Software business partner interested in providing you and your clients with software expertise

• Peachtree by Sage – Quantum Accountants’ Edition • Sage MAS 90 ERP • Sage MIP Fund Accounting

and technical assistance when needed.

• Timeslips by Sage

Sage Business Connection Program Participation

• Sage FAS Fixed Assets

As a member of the Sage Software Accountants Network, you’re eligible to receive special value offerings from selected companies that you use in your practice every day. See our Web site at for details.

• Sage Abra HRMS • ACT! by Sage • Sage Accpac ERP • Sage Timberline Office

Your Premier Advisor Membership gives you...

• Sage Master Builder

• Access to full working software • Updates for your software sent to you automatically,

• Sage BusinessWorks Accounting

including tax table updates • Literature, reference materials and demonstration CDs • Online listing in the Accountants Network Member Locator • Informative communications and periodic Webcasts

Executive Summary of Membership Benefits

• Quarterly Sage Software Accountants Network News

The Sage Software Accountants Network will provide you

• Weekly Newsflash e-mail communications

with flexible access to information, software and support

• Customer support services

to enable you to better manage your practice and serve your clients. The Sage Software Accountants Network

• Valuable practice development aids

provides a range of options that enable you to choose a

• Additional member-only discounts

tailor-made program to meet your current objectives. And the network will grow with you as your needs—and your clients’ needs—change.



Discounted Software

Sage MAS 90 Software

As an Accountants Network member, you can choose

more than 75,000 small and midsized businesses and

to own one or more software programs available for the

recommended by more CPAs than any other mid-market

following award-winning Sage Software products. Each

accounting application, Sage MAS 90 ERP sets the

of these products is available for an annual fee that

standard for flexibility, ease-of-use and intuitive workflow.

represents a tremendous value, saving you hundreds or

With more than 30 modules and hundreds of industry-

even thousands of dollars. You may purchase as many

specific add-ons available, Sage MAS 90 is used by

different products as you like for your own use.

many accountants for internal purposes and offers a

The No. 1 mid-range accounting software used by

Peachtree by Sage Software Peachtree by Sage Quantum – Accountants’ Edition provides advanced business tools to help accountants serve their Peachtree Quantum and Peachtree Accounting clients effectively. Accountants can set up, open, and edit files for any Peachtree product from the same annual version, including the new Peachtree Quantum. The Peachtree Quantum – Accountants’ Edition includes Crystal Reports® plus new navigation and comparative budgeting capabilities and Premier Advisors receive a license for up to five named users. • Peachtree Quantum – Accountants’ Edition Five-user version

• Access to the Peachtree Online Knowledgebase

complete solution for midsized businesses. • Sage MAS 90 ERP – Five-user version General Ledger with Microsoft® FRx Desktop, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Sage FAS, Custom Office, Crystal Reports® • Access to the Sage Software Online Knowledgebase and SageTalk • 10 cases of customer support • Automatic updates

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399

• Training Guide CDs • Unlimited access1 to customer support • Payroll tax update service • Automatic updates Freedom Support Extra Plan • All the Peachtree benefits plus: - Support for users utilizing Excel2 - Maximize your productivity - Find and fix Excel errors - Present your Peachtree data more professionally

Your Enrollment Fee: $399 / $479* Annual Renewal Fee: $299 / $359* 1 Support specialists reserve the right to limit phone calls to 1 hour. 2 Sage Software will assist with the management of Peachtree data in Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. * Fee with Freedom Support Extra Plan.



ACT! by Sage Software

Sage MIP Fund Accounting Software

ACT! by Sage is the best selling contact and customer

The Sage MIP Fund Accounting products provide powerful,

management solution and is used by millions of

flexible software to fit the specialized fund accounting

business people in both small and midsized companies

needs of nonprofit and government organizations of every

around the world. As an accountant, you will have

size. Sage MIP Fund Accounting helps manage and

instant access to every contact detail to better

report on funds from multiple sources, across multiple

manage and build your client relationships. ACT! will

budget periods. With your own copy of Sage MIP Fund

help your clients better manage their businesses and

Accounting, you will be able to see why it is the most

communications as well.

widely-used fund accounting system in the U.S.

