Members. What s Inside: New NNRMLS Form: Seller s Waiver of MLS Benefits With Optional Language. What Do Our Members Think? Recent Survey Results

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1 2 Members A Publication for the Members of the Northern Nevada Regional MLS Nov 2012 What s Inside: New NNRMLS Form: S...


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Members A Publication for the Members of the Northern Nevada Regional MLS

What’s Inside: New NNRMLS Form: Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits With Optional Language What Do Our Members Think? Recent Survey Results Important RPR Notice Down Payment Resource Tour Tech Tip Corner: Learn About Paragon’s Email Signatures

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November 2012

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New NNRMLS Form: Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits With Optional Language Down Payment Resource Tour Ask Amie: Important Information About Placing Photos on Listings What Do Our Members Think? Tech Tip Corner: Paragon’s Email Signatures Lightning Adaptor Compatibility Confirmation Edit Your Polygon Shapes in Paragon NNRMLS Members are Learning A Lot So, What Are the Differences Between GeoJet, RPR and Find? Current MLSU Fall Schedule The Numbers Are In... The Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Account Let’s Play “MLS With Friends”: 1 Week Left to Play in the Current Contest! Products & Services Meet the Staff

New NNRMLS Form: Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits With Optional Language NNRMLS recently announced the release of a new “Seller’s Waiver of MLS

Benefits” form. We received quite a lot of positive feedback about the form which has now been available for over a month. As I explained in my recent Broker Bullet, this form seeks to protect our Members in what is a growing practice likely to expose them to liability. NNRMLS has seen a sharp increase in the number of sellers waiving their MLS benefits. The number of submitted forms increased by 300%. In response to this new trend, we developed the new Waiver form. However, it is not our intention to discourage our Brokers from employing their business model and so in the interest of giving our Participants a choice we have modified the Waiver and offer two options.

We have made two forms and will offer brokers the option of which form will best meet the needs of their firm. NNRMLS considers it the right and responsibility of the Broker to determine which form will be used within their firm. Of course, we feel a brokerage unused to the practice of offering service outside MLS input should employ the form Option A with sellers initials on points A – D in order to mitigate potential liability should a seller come back and claim they did not understand what they waived. Both Option A and Option B Waiver forms are available today. NNRMLS requires the Broker signature on all Waiver forms. Click below to open a PDF version of the forms. Please share this information with your Agents as soon as possible. Sellers Waiver of MLS Benefits Option A Sellers Waiver of MLS Benefits Option B Key Details of the New Form: As of November 26th, NNRMLS staff must return any incomplete/old form and ask that Members submit the new form (A or B) with all signatures and initials. The new form requires the Broker’s Signature as well as those of the Seller(s) and Listing Agent(s) Forms received by NNRMLS will be marked “Received” and emailed back to the Broker with carbon copy (cc:) to the Agent as proof of receipt. The Citation for not submitting a Waiver within the allowed 48 hours is $1,000. Both forms (Option A and Option B) are available in ZipForms and MLS Docs in Paragon.

• • •

We take the liability of our Members very seriously and hope you will agree that either version of the new form explains in clear detail the benefits of the MLS and helps release our Member from liability if the seller refuses to allow the listing to be disseminated to the NNRMLS. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or give me a call at 775.823.8838

November 2012

• •


We have modified the Waiver and offer two options

Down Payment Resource Tour NNRMLS offers many products and services free to our Members – we know that it can We are excited to introduce this series of videos

be a daunting task to learn how each one can benefit you and your business. This month we are highlighting one of the most beneficial products that we offer, Down Payment Resource (DPR). While the adoption rate increases monthly, many of our Members still do not know about DPR. Introduce a series of short educational videos to help you learn how DPR works and how it can impact your business. The first two videos have been released and are available now. Down Payment Resource Overview (1.32 minutes): Down Payment Resource (DPR) is the only industry tool that connects eligible properties and eligible buyers to available down payment assistance in your area. Learn how DPR is integrated and automated within our MLS listing data and understand the tool’s benefits.

