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1 LSE Digest 1 August July 20082 Contents Report of the Director for Compendium of Information for Honours 12 Honorary F...


LSE Digest 1 August 2007 – 31 July 2008

Contents Report of the Director for 2007-08


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LSE Digest 07-08 I 1 I

I 2 I LSE Digest 07-08

Report of the Director for 2007-08 For the last three years we have been working towards a total number of students in the School of around 9,000 by 2012. That remains the objective. As new facilities become available, and some old space is taken out of use for refurbishment, the School’s capacity will fluctuate a little in the next few years around that number. We expect most of the growth to come on the graduate side of the School, although we have bid for some additional undergraduate numbers from the funding council. Our aim is to keep the undergraduate programme at around 50 per cent domestic students, so if we were allocated additional domestic students we would be likely to recruit a small number of additional overseas students at the same time. Undergraduate demand on both the domestic and the overseas side is very strong, at 12 to 15 applications per place. Nonetheless, in spite of this high demand we have some concerns about the School’s teaching. Our rankings in the National Student Survey, which measures satisfaction with courses and teachers, are not as high as we would like. In order to understand better the reasons for these low rankings we established, in 2007/8, a teaching task force under Pro Director Professor Janet Hartley, which carried out a major review of teaching in the School. The conclusions of that review were presented to the Academic Board in the summer term and agreed by them. There are many detailed recommendations, but perhaps the most important is that we will invest to reduce class sizes, especially in Masters programmes. We will also take a number of steps to increase the status of teaching in the School and will take teaching performance in to account more comprehensively in promotion decisions. We will be monitoring the results of this exercise closely and hope to see some reflection in the form of improved student satisfaction figures in the next three to five years. On the research side of the School we have been pleased to attract important new sources of funding, both public and private. During the year we were successful with two bids to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for new research centres. The first, on spatial economics, will be led by staff from the Department of Geography and Environment and will bring together leading researchers from the Universities of Oxford, Glasgow, Newcastle, Strathclyde and Swansea. The second, in a partnership venture with Leeds University, is for a centre focusing on the economics of climate change, chaired by Professor Lord Stern, an important new direction for the School. The ESRC investment of around £5m over the next five years is significant in itself. But we were also delighted to receive a commitment of over twice that amount from Mr Jeremy Grantham to set up a Grantham Research Institute in the School. Mr Grantham has generously donated a similar sum to Imperial College, which will work on the science of climate change, and we look forward to a productive collaboration between the two universities in the future. Our ambition is to become the most important centre for climate change research in Europe. It would be beyond the scope of this report to describe all the new academic initiatives in teaching or research under way in the School. But we have drawn attention before to a major initiative to expand our management teaching by creating a new department of management, merging four smaller departments into one. That initiative has made considerable progress during the year with new degrees coming on stream, including a two year MSc in Management. These new degrees have attracted a large number of high quality applicants and have not reduced the attractiveness of the continuing programmes. The Grantham donation was one of a number of significant new commitments to the School of a

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Report of the Director for 2007-08 philanthropic kind. It was another very successful year for fund raising, with some £24m pledged during the year from a variety of sources. This almost maintained the record inflow in the previous year. The sums we are raising are now some three to four times what they were five years ago, though it is fair to say that it may be difficult to maintain this performance in more challenging economic circumstances which we seem likely to face in the next couple of years. Among the other significant donations we have received was a large commitment from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science to fund a research programme focusing on economic, political and social development in the Gulf. We also received a large donation from the Emirates Foundation in Abu Dhabi, to name the principal lecture theatre in our New Academic Building after the former ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed. We are most grateful to all these donors. The New Academic Building on Lincoln’s Inn Fields is the most important development in the School’s estate since the opening of the new library in 2000. The total cost of the project, which delivers 125,000 sq ft of high quality space, is around £70m. The final completion occurred after the end of the year under review, and was on budget and in time for the new academic year. The teaching facilities in the new building will set a new standard for the School. The building also provides excellent new space for both the Management and the Law departments, including a purpose built moot court. It is too early to judge the success of the new building in operation, but we are confident it will work well. It is not, however, by any means the end of our campus redevelopment. We see the need for at least two more major phases of development, as well as work to upgrade those existing facilities which will remain structurally unchanged. Our estate strategy needs to be flexible to take account of opportunities for development in the immediate environment of the School which may emerge. But the likelihood is that the next phase will be the redevelopment of the St Philip’s hospital blocks to accommodate a large new building which would contain all the student-facing services in the School. The Students’ Union would be re-housed in that building, together with the Careers Service, and the other School services which students use, such as the Language Centre. That should bring about a significant improvement in the student experience here. Beyond that, there will be a need to redevelop the two 1960s towers at the centre of the campus, whose useful life is drawing to a close. But we do not think we can sensibly redevelop them, a project which would create significant disruption at the centre of the campus, until we have provided new accommodation for student services and related activities. We are broadly confident that these two projects, which would both be large, can be financed. But to do so will require us to maintain a healthy operating surplus, albeit not necessarily as large as those we have reported in the last two years. We will also require continued success in fund raising and some Government capital support. We have the capacity to raise additional debt, if we need to do so, secured on our existing estate, but we will be cautious in managing our debt profile. A few years ago, LSE was amongst the most highly indebted universities in the country. Our debt levels have come down significantly in recent years. However, in an environment in which we depend heavily on recruitment of international students we do not think it prudent to run a highly geared operation. In addition to being a high quality building in terms of the standard of its fixtures and fittings, the New Academic Building is also, by a distance, the most environmentally effective building in our estate. We have planned to reach the highest ‘excellent’ ranking in the BREAAM scale and succeeded in doing so. During the year we also established a new environment group to focus on ways of reducing the

I 4 I LSE Digest 07-08

Report of the Director for 2007-08 School’s carbon emissions, and otherwise to minimise our impact on the environment and promote sustainability. That group is chaired by the Director and includes student representatives. Many constructive ideas for improvement have emerged from within the student body and we aim to capitalise further on their imagination and enthusiasm. We also hope there will be some read across from our climate change programme into the School itself. It would clearly be appropriate for us to be early adopters of ideas which emerge in the research context. We have reported before on the School’s international strategy. The partnerships we have developed with key schools elsewhere have continued to move ahead well, and all the new partnership degree programmes we have established are successful. During the year we continued with our programme of Asia forums, with a high profile event in Singapore, opened by the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. During the year we have also begun to focus attention on the School’s engagement in Africa. We have long had links with African countries, and many African leaders were educated at LSE, but the connections need to be refreshed. The number of African students at the School has not fallen, though the percentage coming from Africa has dropped as the School has grown. We believe we could do more to strengthen existing links and develop new ones. One new initiative during the year was a conference on climate change which we ran in Kagali in collaboration with the Rwandan government, which brought in people from around East Africa to discuss ways in which the region will need to adapt their patterns of development to take account of the impact of climate change, and particularly of altered distribution of rainfall, on their populations. We hope to take that initiative further in the future. Overall, the School seems to be well placed to continue its mission of providing high quality research and teaching of a broad range of social science in a global setting. We are financially sound and the strength of demand for our courses suggests we are offering programmes which are attractive to young people all around the world. The profile for our research is high, and our faculty’s engagement with policy in the public, private and third sectors is strong. The mission of the School’s management is to provide a sound platform on which our teaching and research can continue to develop and prosper.

Financial overview For the financial year ending 31 July 2008 the School achieved a surplus before exceptional items of £26.5m which is equivalent to 13.9 per cent of gross income and compares to a surplus of £21.1m for 2006/07 (12.5 per cent of gross income). The School’s Finance and General Purposes Committee adopted a target surplus range of three per cent to four per cent of income in 2003, recognising that a sustainable surplus is required to fund loan repayments, to support capital and infrastructure investment and to provide the School with the flexibility to invest in new academic initiatives. The School has achieved surpluses in excess of this level in recent years through a combination of excellent achievement in

LSE Digest 07-08 I 5 I

Report of the Director for 2007-08 student recruitment, substantial contributions generated from activities that have been developed to achieve full utilisation of the School’s physical and intellectual assets, and sound budgeting and financial management processes. These surpluses will fund substantial investment in infrastructure over the next few years and allow the School to continue to attract the best faculty and students even in the current difficult economic circumstances.

Income – total Income grew by 12.6% in total. Tuition fees increased by 13.6% and now represent 48.1% of income compared to 47.7% in 2006/07. Success in fundraising saw endowment and investment income grow by £2.6m (45.6%) and the School’s permanent endowment reached £56.9m at year end. Funding Council grants grew only 5.1% and represented 15.6% of total income.

Students The total number of full-time students at the School in 2007/08 was 8,535, an increase of 5.7 per cent, slightly ahead of the School’s planned expansion to 9,000 by 2012. Overseas students (those from outside the United Kingdom or other European Union countries) account for roughly half the School’s student population and for over two-thirds of tuition fee income, reflecting both the international flavour of the School’s student body and our world-wide reputation.

Income – Funding Council grants Although the School has a relatively low proportion of HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) grant funding compared with most UK higher education institutions, the £29.0m received from HEFCE together with the £0.7m from JISC (the Joint Information and Infrastructure Systems Committee) is an essential contribution to the financial viability of the School, as is the SRIF (Science

I 6 I LSE Digest 07-08

Report of the Director for 2007-08 Research Investment Fund) research capital funding. The continuing disparity between the amount we are paid to teach home and EU undergraduates (the Government set tuition fee plus the HEFCE teaching grant) and the cost of delivering teaching remains a concern for the School. Nevertheless, although there is speculation from time to time that some universities might ‘go private’ to have freedom in setting undergraduate fees, there are no such plans at LSE. The School also benefitted from £2m capital grants to support improvement in research infrastructure.

Residences The School operates approximately 3,500 bed spaces in 11 halls of residence and guarantees all first year taught masters and undergraduates a place. During vacation periods the halls operate on a commercial basis providing hotel accommodation for a wide range of customers, ranging from our own summer school students to casual visitors to London. The £6m per annum revenue generated from this activity is entirely used to subsidise student rents and enables us to continue to offer many rooms on a 31 week basis, in contrast to the commercial providers who have a growing presence in London and require students to contract for 40 weeks or longer. Residences operates on a ‘self financing’ budgetary basis, with room rents set at a level which, after the subsidy from vacation business, is sufficient to cover operating costs, rents and capital charges.

Enterprise LSE Limited and Duke CE Limited Enterprise LSE Ltd (ELSE) is the wholly owned subsidiary of the School that exists to develop the potential for consultancy, executive education and related activities that the School’s world-class faculty offers. 2007/08 has been a very successful year for the company with turnover up by 32 per cent and the operating surplus, which is remitted to the School through Gift Aid, up by 45 per cent to £1.9m. The Gift Aid paid to the School supports teaching and research activities. The company also provides an important opportunity for faculty to supplement their personal income, a useful mechanism for attracting and retaining key staff, valued at £1.4m in 2007/08. Following the acquisition of a 30 per cent equity share in Duke CE Limited in July 2007 ELSE has continued to work very successfully with Duke in developing and delivering customised corporate education to a wide variety of multinational clients. Duke CE is ranked number one in customised corporate education in FT Customised Executive Education league table.

LSE Digest 07-08 I 7 I

Report of the Director for 2007-08 Research income Income generated from research grants and endowments continues to grow, increasing by 10.5 per cent to £17.7m in 2007/08 as the School continues to benefit from the effects of full economic costing (fEC) from some of its key sponsors of research. Despite previous concerns that the implementation of fEC would result in a decrease in the overall volume of research grants funded, this has so far proved not to be the case. Indeed, income from contracts starting in 2007-08 was 16 per cent of total research income for the year. The overall number of research grants funded over the period rose by six per cent from 523 in 2006/07 to 555 in 2007/08. The Research Councils, primarily the ESRC, remain the largest funder of research, accounting for 37 per cent of the School’s overall research income. The School remains competitive in obtaining external funding for high quality peer reviewed research, where growth is a strategic goal. Where it is possible and appropriate to our academic aims, we also participate in commercial non peer reviewed research, though growth of research purely for income generation is not a strategic aim.

Expenditure Total expenditure grew by 10.7%, with pay costs increasing by 10.9%, of which 3.8% was attributable to the pay awards in August 2007 and May 2008, 3.3% resulted from promotion and increments, and 3.8% from a net increase of 66 staff. Other operating expenditure grew in total by 12.8%, reflecting the growth in research activity, the investment in an offsite IT facility, expanded trading activities and estates refurbishment projects. Partly through reinvestment of income and partly through successful fundraising, the School was able to increase the value of awards, bursaries and scholarships substantially. This year it rose by 14 per cent to £11.5m and it is now at a level which is amongst the highest in the UK.

Balance sheet and liquidity During 2007/08 the School’s net assets grew by 14.5 per cent. It is worth reflecting that they have more than doubled over the last five years, that net debt has fallen from £52m in 2004 to a position where cash deposits exceed debt, and £94m has been invested in fixed assets. The School put in place a 25-year £75m amortising debt facility in December 2003, with £65m swapped into fixed rates. During the year, the Finance and General Purposes Committee has reviewed the adequacy of borrowing facilities, and concluded that while they are sufficient to meet capital commitments beyond the completion of the New Academic Building, it is appropriate to explore longer term options in anticipation of future estates developments, and that work has commenced.

I 8 I LSE Digest 07-08

Report of the Director for 2007-08

Endowments and fundraising The Campaign for LSE reached a successful conclusion in December 2007 having raised over £105m in gifts and pledges. Endowments have been restated to exclude a physical property in accordance with the new Higher Education Statement of Recommended Practice and stood at £56.9m at the end of the financial year, an increase of 6.2 per cent on the year and a 46 per cent increase over the past five years.

Capital expenditure During the year £0.7m was spent refurbishing academic space, and £1.4m on projects to improve access and facilities in the Library. In September 2008 the £70m development of the New Academic Building at 54 Lincoln’s Inn Fields and a £2m project to refurbish the main refectory were completed. Once again, strong financial performance has allowed us to fund this work without recourse to additional drawdown of our borrowing facility.

Principal risks and uncertainties The School’s Strategic Plan addresses the key risks threatening the achievement of the School’s strategic objectives over the next five years. With a high proportion of income from student fees, the global economic situation and issues relating to student visas and immigration represent risks faced by the School. They are mitigated by the geographic diversity of the School’s student intake, the current high number of applications per place, provision for potential under recruitment in our financial planning, and a low debt gearing.

LSE Digest 07-08 I 9 I

Report of the Director for 2007-08 As discussed above, actions are being put in place to address the risk that arises from student satisfaction with teaching not being at the desired level. A process of five year planning and detailed annual monitoring operates to ensure the teaching programmes are relevant and world class in academic content. This also ensures that courses with lower student demand are reviewed and updated or replaced. The School has developed and participates in a range of programmes to attract students from underrepresented groups. The high value of bursaries and scholarships is designed to encourage very able students to study at the School who do not otherwise have financial means to do so. The quality of teaching is primarily determined by the quality of the faculty and the School continues to seek out and attract world class academics with competitive salaries, promotion prospects and sabbatical leave entitlement. The School undertakes its financial planning is undertaken over a five and ten years’ time horizon to reflect the long term nature of both staff development and capital investment planning. The School’s Finance and General Purposes Committee reviews these plans and risks at least three times a year so that appropriate actions can be taken to address deviations from financial objectives. The staff survey carried out in 2006 indicated high levels of satisfaction with the School as a place to work. Since then the central administration, the Library and IT Services have all retained Investors In People accreditation, and a Staff Consultative Council has been established to build on the existing sound base of good staff relations and improve employee engagement. It is planned to repeat the staff survey in 2009 as part of a process of monitoring risk in this area. The risk that the School’s infrastructure could fail to meet the increasing demands and expectations of staff and students is being addressed through an emerging Estates strategy for the redevelopment of the campus and a financial strategy to achieve financial surpluses sufficient to fund these investments. The risk that the School’s emergency planning and business continuity arrangements may be inadequate to respond to unforeseen events is being addressed by the recently appointed Director of Business Continuity. He is working, under the guidance of the School’s senior officers, to develop and embed comprehensive plans to respond to a variety of major events. In addition, the School has recently entered in to a significant long term contract to provide state of the art off-site data storage, backup and recovery facilities, one of the first such arrangements in higher education. Protecting and developing the School’s reputation is key to its future. The maintenance of the highest standards for recruitment of both staff and students remains central to the School.

Health and safety The School continues to have a good track record in health and safety management. The School’s arrangements for managing significant risks such as asbestos and legionnella have been examined and endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive, following a recent inspection of the School. The School continues to review and update its health and safety policy to ensure that we are equipped to manage emerging risks such as workplace health and work related stress. The School’s health and safety committee monitors the operation of the School health and safety arrangements on behalf of Council.

I 10 I LSE Digest 07-08

Report of the Director for 2007-08 The future There have been significant declines in stock markets since the academic year end, some major financial institutions have failed, others have been taken over or restructured and governments worldwide have acted to restore liquidity and confidence. We face global credit market problems, and the prospect of recession or slower growth for some years to come. The School, and students at the School, will not be protected from these developments. It will affect graduate career choices and it will increase the demands on student financial support for those individuals who are most affected. Taken together with demographic trends in the UK and increasing competition from overseas Universities, the Higher Education sector as a whole cannot assume continuation of growth in demand and funding experienced in the past five years. In this environment, it is right to focus less on growth over the next five years, to maintain quality where it is already excellent, in areas such as research, academic teaching standards, library services and careers and to improve quality in other areas, such as students’ experience and the estate. And understanding the causes of these unprecedented economic challenges and contributing policy advice to their resolution remains the heart of what we do at the School. Howard Davies Director

Compendium of Information for 2007-08 This compendium of information provides a comprehensive historical record of Honours confered on LSE Alumni, Governors and Honorary Fellows; new Honorary Fellows; changes to academic office holders; deaths of members of the LSE (notified); degrees; scholarships and prizes awarded during the 2007-08 Academic Year. Any queries or suggestions for improving this document and/or factual errors may be notified to Jane Pugh Planning and Corporate Policy Division, U1006 tel: 0207 955 6866 email: [email protected].

LSE Digest 07-08 I 11 I

Honours LSE Alumni and governors were among those receiving awards this year. Knighthood Dr John Michael Ashworth Commander of the Order of the British Empire Mark Ian Goldring CBE – MSc (Econ) Social Policy and Planning 1989 Peter Ivan Jones CBE – BSc Statistics 1964 Professor David Knowles CBE – BSc (Econ) Economics 1963 Brian Henry Leonard CBE – BSc (Econ) Geography 1969 Professor David Harry Metcalf CBE Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire Hilary Blume DBE – BSc (Econ) 1965 Lynne Janie Brindley DBE Clara Furse DBE – BSc (Econ) 1979 Officer of the Order of the British Empire David Robert Burge OBE – BSc (Econ) Economics 1970 Professor Robert Harvey Cassen OBE Bronwyn Curtis OBE – MSc Economics 1974 Susannah Fish OBE – BSc (Econ) Government and History 1986 Colin Price OBE – BSc (Econ) Economics 1964 Michael John Radford OBE – LLB 1987 Dr Katherine Rake OBE – BSc (Econ) Government 1993 Lesley Rimmer OBE – MSc Social Policy and Administration 1975 Andrew Stewart Trotter OBE – BSc(Econ) Economics and Sociology 1989 Nicholas Bruce Watson OBE – LLM 1983 Keith Young OBE – BSc (Econ) Econometrics 1968 Member of the Order of the British Empire Susan Blake MBE – BSc Sociology 1968 Ena Fry MBE – Diploma in Social Work Studies 1973 Randolph Alan Otter MBE – BSc Social Psychology 1992 Brian Roper MBE – BSc (Econ) Accounting and Finance 1961 Dudley Savill MBE – Diploma in Social Administration 1971

I 12 I LSE Digest 07-08

Honorary Fellows and Graduates In 2008, the School elected the following as Honorary Fellows: Presiley Baxendale QC Dame Lynne J Brindley DBE Sir Peter Lampl Yaga Venugopal Reddy Robert E Rubin. In July 2008, the School presented Justice Kate O’Regan as an Honorary Graduate.