• ACT! – single-user

• Sage MIP Fund Accounting – Single database, single-user

• Five cases of customer support and access to online support resources and live chat assistance • Training Guide CD • Automatic updates

version of Sage MIP Fund Accounting GL, AP, AR Reporting, AR Billing, BR, Budget, Payroll, Data Import/Export, Allocations Management, Grant Administration, Fixed Assets • Forms Designer, sample database • Unlimited access to customer support and eSupport

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399

• Access to Sage MIP Fund Accounting Online Knowledgebase • Automatic updates

Timeslips by Sage Software

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399

More service professionals rely on Timeslips by Sage for their time tracking and billing needs than any other time and billing product. Timeslips combines a powerful and complete feature set with an easy-to-use interface. The result is a single product designed to capture more billable time while automating even the most sophisticated billing process. Consider Timeslips for your own internal use or for use by your professional services clients. • Timeslips – single-user version • Two hours of customer support and access to the Timeslips Online Knowledgebase • Training Guide CDs • Automatic updates

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399


Sage Abra Software Sage Software’s industry-leading Sage Abra HRMS, consisting of the core HR, Payroll, Recruiting and Training solutions, streamlines processes, and delivers powerful reporting and analysis. Sage Abra lowers costs, reduces administrative time, and empowers employees for accounting and client organizations of all sizes. • Sage Abra Mini-Suite – to 25 employees – HR, Attendance, and Payroll • 15 cases of support and access to Sage AbraTalk • Access to Sage Abra Online Knowledgebase • Automatic updates

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399


Sage FAS Software

Sage Accpac Software

Sage FAS Fixed Assets offers the top fixed asset

Sage Accpac ERP is an award winning accounting system

management software in the industry. Sage FAS

built on world-class architecture. Designed for companies

offers an affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use

of all sizes, Sage Accpac runs on leading platforms

solution that streamlines fixed asset management for

and is the foundation for an integrated suite of end-to-

accountants and their clients—enabling superior control

end business management applications. Sage Accpac

of assets without sacrificing accuracy.

offers high performance, advanced functionality and

• Sage FAS 100 Fixed Assets with Report Writer – Single-user multi-company • 100 asset limit • 15 cases of customer support and access to Support Plus • Automatic updates

unmatched freedom of choice. Your clients can choose the applications, technology and deployment options they need most, and can easily customize and enhance their system as their business needs evolve. • Sage Accpac ERP – Five-user version – General Ledger with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable,

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399 Sage BusinessWorks Software Sage BusinessWorks Accounting bridges the gap between off-the-shelf, entry-level products and complex high-end

Consolidations, Payroll • Access to Sage Accpac Online Knowledgebase • 15 cases of customer support • Training Guide CDs • Automatic updates

systems. Its modular design is ideally suited for growthoriented small and midsized businesses that require more muscle than basic bookkeeping software. As intuitive

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399

as it is flexible and functional, Sage BusinessWorks is a winning blend of the most frequently requested feature enhancements from customers and the latest industry advancements. Sage BusinessWorks has the intelligence, the muscle, and the insights to help put your company and your clients on the fast track to success. • Sage BusinessWorks 50 Accounting – Three-user version – General Ledger with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Payroll, Inventory Control and Purchasing, Order Entry, and Custom Office • Access to Sage Software Online Knowledgebase and SageTalk • 10 cases of customer support • Automatic updates

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399



Sage Timberline Office Software

Sage Master Builder Software

Used by construction and real estate companies more

Sage Master Builder is an integrated construction

than any other integrated industry-specific software,

management solution linking all phases of a business

Sage Timberline Office financial and operations products

cycle: estimating, production management, accounting,

adapt to the unique needs of building and property

and analysis. The estimating solutions, accounting engine,

management professionals. Sage Timberline Office

rich production resources, and leading-edge analysis tools

accounting software links to project management,

can help your clients win more profitable bids, jump start

estimating, property management, service management

production, and manage their business more profitably.

and other industry software to connect key business functions, improve communication and streamline work. Recommend Sage Timberline Office to your construction and real estate clients or use it in your own business.

• Sage Master Builder – Three-user version – Standard • Unlimited access to customer support • Access to Sage Master Builder Online Knowledgebase

• Sage Timberline Office –Two-user version – General

• Training Guide CDs

Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable,

• Automatic updates

billing, Information Assistant, Inquiry Designer, Job Cost, Payroll, Report designer

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399

• Unlimited access to customer support • Access to Sage Timberline Online Knowledgebase • Training Guide CDs

In Conclusion

• Automatic updates

The Sage Software Accountants Network understands

Your Enrollment Fee: $499 Annual Renewal Fee: $399

the challenges that you face every day. Along with our UK-based parent company, The Sage Group plc, we are the world’s leading provider of accounting and business management software, and we’ve been serving the accounting community for more than 30 years. We know the kind of support you need, and we’re ready to help you help your clients and grow your practice. For

For more information about the Sage Software Accountants Network and our software, call 866-565-2726, e-mail [email protected], or visit us online at:

more information about the Sage Software Accountants Network and our software, call 866-565-2726, e-mail [email protected], or visit us online at: Terms and Conditions: You must be an accountant or bookkeeper providing professional accounting or bookkeeping services for multiple fee-paying clients. You will utilize the not-for-resale version of any Sage Software product for your own practice and will not resell it nor give it away.



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