Setting up the IDX Feature (1.55 minutes): Learn how to generate leads and build your business by adding Down Payment Resource (DPR) to your IDX website in just three simple steps. The IDX feature allows homebuyers visiting your website and searching for homes to see which homes may be eligible for down payment assistance. It results in valuable incremental leads – all DPR leads on IDX sites go back to you, the IDX site owner. The full Down Payment Resource Tour will be available on our YouTube site as soon as they are released. Keep an eye out for these other videos coming soon:

• • • • • • •

Managing Your DPR Leads Pricing Widget Homebuyer Assistance Program Basics Using the Personal Marketing Tool Homebuyer Search (for your buyers) Using the Two DPR Search Features Down Payment Resource Myth Busters: Three important things to know DPR Success Stories highlight real people and real results

November 2012

Important information about Q: I just entered my listing into the MLS, how soon do I placing have to place a picture on the listing? photos on listings Amie: All listings in the MLS require a picture. When a listing is first entered into the

MLS, the Listing Agent has 5 days to place the photo on the listing if the listing is local. If the listing is rural, then the agent has 10 days to place the photo on the listing. When our office conducts a picture audit we reference the “Days on MLS” field, which will tell us how many days the listing has been on MLS. If the agent has not uploaded a photo after the 5th day of being on the MLS then our office will send out a correction notice to the agent requesting that they add a photo to the listing. As always, feel free to contact our office with any questions. Our phone number is 775-8238838 or you can email [email protected]


Internet Explorer

Windows XP Windows 7

Droid Tablet


Windows Vista

iPad Droid


of those responding use Internet Explorer to access Paragon MLS


use the Windows 7 operating system to access Paragon MLS


that took part in our recent online NNRMLS Survey!

access Mobile Paragon MLS by using the iPhone

When Asked “What is the Most Valuable Aspect of the MLS?” THIS WAS YOUR RESPONSE

Hub of all Real Estate activity

Clean, accurate database

Thanks to 125 of our Members

47% Clean, accurate database of all activity of the Real Estate buying/selling process 31% Hub of listing data to 10% Dissemination the widest possible audience

You Prioritized the Products We Offer – The Top 3 Are:

Have You Experienced Paragon Issues in the Last 3 Months? YOUR ANSWER WAS

Have Experienced Issues

NOT Experienced Issues

64% Have NOT experienced issues 36% HAVE experienced issues

The Top 3 Types of Issues Reported Were:




Slow load times or freezing up


Lockbox Key (Supra)


Issues with creating or formatting emails, font problems while typing an email


Showing Assist


Kicked out of Paragon

Congratulations! Carrie McCreary participated in our survey and won 1 month of FREE MLS Dues in our Drawing!

We have answers!

Update the signature once in Preferences and all notifications will be automatically changed

Learn About Paragon 5’s Email Signatures On November 12, 2012 the NNRMLS in cooperation with the Paragon tech

team activated E-mail Signatures for the Paragon 5 system. E-mail Signatures add key improvements over the old Ecard.

With E-mail Signatures, users will no longer have to update the signature in each of their notifications when contact information changes. Update the signature once in Preferences and all notifications will be automatically changed. In addition to this article, you may read more about email signatures in our tech blog.

Andrew Cristancho Help Desk Representative

In anticipation of the move to Signatures, the Paragon tech team has created an End User Webinar that will be available on:


November 2012

• Tuesday, Nov 27 at 8 a.m. PST • Wednesday, Nov 28 at 1 p.m. PST To sign up for one of these webinars click here to access the End User Webinar Registration Calendar. After you click on the link your browser will open a Google calendar created by the Paragon training team. Look for the Signatures link listed on the calendar. Keep in mind the times on the calendar will be two hours ahead of the start times I listed above because the training is being conducted in from Kansas which goes by Central Time, which is two hours ahead of local time in Nevada..

Once you click on one of the links an information bubble will appear, you'll want to click on the "Click Here" link to register for the webinar.

Two Signature Webinars are remaining this month: November 27 & 28 To Register: Once you click on that link you will be brought to a registration page. Fill out your name, email address and enter NNRMLS for your MLS' name and then click the Register button. You will then see a “Thank you for registering” form on your screen and you will be emailed a confirmation of the date and time of your training. Save this email and use it the day of your training to join the webinar.