Retiring Academic Office Holders There were no retiring office holders in 2007-2008.

LSE Digest 07-08 I 13 I

Obituary 2007 Sir John Compton, former Prime Minister of St Lucia, alumnus Died 7 September 2007 Professor Terence Wilmot Hutchison, historian of economic thought Died on 5 October 2007 Joseph B Board Jr, political science professor Died 15 October 2007

2008 Dr Ric Seaborne, lecturer in Dept of Social Psychology Died 2 February 2008 Sir David Orr, Governor of the School from 1980-1996 Died on 20 February 2008 Margaret Meade, lecturer Died April 2008 Professor Charlotte Erickson, meticulous historian of migration Died 9 July 2008 Professor John Barrie Thornes, Department of Geography and Environment Died 17 July 2008

I 14 I LSE Digest 07-08

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Directorate Howard Davies, Director Professor George Gaskell, Pro-Director Planning and Resources Professor Janet Hartley, Pro-Director Teaching and Learning Professor Sarah Worthington, Pro-Director Research and External Relations

Academic Departments Accounting Dr Vasiliki Athanasakou Lecturer in Accounting Prof Alnoor Bhimani Chair in Management Accounting Prof Michael Bromwich Professor Ms Rebecca Farrier Student Services Manager Dr Pascal Frantz Lecturer in Accounting and Finance Dr Lisa Goh Lecturer in Accounting Dr Matthew Hall Lecturer in Accounting Dr Joanne Horton Senior Lecturer in Accounting Miss Charlotte Knights Departmental Manager Dr Liisa Kurunmaki Readership in Accounting Prof Richard Macve Professor of Accounting Dr Andrea Mennicken Lecturer Prof Peter Miller Professor of Management Accounting Dr Yuval Millo Lecturer Mr Christopher Noke Senior Lecturer Prof Michael Power Professor of Accounting Miss Dorothy Richards Graduate Admissions Manager Ms Rita Samiolo LSE Fellow Dr Ana Simpson Lecturer Dr Kazbi Soonawalla Lecturer in Accounting Prof Wim Van Der Stede Chair in Management Accounting

Anthropology Dr Catherine Allerton Lecturer Dr Rita Astuti Reader Dr Laura Bear Lecturer Dr Sandra Brunnegger ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Fenella Cannell Reader in Social Anthropology Dr Wendy Coxshall ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Amit Desai ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Fentje Donner Lecturer Dr Matthew Engelke Lecturer Prof Stephan Feuchtwang Professor Prof Christopher Fuller Professor of Anthropology Dr Geoffrey Gowlland ESRC Post-Doctoral Fellow Ms Camilla Griffiths Administrator

Prof Olivia Harris Professor of Anthropology Miss Yanina Hinrichsen Departmental Manager Dr Annu Jalais Research Officer Dr Deborah James Reader in Anthropology Prof Michael Lambek Professor of Anthropology Mr Fraser Mcneill LSE Fellow Dr Lucia Michelutti Post-doctoral Research Fellow Prof Henrietta Moore Professor of Anthropology Dr Martha Mundy Reader In Anthropology Dr Haripriya Narasimhan ESRC Fellow Prof Jonathan Parry Professor of Social Anthropology Dr Mathijs Pelkmans Lecturer in Social Anthropology Dr Nathaniel Roberts Post-doctoral Fellow Dr Goncalo Santos LSE Fellow Dr Michael Scott Lecturer Prof Charles Stafford Professor of Anthropology Ms Clarinda Still LSE Fellow Dr Ilana Van Wyk LSE Fellow

Economics Mr Madhav Aney LSE Fellow Dr Kosuke Aoki Lecturer in Economics Dr Oriana Bandiera Reader in Economics Dr Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay Departmental MSc Tutor Dr Gianluca Benigno Reader in Economics Prof Timothy Besley Kuwait Professor of Economics & Political Science Mr Roberto Bonfatti LSE Fellow Dr Margaret Bray Reader in Economics Ms Kate Brown MSc Administrator Mr Konrad Burchardi LSE Fellow Prof Robin Burgess Chair in Economics Prof Francesco Caselli Professor of Economics Mr Mariano Cena LSE Fellow Miss Natasha Clarke Departmental Assistant Prof Frank Cowell Professor of Economics Dr Christopher Dougherty Senior Lecturer in Economics Dr Erik Eyster Lecturer in Economics Prof Leonardo Felli Professor of Economics Ms Helen Gadsden Dept Manager (Planning & Resources) Prof Maitreesh Ghatak Professor of Economics Miss Miriam Grossmanova Graduate Admissions Administrator Dr Bernardo Guimaraes Lecturer in Economics Dr Vassilis Hajivassiliou Reader in Economics Prof John Hardman Moore Professor of Economics Ms Janice Henning BSc Administrator Prof Francisco Hidalgo Professor of Econometrics Prof Richard Jackman Professor of Economics LSE Digest 07-08 I 15 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mrs June Jarman Secretary Dr Christian Julliard Lecturer in Economics Ms Susan Kirkbride Econometrics Programme Assistant Dr Henrik Kleven Lecturer Mr Giovanni Ko LSE Fellow Mr Erick Lahura Serrano LSE Fellow Dr John Lane General Course Tutor Dr Jonathan Leape Senior Lecturer in Economics Dr Gilat Levy Reader in Economics Prof Oliver Linton Professor of Econometrics Mr Iain Long LSE Fellow Mr Jochen Mankart LSE Fellow Prof Alan Manning Professor of Economics Miss Elena Manzoni LSE Fellow Mr Alan Marin Senior Lecturer Mrs Margaret Mckinlay Operations Manager Mr Michael Mcmahon LSE Fellow Dr Alexander Michaelides Reader in Economics Dr Guy Michaels Lecturer in Economics Mr Ameet Morjaria LSE Fellow Mr Hannes Mueller LSE Fellow Mrs Mirabelle Muuls LSE Fellow Dr Liwa Ngai Lecturer in Economics Mrs Patricia Nutt Secretary Mr Rigas Oikonomou LSE Fellow Dr Gerard Padro-Miquel Lecturer Mr Stefan Penczynski LSE Fellow Mr Hernan Perez-Kakabadse LSE Fellow Prof Martin Pesendorfer Professor of Economics Dr Barbara Petrongolo Lecturer in Economics Prof Michele Piccione Professor of Economics Prof Jorn Pischke Professor of Economics Prof Christoforos Pissarides Professor of Economics Prof Andrea Prat Professor of Economics Prof Danny Quah Professor of Economics Dr Ronny Razin Reader in Economics Dr Stephen Redding Reader in Economics Mr Timothy Ridgewell Departmental Assistant Prof Peter Robinson Tooke Professor of Economic Science and Stats Mr Giacomo Rodano LSE Fellow Dr Andrei Sarychev Lecturer in Economics Dr Marcia Schafgans Senior Lecturer Prof Mark Schankerman Professor of Economics Dr Pasquale Schiraldi Lecturer Dr Philipp Schmidt-Dengler Lecturer in Economics Dr Myunghwan Seo Lecturer in Economics Dr Judith Shapiro Undergraduate Tutor Dr Kevin Sheedy Lecturer Mr Urban Sila LSE Fellow Mr Ricardo Sousa Tutorial Fellow Prof Nicholas Stern IG Patel Chair Prof John Sutton Sir John Hicks Chair I 16 I LSE Digest 07-08

Ms Emma Taverner PA to Head of Department Dr Maria Tenreyro Lecturer in Economics Mr Supachoke Thawornkaiwong LSE Fellow Prof John Van Reenen Professor of Economics & Director of the CEP Ms Kathleen Watts Graduate Admissions Manager Miss Gill Wedlake Secretary Dr Georg Weizsacker Lecturer in Economics Prof Christine Whitehead Professor Mr Mark Wilbor PhD Administrator Miss Alice Williams Web Editor Dr Cheng-Gang Xu Reader: Economics East Europe & Soviet Union Prof Alwyn Young Professor of Economics Mrs Elena Zhagorova Departmental Assistant & ICEF Programme Administrator

Economic History Dr Jonathan Adams Research Officer Dr Gareth Austin Reader in Economic History Dr Gerben Bakker Lecturer Ms Lisa Chin Administrative Assistant Dr Kent Deng Reader in Economic History Dr William Howlett Senior Lecturer in Economic History Dr Edward Hunt MSc Tutor Prof Janet Hunter Professor Ms Tracy Keefe Administrative Assistant Miss Sabina Leonelli Research Officer Dr Timothy Leunig Lecturer Dr Colin Lewis Reader: Latin American Economic History Dr Debin Ma Lecturer Ms Erika Mattila Research Officer Dr Christopher Minns Lecturer Prof Mary Morgan Professor of the History of Economics Prof Albrecht Ritschl Professor Dr Tirthankar Roy Lecturer in Economic History Mrs Linda Sampson Departmental Manager Dr Max-Stephan Schulze Senior Lecturer Dr Simona Valeriani Research Officer Dr Oliver Volckart Lecturer Dr Patrick Wallis Lecturer

Employment Relations & Organisational Behaviour Group (EROB) Ms Emma Anderson Programme Administrator Dr Cicely Ashwin Reader in Industrial Relations Dr Alexandra Beauregard Lecturer Dr Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro Reader Mr Stephen Dunn Lecturer in Industrial Relations Ms Susan Fernie Lecturer in Industrial Relations

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Dr Thomas Fetzer Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow Dr Carola Frege Reader Ms Diane Frey BJIR Teaching Fellow Ms Elizabeth Goldsmith Group Manager Mr Bill Hoare Clerical Administrator Prof Richard Hyman Professor of Industrial Relations Miss Alexandra Janovskaia BJIR Teaching Fellow Dr Hyun-Jung Lee Lecturer in Industrial Relations Dr John Logan Lecturer in Industrial Relations Dr Mary Logan Senior Lecturer Prof David Marsden Chair in Industrial Relations Mrs Bethania Mendes Brito Antunes BJIR Teaching Fellow Prof David Metcalf Professor of Industrial Relations Mr Iain Reid Nancy Seear Fellow in HRM Dr Sylvia Roesch Business Manager of BJIR Dr Ginka Toegel Lecturer Mr Horen Voskeritsian BJIR Teaching Fellow Mrs Linda Walker Nancy Seear Fellow Miss Sally Watson Programme Administrator Prof Paul Willman Chair in Human Resources Management

Finance Prof Ronald Anderson Professor of Finance Mr Jan Bena Tutorial Fellow Dr Elisabetta Bertero Lecturer in Finance Prof Sudipto Bhattacharya Professor of Finance Prof Michael Burkart Professor of Finance Ms Brenda Clarkson-Williams Administrator Dr Paula Cocco Tutorial Fellow Ms Mary Comben Student Services Manager Prof Gregory Connor Professor of Finance Mr Vicente Cunat Lecturer Miss Ruth Daglish Administrator Dr Jon Danielsson Reader in Accounting and Finance Dr Amil Dasgupta Lecturer in Finance Prof Antoine Faure-Grimaud Chair in Finance Dr Jack Favilukis Lecturer in Finance Prof Denis Gromb Professor of Finance Dr Stephane Guibaud Lecturer Dr Antonio Mele Lecturer Dr Marc Nosbusch Lecturer Dr Andrew Patton Reader in Finance Prof Christopher Polk Professor of Finance Dr Rohit Rahi Reader in Finance and Economics Ms Osmana Raie Departmental Manager Mr Matthew Rowley External Relations & Programme Manager Dr Leila Triki Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow Prof Dimitrios Vayanos Chair in Finance

Dr Michela Verardo Lecturer in Finance Mr Thomas Watson Programme Manager Prof David Webb Professor of Finance Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand Lecturer

Geography and Environment Dr Giles Atkinson Senior Lecturer in Environmental Policy Dr Katherine Brickell LSE Fellow Prof Sylvia Chant Professor Dr Sharad Chari Lecturer in Human Geography Prof Paul Cheshire Professor of Economic Geography Mr Samuel Colegate Graduate Administrator Dr Simon Dietz Lecturer in Environmental Policy Mr John Fyson Undergraduate Administrator Ms Elaine Gascoyne Departmental Manager Dr Steve Gibbons Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography Prof Ian Gordon Professor of Human Geography Ms Lynda Grove Manager, CCRN Dr Christian Hilber Lecturer in Economic Geography Dr Gareth Jones Senior Lecturer Dr Murray Low Lecturer in Human Geography Miss Carmen Marchiori Alcoa Foundation Research Fellow Mr Emil Marmol Graduate Administrator Dr Michael Mason Lecturer in Environmental Policy Prof Eric Neumayer Professor Dr Joan O'Mahony ALCOA Fellow Dr Henry Overman Reader in Economic Geography Dr Richard Perkins Lecturer in Environmental Geography Prof Diane Perrons Chair: Economic Geography & Gender Studies Dr Andrew Pratt Readership in Urban Cultural Economy Prof Judith Rees Prof Environmental & Resources Management Dr Frederic Robert-Nicoud Lecturer in Economic Geography Prof Andres Rodriguez-Pose Professor of Economic Geography Dr Olmo Silva Lecturer Prof Michael Storper Professor of Economic Geography Prof Andrew Thornley Professor of Planning Studies Miss Alessandra Tucci LSE Fellow Mr James Van Alstine LSE Fellow Mr Christopher Wright Alcoa Foundation Research Fellow LSE Digest 07-08 I 17 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Government Ms Philippa Atkinson Tutorial Fellow Prof Rodney Barker Professor of Government Mr Simon Bastow Senior Research Fellow Dr Mark Boden LSE Fellow in Government Prof Sumantra Bose Professor of Comparative Politics Miss Madeleine Bothe Programme Administrator Mrs Nicole Boyce Departmental Manager Prof John Breuilly Chair in Nationalism and Ethnicity Dr Michael Bruter Senior Lecturer in European Politics Dr Leandro Carrera Research Assistant Dr John Chalcraft Lecturer in Empire/Imperialism Prof Janet Coleman Prof Ancient & Medieval Political Thought Dr Philip Cook LSE Fellow Mr Paolo De Renzio LSE Fellow Dr Torun Dewan Lecturer in Comparative Politics Dr Vesselin Dimitrov Reader in East European Politics Dr Rekha Diwakar Tutorial Fellow Prof Keith Dowding Professor of Political Science Prof Patrick Dunleavy Professor of Political Science & Public Policy Dr Katrin Flikschuh Lecturer in Modern Political Theory Ms Julie Gervais LSE Fellow Mr Christopher Gilson Editor and Research Assistant Dr Marlies Glasius Lecturer Mr Selim Gulesci LSE Fellow Miss Laura Harrison MPA Programme Manager Prof David Held Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science Prof Simon Hix Professor of EU and Comparative Politics Dr Jonathan Hopkin Senior Lec in British & Comparative Politics Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve LSE Fellow Prof James Hughes Chair in Comparative Politics Dr Douglas Hutchinson Readership in Nationalism Miss Cerys Jones Programme Administrator Prof Paul Kelly Professor Dr William Kissane Senior Lecturer in Politics Dr Mathias Koenig-Archibugi Lecturer in Global Politics Dr Denisa Kostovicova Lecturer Prof Chandran Kukathas Chair in Political Theory Dr Valentino Larcinese Lecturer in Public Policy Prof Dominic Lieven Professor of Russian Government Dr Chun Lin Lecturer in Comparative Politics I 18 I LSE Digest 07-08

Prof Christian List Professor of Political Science & Philosophy Dr Martin Lodge Reader in Political Science & Public Policy Ms Kate Macdonald Tutorial Fellow Mr John Madeley Lecturer in Government Dr Paul Mitchell Lecturer in European Politics Prof Edward Page Webb Professor of Public Policy Dr Francesco Panizza Senior Lecturer in Latin American Politics Ms Seeta Persaud Managing Editor Prof George Philip Professor of Latin American Politics Miss Penelope Randall-Hodge MPA Administrative Assistant Dr Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey Reader in Political Science Dr Zhand Shakibi Lecturer in Comparative Politics Ms Susan Sharkey Programme Administrator Prof John Sidel Sir Patrick Gillam Chair Ms Ellen Storrar Administrative Assistant Dr Daniel Sturm Lecturer in Public Policy Dr Mark Thatcher Reader in Public Admin & Public Policy Dr Eiko Thielemann Snr Lec. in European Politics and Policy Ms Jane Tinkler PPG Manager Mr Jonathan Underwood MPA Programme and Development Manager Ms Gillian Urquhart Administrative Assistant Dr Nebojsa Vladisavljevic Tutorial Fellow Mr Joachim Wehner Lecturer in Public Policy Mr John Wild Departmental Website Manager Ms Hannah Wood Programme Administrator Dr David Woodruff Lecturer in Comparative Politics Ms Lynette York MPA Administrator

Information Systems and Innovation Group Miss Noora Alghatam Teaching Assistant Prof Ian Angell Professor of Information Systems Prof Chrisanthi Avgerou Professor Dr James Backhouse Reader in Information Systems Dr Antonio Cordella Lecturer Dr Anthony Cornford Senior Lecturer in Information Systems Mr Mike Cushman Information Manager Ms Cheryl Edwardes Group Manager Ms Ruth Halperin Research Fellow Ms Magda Hercheui LSE Fellow Prof Jannis Kallinikos Chair in Information Systems Dr Elzbieta Klecun-Taylor Lecturer

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Dr Jonathan Liebenau Senior Lecturer in Information Systems Dr Shirin Madon Senior Lecturer in Information Systems Mr Aaron Martin Teaching Assistant Dr Nathalie Mitev Senior Lecturer Dr Susan Scott Senior Lecturer Dr Maha Shaikh Research Officer Dr Stephen Smithson Senior Lecturer in Information Systems Dr Carsten Sorensen Senior Lecturer Dr William Venters Lecturer Miss Melissa Waller Course Support Administrator Ms Frances White Research Coordinator Dr Edgar Whitley Reader in Information Systems Prof Leslie Willcocks Chair in Information Systems Dr Yingqin Zheng Research Officer

International History Dr Peter Anderson British Academy Post Doctoral Fellow Dr Nigel Ashton Senior Lecturer Dr Antony Best Senior Lecturer Mrs Nayna Bhatti Programme Administrator Dr Robert Boyce Senior Lecturer in International History Dr Steven Casey Senior Lecturer in International History Miss Demetra Frini Departmental Manager Miss Tanya Harmer LSE Fellow Prof Janet Hartley Professor Dr Timothy Hochstrasser Senior Lecturer in International History Mr Arne Hofmann LSE Fellow Dr Benjamin Hopkins LSE Fellow Dr Paul Keenan Tutorial Fellow Prof Paul Kennedy Philippe Roman Chair in History & International Affairs Dr Michael Kerr LSE Fellow Prof Macgregor Knox Stevenson Professor of International History Dr Joanna Lewis Lecturer Dr Nicholas Ludlow Senior Lecturer Prof Anita Prazmowska Chair in International History Dr Sergey Radchenko LSE Fellow Dr Svetozar Rajak Lecturer Prof Maria-Jose Rodriguez-Salgado Professor of International History Dr Joan-Pau Rubies Senior Lecturer Dr Kirsten Schulze Senior Lecturer Dr Alan Sked Senior Lecturer in International History Ms Alexandra Smith Administrative Assistant

