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Download PSYCHIC SOFA OPERATORS MANUAL DESTINY TAROT. Helpful Numbers. Age concern (


Helpful Numbers


Age concern ( 0800 009 966 Elderly Abuse ( 0808 808 8141 National Women’s Aid ( 0845 702 3468 Respect ( 0845 122 8609 Lone Parent Helpline ( 0800 018 5026 Addiction advisors ( 0845 370 0102 Drugs release ( 0207 729 9904 Animal Welfare ( 0990 555 999 RSPCA ( 0870 555 599 Disabled living foundation ( 0845 130 9177 MIND ( 0845 766 0163 Samaritans ( 0845 790 9090


Support line ( 0208 544 9004 One in Four ( 0208 697 2112 Mankind UK ( 01273 510 447 Relate - Marriage guidance ( 0300 100 1234 Depression alliance ( 0845 123 2320 National AIDS helpline ( 0800 012 322 Child Abuse ( 0808 800 5000 Child line ( 0800 11 11 Bullying Helpline ( 0845 225 5787


Missing People ( 0500 700 700 Bereaved by suicide 01252 661 002/0844 561 6855 (


1- R J Media LLP • • • • •

D. if a service provider (and operators working on their behalf) has reasonable grounds, upon questioning a service user, to suspect that the user is under the age of 18, the service provider must immediately end the service for that user.

Job Specification Pay Information Self Employed status General Information Our Trust In You

6.3.2 The service provider (and operators working on their behalf) shall take reasonable steps to identify and cut off calls made without the permission of the bill- payer 5.3 Harm and Offence

2- You and Your Callers • • •

5.3.1 Services and promotional material must not, or must not be likely to:

Customers Accessing you Conducting the Call Helpful Numbers

A. result in any unreasonable invasion of privacy B. induce an unacceptable sense of fear, anxiety or distress

3- Logging On and Off the System • • • • •

C. encourage or incite any person to engage in unreasonably dangerous practices or to use harmful substances.

Agent Code and Pin Number Logging On Voicemails Logging off If we are busy

4- Pay Phone Plus- Code of Conduct agent)

D. induce or promote racial disharmony E. cause grave or widespread offence F. debase, degrade or demean

(Must be retained by

5.3.2 Services and promotional material must not, in circumstances where it is reasonable for the customer to expect such content or material (and subject to 5.3.1 above


A. contains material indicating violence, sadism or cruelty or be of a repulsive or horrible nature

R J Media LLP

B. involve the use of foul language

Office No. 0161 839 1021 – Log On No. 0800 072 4358 – Log Off No. 0800 072 4359

Agent Name: Agent Number:



1- Welcome to the company To log off You need to dial 0800 072 4359 and log off the system, you will be asked to enter your agent code/pin number. You are then logged off. If this is your first time logging on then you will be contacted by the support manager who will check your personal greeting to ensure it meets our requirements. If we are very busy From time to time when we get busy we may contact you in 2 ways, either via a text message or by phone and ask you to log on if you are free. Don’t feel like you have to do this, it is just our way of letting you know that if you are free, then it would be beneficial for you to log on. If you are already logged on and receive a text message then don’t worry, it will have just been an error, just carry on taking calls as normal. th

Phone Pay Plus Code of Conduct (Amended Eleventh Edition) - 28 April 2008 The following terminology has been extracted from the relevant sections of the latest Pay Phone Plus Code of conduct. As detailing within the code, you are required to read the following extracts from the code before receiving calls from clients.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Psychic/Tarot Operator. We are a well established and reputable company that has been providing live services for over 25 years. Along side Psychic Sofa we now have a ‘sister’ website called Destiny Tarot. This will help the hours you are logged on for to be more productive. When you answer the phone you will hear a ‘whisper tone’ whether it has come from Psychic Sofa or Destiny Tarot. It is important that you read and understand all parts of this manual as it contains all you need to know to become a successful psychic/tarot operator. Once you have completed the form at the back of this pack and send it back to us, you will be contacted and be given an induction by one of the support assistants who will set you up as soon as you are ready to take calls. You must be over 18 to work on any of our services. Pay information You will be paid on a weekly basis. The week starts on a Monday at 12:00am and finishes on the following Sunday at 23:59pm. Your earnings for the week will be paid directly into your bank account. Just fill in your Bank or Building Society details on your applications form. It must be a current account. This is the only method of payment we use as it’s quick and safe. Your earnings You will be paid for the minutes you talk to the calls at the rates listed below per call.... Psychic Operator Rates


The conduct of live services

6.3.1 Unless Phone Pay Plus grants permission to do otherwise: A. operators must prompt a caller to speak if they have been connected to a live service for a significant amount of time without speaking, if he does not speak they must terminate the call. B. service providers (and operators working on their behalf) must actively discourage service users from seeking or giving out surnames, place of work, addresses or geographic phone numbers or arranging or attempting to arrange any meeting while connected to the service.