Supra has certified that the eKEY application is compatible with the iPhone 5 and the Apple’s Lightning Adaptor. Please note that the Lightning Adaptor is required to connect

the iPhone 5 to Supra’s eKEY Adaptor. The Lightning Adaptor is for sale at various locations online and we have also confirmed that the Apple Store at Summit Sierra has them in stock for $29.

Click here to see a complete list of devices currently certified to work with eKEY.


Lightning Adaptor Compatibility Confirmation

November 2012

We, the NNRMLS team, hope you take the time to take advantage of this important opportunity to learn about this smart Paragon enhancement. Click here to read the quick start guide.

Edit Your Polygon Shapes in Paragon NNRMLS Members can now edit their polygon shapes in Paragon's map search system.

This enhancement was part of the software deployment released to the NNRMLS' Paragon 5 system on Oct. 16 & Oct. 17, 2012, and allows for Polygon shapes in map searches to be edited and/or moved after the shape has been completed.


November 2012

Edit the polygon: To edit the shape, select the shape name in the Shape Summary box (as illustrated below). The shape will turn yellow, click one point to drag and drop to a new location. The shape will refresh and additional points can be edited if desired.

Left click and drag points to reshape polygon. Release to set new shape. Note: Only 1 point can be edited at a time.

Moving the polygon shape:

The entire shape can also be moved to a new location on the map. Here's how:


When the shape is yellow, click the center arrow and hold to drag the shape to a new location on the map.

November 2012

Left click the center of the shape and hold to drag the shape to a new location. Release the mouse button to place the shape.

NNRMLS Members Are Learning A Lot In the past 6 months, we have launched 3 new products: Down Payment Resource (DPR), We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology

Realtors Property Resource (RPR) and Find. There have been major upgrades to GeoJet and ShowingAssist, and continuous enhancements to Paragon. Also watch for Cloud CMA to launch soon. More exciting news – we have been able to bring these new products to you without a fee increase! We work hard to make choices available to you, trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

With new products there is sometimes a learning curve and questions that need answers. Our tech team is the best around and here to help you with those questions. You can call us at 823.8838 to receive personalized service. In addition, there are many training opportunities available through our MLS University (MLSU), and videos and webinars. We also publish a blog with pertinent tech information and how-to’s. To visit the blog click here. We always post exciting training news on our Members Site, Paragon, facebook and twitter to keep you informed. “Like” us on facebook and “follow” us on twitter to receive these important messages for our Members. You may contact [email protected] with any questions.

So, What Are the Differences Between GeoJet, RPR, & Our Newest Product, Find? There are many similarities – all 3 of these products use the same basic idea for their

platform by taking MLS data, Tax Data, & property information and integrate different features such as flood zone maps from FEMA and school information to give you fantastic property research tools.

Choose the one that is right for you, that best meets your needs! GeoJet is a great basic product for running detailed comps and giving your client property reports. REALTORS Property Resource (RPR) has the same type of functionality but allows developing more in-depth reports for clients and also more manipulation of the property data than GeoJet boundaries allow.


November 2012

Find, our newest product, is built for speed and user-friendliness. It will give you the details you need and simple, straight-forward reports.

Important Notice RPR issued two nation-wide software updates recently, versions 1.16 and 1.17. We have just been informed that due to an unforeseen technical issue with these updates, RPR was forced to re-import years’ worth of MLS data from multiple MLSs, including NNRMLS. Additionally, all public record data for the past several months had to be collected as well. This process is ongoing, and RPR expects to be finished by the end of this month. In the meanwhile, please be advised that RPR listing data may not be as current as other MLS products such as Paragon, Find, and GeoJet.

All Classe Are No s 1-Hou w r!