Dr Aino Spohr Readman Lecturer Prof David Stevenson Professor of International History Prof Odd Westad Professor of International History

International Relations Dr Kirsten Ainley Lecturer in International Relations Dr Christopher Alden Senior Lecturer Dr Roy Allison Senior Lecturer in International Relations Mr Amnon Aran Tutorial Fellow Dr Federica Bicchi Lecturer Prof Christopher Brown Professor of International Relations Prof Barry Buzan Chair in International Relations Ms Alison Carter Secretary Dr Jeffrey Chwieroth Lecturer in Political World Economy Prof Christopher Coker Professor Prof Michael Cox Chair in International Relations Dr Katerina Dalacoura Lecturer Dr Mark Duckenfield Lecturer Dr Spyridon Economides Senior Lecturer International Relations & European Politics Dr Robert Falkner Lecturer Dr Marta Golonka LSE Fellow Dr Jurgen Haacke Senior Lecturer Prof Frederick Halliday Montague Burton Chair in Internatnl Relations Mr Mark Hoffman Lecturer in International Relations Dr Christopher Hughes Readership in International Relations Prof Kimberly Hutchings Chair in International Relations Dr Daphne Josselin Lecturer in International Relations Dr Christopher Kent Reader in International Relations Ms Barbara King Secretary Dr Robert Kissack Tutorial Fellow Ms Martina Langer Secretary Mr George Lawson Lecturer Mr Timothy Martyn Research Assistant Ms Hilary Parker Departmental Manager Dr Mohamed Sally Senior Lecturer: International Political Economy Dr Ulrich Sedelmeier Senior Lecturer Mr Andrew Sherwood Secretary/Administrator Mr Nicholas Sims Reader Dr Karen Smith Reader Dr Andrew Walter Academic Director Dr Peter Wilson Senior Lecturer LSE Digest 07-08 I 19 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mr Stephen Woolcock Lecturer Dr Sappho Xenakis LSE Fellow

Law Ms Louise Arimatsu LSE Fellow Prof Gordon Baldwin Professor of Law Mr Tariq Baloch Lecturer Mr Bradley Barlow External Relations Administrator Ms Anne Barron Reader in Law Dr Joanna Benjamin Reader in Law Dr Chaloka Beyani Senior Lecturer in Law Prof Julia Black Professor of Law Mr David Bradley Reader in Law Mr Alan Brady LSE Fellow Prof Michael Bridge Chair in Law Prof Damian Chalmers Chair in European Union Law Mr Alejandro Chehtman LSE Fellow Prof Christine Chinkin Professor of International Law Prof Hugh Collins Professor of English Law Ms Rachel Condry British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Prof Paul Davies Cassel Professor of Commercial Law Mrs Dianne Delvaille LLM Student Administrator Prof Neil Duxbury Chair Ms Colleen Etheridge MSc Administrator Prof Vanessa Finch Professor Ms Tatiana Flessas Lecturer Dr Julian Fulbrook Senior Lecturer in Law Mr Ben Gander Finance and Project Manager Dr Dev Gangjee Lecturer Mr Eyal Geva LSE Fellow Prof Christopher Greenwood Professor of International Law Dr Veerle Heyvaert Senior Lecturer in Law Dr Mercedes Hinton Nuffield Foundation Career Dev Fellow Ms Yvonne Holmes Private Libraries Administrator Mrs Susan Hunt LLB Administrator Prof Emily Jackson Chair Mr Lee Jackson Web Development Officer Mr Joseph Jacob Reader in Civil Justice Mr Panagiotis Kapotas LSE Fellow Dr Robert Kershaw Lecturer in Company Law Dr Claire Kilpatrick Senior Lecturer Dr Nico Krisch Lecturer Prof Nicola Lacey Chair in Criminal Law and Legal Theory Dr Andrew Lang Lecturer Prof Martin Loughlin Professor of Public Law Mr David Mangan LSE Fellow Prof Roger Mccormick Senior Research Fellow I 20 I LSE Digest 07-08

Dr Emmanuel Melissaris Lecturer Dr Eva Micheler Senior Lecturer Mr Giorgio Monti Senior Lecturer in Law Dr Jo Murkens Lecturer Prof William Murphy Professor Mr Andrew Murray Senior Lecturer in Law Mr Abhijit Pandya LSE Fellow Prof Jill Peay Chair in Law Dr Thomas Poole Lecturer Mr Robert Pottage Reader Mr Peter Ramsay Lecturer Prof Mike Redmayne Chair in Law Prof Robert Reiner Professor of Criminology Dr Tamara Relis British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Prof Simon Roberts Professor Dr Ian Roxan Senior Lecturer Dr Margot Salomon Lecturer in Human Rights Dr Andrew Scott Senior Lecturer Prof Gerry Simpson Chair in Law Mr Robert Simpson Reader in Law Dr Umberto-Igor Stramignoni Lecturer in European Private Law Miss Sivaramjani Thambisetty Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law Miss Amanda Tinnams Compliance and Estates Officer Mr Charles Webb Lecturer Ms Joy Whyte Department Manager Dr Michael Wilkinson Lecturer Prof Sarah Worthington Professor Ms Lucy Wright LLM Admissions & Examinations Administra Mrs Rachel Yarham Doctoral Programme Administrator

Mathematics Prof Steven Alpern Professor of Mathematics & Operational Research Prof Martin Anthony Chair in Mathematics Dr Tugkan Batu Lecturer in Mathematics Prof Graham Brightwell Professor of Mathematics Mrs Jacqueline Everid Undergraduate Course Co-ordinator Dr Pavel Gapeev Lecturer in Mathematics Dr Michele Harvey Instructor Mr Simon Jolly Graduate Course Administrator Dr Malwina Luczak Lecturer in Mathematics Dr Adam Ostoja-Ostaszewski Reader in Mathematics Dr Amol Sasane Lecturer in Mathematics Mr David Scott Departmental Manager Dr Robert Simon Lecturer Dr Jozef Skokan Lecturer

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Prof Johannes Van Den Heuvel Chair in Mathematics Prof Bernhard Von Stengel Professor Prof Mihail Zervos Chair

Media and Communications Ms Panagiota Alevizou LSE Fellow Ms Arianna Bassoli Research Assistant Mr Charles Beckett Director of POLIS Ms Catherine Bennett Departmental Manager Mr Matthew Blackman Departmenta Administrator Mr Gerard Briscoe Research Assistant Dr Bart Cammaerts Lecturer Prof Syragoula Chouliaraki Chair Miss Vanessa Cragoe Administrator Dr Mary Darking Research Fellow Dr Paolo Dini Senior Research Fellow Mrs Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood Research Project Support Assistant Dr Leslie Haddon Senior Research Fellow Ms Mehitabel Iqani Research Project Support Assistant Miss Laura Kyrke-Smith Assistant to the Director of POLIS Prof Sonia Livingstone Professor Prof Robin Mansell Dixons Chair Dr Bingchun Meng Lecturer Ms Jean Morris Administrator Ms Louise Newton-Clare OPAALS Project Manager Dr Shani Orgad Lecturer in Media and Communications Prof Terhi Rantanen Professor of Global Media and Communication Dr Margaret Scammell Senior Lecturer in Media & Communication Dr Raka Shome Senior Lecturer Dr Simon Stewart LSE Fellow Ms Zoetanya Sujon Tutorial Fellow Dr Damian Tambini Senior Lecturer Dr Nancy Thumim Research Fellow Miss Panayiota Tsatsou Research Assistant

Management Mr Nikolaos Argyris Research Assistant Prof Harm Barkema Professor of Management Dr Marta Coelho Pinto Ribeiro Lecturer Prof Saul Estrin Chair in Management Prof Luis Garicano Research Director Dr Rafael Gomez Lecturer in IIM Ms Joanne Hay Departmental Manager Ms Susan Hill LSE Fellow Ms Marieke Huysentruyt LSE Fellow

Ms Katarzyna Komosa Administrative Officer Dr Eva Labro Lecturer in Accounting Miss Nicola Larkin Programme Admonistrator Dr Boris Maciejovsky LSE Fellow Dr Emanuel Ornelas Lecturer Prof Ignacio Palacios-Huerta Professor of Management Dr Fei Qin Lecturer in Management Dr Christina Van Wijnbergen Research Fellow

Managerial Economics and Strategy Group Prof Peter Abell Tutorial Fellow Prof Michael Barzelay Professor of Public Administration Mr Jordi Blanes I Vidal Lecturer in Management Mr Nilesh Dattani Tutorial Fellow Prof David De-Meza Chair in Management Dr Daniel Ferreira Lecturer Mrs Julie Fordham CEMS and IMEX Co-ordinator Dr Christine Harbring LSE Fellow Dr Bernd Irlenbusch Reader Dr Satoshi Kanazawa Reader Dr Thomas Kittsteiner Lecturer Dr Matthew Mulford Assistant Dean of TRIUM EMBA Ms Teresa Natale Administrator Sir Geoffrey Owen Tutorial Fellow Miss Manishaben Patel Administrator Mr Daniel Peppiatt Institute Manager Prof Diane Reyniers Professor Dr Jorn Rothe Director of Studies Dr George Thompson Tutorial Fellow Dr Konstantinos Tzioumis LSE Fellow Mr Gang Xie Tutorial Fellow

Operational Research Group Ms Mara Airoldi Post-doctoral Research Officer Prof Gautamkumar Appa Professor Prof Richard Bevan Chair in Management Science Dr Barbara Fasolo Lecturer in Decision Sciences Dr John Howard Senior Lecturer in Operational Research and Statistics Dr David Lane Reader in Management Science Dr Gilberto Montibeller Lecturer in Decision Sciences Dr Alexander Morton Lecturer in Operational Research Ms Brenda Mowlam Departmental Manager Dr Katerina Papadaki Lecturer Dr Leonidas Pitsoulis LSE Fellow Dr Susan Powell Senior Lecturer in Operational Research Dr Alan Pryor Senior Teaching Fellow LSE Digest 07-08 I 21 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mr Richard Szadura Departmental Administrator Prof Hilary Williams Professor of Operational Research

Philosophy Dr Jason Alexander Reader in Philosophy Prof Luc Bovens Professor of Philosophy Prof Richard Bradley Professor Prof Nancy Cartwright Professor of Philosophy Mr Tom Chivers Postgraduate Administrator Dr Damien Fennell LSE Fellow Prof Marc Fleurbaey Ludwig Lachmann Fellow Dr Roman Frigg Senior Lecturer Prof Colin Howson Chair in Philosophy of Science Mr Colin Johnston Jacobsen Fellow Ms Annabelle Lever LSE Fellow Miss Rebecca Matthams Department Manager Dr Matthew Parker Tutorial Fellow Dr Miklos Redei Lecturer Dr Peter Sozou Research Fellow Dr Alexander Voorhoeve Lecturer Prof John Worrall Professor of Philosophy of Science

Social Policy Mr Babken Babajanian Post-doctoral Fellow Dr Mrigesh Bhatia Lecturer in Health Policy Ms Tania Burchardt RCUK Research Fellow Ms Mary Campbell Research Officer Dr Ernestina Coast Lecturer in Population Studies Ms Emmeline Cooper TH Marshall Fellow Ms Jacqueline Damant Research Officer Dr Hartley Dean Reader Mr Roderic Earle Research Officer Mrs Angela Fitzgerald Housing Course Administrator Dr Arjan Gjonca Senior Lecturer in Demography Dr Anthony Hall Reader in Social Policy & Development Dr Nancy Holman Lecturer Prof Jude Howell Chair in Social Policy Mrs Marilyn Hynes Undergraduate Administrator Dr Armine Ishkanian Lecturer Dr Benjamin Jones Lecturer Miss Dorene Josephs Programme Administrator Dr Panagiotis Kanavos Senior Lecturer in International Health Mr Derek King Research Fellow Prof Martin Knapp Professor of Social Policy Dr Sunil Kumar Lecturer in Social Policy & Development Prof Julian Le Grand Titmuss Professor of Social Policy Dr Tiziana Leone Lecturer in Population Studies I 22 I LSE Digest 07-08

Prof Jane Lewis Chair in Social Policy Dr David Lewis Reader Dr Bingqin Li Lecturer Mr Errol Lobo Health Programmes Officer Dr Stephen Mangen Senior Lecturer: European Social Policy Dr Cristina Masseria Lecturer Prof Alistair Mcguire Chair in Health Economics Prof Elias Mossialos Chair in Health Policy Dr Eileen Munro Reader Prof Michael Murphy Professor of Demography Prof William Newburn Chair in Social Policy and Criminology Dr Kimberly Ochs TH Marshall Fellow Ms Anne Okello Course Administrator Mr Adam Oliver RCUK Research Fellow Dr Coretta Phillips Senior Lecturer Prof David Piachaud Professor of Social Administration Ms Anna Plomien LSE Fellow Prof Anne Power Professor Mrs Sarah Roberts Deputy Departmental Manager Mrs Susan Roebuck VSO Course Secretary Dr Franco Sassi Senior Lecturer in Social Policy & Administration Ms Maria Schlegel Programme Administrator Dr Rebecca Sear Lecturer in Population Studies Dr Muzafferettin Seckinelgin Lecturer in International Social Policy Dr Michael Shiner Senior Lecturer in Social Policy Dr Wendy Sigle-Rushton Senior Lecturer Dr Rebecca Tunstall Lecturer in Housing Prof Anne West Chair in Educational Policy Mr John Wilkes Departmental Manager

Sociology Dr Claire Alexander Reader Dr Suki Ali Lecturer in Sociology Dr Robert Archer Lecturer Dr Christopher Badcock Reader in Sociology Ms Dawn Bailey Editorial Assistant Prof Kathrin Braun Lecturer in Sociology Mr Richard Burdett Project Director for the Urban Age Prog Mr Stephen Cross BSc Author and Subject Co-ordinator Dr Nigel Dodd Senior Lecturer in Sociology Ms Tia Exelby Departmental Administrative Assistant Mr Shahzad Firoz Post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr Janet Foster Senior Lecturer in Sociology Prof Sarah Franklin Professor of Social Studies of Biomedicine Miss Diana Frimpong Administrative Assistant

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Prof David Frisby Professor of Sociology Prof Paul Gilroy Anthony Giddens Chair in Social Theory Dr Ursula Henz Senior Lecturer Prof Richard Hobbs Professor of Sociology Dr Christopher Husbands Reader in Sociology Dr Filippa Lentzos Research Fellow Ms Joyce Lorinstein Departmental Manager Dr Patrick Mcgovern Senior Lecturer in Sociology Dr Claire Moon Lecturer Ms Pamela Puchalski Project Co-ordinator Dr Mary Rawlinson Lecturer Prof Paul Rock Professor of Social Institutions Prof Nikolas Rose Martin White Chair of Sociology Dr Ilina Singh Lecturer Dr Donald Slater Reader in Sociology Prof Robert Tavernor Professor Dr Francine Tonkiss Reader in Sociology Mr Savvas Verdis Tutorial Fellow

Statistics Dr Pauline Barrieu Reader in Statistics Dr Erik Baurdoux Lecturer in Statistics Dr Wicher Bergsma Lecturer Dr Umut Cetin Lecturer in Statistics Mr Liam Clarke Research Officer Miss Lewina Coote Administrative Assistant Dr Nicholas Cron Tutorial Fellow Dr Angelos Dassios Reader in Actuarial Science Mr Hailiang Du Research Assistant Ms Esther Heyhoe Undergraduate Administrator Dr Martin Knott Senior Lecturer in Statistics Dr Jouni Kuha Lecturer in Statistics and Research Methods Mr Hugo Maruri-Aguilar Research Officer Mr Miltiadis Mavrakakis LSE Fellow Dr Amal Merhi Research Assistant Dr Irini Moustaki Reader Miss Imelda Noble Departmental Manager Prof Ragnar Norberg Professor Dr Thorsten Rheinlander Reader in Statistics Prof Anders Skrondal Chair in Social Statistics Prof Leonard Smith Professor Prof Howell Tong Professor Dr Edward Whelan Course Tutor Prof Henry Wynn Chair in Statistics Prof Qiwei Yao Professor Dr Flavio Ziegelmann Research Officer

Research Centres and Institutes Asia Research Centre Dr Himanshu Himanshu CR Parekh Fellow Dr Seetha Kakkoth Sir Ratan Tata Fellow Miss Ruth Kattumuri Associate Director Ms Chris Lee Programme Convenor of Korea Foundation Dr Fang-Long Shih Research Fellow

BIOS Dr Joelle Abi-Rached Research Officer Dr Kevin Burchell Research Fellow Ms Sabrina Fernandez Centre Manager Ms Kerry Holden Research Assistant Ms Sinead Keenan Research Assistant Dr Filippa Lentzos Course Convenor Ms Linsey Mcgoey Programme Coordinator Mr James Ottaway Research Officer Mr Scott Vrecko Research Fellow Mr Ayo Wahlberg Research Fellow

British Journal of Sociology Miss Jacqueline Gauntlett Journal Manager Mr Daniel Williams Administrative Assistant

Business History Unit Dr Terence Gourvish Director

Centre for Analysis of Risk & Regulation Dr David Demortain Reseach Officer Miss Caroline Fionda Events and Office Administrator Dr Jeanette Hofmann Research Officer Prof Bridget Hutter Professor of Risk Regulation Mr William Jennings British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Prof Sally Lloyd-Bostock Professorial Research Fellow Mr Philip Lomas Centre Administrator Dr Carl Macrae ESRC Research Officer

Centre for Analysis for Social Exclusion Dr Francesca Borgonovi Post-doctoral Fellow Ms Laura Lane Assistant to Professor Power Ms Abigail Mcknight Toyota Senior Research Fellow Dr Jorg Ploger Research Officer Mr Thomas Sefton Research Fellow Mrs Nicola Serle Assistant to the Deputy Director LSE Digest 07-08 I 23 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 of CASE Dr Kitty Stewart Research Fellow Ms Anna Tamas PA/Secretary Miss Astrid Winkler Research Officer

Centre for Analysis of Time Series Mr Roman Binter Research Assistant Mr Reason Machete Research Assistant Dr Ralph Rayner Professorial Research Fellow

Centre for Educational Research Dr Philip Noden Research Fellow

Centre for Environment Policy & Governance Ms Elena Lopez-Gunn Research Fellow Dr Mark Zeitoun Research

CPNSS Centre for Civil Society Dr William Gibson Research Officer Mr Jeremy Lind Research Officer Mrs Isobel Schiemann Office Manager Ms Christine Whyte Web & Publications Administrator

Dr Franz Dietrich New Career Fellow Mr Rudolf Fara VPP Grand Facilitator Prof Nicholas Humphrey School Professor Dr Eleonora Montuschi Senior Research Fellow Ms Laura O'Keefe Centre Administrator

CREFSA Centre for Economic Performance Ms Lynne Thomas Research Officer Miss Anita Bardhan-Roy Information Manager Miss Johanna Cantlay Events Co-ordinator Ms Amy Challen Research Officer Mr Andrew Charlton Research Officer Mrs Linda Cleavely Assistant to the Director Miss Chiara Criscuolo Research Fellow Mr Tom Cunningham Research Assistant Dr Fabrice Defever Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow Miss Tanvi Desai Data Manager Ms Gabriela Domingues Research Assistant Mr Mirko Draca Research Assistant Miss Helen Durrant Research & Publications Administrator Prof Richard Freeman Professorial Research Fellow Dr Andreas Georgiadis Research Assistant Dr Helena Holmlund Research Fellow Prof Peter Layard Director of the Wellbeing Programme Dr Stephen Machin Research Director of CEE Mr Ralf Martin Research Officer Ms Sandra Mcnally Research Fellow Mrs Ines Moreno De Barreda Research Assistant Mr Simone Moriconi Research Assistant Miss Ashwini Natraj Research Assistant Mrs Elizabeth O'Brien Programme Assistant Mr Ferdinand Rauch Research Assistant Mr Nigel Rogers Research Centres Manager Miss Raffaella Sadun Research Officer Ms Rachel Smithies Research Fellow Miss Emma Tominey Research Assistant Miss Alessandra Tucci Research Officer Miss Martina Viarengo Research Assistant Ms Mary Yacoob Administrative Assistant I 24 I LSE Digest 07-08