Call Duration

Pence Per Minute

If you fail to log on for 10 hours Per week, all minutes for that week Will be paid at:

20 pence per talk minute

Calls with a 1-14 minute duration

20 pence per talk minute

Calls with a 14 + minute duration

25 pence per talk minute

C. service providers (and operators working on their behalf) must use reasonable endeavors to prevent persons under 18 years of age from taking part in any live service.



Calendar log on

Destiny Tarot Rates

You have the option of letting your callers know when you are working by updating your calendar on your profile. You can log-on by following the below steps.

Calls with a duration of: 1-10 minutes

16p per minute


Go to

11-20 minutes 21-30 minutes

17p per minute 19p per minute


Enter your agent number and password.

31-40 minutes

20p per minute


Click ‘Update your working calendar’

40+ minutes

21 per minute


You can add a shift by selecting the ‘Date’ and ‘From’ & ‘To’ times from the drop down menus and then save.


If you cannot commit to a shift you must update your calendar as soon as possible.

First minute Please note we do not pay for the first minute of the call


Self Employed Status You have applied to become a Psychic/Tarot Operator working from the comfort of your own home. You will be paid a rate for the actual talking minutes spent with your caller. As a freelance psychic/tarot operator you are not entitled to sick pay, holiday etc, as you are not an employee of the company. You will be responsible for your own tax and national insurance contributions which you will confirm once you sign up with us. Working Hours As you are self employed you can work as little or as often as you wish (please note failure to log on for 10 hours per week will drop pay rate for all minutes to 20 pence per minute). We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, however the line is busiest between 8am and 1am the more flexible you are and the more often you log on the better the opportunity you will have to develop higher gross earnings. The more often you log on the better the opportunity you will have for your regular callers wanting to reach you, therefore maximising your business. Friday morning through to Sunday evening is the busiest time of the week. All our callers are spoken to on a one- to- one basis. OUR TRUST IN YOU As a consultant working with R J Media, you must adhere to the following listed below, failure to do so could result in your contract being terminated with immediate effect without prior warning:


Your support manager may leave you a message from time to time, you will hear this as you log on, please listen carefully and respond as soon as possible as this could be important to you. Personal Greeting Once you have followed points 1-3 above you may then need to record a personal greeting. •

If you are logging on for the first time or a returning operator you will definitely have to record a promotional message.

If you are an existing operator then you may want to change your message.

In order to do this, you must press one to ‘record your global promotional message’. Then follow the steps and record your message. Once you have left your Greeting press hash key to tell computer you have finished talking. You will then be given these options:1.

To listen to your current message


To record a new message


To delete message


To press * to go back to main menu or if you have finished to hang up

If you happy with your recording then just hang up.


10. Callers have the option to extend their call by 10 or 20 minutes at the end of their reading. When the reading ends you must hold to see if the caller wishes to extend, you will hear music followed by “The caller has chosen to extend their call” or if they haven’t chosen to extend the call you will hear 3 beeps after the music stops.

Please note, you as a self-employed Psychic/Tarot card reader are responsible for every call you take, so to skip the mentioned PpP regulations risks to be involved a court case if the caller was underage or been using someone’s else’s phone.

PpP former ICSTIS is the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services. Complete regulations available at

You must always treat callers with respect even if the caller chooses not to do the same in return as the caller is paying the bill. If you feel uncomfortable with a caller due to aggression/bad temper etc. please advise them of how you feel and if they persist recommend they call back and opt for another consultant. •

You must NOT promote your business/other services to callers at any time.

You must not disclose any information regarding R J Media. Or any of its clients to any third parties or callers.

Giving out or accept any personal details such as address, phone number, email address, website address, nickname used on other site etc.

Desecrate with any of the highly confidential information shared during readings.

Giving callers other numbers or competitors numbers to call.

You must not arrange to meet a caller in person for a reading.

You must not give out your personal details or details of any related service to a caller or third party.

Knowingly taking part or instigating conversations that involve people under the age of 18.