Course Registration Fall Semester 2012

Welcome to the NNRMLS University Fall Schedule! We have made some exciting changes to our course schedule in order to optimize your learning experience with us! We have added several classes and even more are in the works, to be announced very soon. We have revamped all classes to fit into a 1-hour timeframe, still with the same great training, to adapt better to your hectic schedules. See you in class!

online in lab MLS 201 – Basic Paragon Prerequisite For All Other Paragon classes

– 10am Lab

MLS 205 – Listing Input o Dec 5

Prerequisite: None

4 New Classes – Dates and Times Coming Soon!

Listingbook, rDesk, Social Media Boot Camp, Computer Boot Camp and NNRMLS Law & Order!

– 10am Lab

MLS 301 – Contact Mgmt

Prerequisite: MLS201 or 3 Months Use

o Dec 17 – 3pm Lab

MLS 465 – CMA Presentation o Nov 15 – 3pm Lab

Prerequisite: MLS201 or 3 Months Use

o Dec 20 – 10am Online

REALTORS Property Resource (RPR) o Dec 18 –

3pm Lab

o Nov 29 – 10am Online

Study Hall

Please check all classes you plan to attend and fax to:


sign up

o Dec 3


Name Member # Office Phone # Email o I will be bringing my laptop computer (Please arrive 10 minutes early for set-up!)

Study Hall is open to your specific needs, requests and timeframe! We can put small classes together based on your schedule and what you need to study.

5650 Riggins Ct, Ste 100 Reno, Nevada 89502 775.823.8838

Our MLS lab classes are taught in our Training Lab at the NNRMLS Office at 5650 Riggins Court, Reno. Classes are FREE, but a $25 “No-Show” fee will be billed to your account if a cancellation is not received 24 hours in advance.


When there is a new class schedule available we post a link on the Members’ Site, Paragon, Facebook and Twitter. To receive important updates from NNRMLS via Facebook click here and updates via Twitter click here.

November 2012

Watch for the Winter Quarter Schedule coming soon!

The Numbers Are In… The number of violations that were sent from September 11 through October 11 were Call me with any questions about correction notices

slightly down (211) from the previous month (232). The number of citations were also down by 4. The top 3 notices this month were Photos, Late Listings and Remarks. Remember every listing is required to have a primary photo uploaded within 5 days regardless of the status. All listings must be entered within 48 hours of seller’s signature excluding weekends and holidays. The name of a bank, web address, title company etc., are not allowed in the MLS, Extended or Private remarks. If you need clarification on what you can and cannot enter on a listing please call Linda at 823-8838 or email [email protected] with any questions. Agents, Brokers and Staff…NNRMLS has noticed an increase in listings being entered into MLS prior to the original listing being withdrawn. Remember to verify that a listing is not Active, marked Pending, No-Show or Temporarily Off Market prior to entering your listing into the system. Duplicate listings with two different agents and companies are not allowed.

Remember: All listing changes must be on a status change form completed within 48 hours.

The Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Account With a click of the green “Bill Pay” button, the 5th button down in the left-hand It’s easy to pay your bill and access your account

column on the homepage of, you can perform many tasks!

Here are six things you can do after signing into your account: 1. Pay Your Bill: This is available for you to pay online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 2. Account Activity Report: You can easily find a breakdown of fees you have paid to NNRMLS for tax purposes. 3. View Office Accounts: Brokers can log in to see their agent account balances. 4. View Invoices: You can view your unpaid invoices and print copies if needed. 5. Education Calendar: View class detail information and also register for classes online. Brokers can view their entire office education calendar as well.


6. Monitor Education History: This includes your personal education tracking, classes you are registered for and past classes you have taken.

Happy ! g n i v i g s Thank

Test your knowledge and win a $20 Summit Sierra gift card! “What are the two newest Member Services offered by NNRMLS?” Email the correct answer to [email protected] and you will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Sierra Summit gift card. Deadline to enter is November 30, 2012. Winner will be announced on Monday, December 3, 2012 on the NNRMLS Facebook page. Click Here to “Like” us on Facebook!

November 2012

This Month’s Question:

At NNRMLS, our goal is to constantly provide our Members with Progressive Technology, Diverse Options and Superior Service. Below is a list of the many products and services we provide, often at no additional charge to our Members. For more information, please call 775.823.8838.