Centre for Study of Global Governance Dr Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic Research Fellow Miss Harriet Gallagher Centre Manager Ms Fiona Holland Research Officer Ms Johanna Juselius Media Officer Prof Mary Kaldor Director Mr Andrey Kuvshinov Research Officer Dr Mary Martin Research Fellow Mr Iavor Rangelov Balkan Administrator Mr Yahia Said Research Fellow Ms Sabine Selchow Research Assistant Ms Sharon Shochat Research Project Assistant Ms Joanna Stone Administrator

Centre for Study of Human Rights Mr Alasdair Cochrane LSE Fellow Miss Harriet Gallagher MSc Human Rights Administrator Prof Conor Gearty Rausing Director & Professor of Human Rights Miss Zoe Gillard Centre Manager Prof Francesca Klug Professorial Research Fellow Mr Ahmad Qandeel MSc Human Rights Administrator Mr Alexis Rwabizambuga LSE Fellow Ms Helen Wildbore Researcher, Human Rights Futures Programme

Cities Programme Dr Ayona Datta Lecturer Ms Anna Johnston Administrator

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mr Adam Kaasa Research and Programme Assistant Ms Kei Kitazawa Research Officer Mr Philipp Rode Executive Director, Urban Age Programme Prof Richard Sennett School Professor of Cultural Theory

Cold War Studies Centre Ms Tiha Franulovic Administrative Secretary Miss Ivana Vesela Administrative Assistant

Crisis States Centre Miss Wendy Foulds Administrative Assistant Dr Antonio Giustozzi Research Fellow Mr Thomas Goodfellow Communications and Editorial Officer Dr Gabriele Hesselbein Research Fellow Dr Jason Sumich Research Officer

Development Studies Institute Dr Tim Allen Professor of Development Studies Prof Josephine Beall Professor of Development Studies Dr Edwin Brett Lecturer Prof Stuart Corbridge Professor of Development Studies Ms Stephanie Davies DESTIN Institute Manager Prof Timothy Dyson Professor of Population Studies Dr Jean-Paul Faguet Lecturer in Development Studies Ms Giulia Ferrari Research Assistant Mr Andrew Fischer LSE Fellow Dr Timothy Forsyth Reader in Environment and Development Mr Sean Fox Tutorial Fellow Dr Elizabeth Francis Senior Lecturer in Development Studies Dr Elliott Green Tutorial Fellow Dr Lloyd Gruber Lecturer: Political Econ. of Development Dr Nilima Gulrajani Lecturer in Public Administration & Deve Prof David Keen Chair in Complex Emergencies Mrs Drucilla Nelson Secretary Prof James Putzel Chair in Development Studies Ms Susan Redgrave Administrative Assistant Mr Juan Rud LSE Fellow Dr Kenneth Shadlen Senior Lecturer in Development Studies Prof Robert Wade Professor of Politics Dr Diana Weinhold Senior Lecturer in

Development Economics

Economica Mrs Angela Doran Journal Administrator

European Institute Prof Nicholas Barr Professor Prof Iain Begg Professorial Research Fellow Prof Willem Buiter Professor of European Political Economy Dr Joan Costa-I-Font Lecturer Dr Andrew Davis Research Fellow Mrs Ismini Demades Administrator Prof Kevin Featherstone Eleftherios Venizelos Chair Mr Maurice Fraser Fellow in European Politics Dr Simon Glendinning Reader Miss Derya Gocer Research Officer Dr Claire Gordon Research Officer Dr Robert Hancke Reader in European Political Economy Ms Elaine Hemmings Institute Manager Ms Catalina Holguin Research Officer Dr Abigail Innes Lecturer Political Sociology C&E Europe Dr Jennifer Jackson Preece Senior Lecturer Dr Robert Leonardi Snr Lecturer in European Union Politics Dr Simona Milio Research Officer Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis Lecturer in Political Economy Dr Raffaella Nanetti Research Fellow Mrs Francisca Obu Administrative Assistant (PhD) Prof Osman Pamuk Professorial Research Fellow Dr Christos Paraskevopoulos Research Fellow Ms Elena Parau Post Doctoral Fellow Prof Paul Preston Prin. de Ast. Prof Cont Spanish Studies Dr Waltraud Schelkle Lecturer Mr Marco Simoni LSE Fellow Ms Vivian Winterhoff Administrative Assistant (MSc) Dr Radoslaw Zubek Research Fellow

Financial Markets Group Miss Polly Canning Administrative Assistant Dr Paula Cocco Research Fellow Miss Maria Komninou Centre Administrator Miss Sooraya Mohabeer Administrative Assistant Dr Poornima Sankar Research Officer Mr Nikolaj Schmidt Research Assistant Mr Bernhard Silli Research Assistant

LSE Digest 07-08 I 25 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Gender Institute Dr Patricia Fosh Distinguished Senior Research Fellow Dr Clare Hemmings Senior Lecturer: Gender Studies & Theory Ms Hazel Johnstone Manager Dr Sumi Madhok LSE Fellow Prof Diane Perrons Director Prof Anne Phillips Professor of Gender Theory & Government Dr Silvia Posocco Tutorial Fellow Dr Mercedes Wearing Lecturer in Gender & Media

Hellenic Observatory Dr Fragkiskos Filippaios Research Fellow Ms Efterpe Fokas Research Fellow Dr Argyrios Mamarelis Post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr Konstantina Maragkou Post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr Georgios Niarchos Post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr Ioannis Psycharis National Bank of Greece Research Fellow Ms Eleni Xiarchogiannopoulou Research Assistant

Institute of Social Psychology Dr Martin Bauer Reader Mr Stephen Bennett Technician Prof Catherine Campbell Professor of Social Psychology Miss Jacqueline Crane Administrative Assistant Dr Bradley Franks Senior Lecturer in Psychology Dr Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo Lecturer Prof George Gaskell Professor of Social Psychology Mr Stephen Gaskell Workshop Technician Dr Derek Hook Lecturer Dr Caroline Howarth Lecturer Prof Patrick Humphreys Professor of Social Psychology Dr Sandra Jovchelovitch Reader in Social Psychology Mr Daniel Linehan Institute Manager Mr William Mayon-White Senior Research Fellow Mrs Evangelia Mitleton-Kelly Senior Research Fellow Miss Ann-Victoire Pince Research Officer Ms Slavica Savic Research Officer Dr Janet Stockdale Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology Mrs Ly Voo Multimedia Editor/Designer I 26 I LSE Digest 07-08

Dr Andrew Wells Senior Lecturer in Psychology

LSE Health and Social Care Miss Sara Allin Research Officer Prof Anthony Barnett Professorial Research Fellow Ms Adelina Comas-Herrera Research Fellow Dr Joan Costa-I-Font Senior Research Fellow Dr Konstantina Davaki Research Officer Miss Vanesa Davey Research Officer Dr Julien Forder Senior Research Fellow Ms Marin Gemmill Research Officer Mrs Dona Heidbrink Centre Manager Ms Shelagh Henderson Research Officer Ms Hyung Hong Research Assistant Dr Anja Kern Marie Curie Intra European Fellow Ms Julia Lear Research Officer Miss Maria Lluch Villamor Project Coordinator Ms Juliette Malley Research Officer Mrs Tihana Matosevic-Jakovljevi Research Officer Mr David Mcdaid Research Fellow, Editor: Eurohealth Ms Helena Medeiros Research Officer Ms Angela Mehta PSSRU Administrator Ms Philipa Mladovsky Research Assistant Ms Margaret Perkins Research Officer Ms Linda Pickard Research Fellow Ms Maria Raikou Research Fellow Miss Anne Rudisill Research Project Support Assistant Mrs Kathryn Scorer Programme Co-ordinator Mrs Elizabeth Seeley Research Project Support Assistant Ms Corinna Sorenson Research Officer Ms Divya Srivastava Research Officer Ms Sarah Thomson Research Fellow

LSE London Ms Katrina Gaus Research Assistant Dr Kathleen Scanlon Bradley Research Officer

Methodology Institute Miss Kavita Abraham Tutorial Fellow Miss Victoria Grey-Edwards Administrator Dr Jonathan Jackson Lecturer Ms Sally Stares LSE Fellow

PSSRU Dr Jennifer Beecham Principal Research Fellow Dr Jose Fernandez Senior Research Fellow Ms Roshni Mangalore Research Fellow

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mr Thomas Snell Research Officer

Population Investigation Committee

Ms Fiona Sandford Director of the Careers Service Ms Louise Stephens Employee Liaison Officer Mr Daniel Wilkey Careers Adviser Mr Gary Woodward Assistant Director

Mrs Anne Shepherd General Secretary / Administrative Officer

Language Centre


Mr Nicholas Byrne Director of Language Centre

Ms Gabriella Alberici Secretary Ms Susan Coles Secretary Ms Jane Dickson Centres Manager (STICERD/CASE) Ms Sonia Goncalves LSE Fellow Miss Sarah Harrison Research Officer Prof John Hills Professor of Social Policy Mr Joseph Joannes Information Systems Administrator Miss Eleni Karagiannaki Research Officer Dr Gabriel Leon-Ablan ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow Ms Jane Martin Journal Administrator Ms Kerrie Quirk Executive Officer Miss Angela Swain Grants Administrator & Director's Secretary Mr Nicholas Warner Information Technology Manager

Ms Cecile-Denise Alais Language Teacher (French) Ms Ines Alonso-Garcia Teaching and Learning Facilitator Mrs Benvinda Alves Language Teacher (Portugese) Mrs Anna Andreeva Language Teacher (Russian) Miss Stephanie Beltrando Language Teacher (French) Mr Halim Benzine Language Teacher (French) Mrs Natalia Bershadski Language Teacher (Russian) Mr Jerome Bertherat Language Teacher (French) Mrs Tatyana Chambers Language Teacher (Russian) Ms Mercedes Coca Language Co-ordinator (Spanish) Mr Simon Cuddihy Language Teacher (EAP) Mr Pierre Dagonnot Language Teacher (French) Miss Flavia D'Angelantonio Language Teacher (Italian) Mr Herve Didiot-Cook Language Co-ordinator (French) Miss Soad El-Rgaig Language Teacher (Arabic) Ms Annarita Felici Language Teacher Mrs Kira Finkelstein Language Teacher (Russian) Ms Catherine Gaitte Language Teacher (French) Ms Wanli Gao Language Teacher (Chinese) Ms Patricia Gaudron Language Teacher (French) Ms Assunta Geraldi Language Teacher (Italian) Miss Jennifer Gibbins Teaching & Learning Facilitator Ms Daniela Giovannetti Teaching and Learning Facilitator Mrs Anna Giuffria Language Teacher (Italian) Mr Luay Hasan Language Teacher (Arabic) Ms Lourdes Hernandez Martin Asst Language Co-ordinator (Spanish) Mr John Heyworth Language Centre Manager Mrs Wen Huang Language Teacher (Chinese) Miss Gwyneth James Language Teacher (EAP) Ms Sabine Junker Language Teacher (German) Mrs Panagiota Kountaki Language Teacher (Greek) Miss Karen Kruse Language Teacher (French) Mrs Astrid Kullmann-Lee Language Co-ordinator (German) Mrs Nobuko Leslie Language Teacher (Japanese)

Central Administration Andy Farrell Director of Finance and Facilities Adrian Hall Secretary & Director of Adminisration

Academic and Professional Development Division LSE Careers Service Ms Fiona Sandford Director of the Careers Service Ms Renata Albuquerque Volunteer Co-ordinator Miss Lucy Burrows Careers Information Adviser Miss Elizabeth Ellis Employee Liaison Manager Ms Emily Grundy Careers Information Officer Mr Shaun Harris Careers Adviser Miss Myrto-Vasiliki Kalle Jobshop Co-ordinator Miss Andrea Kreideweiss Careers Adviser Mrs Susan Lawrence Careers Adviser Miss So Lim Vacancies Officer Mr Iain Mcloughlin Careers Adviser Ms Frances Meegan Careers Adviser Ms Kezia Richmond Careers Information and Research Manager Ms Laura Rose Destination Survey & Administration Mgr

LSE Digest 07-08 I 27 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Dr Hong Lu Manager Confucius Institute For Business Ms Roser Martinez-Sanchez Language Teacher Mr Michael Mcgarvey Language Co-ordinator (EAP) Mr Christophe Millart Assistant Language Co-ordinator (French) Miss Marcelle Morabo Language Teacher (French) Mr Jorge Mordcovich Language Teacher (Spanish) Mrs Susanne Muller-Menckens Language Teacher (German) Mrs Tomoko Nakata-Moussis Language Teacher (Japanese) Mr Christopher New Assistant Co-ordinator (EAP) Miss Florence Niclot Co-ordinating Language Teacher (French) Ms Isabel Noon Assistant Co-ordinator (EAP) Ms Zaoxia Pang Language Teacher (Chinese) Mr Rafael Penas Cruz Co-ordinating Language Teacher (Spanish) Mr Sukra Sehir Language Teacher (Turkish) Mr Francois Simon Language Teacher (French) Dr Peter Skrandies Language Teacher Dr Olga Sobolev Language Co-ordinator (Russian) Ms Alison Standring Language Co-ordinator (EAP) Mrs Hiromi Stewart Language Teacher (Japanese) Dr Angus Wrenn Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP) Mrs Hongyi Xin Language Teacher (Chinese) Dr Youlan Yu Language Teacher (Chinese) Mrs Tamy Zupan Language Teacher (Spanish)

Teaching and Learning Centre Dr Elizabeth Barnett Director, Teaching and Learning Centre Ms Agoussi Amon Junior Administrative Assistant Mrs Gaydene Bunn Departmental Manager Mr Peter Finn Student Counsellor Ms Susan Haines Dyslexia Student Support Administrator Mrs Jean Jameson Adviser to Students with Disabilities Ms Linda Kelland Dyslexia Support Tutor Mrs Susan Kendal Counsellor Mr Neil Mclean Educational Developer Ms Christine Nancarrow Counsellor Ms Karen Parr Administrative Assistant Ms Alice Roberts Educational Developer Mr Adam Sandelson Senior Student Counsellor Mrs Teresa Schaefer Counsellor Ms Jane Sedgwick Mental Health and Well-being Advisor Mr Andrew Shorrock Counsellor Mrs Monika Smolar Counsellor I 28 I LSE Digest 07-08

Miss Gita Subrahmanyam Development Adviser Dr Rhiannon Thompson Development Adviser Dr Edward Whelan Educational Developer

Academic Registrar’s Division Mr Simeon Underwood Academic Registrar Ms Catherine Baldwin Head of Recruitment and Admissions Mr Mark Maloney Head of Student Administration Mrs Shirley Banks Registration and Assesment Manager Miss Hannah Brownlee Timetables Assistant Mr Peter Campion-Spall Senior Visa Officer Mr Mark Devlin Data Quality Manager Ms Yaa Donkor Executive Assistant Miss May Elphinstone Student Services Assistant Mr Gino Graziano Widening Participation Officer Ms Marion Hancock Deputy Advice Manager Miss Linnea Holmqvist Student Services Assistant Miss Sarah Johnson Registration and Assessment Assistant Mr Richard Leppington Research Degrees Assistant Mr Eamonn Mcevoy Office Manager Miss Emily Moore Student Advice and Reception Assistant Miss Linda Newman Personal Assistant Ms Surinder Notay Admissions and Access Specialist Mr Michael Page Student Record Systems Dev. Manager Ms Indra Panch Senior Graduate Admissions Assistant Mr John Ready Student Records Systems Support Manager Mr Damian Roberts Examinations and Ceremonies Manager Mrs Dorota Sciepko-Cram Student Services Senior Assistant Dr Ian Stephenson Secretary to the Academic Board Miss Janice Stranaghan Admissions Specialist Miss Catherine Todd Financial Support Admin Assistant Ms Carley Webcke Student Advice and Reception Assistant

ARD: Undergraduate Admissions Mrs Hrilina Lock Admissions Officer Mr David Adams Admissions Administrator Miss Anna Batcheler Admissions Administrator

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mrs Linda Hamer Admissions and Access Specialist Miss Andrea Henrichfreise Undergraduate Admissions Officer Miss Aoife Mccarthy Undergraduate Admissions Assistant Ms Cristy Meadows Deputy Admissions Officer Ms Deborah Nicholls Admissions and Access Specialist Miss Hannah Obeng Admissions Assistant Ms Sarah Rayner Undergraduate Admissions Administrator Miss Elizabeth Regan Admissions Administrator

ARD: Graduate Admissions Mr Simon Beattie Graduate Admissions Manager Miss Lordina Addo-Yobo Graduate Admissions Assistant Mrs Rukshana Chowdhury Graduate Admissions Assistant Mr Adam Christmas Technical Specialist Ms Sophia Douglas Graduate Admissions Assistant Ms Rachel Dunbar Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator Miss Julia Gallimore Office Manager Dr Tim Hogbin Graduate Admissions Assistant Mrs Rebecca Hussein Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator Miss Judith Josiah Graduate Admissions Assistant Mrs Nevena Lekic Graduate Admissions Assistant Miss Anna-Kaisa Maukonen Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator Mr Robert Millett Graduate Admissions Administrator Miss Leanna Nelson-Hay Graduate Admissions Assistant Ms Bindeya Patel Customer Service Manager Mr Mark Seager Graduate Admissions Assistant Ms Caroline Weston Graduate Admissions Officer

ARD: Student Administration Mr Ray Donovan-Hill Deputy Head of Student Administration Ms Elena Lo Deputy Head of Student Administration Ms Sarah Bailey Senior Assistant Mr Matthew Brack Research Degrees Deputy Manager Mr Peter Chiazzese Student Services Assistant Mr Derek Cook Research Degrees Manager Miss Nichola Dallen Student Services Assistant Ms Kate Evans Deputy Registration & Assessment

Manager Miss Primrose Harris Deputy Financial Support Manager Mr Martin Johnson Senior Assistant Miss Patricia Lawrence Registration and Assessment Assistant Miss Larissa Leech Registration and Assessment Assistant Miss Catherine Osley Deputy Financial Support Manager Mr Daniel Peel Registration and Assessment Assistant Ms Harriet Plater Financial Support Manager Ms Katherine Porrer Advice Manager Miss Pamela Rungen Financial Support Admin Assistant Miss Sabrina Rutigliano Deputy Registration & Assessment Manager Ms Maya Schram Customer Services Manager Mr Mark Thomson Assessment Regulations Manager Miss Michelle Ward Front of House Services, Deputy Manager Ms Alexandra Williams Research Degrees Assistant

ARD: Timetables Ms Linda Taylor Timetables Manager Ms Mandy Li Deputy Timetables Manager

ARD: Student Recruitment Mr William Breare-Hall International Student Recruitment Manager Ms Katherine Redfern Widening Participation Manager Miss Niaomi Collett Widening Participation Administrator Mrs Alice Else Student Recruitment Officer (UK/Europe) Miss Lucy Green Student Recruitment Administrator Mr Raoul Morley International Student Recruitment Admin Miss Alison Taylor Market Research Officer Ms Hilary Webb International Student Recruitment Admin Miss Helen White Widening Participation Administrator Mr Philip Wood International Student Recruitment Admin

