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Qualium Systems is a custom software development company specializing on research & development and IT consulting. Our services are more than a set of technologies or a team of programmers. Starting from problem analysis, our experts strive for finding the best possible solution to tackle software challenges appeared either in web environment or within client’s daily business process. OUR VISION Qualium Systems foremost purpose is to establish long-term, fruitful and comfortable relations with every client. In our strong opinion, the guarantee of successful collaboration, alongside with high quality and affordable price, includes a full mutual understanding. Trying to be on the same wave with our clients, we perceive their strategic needs in order to provide a solution that will benefit the project as a whole. OUR SERVICES Web        

Design & Development: Enterprise Solutions E-Learning Social Networks Community Portals Corporate Sites Dating Sites eCommerce Custom Web Solutions

Social Media Applications:  Facebook Applications  Facebook Games  Facebook Fan pages customization  Facebook Connect  LinkedIn  Twitter  Google web services (YouTube, Google Maps, Google Connect etc.)

Flash & Flex Development:  RIA development  Desktop development (Adobe AIR)  Mobile applications  Online games  Social networks applications  Applications for Digital Home  Video streaming applications  Flash-based websites with CMS

Desktop & Server Solutions  Client / server solutions  Parallel and distributed systems  Cross-platform GUI applications  Custom solutions  SCADA systems  Universal development  Software for automation and business processes




DEDICATED DEVELOPMENT CENTER Qualium Systems presents Dedicated Development Center, a unique cooperation model offering a development team specifically formed for client's project needs and completely involved in his tasks without being distracted by any other work. Qualium Systems gathers development staff with appropriate level of qualification, provides high-quality communication, and strictly keeps process, methodology and business culture. Please, read more on http://bit.ly/DDCua WHY QUALIUM SYSTEMS? Skills-driven  Improving intellectual basis for effective performance by permanent increase of the staff competency  50+ professionals

Client-oriented  Developing business growth for customers as essential part of long-standing collaboration  70% client return rate

Result-focused  Giving the priority for achieving project objectives within arranged time limits  75,000+ hours on 150+ commercial projects

LOCATIONS Qualium Systems headquarter is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s hi-tech heart with the world-known technological educational institutions and fast transport routes with countries of the EU, North America and Australia. Moreover, we have official representatives in the USA (Los Angeles, CA), and Germany (Bonn). Don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected] to discover more information or get a free consultation. Qualium Systems Ltd.: www.qualium-systems.com, [email protected], +380 57 766 0 838

OUR EXPERTISE Being highly skilled and experienced, our certified professionals know that there are no deadlocks in any seemingly hard technological issue, since Qualium Systems specialists have huge software development expertise in the following leading edge technologies: Web Languages Frameworks Standards & Technologies Frontend UI Libraries Database Web Servers Design Tools

PHP, C# Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter, ASP.NET AJAX, LAMP, REST, SOAP, ORM, XML, JSON JavaScript, jQuery, ExtJS, GWT, xHTML, HTML5, CSS3 PEAR, Smarty MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server Apache, IIS, Nginx Adobe CS4/CS5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver), Corel Draw 10+

Social Services Facebook SDK (Graph API, FQL, FBJS, FB Connect) Twitter API, LinkedIn API YouTube API, Google Maps API

Web for Mobile Sencha Touch, jQueryMobile PhoneGap iOS, Android

Desktop / Server Languages Frameworks Standards & Technologies IDEs Libraries Database Networking OS

C, C++, C#, Assembler Qt, .NET framework REST, XML, JSON, CGI QtCreator, KDevelop, MS Visual Studio STL, Boost, Qt, GTK+, Win API, ITK/VTK, MPI, WinSock, Unix sockets MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server TCP, UDP, Modbus Windows family, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X Flash / Flex

Languages Frameworks Standards & Technologies IDEs Libraries Database 3D Runtimes

ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3 PureMVC, Gaia RIA, MXML, AJAX, REST, XML, JSON, RTMP Adobe Flash Builder, FlashDevelop FlexSDK, AS3 SDK for Facebook, Google Maps API for Flash, AlivePDF, as3corelib, As3Crypto SQLite Away3d, Sandy, JiglibFlash, Papervision3D Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Flash Lite Process and Analysis

Project management Bug tracking Version control Basics Methodologies Prototyping

Basecamp, dotProject, Smartsheet, Redmine, Lighthouse, MS Project Mantis, Bugzilla Subversion, Git UML, IDEF Agile, SCRUM, RUP, Waterfall, XP, RAD Balsamiq Mockups, MS Visio

Qualium Systems Ltd.: www.qualium-systems.com, [email protected], +380 57 766 0 838

RECENT PROJECTS – Social Networking Job Portal

Written in ASP.NET and based on DotNetNuke CMS, Comoto (www.comoto.com) is a unique online CV management system and job portal, where users can create unlimited number of CVs with different designs and in various languages. Résumés can be imported from LinkedIn profile and from Europass XML file, while being exportable to Europass XML, Microsoft Word, and PDF formats. Comoto allows applying numerous designs for existing CVs. The site also contains automatic template translation system, spellchecking tool, intuitive CV-cloning system and internal network for communication and sharing information between registered users.

Project facts Project Type  High-load web portal Industry  Human Resources Team size  3-6 specialists

Our team has taken the old version of Comoto application and recreated it from scratch with new functionality.


Used technologies: C#, ASP.NET, .NET framework 3.5, DotNetNuke CMS, AJAX.NET, MS SQL 2008, LinkedIn API, Europass API, MailChimp API, Google API, TinyMCE. MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Management Studio

Customer Location

 8 months (first release)

 Denmark

Qualium Systems Ltd.: www.qualium-systems.com, [email protected], +380 57 766 0 838

RECENT PROJECTS - Cross-Platform Painting Application

PaintSupreme (bit.ly/qspaint) is a full featured cross-platform graphic editor with user-friendly interface and many compelling features like stunning brushes and cool filters. PaintSupreme is both a drawing and painting application that allows creating, editing and polishing images in a fun way by using powerful tools like Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone, Paint Bucket, Text Tool, Transform, Selection with multiple settings for each tool. Additionally, PaintSupreme supports layers and filters with options of importing and exporting to the most popular graphic formats. Our team while creating this software product has done the full development cycle starting from the initial concept and software architecture and finishing with preparation of user manual and product release. Used technologies: C++, Qt Framework, GFL SDK. Supported OS: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

Project facts Project Type  Desktop software product Industry  Software Team size  9 specialists Duration  6 months (first release) Customer Location  Germany

Qualium Systems Ltd.: www.qualium-systems.com, [email protected], +380 57 766 0 838

RECENT PROJECTS – Cruise Search Engine

CruiseDirector is a powerful online cruise search engine designed to help users find a cruise vacation with the most affordable price. The engine includes a revolutionary "filter" system that aggregates thousands of deals best suited for user needs. This web application enables users to search and browse the cruise vacations using different search criteria, filters and notifications. After retrieving information, the user can book the vacation by using the Odysseus booking platform. The search system has been built with consideration of high load and scalability being initially optimized for adding multilingual support, cruise auto-suggestion engine, trips planning tool, top deals, blog, extended administration panel with internal CRM etc. Used technologies: PHP, MySQL, Smarty, xHTML / CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, curl, memcached, PHPExcel, Odysseus API, CruiseDirect.com API.

Project facts Project Type  Web application Industry  Travel Team size  4 specialists Duration  3 months Customer Location  USA

Qualium Systems Ltd.: www.qualium-systems.com, [email protected], +380 57 766 0 838

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