Paragon MLS

Paragon 5 is the dynamic convergence of contact management, research and reporting in a property transaction platform.

Want MLS from Your Phone?

Search live MLS listings directly from your Internet-ready phone or PDA.


Find is a professional application that allows our Members to access data via a powerful, robust and intuitive search engine – built right into Paragon!

Showing Assist

Your LockBox System

The Supra Lockbox System used by NNRMLS provides infrared lockboxes and more options than ever for lockbox keys. Open boxes via Active Key, eKey, PDA, & some Smartphones.

Showing management tool to help you access showing instructions, request showings and eliminate countless unproductive phone calls. Instruction is offered.

Valuation Tool for Your Website

Free to all NNRMLS Members, MLStimate™ provides an AVM for your agent or office website. MLStimate™ works similar to Zillow’s Zestimate but with actual MLS data including a map display of comps and solds.

RE Technology

Scout for SafeMLS

A security initiative designed to provide optimum protection for valuable MLS and customer data was implemented in 2010. Features improved security posture that ensures valuable data isn’t compromised. Members also benefit from revenue assurance – everyone using the MLS is participating in the cost of providing the service.

Down Payment Resource

The nation's first web-based tool to combine down payment assistance information into one, online platform. DPR provides a simple, single source for REALTORS ® and consumers to find down payment assistance program information on eligible for-sale properties integrated into the NNRMLS listing data for homes currently on the market.

RE Technology is an online portal that provides vendor directories, product reviews and user ratings of real estate technology products all in one easy to use location. You have access to RE Technology from the Members’ Website homepage by clicking on the logo.

FREE to Our Members

Doc Central is a secure document storage solution that allows buyers and sellers to see authorized n orthern transaction documents. You may store n evada personal or egional professional docs. rmls u niversity

n orthern n evada r egional mls u niversity


ListHub provides a platform for real estate brokers to manage their listings on the Internet. ListHub is the broadest, most widelyadopted network for listing distribution and brings a comprehensive system for maximizing listing exposure while providing all of the control, reports, analytics, and marketing tools necessary for driving an effective online advertising program.

Hands-On or Online Training

NNRMLS University provides training for Paragon. We offer hands-on courses in our computer lab online courses from the comfort of your home or office computer. Online training is in hour long segments with our real-time instructor.

Do you Have a Website?

rDesk provides an affordable, professional website with excellent functionality. If you already have a website, we have rDesk IDX, a real-time IDX solution at an affordable price.

FREE to Our Members

Use any fax machine to digitally deliver paper documents instantly to any email address.

REALTORS Property Resource

Point2 Agent

Point2 Agent provides you with a powerful suite of website tools that allow you to have the customized, professional online presence you need – no design degree needed. You can enter and edit your listing information through Paragon as usual and the changes are updated everywhere!

RPR™ is the National Association of Realtors ® exclusive online real estate library. With this resource you have unparalleled access to data that gives you a competitive edge with your clients.



GeoJet E-mapping combines MLS listing data and tax data into an all-in-one comparables solution – built right into Paragon Online MLS.

775.823.8838 [email protected]

An online, contact management, agentcentric tool that will help you optimize productivity, increase client satisfaction and and maximize profits.

[email protected]

775.823.8838 (Toll Free) 877.823.8838 Members: Public Site:

Sandi Phillips – Accounting Manager

MLS access:

Shelley Specchio – Chief Executive Officer

[email protected] Linda Conger – Membership/Policy Manager


[email protected]

Amie Duncan – Executive Assistant

Paragon WiFi:

[email protected]

Amie VanClute – Receptionist

Tech Support:

[email protected] George Pickard– IT Director

[email protected]

775.823.8838 (Mon-Fri) Fidelity: 877.MLS.HELP (877.657.4357) SUPRA: 877.699.6787 MLS office:

Josh Kennedy – Training Coordinator/Tech Support

[email protected] Andrew Cristancho – Help Desk Representative/Tech Support

[email protected] Loy Mach – Communications ommunications Specialist

November 2012

[email protected]

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