LSE Digest 07-08 I 29 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 ARD: Teaching Quality and Review Ms Louisa Green Assistant Registrar Mrs Deborah Cameron Surveys Manager Mr Philip Kneebone Administrative Officer Reviews & Surveys Miss Elizabeth Martin Administrative Officer

Estates Mr Christopher Kudlicki Director of Estates

Estates: Facilities and Projects Mr Robert Marsh Services Manager Mr Jaspreet Amole Accounts Administrator Mr Brett Mcdermott Senior Maintenance Technician Mr Christopher Roots Project Manager Mr Richard Taylerson Consultant to Estates Miss Eliza Thaine Maintenance Technician

Estates: Planning Mr Mark Atkinson Head of Facilities Miss Lauren Allier Technical Assistant Ms Araminta Barlow Administrative Officer Mr Harry Edwards Facilities Manager Mr Toby Fuhrman Administrative Officer Mr Kenneth Kinsella Senior Project Manager

Estates: Post Room Mr Anthony Simpson Post Room Supervisor Mr Richard Burgos Services Assistant Ms Helen Gaughan Post Room Assistant Mr Oswin Husbands Post Room Assistant Mr David Tyndall Services Assistant Mr Eric Weldon Post Room Assistant Mr Martin Wright Post Room Assistant

Mr Malcolm Callender Senior Maintenance Supervisor Mr Patrick Causley Project Manager Mr David Cheong Store Person Mr Steven Clogg Maintenance Technician Mr Michael Dufty Senior Maintenance Technician Mrs Jossette Edwards Leigh Cleaning and Environment Manager Mr Norman Evans Senior Maintenance Technician Mr David Felstead Maintenance Supervisor (Mechanical) Mr Peter Fennelly Head Storekeeper Mrs Somboon Flint Building Steward Mr Keith Foot Head of Building Services Mr Andrew France Projects Supervisor Mr Paul Franklin Head of Maintenance Mr Dominic Gallagher Senior Maintenance Technician Miss Victoria Hands Environmental Sustainability Officer Mr Antony Hough Maintenance Technician Mr Steven Jessup Senior Maintenance Technician Mr Alan Kirby Maintenance Assistant Miss Emma Lovegrove Principal Project Manager Ms Chantal Macedo Help Desk Manager Mr Fayyaz Malik Energy Manager Mr Robert Mcalpine Senior Maintenance Technician Mr Gerard Mccormack Senior Maintenance Technician Mr Mojamen Miah Senior Maintenance Technician Ms Daniela Mueller Project Leader Mr Felix Nelson Help Desk Technician Mr Peter Ogwok Maintenance Technician Mr Ross Ruscoe Senior Maintenance Technician/Fitter Mr Steven Ryan Maintenance Supervisor Ms Lauren Samme Secretary to Head of Maintenance/Estates Mr Daniel Smith Maintenance Technician Miss Terri Townsend Helpdesk Support Technician Mr Alejandro Vargas Building Steward Mr Alan Wade Senior Controls Engineer

Estates: Reprographics Estates: Projects and Operations Mr Julian Robinson Director, Planning and Development Mr Vhonaci Barrett Assistant Maintenance Technician Mr John Beardsell Maintenance Technician (Electrical) Mr Clifford Begley Senior Maintenance Technician Mrs Maxine Brennan Secretary I 30 I LSE Digest 07-08

Mr Scott Foley Production and Technical Assistant Mr Olugbenga Rotowa Digital Copier Operator Mr Nicholas Sharman Reprographics Office Assistant Mr Peter White Deputy Reprographics Manager

Estates: Security and Porters Mr Paul Thornbury Head of Security

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mr Peter Anastasi Day Security Team Leader Mr William Armstrong Deputy Team Leader Mr Iskender Cetindal Day Security Mr Derek Chin General Service Porter Mr Brendan Conroy Night Security Mr John Crean Day Security Team Leader Mrs Becky Erhabor Day Security Mr Victor Finnigan Team Leader Mr Trevor Fullerton General Porter Mr Virajsingh Gopaul Day Security Mrs Sylwia Gut Receptionist Mr Robert Hamlin Day Security Mr Chris Hamlin General Service Porter Mr Justin Hardy Night Security Mr Richard Holt Night Security Ms Irene Huls Day Security Mr Dzimbanhete Javangwe Night Security Mr Shaun Jordan Day Security Mr Bertland Kidd General Service Porter Mr Ronnie Klein Deputy Team Leader Mr Taiwo Kusimo Night Security Deputy Team Leader Mrs Fei Li Security Officer Mr John Linehan Day Security Mr Timothy Linehan Day Security Mr Ian Marston Day Security Team Leader Mr Michael Mcleod Deputy Team Leader Mr Desroy Mcpherson General Service Porter Mr Roger Montanari Day Security Person Mr Richard Mulcahy Assistant Head of Security Mr Michael Nadi Day Security Mr John Nava Day Security Mr Kennedy Ntambi Night Security Mr Emmanuel Odogwu Day Security Mr Fuad Okunnu Day Security Team Leader Ms Toyin Olomoofe Day Security Mr Byron Richards Day Security Mr William Ruddy Deputy Team Leader Mr Graham Shillabeer Deputy Head of Security Mr Darryl Steers Night Security Deputy Team Leader Mr William Teah Night Security Team Leader Mr Alvarez Thompson Day Security Mr Charles Umearokwu Night Security Officer Mr Ronald Vanstone Day Security

Finance Division Mr Michael Ferguson Director of Finance Division Mr Keith Adams Systems Accountant Miss Gillian Baker Purchasing Adviser Mrs Margaret Benjamin Fees Administrator Mrs Elizabeth Bunting Assistant Management Accountant Mrs Noeline Coeur-De-Lion Fees Administrator Mr John Curtis Senior Credit Controller Mr Alexandros Dezyanian Deputy Systems Accountant Mr Isidore Dossouhon Cashier Mr David Ealing Assistant Accountant Ms Ellen Fraser Assistant Management Accountant Mr Nicolas Frost Management Accountant Mr Rudra Ghosh Cashier Mrs Valerie Hawkins Credit Administrator Ms Katie Irving General Accounts Assistant Miss Diane Manyere Assistant Financial Controller Mr Sean Mcnally Fees Manager Ms Margaret Newson Purchasing Manager Miss Sally Oates Deputy Head of Purchase Ledger Miss Cecilia Okereke DFF/Divisional Administrator Mr Stephen Parsons VAT Officer Mr Anthony Salzman Credit Manager Mrs Linda Sclanders Fees Administrator Mr Stuart Sharkey Head of Purchase Ledger Mrs Geetha Sugumar Management Accountant Miss Balvinder Sunner RCSD Management Accountant Miss Renata Urbanczyk Accounts Administrator Ms Ashley Wang Financial Controller Miss Carly Wilkinson Credit Controller Mr Simon Young Financial Systems Support Officer

Finance: Division Office Mrs Margaret Spratt Chief Cashier Mr Hughie Teape Fees Administrator Miss Neisha Wong Accounts Administrator

Estates: Sports Ground

Finance: Pensions

Stephen Butter Head Groundsperson

Mrs Jennifer Casey Superannuation Officer Mr Surinder Sharma Assistant Superannuation Officer

Trevor Gubby Cleaner Benjamin Waters Deputy Head Grounds Person

Estates: Supplies Mr Ronald Dale Supplies Stores Supervisor LSE Digest 07-08 I 31 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Human Resources

HR Information and Systems

Ms Alison Johns Human Resources Director Ms Sofia Avgerinou Human Resources Manager Mr Stephen Harris HR Manager (Reward/Systems) Ms Sarah March HR Projects Manager Ms Sally Welch Human Resources Manager

Mrs Lisa Grover HR Information Manager

Ms Meeta Bhatt HR Co-ordinator (Research Staff) Miss Alison Hamilton Divisional Administrator Mrs Natalie Smith Promotion and Review Adviser Ms Vaiva Venslaviciute Divisional Receptionist

Library and IT Services

HR: Recruitment

Library: Administration

Mrs Nova Larch Recruitment Manager

Miss Maureen Wade Head of Library Services

Ms Nabila Majeed Recruitment Adviser Ms Sarah Pedder Recruitment Adviser Miss Elspeth Ruffle Recruitment Adviser Miss Chiien Tran Recruitment Advisor Mr Simon Vollar Recruitment Assistant

Mrs Jane Appleton Office Assistant Mrs Jennifer Brace VIF Project Manager Miss Sheila Coaseley Book Processor Ms Samantha Halford Library Assistant Ms Louise Hatcher PA to Librarian and Director ITS Ms Marysia Henty Communications & Marketing Manager Miss Joanne Knight Library Administration Manager Mrs Claire Madge Research Publications Assistant Miss Roberta Marchesin Library Assistant Ms Sonia Mcgilchrist Secretarial Assistant Dr Stuart Mitchell LISC Secretary Mrs Valerie Straw Administrator & Project Co-ordinator

HR: Staff Development Mr Christopher Connelley Head of LSE Staff Development Unit Ms Sarah Bailey LSE Induction Champion Ms Alison Cumpsty Staff Development Consultant Miss Claire Hackshall Staff Development Unit Manager Ms Jackie Kernaghan Staff Development Consultant Ms Sara Talbi Staff Development Assistant

HR: Employee Relations Ms Gail Keeley Head of Employee Relations Ms Frances Hannan Employee Relations Advisor Miss Joanne Hunt Human Resources Assistant Ms Lisa Morrow Employee Relations Manager

Miss Romy Ajodah HR Information Advisor Miss Sarah Gill HR Information Advisor Mr Daniel Reeves HR Information Co-ordinator

Ms Jean Sykes Librarian and Director of IT Services Library: Administration

Library: Archives Miss Thomasine Bookey Assistant Archivist Miss Susan Donnelly Archivist Ms Silvia Gallotti Archives Assistant Miss Natsumi Ishino Archives Assistant Mr Prakash Puchooa Archives Assistant Mr Omer Saeed Archives Assistant Ms Anna Towlson Assistant Archivist Miss Rebecca Webster Assistant Archivist Mr Nicholas White Assistant Archivist Miss Shun Yap Archives Assistant

HR: Pay Library: Electronic Projects Mr Jonathan Nicholls Pay Manager Mr Juan Du-Plessis Pay and Information Co-ordinator Mr Ben Hancock Pay Manager Mr Raj Lakhani Deputy Pay Manager Mrs Gizelle Regis Senior Pay Co-ordinator Mr Norbert Severin Deputy Pay Manager Ms Grace Zuma Senior Pay Co-ordinator I 32 I LSE Digest 07-08

Ms Michelle Blake Project Officer Mr Alan Bracey Library Assistant-Graduate Trainee Ms Mariam Garibyan Project and Communications Officer Mr Simon Mcleish IT Support Specialist Mr John Paschoud Electronic Projects Manager Mr David Puplett VIF Project and Communications Officer

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mr Greg Pytel Project & Communications Officer Mr Hishendhra Ravindra Copyshop Assistant

Library: IBSS Miss Beatriz Caballero Indexer/Editorial Assistant Mr Thomas Carter Assistant Manager Miss Heather Cashmore Indexer/Editorial Assistant Ms Tamsin Earthy Indexer/Editorial Assistant Ms Jane Ferguson Marketing Manager Mr Neil Kaye Indexer/Editorial Assistant Mr Juljan Krause Indexer/Editorial Assistant Mr Glenn Leihner-Guarin Indexer/Editorial Assistant Miss Joanne Mccluskey Indexer/Editorial Assistant Miss Ina Sondermann Indexer/Editorial Assistant Miss Rebecca Ursell Manager Ms Monia Wadham Indexer/Editorial Assistant

Library: Information Services Miss Maria Bell Assistant Librarian Mr Graham Camfield Senior Assistant Librarian Miss Heather Dawson Assistant Librarian Mr Kenneth Gibbons Assistant Librarian Ms Maria Gozalo-Velasco Library Assistant Mr Paul Horsler Assistant Librarian Miss Barbara Humphries Assistant Librarian Ms Mina Krishnan Library Assistant Miss Rowena Macrae-Gibson Assistant Librarian Mr Luis Martinez Uribe Data Librarian Ms Frances Shipsey E-Services Librarian Mr Clive Wilson Senior Assistant Librarian

Library: IT Support Unit Mr Shiraz Azizali Programme/Analyst Mr Haroun Boukhalfa IT Support Officer Mr Michael Fake Library Systems Manager Miss Trudy Gamblin Library Systems Officer Mr Timothy Green Library IT Manager Mr Michael Hallas IT Support Specialist Mr Michael Mcfarlane Library Systems Administrator

Library: M25 Systems Miss Genein Cox Administrative Assistant Mr John Gilby Project Manager

Library: Technical Services Mrs Rena Akhadova Library Assistant Ms Galina Alexander Library Assistant Ms Rita Andreou Library Assistant

Mr William Barker Assistant Librarian Miss Helen Barker Library Assistant Ms Veronica Bee Assistant Librarian Miss Beverly Brittan Bibliographic Services Manager Mr Christopher Brown Library Assistant (E-Prints) Miss Wendy Butcher Library Assistant Ms Lisa Cardy Serials Manager Miss Victoria Carolan Library Assistant Mrs Bernadette Divall Library Assistant Mrs Vanya Edwards Library Assistant Mr Mark Estall Senior Library Assistant Mr Paul Flannery Library Assistant Miss Emily Fox Library Assistant Ms Elizabeth Galloway Library Assistant Mr Timothy Goodall Library Assistant Mr Clive Graham Library Assistant Ms Jennifer Harding Library Assistant Mrs Alicia Hasnip LIbrary Assistant Dr Robert Howes Assistant Librarian Mr Solomon Hughes Assistant Librarian Mr Andrew Jack Book Processor Mr Simon Machell Library Assistant Miss Susan Macpherson Library Assistant Mr Charlie Mayor Library Assistant Mr Timothy Nolan Library Assistant Miss Vilma Pikelyte Library Assistant Mr Dusan Pokrajac Library Assistant Mr Glyn Price Technical Services Manager Mr Gordon Read Print Collections Manager Ms Andrea Reid Serials Manager Mr Neill Roberts Senior Library Assistant Mr Benjamin Showers Senior Library Assistant Ms Claire Taplin Library Assistant Mr Paul Whitehouse Library Assistant Miss Helen Williams Assistant Librarian Miss Katherine Wilmot Senior Library Assistant Mrs Catherine Woodward Library Assistant Ms Paola Zandegiacomo Senior Library Assistant

Library: User Services Mr Daniel Arduino Porter Mr Peter Austin Foreman Porter Mr Matthew Blackman Reshelver Mr Lawrence Blatnik Reshelver Ms Murna Butler Reshelver Mr George Carey Reshelver Mr Neil Claridge Photocopying Assistant/Reshelver Miss Sheila Coaseley Reshelver Ms Helen Cocker User Services Manager Mr Richard Collings Services Development Manager Miss Bridget Cummings Supervisor Mr Marius Dicomites Team Leader Mrs Catherine Foster Reshelver LSE Digest 07-08 I 33 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mr Christopher Hare Reshelver Mr David Herbert Porter Ms Katherine Herrity Library Assistant Mr Paul Horsler Library Assistant Mr Andrew Jack Library Assistant Miss Anita Kaczmarczyk Reshelver Mr Vahid Khabaz Photocopying Assistant Mrs Vivien Martin Reshelver Mr Paul Mcfarlane Supervisor Mrs Jeanette Morris Reshelver Mr Ebrahim Mussa Porter Mr Daniel Naughnane Porter Mrs Brenda O'Brien Reshelver Miss Livia Ottisova Reshelver Ms Karen Paine Team Leader Miss Mei Pang Library Assistant Mrs Carlota Pasiliao Library Book Cleaner Mr Simon Paul Reshelver Mr Anthony Smith Reshelver Ms Katherine Stowar Library Assistant Ms Joanne Taplin-Green Services Manager Mrs Joyce Tarling Reshelver Mr Ashley Ward Reshelver Miss Francesca Ward Team Leader Miss Jing Xu Reshelver

IT Services: MIS Mr Andrew Coulthard Assistant Director IT Services Mr Roy Bhurtha Database Administrator Ms Antonia Buamah Analyst Programmer Ms Janine Eagling Senior Project Manager Mr Stephen Earley Oracle Database Administrator Ms Irmela Geyer Analyst Programmer Mr Alastair Lindsley Database Administrator Ms Jennifer Mccallen Senior Business Analyst Mr Zulfikar Rashid Analyst Programmer Mr Ronald Riley Enterprise Development Manager Mr Jaspal Sagoo Support Officer Mr Desmond Shortt Analyst Programmer Ms Mine Tullgren Business Analyst Mr Chen Wang Analyst Programmer Mr Brian Young Programme Manager

IT Services: Technical Services Mr George Desmond Audio Visual Technician Mr Daniel Simpson Systems Specialist: IT Services

IT Services: Telecoms IT Services

Mr Derek Alexander Senior Analyst Programmer Mrs Jennifer Brown IT Training Manager Miss Gillian Hope Purchasing & Administration Assistant Mr Marcel Thomson Remote Support Officer Ms Susanne Weber Analyst Programmer

Mrs Linda Clarkson Deputy Telecommunications Manager Mr David Fair Telecoms Technical Support Assistant Mrs Janet Ferguson Telecommunications Administrator Mrs Carol Hill Telephonist/Administrator Miss Patricia Pierrelouis Telephonist/ Administrator

IT Services: AV Unit

IT Services: TIG

Mr Michael Betts Technology Support Manager Mr Robert Bradford Technology Support Officer Mr Mubarak Bux Technology Support Officer Mr Raymond Flood Support Manager Mr Christopher Head Support Officer Mr Daniel Roberts Teaching & Learning Spaces Manager Mr Priyesh Varshani Technology Support Officer: IT Services

IT Services: Helpdesk

Mr Malcolm Barker Network Manager Mr Richard Barns Systems Specialist Mr Michael Bragg Systems Specialist Mr Paul Gee Systems Specialist Mr Paul Jackson Systems Specialist Mr Swoo Koh Network Specialist Mr Neil Prockter Systems Specialist Mr Puneet Singh Systems Manager Mr Jeremy Skelton Network Specialist Mr Martin Slade Network Specialist Mr Christopher Thompson Systems Specialist

Mrs Vanessa Spooner Student Support Manager

IT Services: User Services

Mrs Yvonne Ward IT Help Desk Officer Mr Colin White IT Help Desk Officer

Ms Amber Miro Assistant Director IT Services

Mr Adrian Ellison Assistant Director IT Services

Mrs Abiola Adegabi Support Officer I 34 I LSE Digest 07-08

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Mrs Angela Aubertin Academic Support Manager Mr Tajab Chowdhury Support Officer Mr Kenneth Clarke Senior Support Specialist Mr Alex Cragg Support Officer Miss Louise De Villiers Academic Support Manager Mr Arion Deol Senior Support Specialist Mr Robin Ellis Support Officer Mr Adam Gale Support Officer Mr James Hargrave User Support Manager Mr James Harvey Departmental Manager Mr Ian Harvey Support Officer Ms Linda Heiden IT Training Specialist Mrs Carol Hewlett Senior Support Specialist Miss Karon James Support Officer Mr David Kelly Support Officer Mr Vladimir Konrad Support Specialist (Linux) Mr Duncan Mclachlan Support Officer Mr David Morris Academic Support Manager: IT Services Mrs Adebamike Olayebo Remote Support Manager Mr Kuldip Purewal Support Specialist (Linux/Windows) Mr Christopher Steele IT Training Specialist Mr Thomas Thurston IT Purchasing & Finance Officer Mr Selvakumar Veerappan Support Officer

ODAR: Annual Fund Ms Amelia Maling Head of the Annual Fund Miss Laura Harvey Annual Fund Caller Manager Miss Nishat Hyder Development Assistant Ms Catherine Walsh Deputy Head of Annual Fund