Entering conversations discussing anything illegal

You must not discuss certain subjects these include but are not limited to:

3- Logging On and Off the system Please find below your logging on details. Please keep these details safe as you will need them to log on and off. Your agent code is the number you will give out to callers so they can contact you again. Agent code: ____________

Pin Number: ____________

To log on When you are available to work you log onto the system by dialling 0800 072 4358 and by entering your agent code and pin number when requested. The system works for landlines only - No Mobiles!

- Death and/or possible causes of death - Health (callers with health concerns should be referred to their GP

When you have entered your Agent Code and Pin Number you will be asked: 1.

Please enter the number of hours you wish to work for (after this time has finished you will be automatically logged off, but it is better to enter a large amount of time and then when you are finished log yourself off manually with the log off number. This gives you more control over your working shift. However it is very important to remember to log off when you’re finished).


Enter the phone number you wish us to send the calls to.


Press 1 to confirm correct phone number.

Or professional help using the list of helpline numbers provided. - The sex of unborn babies. •

Please note that your services are subject to the terms of the Phone Pay Plus Code of Practice and may be altered in which case you will be notified.

All of the calls received by RJ Media LLP are recorded and constantly monitored. Failure to comply with these rules will result in being taken off the system permanently and all/any funds due to you may be kept as compensation by R J Media LLP.

You are now logged on.



How do the customers access me?


Although our adverts stress that callers must be aged 18 or over (as it does on the message they will hear before speaking to a consultant) from time to time we will get under age callers. If you should have any reason to doubt the caller is over the age of 18 try asking a few questions to help determine the callers age. If you are still at all unsure RESPECTFULY ask their date of birth. If unsatisfied still please advise the caller you must terminate the call. PhonePayPlus regulations on the matter can be found on the website


Ask if the customer has a particular concern or question to ask: people can call about Love, Relationships, Career, Money, etc. Or simply want a general reading about their life. For ethical reasons we do not provide readings about health, pregnancy, legal matters, accident and death.


It is possible during your career as a psychic consultant you may come across vulnerable people. Although these instances are very rare, they are also very real. Your only concern is to guide the caller to the appropriate help. A list is included in this pack and should be read through thoroughly and kept safe and accessible. If at any time you think the caller is in need of such advice, do not hesitate to RESPECTFULY recommend that they seek professional help.


In the unlikely event you should receive a call from a silent caller you must spend no more than one minute trying to bring the caller out of her/his shell (so to speak). We get silent callers for different reasons including: Underage callers, technical faults etc and the call must be terminated as soon as you are satisfied that the consultation will not be successful due to silence on their part. Be RESPECTFUL and understand some people are shy and need a little help to speak with confidence.


If the client has booked by credit card ask how long they have booked for. It can be anywhere between 20 – 45 minutes so it is important to know how long you need to spend with that caller. Credit card callers will not come straight through to you, when you answer the phone you will be on hold whilst the caller pays on their card. Please stay on line even if the music stops, the call will self-terminate if payment fails.


Then you can start the reading.

You will be given a personal User ID number of four digits. This number will let you build a network of customers who will call you again and again. Do give your “User ID” at the end of the call if you can. This way your customer can always select you directly when he/she rings the line. Maybe you would like to give this four digits number at the beginning of the call as well. You can either use a personal and unique nickname or your own first name if you prefer. If your chosen name is already in use by another reader you will be asked to use a new one. Customers can also view your profile on the website. To look at this site type in in the address bar, once you have done this please add it to your favourites. Do not type it in the Google box as this is chargeable to the company. Answering Machines You must work from a LANDLINE PHONE; mobiles cannot be used for this work. Any answer machine, call minder, voicemail or any answering service must be disabled before logging on to our service. These services can be switched off on request from your service provider i.e. BT, TALK TALK, Virgin Media. Our callers are spending money to receive a service from you not to hear your voicemail. Also call waiting can interfere with the call. Helpful tip A photograph should be provided on return of this contract (submitted as a jpeg to [email protected]) to accompany your profile on our websites. This will in return greatly increase your chances of being chosen for a reading. As with anything in life the more you put in the more you will get out. Treat each call as if it were precious and remember each caller could be your next regular. How to conduct the call It is very important for you to keep the caller interested, as this will affect your earnings. Once you have the customer online, and before conducting the reading, follow these steps: 1.

Greetings (Good morning etc)


Introduce yourself by giving your nickname/readers name and ID number.


Ask for the customers name



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