ODAR: Alumni Relations Mr William Abraham Head of Alumni Relations/ Individual Giving Officer Ms Joanne Carton Events and Reunions Co-ordinator Mr Nathaniel Holtham Deputy Head of Alumni Relations Ms Felicity Jones Manager; Trusts and Foundations Ms Elizabeth Llewellyn Campaign Celebration Event Manger Miss Victoria Mckenzie-Lunn Data and Operation Administrator Ms Viet To Development Associate

ODAR: Major Gift Fundraising Mrs Rachel Jones Head of Individual Giving

Centre for Learning Technology Mr Stephen Ryan Director: Centre for Learning Technology Dr Stephen Bond Learning Technologist Mr Christopher Fryer Systems Administrator Ms Sarah Leach Learning Technologist Mr Matthew Lingard Learning Technologist Miss Mei Pang E-Course Packs Assistant Mr Kristian Roger Learning Technologist Mr Stephen Ryan Director: Centre for Learning Technology Dr Jane Secker Learning Technology Librarian

Mr Simon Marsh Trusts and Foundations Officer Miss Kirsty Ramage Executive Assistant to the Director Mrs Regina Simpson Senior Gift Officer Ms Rosalind Woodward Individual Giving Officer

ODAR: Operations Mr Julian Szego Deputy Director for Operations Ms Katherine Graham Advance Systems Manager Miss Kristina Kopic Donations & Finance Manager Ms Rachel Sutherden Database Analyst

ODAR: Research & Academic Liaison

Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Dr Karl Newton Research Manager

Dr Mary Blair Director of Development

External Relations

Miss Fay Burchell Fundraising Research Officer Ms Shauna Honey Alumni Association Officer Miss Kristina Kopic Donations and Finance Assistant Miss Gemma Wicks Development Officer

Mr Robin Hoggard Director of External Relations Miss Marie Caillat Venue Co-ordinator Mrs Barbara Gilbert Assistant to Director of External Relations

LSE Digest 07-08 I 35 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Academic Partnerships Ms Annette Haas Administrative Officer Dr Gabriella Lombardo Partnership Programme Administrator Dr Brendan Smith Head of LSE China Office

Academic Publications Ms Beverley Friedgood Head of Academic Publishing Ms Pauline Khng Journal Assistant Dr Filippa Lentzos Managing Editor

Communications Mrs Claire Sanders-Smith Head of Communications Ms Elizabeth Almond Design Co-ordinator Mrs Esther Avery Communications Assistant Ms Catherine Bellamy Corporate Web Editor Mrs Ailsa Drake Senior Designer Mr Stephen Emmott Head of Web Services Ms Katherine Forbes-Pitt Systems Manager Miss Deirdre French Press Office Manager Mrs Claire Harrison Art Director Mr Richard Meheux Production Manager Mr Dylan Morrison Designer Mrs Mina Moshkeri Upton Head of Cartography Ms Katherine Punt Web Editorial Assistant Ms Louise Schuller Analyst Web Designer Mr Nigel Stead School Photographer Ms Antoinette Sym Communications Officer Ms Fiona Whiteman Corporate Publications Co-ordinator Mr Thomas Williams Web Producer Ms Jessica Winterstein Deputy Head of Press and Information Ms Janette Wood Web Producer

Research & Projects Development Division Mr Angus Stewart Director, Research & Project Development Mrs Asma Badat Supervisor: Post Award Team Miss Felicia Broomfield Research Projects Administrator Mrs Amanda Burgess Accounts Manager Ms Michelle Davis Administrative Assistant Mr Jonathan Deer Deputy Director of RPDD Ms Bhimlabye Dheermojee European Contracts Manager Miss Judith Freita-Ramos Research Projects Administrator Mrs Kerry Fyffe Divisional Finance Manager Miss Maribel Glogowski Project Co-ordinator Miss Joanne Hemmings Research Policy Manager Miss Ruth Holmes Research Projects Administrator Mr Michael Oliver Research Grants and Contracts Manager Prof Gwyn Prins Alliance Research Professor Ms Dorota Rejman Senior Accounts Administrator Ms Natalie Woods Research Projects Administrator

RPDD: Division Office Mr Michael Nelson Assistant Research Policy Manager

RPDD: Corporate Relations Unit Mr Rocky Mcknight Head of Corporate Relations Miss Julia Zanghieri Corporate Relations Manager

Residential & Catering Services Division Mr Ian Spencer Director of Residential Services

Conference and Events Ms Rachel Ward Conferences & Events Manager Mr Samir Gaid Peacock Theatre Manager Miss Louise Gaskell Events Executive Mr Richard Hylton Arts Co-ordinator Mr David Meyer Deputy Events Manager Mr Daniel Print Account Executive Mr Alan Revel Events Manager Miss Bimla Safka Asia Forum & Events Executive Mr Brian Williams Conference Office Executive

I 36 I LSE Digest 07-08

Ms Rebekah Allcock Administrator Ms Stephanie Macauley Marketing Projects Manager Mr Michael Warriner Business Process Analyst

RSCD Office Ms Hannah Kearns PAMS Support Mrs Claire Lea PAMS Support Mr Joseph Reyes-Wainwright Administrative Assistant Miss Penny Yiasemidou Financial Controller

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Bankside House Miss Seema Adia Front of House Manager Mr Richard Anderson Service Manager Mr Mubarak Calloo House Officer Mr Sam Charman Marketing Assistant Miss Wai-Fong Cheung Accounts Assistant Miss Tacko Daffe Receptionist Mr Daniel Farrell Maintenance Assistant Mr James Heaton Bar Supervisor Mr Darren Holmes Maintenance Engineer Mr Christopher Hunt Sales Manager Mr Bertram Williams Chef Mrs Jacquelyn Woodley Facilities Manager Mr Mark Worrall Marketing Manager Mr Roman Zantow Receptionist Mr Dave Merrills Catering Assistant Mrs Maria Sexton Supervisor Mr Stephen Swarbrick Unit Manager Ms Beverley Wright Assistant Chef

Butlers Wharf Miss Saiqa Mehdi Receptionist Mrs Angela O'Rourke Front of House Manager Butlers Wharf Mrs Susan Stocker Bookkeeper/Receptionist Mr Charles Tume Maintenance Operative

Carr Saunders Hall Mr Azzedine Fetnaci Facilities Manager Mrs Janet Marchant Cashier/Bookkeeper Miss Minaxi Patel Front of House Manager Mr Krzysztof Przygoda Maintenance Technician Mrs Katarina Selmoun Receptionist Mr Said Zibani Chef Manager

Mr Yong Nyon Maintenance Assistant Ms Daryl Osekreh Receptionist Miss Sarah Rukari-Odulate Accounts Assistant Ms Georgina Stewart Accounts Manager Ms Victoria Uriarte Front of House Manager

Northumberland House Miss Samantha Da Costa Receptionist Mr Smain Grairi Maintenance Assistant Mr Piotr Wojcieszko Accounts Assistant

Passfield Hall Mr Selcuk Bulut Maintenance Person Miss Sarah Rukari-Odulate Accounts Manager Miss Ibolya Trebert Receptionist Mr Michael Warriner Front of House Manager

Rosebery Hall Mr Koua Bitty Conference Administrator Ms Nadia Cherfi Receptionist & Conference Administrator Ms Kornelia Deppe Receptionist Ms Rosa Gil Front of House Manager Mr Mark Holmes Service Manager Mr Tamer Jenan Maintenance Person Mr Alexander Kpadeh Accounts Administrator Mr Alan Mercieca Maintenance Person Mr Mohamad Saleh-Nejad Accommodation Assistant Mr Philipp St Catherine General Maintenance Person Mrs Margaret Vanstone Domestic Services Officer Mr Alan Mears Chef Manager Mrs Noreen Townsend Supervisor

Grosvenor House RCSD: Accommodation Office Miss Jean Chow Receptionist Ms Alexandra Fanghanel Front of House Manager Mr Neil Lawrence Front of House Manager Mr Quoc Le Maintenance Assistant Mrs Soraya Yamada Receptionist

High Holborn Mr Elias Daoud Maintenance Assistant Mr Roberto Del Monte Receptionist Mr Mehmet Duman Maintenance Assistant Mr Nathan Freeborn Receptionist Mrs Maria Hutchins Accounts Assistant Ms Sarah Jons Service Manager Mr David Newnham Facilities Manager

Mr Paul Trivett Accommodation Officer Ms Maria Bibian Accommodation Assistant Mr Thomas Billins Fees Administrator Miss Andrea Elsik Accommodation Assistant Mr Trevor Murtagh Senior Accommodation Assistant Mr Alexander Robb Accomodation Assistant Miss Christine Sweed Senior Accommodation Assistant

RCSD: Nursery Ms Bola Adetona Nursery Manager

LSE Digest 07-08 I 37 I

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Ms Marcia Bolton Nursery Officer Mrs Melissa Bowman Nursery Officer Mrs Emma Cain Nursery Officer Mrs Mirei Carlitos Nursery Officer Miss Diana Chois Nursery Assistant Mr Kevin Dibua Nursery Caterer Miss Lisa Harding Nursery Assistant Mrs Madhuka Jayasena Nursery Assistant Ms Ayate Mockono Nursery Assistant Miss Nacha Ndila Nursery Officer Miss Paula Newing Nursery Officer Mrs Olivia Parra Navarrete Nursery Assistant Miss Kerry Perrott Senior Nursery Officer Mrs Erika Rivera-Duran Deputy Nursery Manager Ms Jacqueline Smith Nursery Officer Ms Azaduhi Toure Nursery Officer

RCSD: Catering Services Mrs Elizabeth Thomas Head of Catering Mrs Ayoka Adeyemi General Assistant Miss Karen Agate-Hilton Brunch Bowl Manager Mrs Magdalena Baeta Supervisor Mr John Barrett Residences Catering Manager Ms Jacqueline Beazley Deputy Head of Catering Mr Joseph Borg Staff Dining Room & Functions Manager Mr Paul Bright Assistant Chef Miss Lana Callaby Supervisor Mrs Lesley Causley Brunch Bowl Manager Mrs Angelique Charalambous Secretary/ Functions Co-ordinator Mr Nicholas Combe Chef Mr Peter Coton Bar Manager Mrs Maria Cuevas Catering/Laundry Assistant Mrs Christine Curtis Catering Assistant Mr Jose Diaz Catering Assistant Miss Leilani Fandino Catering Supervisor Mrs Kay Forder Catering Assistant/Cashier Ms Olga Freire Carranza Catering Accounts Cashier Miss Egle Gajauskaite Supervisor Mr Barrington Gilbert Catering Assistant Miss Diana Gondek Catering Assistant Mrs June Hart General Assistant Mr Robert Hingston Chef Mr Marcin Jelinski Catering Assistant Mr Tymon Kalebasiak Catering Assistant Mr Michal Lasek Catering Assistant Mr Nigel Lewis Assistant Chef Manager Mr Amadeu Lima Catering Assistant Miss Denise Lindsey Assistant Chef Manager Mr Philip Macgregor Chef Manager Mr Joaquim Marques Kitchen Porter Mr Justin Mcnally Senior Chef I 38 I LSE Digest 07-08

Mr Mateusz Michalak Catering Assistant Mr Maciej Misztal Catering Assistant Mr Antony Oakley Kitchen Porter Mr Albert Ofori-Mensah Catering Assistant Mrs Teresa Ospina Catering/Laundry Assistant Mr Cornelius Parker Kitchen Porter/General Assistant Ms Dovile Paukstyte Catering Assistant Mr Lukasz Proszowski Catering Assistant Mr Carlos Rodrigues Pereira Catering Assistant Miss Claudette Small Catering Accounts Manager Mr John Stevenson Catering Purchasing Controller Miss Renata Sungailaite Hospitality Supervisor Mr Orlando Teran General Assistant Mrs Helen Thompson Cashier SDR Mr Ricardo Tome Catering Assistant Mr Janne Turunen Kitchen Porter/Table Cleaner Miss Nadine Umlauf Catering Assistant Mr David Williams Assistant Bar Manager Miss Kristina Zviceviciute Catering Assistant

Secretary's Division Mr Andrew Webb Head of Secretary's Division Mrs Laraine Clark Arts and Projects Ms Emma O'Dowd Assistant Secretary Mr Richard Pursand Project and Diversity Officer Mrs Tehmina Hammad Equality and Diversity Adviser

Sec Division: Secretariat Ms Andrea Bramm Administrative and Projects Officer Ms Yolanda Caramba-Coker Executive Officer Mr Kevin Haynes Senior Projects Officer Ms Jackie Kernaghan IIP Consultant Ms Rachael Maguire Records Manager Mrs Ann O'Brien Health and Safety Officer Mrs Jane Pugh Senior Assistant Secretary Mr David Tymms Director of Business Continuity Planning Miss Elizabeth von Schlippe Health and Safety Officer

Sec Division: Planning Unit Mrs Jennifer Bone Planning Officer Mr Gary Barclay Assistant Planning Officer Mr Daniel Bennett Administrative Assistant Mrs Susan Howard Information Management Assistant Mr Wayne Tatlow Deputy Planning Officer

LSE Staff – 1 January 2008 Sec Division: Directorate Ms Clare Taylor Gold Executive Officer to the Director Miss Rachel Gibson Director's Personal Assistant Ms Barbara Hay PA to the Deputy Directors Ms Kerstin Klein Ralph Milliband Programme Assistant Ms Geraldine Miric PA to the Deputy Directors Ms Claire Pacheco Mcnabb Administrative Assistant Miss Tamlyn Whittock Administrative Assistant

Sec Division: Internal Audit Unit Mr Noel Lawlor Head of Internal Audit

Special Teaching Programmes Unit Ms Elizabeth Aitken Head of Special Teaching Programmes Unit Mr Samuel Astley Summer School Co-ordinator Ms Shona Macfarlane TRIUM Operations Manager

LSE Summer School Mr Lyndon Mckevitt Summer School Manager Mr Simon Briercliffe Summer School Co-ordinator Ms Zoe Whitelaw Office Manager

External Study Mrs Rosemary Gosling Director of External Study Miss Katharine Barker Publications and Systems Officer Ms Nancy Korman Administrative Officer (External Study) Mrs Catherine Lester Student Support Officer Miss Fay Strachan PA to the Director

St Philips Medical Centre Dr ROM Naidoo Partner in the Health Service Mr Imran Iqbal Clinical Services Administrator Ms Ndeye Kamara Medical Receptionist Ms Monica Larkin Staff Counsellor Miss Sarah Wilson Clinical Services Facilitator

LSE Digest 07-08 I 39 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 BSc in Accounting and Finance First Class Honours Wasif Mahmood Abdullah Jennifer Jayne Barker Kai Hong Kent Choi Marion Deneuville Aadila Bibi Domah Tiffany Pui Sze Ho Eunice Seok Hui Lim Yiing Ting Low Xue Mei Nurthaqina Azua Mohd Hatim Muhammad Motala Aida Mujicic Christopher Simon Newbert Ee Li Ngim Thi Quynh Phuong Nguyen Phuong Ca Dao Nguyen Jarrod Swee Jin Quah Hanisah Sultan Mydin Qinyan Candy Wang Natalie Niancii Wong Yuen Shan Wong Sophokles Yiannakas Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Grigor Abaryan Fahad Abdulla Ismail Ahmed Costas Anastasi Mohammad Bilal Anwar Meenal Avudainathan Mohammad Ameen Bahrami Jacky Hok Leung Chan Tsz Yan Claudy Chan Veena Gohil Ha Minh Hoang Xun Ming Ip Yasuhiro Kabuta Christodoulos George Kaimakliotis Karishma Khemlani Chong Lee Khoo Sundip Kumar Stelios Kyriakides James Kwong Meng Lai Hermione Zoe Lau Ho Sin Law Hoai Anh Le Ho Christy Jesse Lee Layhadi Nicholas Natan Abraham Leigh Zhun Li Cui Li Ean Chin Lim Gigi Wan Che Liu Julia Lundstrom Mahia John Mahiaini I 40 I LSE Digest 07-08

Tim Ka Chun Mak Antonis Melas Katerina Michaelidou Mohamed Arshad Mohamed Azmi Mohammad Naeemuddin Samuel Yu Sum Ng Carman Ng Katya Nisser Sarah Omar Arvindh Padmanabhan Yazad Soli Parakh Xin Peng Demetris Petinou Hoang Viet Phan Ross Pitcher Sin Yu Pun Irma Raza Asha Devi Santchurn Benny Setiawan Rumit Shah Hardeep Soor Nadia Suhaimi Nadiah Tajuddin Annabelle Teo Susan To Nguyet Minh Tran Simon Barry Vogel Dan Na Wang Henry Austen Williams Yen Chong Yeoh Fizza Zaman Yitian Zhang Second Class Honours (Lower Division) James Tristan Dawson Bolt Berkiye Cenktas Jing Chen Minzhi Chen Po Man Cheng Ambrose Kingsing Cheung Adesh Choraria James Henry David Crossland Huong Giang Dang Arosh Nadheendra Ediriweera Feena Afhzan Fadzlan Shah Giancarlo Sidney Fenton Rebecca Po Yee Fok Panayiotis Foutros Zhonghui Gan Farhana Hassan Naziri Vinoth Kumar Jayakumar Jocelyn Jonas-Nartey Ah Siew Lai Hang Tsang Van Ngoc Anh Le Abdul Jalil Lone William Ashley Mitchell Alexandros Mondanos

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Sunny Moolchandani Trang Nguyen Yuri Nikitskiy Srina Patel Priyal Patel Depul Patel Yuan Qi Vasanti Ruchika Ramdeen Tanzila Rashid Jinal Ajaykumar Shikotra Kirandeep Kaur Sidhu Young Jae Song Geeta Soni Robert Drummond Stephen Hong Ngan Vu Wan Noorzaahira Wan Salleh Yar Ting Wong Yi-Hsuan Wu Chilan Xie Yuki Yoshida Ahmad Zahid Zainal Yuchao Zhou Third Class Honours Chi Meng Chan Mashal Fatima Jaffery Baihui Jin Bhavanvir Singh Johal Bhavish Mahtani Najib Nordin Jonathan Richard Poole Priyesh Sheth Sin Yee Cindy Wong Hiu Yan Yip Yayi Zheng Pass Paul John-Paul

BSc in Actuarial Science First Class Honours Kwan Chi Chan Wing Shan Chan Zhirong Chen Siew Shin Goh Hemal Kantilal Gudhka Li Li He Gregory Chinn Shan Ip Muhammad Waqas Irshad Ali Tariq Khan Alan Kong Yuet Lau Jia Wei Lim Hilda Mansukhani Nimalan Neelakandan Mohd Sofe Paat Ali Shahid

Cynthia Siantar Sher Shien Tan Shen Cong Watson Teo Zeshi Wang Meng Di Yang Minyi Yang Swee Hong Yap Azlul Malihah Zaghlol Qun Zhao Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Hani Ahmed Abbasi Reena Aggarwal Yi Sing Ang Muhammad Ashar Shung Yen Cheok Hon Yen Chong Manisha Gupta Michael Wing Ho Leung Ban Fang Lim Shean Yee Lim Xiaohui Liu Ramneek Sangha Lay Hui Teo Yifan Wang Vei Keat Yuen Xinbo Zhang Ling Xiu Zhang Yici Zhou Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Ivan Kwunhang Cheng Neetisha Lakhani Chi Kin Timothy Lee Mohd Yusof Hafiz Mohamad Thiviya Rajendran Omer Saeed Jennifer Wing Kei Sin Elvin Lit Chuan Thean Antony John Waring Third Class Honours Muhammad Yousuf Ansari Chin Sheng Lee Rendtorff Wing Hei Luk Hishendhra Ravindra Pass Stephanie Xin Gui Isaac Wai Hung Lee Frederick Nicholas Liew Thur Yen Weibo Wang Yuan Zhuang

BA in Anthropology and Law First Class Honours Eleanor Bush Insa Lee Koch Jacqueline Pun LSE Digest 07-08 I 41 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Second Class Honours (Upper Division) David Kevin Anthony Jonathan Alexander Cowley Willa Huang Amina Khanom Gemma Pei Li Lau Syma Loak Peter Lynes Natalie Ruwani Razeen Benjamin Patrick Rutledge Yasmine Sarah Tamman Mellatra Sara Tamrat Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Obiamaka Jacqueline Achebe David Robert Kirkham Khatija Verjee

BA in Social Anthropology First Class Honours Sophie Knight Sonja Alberdina Martin Kabir Suharan Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Charlotte Helen Bailey Benjamin Jacob Cooper Edward Ronald Dodge Thomas Paul Heath

BSc in Social Anthropology First Class Honours Aula Hariri Madeline Ruth Nightingale Eleonora Schinella Rachel Skevington Britton Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Vanessa Aarons Holly Blaxill John William Buckle Rachel Salome Davis Donna Doyle Serina El Mufti Kathryn Emily Mellor Christopher John Newens Chloe Robinson Rebecca Louisa Sprowles Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Zoe Catherine Watson

BSc in Business Mathematics & Statistics First Class Honours Charanjit Singh Dhinsa Leticia Alejandra Hachuel Hao Liu I 42 I LSE Digest 07-08

Zawar Munawar Saleemi Sze Ing Tan Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Lea Chaftari Benny Lok Hang Chui Qian Gu Harlin Jassal Katherine Koh Gloria Li Xi Lin Constantinos Papatryphonos Thomas Henry Pinks David Richard Skepper Chun Huey Tey Xinjie Wang Segina Yasmin Hao Zhang Han Zheng Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Karan Daswani Rahul Gupta Anousha Heeramun Xin Li He Li Leon Hoi Leung Lun Gareth Mcgee Laura Jane Parfitt Roshan Pathmakumar Hannah Rizki Nimaidas Sejpal Vanika Sharma Stuart Neil Ventham Third Class Honours Sean Sason Chacham Govinder Singh Marwaha Chioma Patrick Pass Yuan Ci Emile Yazbeck

BSc Economics First Class Honours Joshua Adam Alton Predee Anuvatnujotikul Sapha Youcef Benkreira Tai Tik Chan Michelle Chan Shu Ying Cheung Jin Wen Philip Chua Michael Domin Delger Enkhbayar Justin Fang Sean Foo Kulbir Grewal Hristo Antonov Guertchev David Murray Hardy

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Alexander Hersham Natalie Hiong Vivien Anne Ho Syed Fahad Jilanee Mohammad Uneeb Khalid Sunil Khemani Vitaly Kobelev Trang Thuy Le Hui Fang Lee Wee Jonn Leow Huanji Li Yuange Li Hee Lim Jingxiang Lin Boripat Louichareon Yingtao Lu Hideyoshi Maeda Pornrat Maneerattanaporn Bei Chen Dennis Mao Jonathan Anthony Kenneth Marshall Tom Newman Zhi Ling Florrine Ng Duc Thai Nguyen Jesse Satria Oeni Omair Aziz Panjwani Divyang Patel Arnold Liang Hung Pun Wei Quan Pallavi Reddy Charlotte Rhodes Peter Richardson Hemish Shah Samir Shah Ashwin Nath Sharma Hitesh Kumar Singh Omar Soomro Zhengfei Soon Usman Suleman Ting Lin Tan Serena Tang Pongpat Tantivashinchai Rahul Taparia Alexander Teytelboym Li Xue Alison Then Frederik Giancarlo Toscani Trang Viet Ngoc Tran Anh Anh Tran Hai Anh Trinh Lu Wang Tat Wang Peter Jonathan Willis Jan Ignacy Witajewski Jie Lun Gerald Wong Lu Xiao Jillian Xin Danxu Yang

Eric Chi-Weng Yau Keong Wei Patrick Yeoh Pui Shan Sandy Yeung Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Nabeel Abdullah Rasvi Ahmed Ammar Altaf Sonia Rajan Alwani Thomas Craig Beedell Vu Thuy Linh Bui Arun Ashok Chabria Shaoguan Chang Stephanie Cheung Sonia Su Huay Chiu Ken Li Chung Shiyang Cui Mike Davies Gianni Della Pesca Michael Antony Edwards Joshua Allan Thomas Egan Ivan Filippov Xiao Fu Sara Elisa Garcia Marianna Georghadji Zain Ghani Jasmin Gill Ruchi Haria Stephanie Wan Sum Hui Rehan Islam Sachin Joshi Sunil Singh Kambo George Andreas Karaolis Edward Keljik Adrian Cai De Koh Charushila Lahiri Richard Mathieu Leighton Melissa Su Lin Lim Zhiteng Liu Nidaa Ghazala Lone Sahil Malhotra Dhiraj Mangal William Mccullagh Bryce Mcferran Anisha Mehta Kameliya Vladimirova Mineva Eriko Lavinia Miyazaki-Ross Fareed Muhammed Kieran Naik Helen Amber Neely Van Anh Nguyen Dhilan Patel Deepali Pattani Nam Phan Le Sudeep Ramnani Sandip Ray William Roth LSE Digest 07-08 I 43 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 James Alexander Rowell Ivan Sivukha Yewande Sokan Avnish Chandra Srivastava Manuel Stotz Ralitza Stoyanova Hiu Wai Suen Michael John Sullivan Kar Mun Tan Kuan Han Tan Adam Martin Taylor Yiling Jillian Toh Anneka Treon Anna Louisa Turner Daniel Rohan Vyravipillai Shi Hui Wong Zhengyi Xia Wen Yan Songtao Ye Yini Jo Zhou Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Issam Abu-Aisheh Chris Dinesh Balasingam Mahesh Bhadresha Mengli Cao Neel Chawla Fiona Kate Cheong Tung Sing Lawrence Chiu Adwoa Debrah Maciej Dziedziniewicz Babak Eslamian Shenghao Feng Hai Xiang Fuan Hai Xiang Fuan Suzanne Elizabeth Hamilton Nilesh Karia Laleh Elvi Mansoreh Kazemi Veisari Sung Eun Kim Orm Lamsam Yang Li Siriwat Mungkalarungsi Natchutha Na Pattaloong Yee Han Ng Pavel Ostashko Thanakorn Praiwan Pratyush Rastogi Saurabh Sharma Chen Shen Dmitry Shestakov Kavim Deepak Shroff Cong Minh Vo Hailey Hew Fun Yu Lanfang Yue Xiaoxi Zhao Third Class Honours Azril Abdul Rashid I 44 I LSE Digest 07-08

Asya Petrova Arabadzhiyska Pierre Brunet Fahim Chowdhury Thomas Marcus Evans Echo Yuhang Gong Samuel James Graham David Hoyer Virginia Nasika Angela Ortiz-Munoz Frank Ye Tian Mohsin Tirmizi Demir Turker Kiranjeet Virdee Rong Zheng Zhibei Zhou Pass Fajar Al-Binali Tuan Dung Hoang Rui Wang Rui Wang

BSc in Economics and Economic History First Class Honours

Matthew Lyman Briggs Victoria Charlotte Mccarthy-Lepp Victor Sonier Second Class Honours (Upper Division)

Arnab Datta Second Class Honours (Lower Division)

Muhammad Nausherwan Ghaffar Aabid Omar Mohammed Hanif Pass

Vimal Patel BSc in Economics with Economic History First Class Honours Jolyn Chua Second Class Honours (Upper Division) William Levin Svetlin Vasilev

BSc in Economic History First Class Honours Sofie Petersen-Overleir Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Nicholas Benjamen Lurie Alt Sukhjit Singh Birah Clement Broumley Young Deanna Buckman Sikander Abbas Chaudhry Ilya Davar Tatiana Fazio Vishal Gadhavi

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Zeba Ishrat Ghory Nikul Gore David Gray Shahnoor Kassam Lindsay Emma Merritt Elizabeth Munsey Amar Nandra Seiji Nishimura Daisy Eleanor O'Brien Douglas Henry Oliver Peter Scrivanos Nisha Soni Anne Sylvain Emily Turner Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Adam Feizollah Davis Samantha Taylor Oliviero Ursino Divya Singh Walia Third Class Honours Sayed Hassan Raza Shah

BSc in Economic History with Economics Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Sameet Ahuja Gurdeep Singh Nagra Holger Fabian Sahl Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Luca Griotti

Emily Jane Macdonald Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Amiparisa Hajimohammadreza

BSc Environmental Policy with Economics Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Federica Gerber Jennifer Kwong Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Aaban Butt Christopher Rene

BA in Geography First Class Honours Owain Idris Bevan Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Hugo Alan Bowkett Oliver Butcher Zoe Cariad James Nadia Kalam Gaurav Monga Jennifer Mun Ting Pong Melissa Danelle Shortal Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Tochi Kezia Barbara Nnaemeka Third Class Honours Pratik Master

BSc in Geography with Economics BSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics First Class Honours Martin John Jory Zi Lin Bengt Ove Nilsen Chunxiu Rachel Ying Qianzi Zeng Wenzhe Zhao Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Sundeep Chhoker Natalia Polyakova Xin Qi Shu Yang Wang

BSc in Environmental Policy First Class Honours Prasanna Krishna Krishnamurthy Seppo Henrik Toivio Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Jemma Louise Carman Elizabeth Pauline Harrison Sophie Mae Hutchinson

First Class Honours Rupert George Crozier Guest Preeya Sud Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Christopher Edward Moss Bradley Lara Maria Cavazza Corinna Hoyer Toby Charles Alexander Irving Asha Ladwa Sonia Naran Jaime Baker Pessoa De Araujo Rajiv Ram Rebecca Mary Stephenson Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Alistair Barfoot Gladys King Yu Cheng Prina Desai Marie Durillon Sophie Natalia Gass Zanda Polka Pass Hai Cong She

LSE Digest 07-08 I 45 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 BSc in Government First Class Honours Sonia Karin Dunlop Jennifer Claire Leggett Kate Elizabeth Mccormick Daisy Thomasina India Mitchell-Forster Chitranghikan Selvarajah Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Jonathon Maxwell Armstrong James Edward Bull Simon Edward Butcher Samuel John Causton Yan Seng Esther Chan Lois Elizabeth Charlton Daniel Liam Dolan Angela Fernandes Elizabeth Fison Ranil Malcolm Jayawardena Myles Paul Kerstein Max Lewis-Keane Abbas Poptani Alison Clare Potter Meryl Roberts Joseph Daniel Slowey Sarah Rachael Todd Timothy Windle Anne Wingate Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Philip Burkimsher Paul Church Maria Pevchikh Amy Williams

BSc in Government and Economics First Class Honours Gautam Bahal Sorrall Lucina Beadsworth Man Siu Sarita Chan Kok Tjun Chan Khoon Liat Colflesh Benjamin Adam Epstein Ozgur Erkan Huishan Lim Andre Oei Jill Johan Rae Alkesh Kieran Woods Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Po Yin Katrina Choy James Andrew Cross Louise Mary Edmunton Richard Norman Fattal Ia Gabunia Eduardo Samuel Gorab Olivares Irina Guzun I 46 I LSE Digest 07-08

Andrew James Hallett Johan Hensfelt Chung Ying Ho Shreya Jha Yuan Zhang Lee Miron Lila Dana Nammari Giri Darran Rajendran Kaja Seweryn Chor Jean Josephine Tay Beverley Ceri Thorne Kristine Veierland Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Tom Davey Ireoluwa Hassan-Odukale Osman Ismail Lucy Lau Queenie Hiu Yee Poon Sindruthai Pulsirivong Third Class Honours Yoshiyuki Kitaoka

BSc in Government and History First Class Honours John Ashton Peter John Charles Greenall Natalya Naqvi Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Jaz Allen Sutton William Anthony Barber Tom George Bennett Vikas Katyal Mohammad Faisal Khalil Alejandro Lloreda Jamie Mason Andreas Papasifakis Nikita Rathod Jonathan Hedley Francis Saxty Kirsten Margaret Scott Ruchika Tulshyan Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Alexander John Baker

BA in History First Class Honours Alexander Lerner Hannah Renwick Sagenkahn Mcaslan Yosuke Watanabe Anthony Robert Wilkinson Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Charles Varley Bishop Rupert Brodersen Megan Isobel Copus Simon Robert Douglas

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Penelope East Joanna Patricia Foley Sigrid Gelati-Meinert Sophia Govani Michael Gurrie Kevin Heutschi Mohammed Tarek Hussain Hannah Lyons Michelle Madden Thomas Anthony Birkin Naylor Sarah Newton Amanda Nunn Shalina Patel Roshni Patel Adam James Pointer Christopher Richard Sabine Yu Sakai Joel Thomas Shamash Ayesha Corrine Singh Alexander George Small Ramzi Suleiman Luke Thompson Victor Carneiro Tristao Stephanie Laura Wilson Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Jamaique Campbell-Dehaney Sinan Ergin Julian Ogden Kurz Philip Pacanowski Saleha Riaz

BSc in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations First Class Honours Jenni Janette Reinikkala Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Sengul Altun Christina Danae Dimitropoulou Yelena Don Lukas Du Bois Ali Emam Michele Eschenheimer Tsz Ching Kam James Ketteringham Anna Dominika Malek Swarna Venkata Vaddi Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Kevin Gambir Third Class Honours Renato Alexandre Carreira Filipe

BSc in International Relations First Class Honours Maguelonne De Brugiere Ari Helgason Annikki Herranen Marte Elsa Loefman Kelly Carolyn Powers Selma Stern Petr Urbanek Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Kjersti Aalbu Nazem Shah Abd Allah Marc Olivier Allen Muhammad Altamash Lauren Blanchard Pui San Chay Thomas Moyenda Chitseko Man Cheong Timothy Chu Anna Magda Czajkowska Alexandre Julien Errera Elisa Claire Eymery Delia Sophie Floyd Abi Gartner Marija Adela Gjorgjioska Maria Gratsova Leila Haddou Marie Frøysa Hole Thea Marie Gaustadsether Isaksen Bosiljka Kozomara Ana Krasojevic Oren Levy Shu Hao Lim Joshua Lo Alexander Ian Macinnes-Ostrouch Keshni Anupah Makoond Aisha Ommaya Mustafa Zafar Osmani Andrea Pechova Valery Emmanuel Reynaud Olena Ryzhenkova Alexander James Schwyhart Joseph Ross Taylor Kate Tikhomirova Gergana Tzoneva Massimo Ungaro Tsvetana Zdravkova Vasileva Sara Therese Melia Vaughn Shruti Vijayakumar Matilda Tullia Von Sydow Svetlana Vorobieva Philip Wai Sonja Vanessa Wittenberg Nurshafawati Yusup Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Malahat Askarova LSE Digest 07-08 I 47 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Alyaa Baeshen Kristina Fedorova Ekaterina Klimova Berenice Francine Simone Magistretti Christopher Merriman Xue Mi Nishali Maria Perera Katherine Short Mark James Smith Pass Rubing Chen

BSc in International Relations and History First Class Honours Gullnaz Baig Robert Cane Om Dhumatkar Daniel Joseph Macarthur-Seal Elisa Sophie Prosperetti Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Sarah Abdelmalek Yordan Agov Adam Thomas Boon Caroline Gemma Daniels Joseph De Weck Nicolas Ferminet Hannah Clare Ferriter Aled Dilwyn Fisher Saira Miriam George Erik Romundset Hauge Thomas Jeremy Kourdi Jennifer Nemeth Erin Orozco Sungbae Park Shahalom Rahman Carolyn Siobhan Keegan Ryan Esther Stenman Natalia Telepneva Michael Yap Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Natalie Michelle Clif William Joce Rabia Khan Adeela Qadir Gregory Michael White Third Class Honours Ben King

LLB in Laws First Class Honours Gemma Bowes Christopher James Chapman Rhys Anthony Corbett Zoe Fiander I 48 I LSE Digest 07-08

Roxana Ghiassee Andrew Richard Harris Lawrence Antony Hill-Cawthorne Naeem Kapadia Nadeem Khadim Cheuk Wing Vivian Kwong Julian Wen Chung Lam Helen Rae Mathers Nicola Mathiason Emma Mcdonald Asako Murata Colm Padraig O'Grady Joslynn Ting Yinn Poh Natalie Skacelova Angela Wing Caroline Wojtylak Eu Cheng Yeoh Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Rohit Abbi Ayako Adachi Olimpia Ades Shayaan Afsar Ali Ahmari-Moghaddam Sanaa Jaleel Ahmed Sameer Ahmed Ifedolapo Temitope Ajaja Muna Yasin Ali Auj I Surrayya Arif Laura Alison Speak Ashford Zoe Athill Maliha Aziz Kavan Mahendra Bakhda Teresa Maria Barreira Jinan Bastaki Sheila Begum Hitesh Bhatia Alexandra Bhattacharya Holly Ann Bontoft Rosemary Helen Blacka Brough Alexander Buckeridge-Hocking Samuel James Burke Anthony Ka Chun Chan Eugene Ling Heen Chan Suet Ying Chan Vanessa Chan Sauraya Emma Chantler Hannah Marie Charlton Megan Hehe Chen Jilian Siew Wei Chieng Ling Li Chong Nikki Lai Keung Chu Torbjorn Claesson Annwen Elizabeth Davies Marie Christine De Redman Gita Dhaliwal Kanika Dhawan

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Clarence Si Liang Ding Dina Elshurafa Nahla Faiz Hannah Faulkner Laura Marie Franklin Veronica Rose Glick Yi Lyn Goh Patrick Graham Aram Halliday Gabby Herron Harriette May Louise Hill Jeffrey Lit Wun Ho Abul Khoyer Mohammed Iftekar Hussain Nilima Islam Sania Bibi Jahir Kimberlee Jean James Sarah Ann Jameson Yang Jiao Oliver James David Jones Mikaeel Mohamed Kanani Juanita Kareer Abdul Rashid Karim Hudda Khaireh Awangku Shahyzul Khairuddien Bin Pengiran Abdul Rahman Haseeb Khan Tha Fung Ko Amy Kuan Fiona Syn Yin Lam Hilarie Lam Ben Joshua Lamy Jonathan Nam Hei Lau Jacqueline Ling Kiu Lee Rachel Chien Min Liew Yixuan Lin Ching Yi Jessie Liu Hannah Sarah Lohse Saqeb Bin Mahbub Shivangi Prafulkumar Majithia Yin Yee Man Lubna Mohammedi Manasawala Chelsea Mcconnell Rhys Francis Meggy Vikas Mehta Sharon Rose Mensah Irfaan Alnur Merali Magdalena Irena Miecznikowska Arun C Mohan Shazana Mokhtar Ifrah Nafees Naqvi Laura Nation Francis Ng Richard Erin O'Driscoll Chai Yee Oh Keunyoung Oh Nkemdirim Wendelyn Okemini

Nicola O'Regan Olufemi Oyeniran Richard John Padley Dale Samuel Park Anisha Patel Lindsey Shiann Peel Elizabeth Ho Yee Poon Laura Potamianos Jasdeep Singh Puri Alex Ashanti Talisa Raphael Thomas Edward Rees Harriet Laura Cyd Robinson Tarneem Saeed Robyn Adam Sargeant Rakhi Savjani Lucy Scott Mei Yuan Katerina Seow Viduran Shanmugarajah Aarti Sharma Costandina M Sideras Marija Skundric Haafiz Suleman Andrea Syrimi Zahra Taher Grace Tan Alvin Leslie Tan Tian Tang Justin Jit Yan Tay Julian Yew Wei Ting Duc Tran Kafayat Uthman Jelena Vasiljevic Nicholas Edward White Chanel Welgama Wimalaratne Shuo Yang Qurratul Ain Zainul Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Raisa Rahat Ahmad Rachel Elizabeth Allchurch Fariduddin Butt Michelle Buxani Adam Cotterill Younes Ech-Chadli Shamar Ennis Daniel Matthew Holness Katy Pui Kay Lau Adam Henrik Stefan Lichtneckert Ying Lin Hassan Hammad Makhdoom Alexander Hugo Malakun Jin Woo Park Vieoence Che Prentice Simar Suri Joshua Stewart Tendeter Angus Kwan Chak Tse Janice Shu Ning Wong LSE Digest 07-08 I 49 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Ian Wei Ren Yap Hoi Kam Yip Vivian Lok Woon Yuen Third Class Honours Jennifer Fee Chin Ho Fong

LLB in Laws with French Law First Class Honours Lisa Michelle Allenden Martin Gareth Hammond Sarah Jay Ferdisha Nicholene Robin Snagg Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Ruth Louise Avenell Adel Baba-Aissa Katherine Bagerman Tais Eva Amanda Jost Belmonte Ruth Knox Kira Krissinel Neeta Lamba Katie Elizabeth Rich Omar Farooq Shafi Edward William Comrie Teasdale Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Preethi Divaker Rai

BSc in Management First Class Honours Farheen Baghpatee Marie Cahuzac Andrea Du Rietz Sim Peng Kelvin Goh Muhammad Omar Jalil Sanjana Javeri Catharina Luebke-Detring Mihail Malbasic Michael Mueller Thi Linh Chi Phan Andrew Prachuablarb Juho Jussi Vihtori Ronni Andrew Savchuk Maria Tchotreva Thuy Linh Tran Anna Tveritinova Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Ioannis Balis Anastasia Belikova Andrew Martyn Bickerton Iakov Bronfman Rosalind Wing Shan Chan Christian Emile Helay Fazel Qian Han Nicholas David John Holliss I 50 I LSE Digest 07-08

Gui Xia Hong Yan Lam Lee Jia Ying Lee Tsz Yan Peggy Leung Xuhui Man Aditya Mukherjee Hala Naseeb Thi Cam Tu Nguyen Ricky Ragin Patel Farida Patel Nadia Shafi Urvi Hitesh Shah Mandy Wing Man Shek Denise Hoi Ning Siu Corina Stephanides Amedeo Van Belgie Boris Yaryshevskiy Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Lisa Bhudia Erik Markus Darner Harmic Arthur Davidkhanian Yu Fan Ma Ravipreeya Osathanugrah Maram Qandeel Yana Reshetova Ouri Rubinstein Third Class Honours Min Jeun Lee Zhuzi Sun

BSc in Management Sciences First Class Honours Yu Tyng Chi Moritz G Gudenus Lasse Pekka Helin Wing Tung Law Hermann Rauch Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Avi Blumenfeld Ricky Chan Zerje Chung Wai Leung Chung Paris Hadjiantonis Scott William Healy Georgios Iliopoulos Omer Jawedhabib Tharshi Kuganesan Canny Lam Hoai Thu Le Hadley James Parrie Rahini Rajendran Scott Andrew Rennie Veerag Shah King Ho Tan Yuan Wang

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Etiksha Amin Preety Aswani Elizabeth Barratt Frederic Henri Valery Giscard D'Estaing Jayraj Jatania Jean Georges Kalantzis Protiva Mumduhu Rashid Anum Saeed Mohamed Ashraf Salarbux Shoaib Siddiqui Third Class Honours Juan Du Trang Phan Yi Wei Wang

BSc in Mathematics and Economics First Class Honours Preeyesh Bhadresha Ivan Buzulutsky Cheng Chen Charles Edward Davies Ilya Faybisovich Gemma Hillidge Sakhee Chandresh Joisher Milan Kecman Xiaodan Liang Sagar Naresh Malde Christos Papoutsas Mamnoon Syeed Reza Sahil Rupani Neel Sagar Neelan Jay Santhirarajah Reshma Shah Simon Sing-Key Gary Stevenson Li Hua Tan Polikarpos Themistocleous Daxson Chin Teck Yap Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Monika Alwani John Bruce Kacper Blazej Brzezniak Omer Fazal Miguel Herschberg Kelvin Ziu Bond Kwok James Nicolas Kyritsis Dawn Liang Kiow Li Wan Po Daniel John Marriott Sarah Mcdonagh Elena Mezzapesa Rashi Karishma Nayar Christopher Andrew Naylor Mahir Ahmad Quraishi Junaid Ahmad Sheikh

Rebecca Truong Aasha Visani Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Charlotte Xiaohe Hu Muhammad Harris Jamali Sung Yup Jung Eva Kollarova Beatrice Larentis Jing Li Dharithri Perera Hemal Shah Jagoda Sumicka Anish Vakani Yun Ting Zhang Qi Zhang Ke Zhou Third Class Honours Hamza Hameedullah Khan Andreas Karkavitsas Tadhg Lee Atong Simon Mu Anup Singh Purewal Andre Wa Thea Vasan Valaydon Qing Bo Xue

BSc in Philosophy and Economics First Class Honours Xiao Yi Chen Charlie Hallion Alexis Ernst Heinen Kunal Patel Thomas James Yeomans Daniel Wai Kiu Yuen Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Setareh Baker Alexander Busarov Will Foulsham Edward Anthony Frew Samu Niklas Mikael Makela Gregory Jonathon Opie Darvish Rajabzadeh Rishi Sarin David William Spindler Ka Chun Matthew Tsang Christopher Warnock Mark David Whitehouse Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Dana Al Fakir Third Class Honours Igor Nisenboim

LSE Digest 07-08 I 51 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 BSc in Philisophy, Logic and Scientific Method First Class Honours Christopher Paul Harris Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Yaroslav Belinskiy Paul Michael Bernie Gemma Boyle Eimear Macgarty Edwin Mingard Carys Margaret Morgan Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Hasib Baber Adam Michael Thomas

BSc in Social Policy First Class Honours Shama Javaid Sarwar Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Emma Muggeridge Farzana Akhter Noor Elizabeth Marie Robinson Elizabeth Stoker Jade Wilkins Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Sophia Koetser Anne Kruger Nicola Frances Rowley

BSc in Social Policy and Criminology BSc in Sociology First Class Honours Tobias Georg Eule Megan Merrifield Gaventa Ren Yung Ho Mandy Hang Man Lau James Mchugh Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Shapla Aktar Rowan Lindsay Boase Amanda Boughoufa Maria Katholiki Chatziaslani Patrick Macleod Cullen Gabriella Disandolo Marie Frances Erwood Susan Flood Hanna Negash Haile Dong Ou Ji Shelina Khatun Jetaik Lee Samuel Martin Melissa Martinez Fiona Mcdougall Jessica Otto Stephanie Rose Winnie Tan Brittany Wollman Catherine Worboys Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang Lawrence Billy Bushell Beatrice Castella Chunzhen Chin Kristoffer Engstrand Xiaolu Pu Obuego Santos-Oputa

I 52 I LSE Digest 07-08

Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Jessica Bailey Adam Guy Breyer Tiburcio Mark Fortes Katherine Mary Elizabeth Hayes Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Luke David Crist Kimberley Ilsen

BSc in Social Policy and Economics Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Kai Xin Michelle Loh Louise Catherine Robinson Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Nadia Ahmed Chowdhury

BSc in Social Policy with Government First Class Honours Luke Reo Edward Barnes Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Lauren Alison Cooper Walter Knuesli Mohammed Shakeel Meetooa Kevin Edmond Graham Perry Camilla Alexandra Read-Shaw Emma Rose Saynor

BSc in Social Policy and Sociology Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Eleanor Claire Cooke Beatrice Long Ho Man Bonnie Liu Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Julia Hackel

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Diploma in Accounting and Finance Distinction John Patrick Alston Miklos Grof Juan Jose Marcelo Risi Mugaburu Merit Cyrine Bejaoui Pauline Camus Jeff Yi Chieh Chu Allyn Reza Cockrell Donald Cummings Hélène Myriam Gaborit Andrea Gagliardi Sishir Garemella Bhavin Atul Merchant Zhamal Orazbayeva Audrey Pujalte Robert Daniel Sawbridge Shreyansh Singhvi Chet Wei Tan Marie Valerie Thia Kime Yajur Tuteja Nidhi Uppal Mark Gregory Francis Winskill Pass Finn Rivers Alexander Carew Arnaud Roland Louis Chastanet Hugh Daniel Governey Ieva Jakobsone Kushal Naresh Kashyap Carla Kuan Beatrix Li Chih-Ying Lin Jessica Lindskog Marta Ruiz Sophie Dominique Marine Severac Maria Donna Thompson Paul Adrian Tran-Minh Florent Julien Sylvain Vautier Hayati Zirh

Diploma in Sociology Merit Shereen Halbaoui Mimi Anderson Amani Loubani

MSc in Accounting and Finance Distinction Ekaterina Andreeva Dimitrios Asvestis Chiara Banti Julien Baril

Vikram Aditya Bhagat Anastasia Biliri Aymar Jacques Marie De Tracy Haoran Dong Wenyan Duan Yen-Hsin Hung Jyoti Jain Yao Ji Dimitrios Karampelas Kun Young Kim Piotr Maciej Komorowski Yinyin Liu Shobhna Manghnani Marco Meier Katja Mara Vanessa Muehlhaeuser Joana Odette Celine Neuvessel Chun Ming Ng Duong Pham Tyler Redlitz Stanimir Ruskov Omar Soueissi Lucia Elisabetta Tagliabue Seok Ling Tok Julia Magreta Wagner Merit Diane Celine Francoise Alexane Hami Amiraslani Andrea Antonio Auneddu Ali Abdul Aziz Rami Azzi Bryan Robert Bailey Vishal Bansal William Bazley Michael Benichou Stefano Bertolotto Deepika Rajkumar Bhatia Gizem Bodur Selim Bouafsoun Jose Maria Carabias Palmeiro Styliani Chatzichristou Ming-Yu Chen Zhemin Chong Fatma Pinar Coskun David Allan Cubbin Fatma Güler Demirörs Rohit Dewan Adhiraj Dutt Brice Duval Tony Fakirev Markos Konstantinos Filippetis Alexandra Elisabeth Garrigue Mahesh Teja Gogineni Elena Grisi Jean-Louis Guiderdoni Megha Gupta Faisal Hasan LSE Digest 07-08 I 53 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Jean-Michel Andreas Hegnauer Wormser Maren Hjorth Ali Houballah Yu-Chieh Hsiao Qie Huang Mohammad Umair Husain Shahrukh Irfan Rami Jabado Yun Ji Seena Mariam John Karan Jolly Dimitrios Kampouris Niki Karagkoule-Karageorgou Marc Karam Olaoluwa Mubarak Kassim Timo Kienle Audrey Eugenie Ilana Krief Aris Athanasios Ktenas Sze Wun Sharon Kwok Ksenia Lachina Bjoern Felix Lange Jean-Paul Larcheveque Peter Frederick Larkin Kar Yan Lau Anne-Noëlle Le Gal Mio Ha Grace Lei Rui Li Ye Li Anastasios Liasidis Dong Liu Huitong Liu Chanyan Lou Xiaomeng Lu Chad Nicholas Lucas Svetlana Alexandrovna Lundina Panagiota Menoudakou Karl Montfort Piyush Pal Konstantina Panagou Christina Perdikaki Antonios Petras Jeremy Marc Rene Picoste Jacek Ksawery Przybyl Livia Radulescu Giuseppe Rippa Simone Sajeva Ahmet Cihan Saraoglu Oliver Wolfgang Schoofs King Yaw Sim Denis Simagin Thomas Hewitt Stevenson Lilia Valentinova Stoyanova Reuben Neelan Subramaniam Sima Taha Phetmanee Tantipana Gonca Tokcan I 54 I LSE Digest 07-08

Jenneke Van Ossenbruggen Adhitya Balaji Veeraraghavan Siddharth Vittal Konstantinos Vrotsos Angeliki-Entzi Wahba Jiayi Wang Wai Lun Wong Yilan Yu Cindy Wing Yin Yung Nico Zeifang Damir Zhandossov Jialei Zhang Pass Arnaud Roberto Francois Alves De Souza Haider Ali Awan Minji Baik Shijie Bao Ali Basharat Anand Batra Gurpriya Bhatia Selim Boutros Denis Cecchini Butsugan Asli Cantutan Benjamin Chavaz Jackson Cheung Athanasios Dallas Konstantinos Drogkoulas Matthieu Francois Gerald Flichy Alexandra Gounon Samiksha Gupta Po-Chieh Ho Yan Kin Ho Chian-Harn Hung In Seon Hwang Rahul Jain Hyun Woo Jang Clint Aron Keller Amir Kenchenbayev Afzal Mahmud Khan Claudine Ichitani Koide Vadym Kryzhanivsky Anuradha Kulkarni Eleftherios Lampsidis-Tompros Jaejoung Lee Tzu-Ying Liao Tzu-Hsiu Lin Ronald Lohanata Maria Cecilia Martabit Roopali Mehra Manisa Mungkhalee Purnima Nagpal Ning Ning Konstantinos Papachristopoulos Hee Bum Park Woon Wha Park Inna Maryam Patty

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Todor Peev Izabel Pinheiro Maciej Pluta Charalampos Rammos Elliot Timothy Rauba Matteo Rock Sunaina Sabharwal Nandan Shah Divya Shekar Ronald Siu Tong Su Eva Priscilla Edwige Suchail Julie Tabourot Tzu-Yin Tseng Nurdaulet Turlybekov Christos Tzitzikas Iryna Vlasenko Gerwin Weidl Yifei Xia Ling Yuan Xuejia Zhang Suyuan Zhao

MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics Distinction Shameel Toheed Ahmad Philip Oliver Barrett Abhimanyu Gupta Benoit Olivier Lefebvre Olivier Merle Thuy Duong Nguyen Mary Abbott Samp Sebastien Thomas Turban Merit Fanny Caroline Henriet Rosalind Sian Hunter Pass Zhichen Dai Keith Lo Philippe Cyril Mangold Malvina Marchese Michael James Sneyd Hui Sun

MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (2 Year Programme) Merit Farzad Saidi-Varnosafaderani

MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (Research) Merit Liang Richard Bai Pass Mohammad Saad Siddiqui Floks Laverman

MSc in Economics Distinction Isa Al Sabea Wenya Cheng Marco Carlo Cornia Thanh Tung Dang Maeva Debarge Bimal Dharmasena Chris Duffy Pablo Funcasta Demetra Karacosta Yuri Khodjamirian Joshua Bryan Kirkwood Paolo Lucchino Patrícia Navarro Palau Martin O'Connell Nitya Pandalai Nayar Aashish Neel Pattani Michele Piffer Cornelia Roesler David Christopher Saha Alexander Morrow Sloane Nikolaos Syrigos Yi Fang Tan Christopher James Yeates Merit Noor Al Khulaif Melle Heronimus Bijlsma Jose Juan Casarrubias Adame Pak Yan Perry Chan Rabie Dagher Francesc Dilme Masao Fujiwara Alexander Victor Bland Gibbs Jennifer Frances Gray John Hooley Jakob Arne Robert Jeanrond Bilal Khan Sergey Khodjamirian Colin Henry Krainin Petr Krpata Christalla Kyriacou Yunfeng Li Peter Reinhold Lindner François Olivier Marie Mazaré Michele Giovanni Mazzoleni LSE Digest 07-08 I 55 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Duong Thuy Nguyen Izzet Eren Ozkan Epameinondas Paizanos Arti Shantilal Radia Alexander Rodnyansky Clara Romero Heather Sharp Andrew Shelton Jonathan Paul Slinger Gavin Richard Thompson Hengwei Zhang Pass Giulio Altomari Alex Jing Quan Chan Xin Dai Jun Deng Ramesh Deonarine Diebiao Dong Pingli Fan Joan Faner Congying Fang Christos Filippou Shamanthy Ganeshan Maheen Jatoi Maria Kalimeri Katheresia Kasiman Silpa Kaza Myoung Chul Kim Julia Johanna Kleindienst Glenn Daniel Levine Zhiman Li James Ronald Mason Michael Madakacherry Mathai Francesca Mazzarella Pooja Menon Salvatore Morelli Persefoni Noulika Muhammad Fitri Othman Fang Qin Kavita Rainova Krishan Ruparelia Monika Schrod Khrisha Antoinette Swampillai Louis Raphaël Viterbo Xiao Jing Wang Ricky Lewis Watson Xiao Dong Xu Ning Yang Quan Zhang Feng Zhou Yubin Zhou Di Zhu

I 56 I LSE Digest 07-08

MSc in Economics (Research) Distinction Jeremy Philip Franklin Saif Asif Khan Attakrit Leckcivilize Amir Reza Mohsenzadeh Kermani Lukasz Pawel Rachel Zhe Sun Merit Christopher Michael Darrouzet-Nardi Kelly Paulson Wongkot Rujiwattanapong Siyuan Shen Yang Yan Michael Zaouras Pass Yoon Jeong Chang Fadi Hassan Siree Jongdee Jaina Erandi Mariana Pereyra

MSc in Economics (2 Year Programme) Distinction Catherine Abi-Habib Simon Dennison Kyungha Lee Michael Patrick Punzalan Mazhar Waseem Merit Xiaonan Chi Silvia Domit Soumya Gupta Rashmi Harimohan Aditi Kochar Nobukazu Ono Saagar Srivastava Khyati Sundaram Chinmay Vasudev Tumbe Pass Pallavi Bajaj Tarang Kumar Chiraag Mehta Jaanaki Momaya Urvashi Nangia

MSc in Finance and Economics Distinction Yajur Arora Rune Bundgaard-Jorgensen Olivia De Backer Elie El Khoury Clément Florentin Georgios Gegos

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Marios Georgiou Georg Frederik Krogh Harhoff Jingbo Li Thomas Andreas Maurer Sofia Senhaji Rhazi Yihan Zhu Merit Antonello William Benati Michael Paul Bernstein Sebastien Berrier Brent Besson Sibylle Claire Sophie Calmels Benedicte Francoise Isabelle Davy Adrian Gimenez Pastor Liang Guan Henrik Helmer Hansen Thomas Jean-Marie Stanislas Janas Tie Jin Karen Bjarney Johannsdottir Michalis Kapsos Teerada Korsrilabutr Angenika Henriëtte Johanna Maria Kunne Ting Man Leung Bob Lutgen Clement Marchand Nikhil Mehra Boris Michev Luka Miodragovic Ha Nguyen Begum Pinar Orhun Fabio Ortolani Vincent Poirier-Garneau Svetlana Shcherbakova Zhen Song Yan Sun Lin Tien Michail Vasios Minghao Wang Xinyu Wang Annick Winandy Qianqian Yang Suoya Yin Pass Naveed Amin Mavra Anjum Nisha Antony David Bodenstein Anne-Sophie Christine Marie Boucher Alex Charles Wenping Chen Benjamin Costi Michail Engonopoulos William Antony Fleming Charilaos Giannakidis Mavinraj Gill Mikael Loekken Gjerding

Sisi Jia Philip George John Alok Kothari Joseph Leonard Jie Li Jiajing Lin Jiang Liu Yu Liu Enrico Longato Hansong Lu Nidhi Mall Nehal Mehra Christian Meinicke Alexander Metelkin Adithya Thimiri Mohanakrishnan Taponeel Mukherjee Burcu Okutan Wanichaya Paksaranuwat Jiaying Pei Pataramon Pholpipatanaphong Robert Ravnaas Paolo Rigutto Ghayas Ather Saeed Naitik Shah Shailin Shah Da Shao Meah Yang Charles Tan Richard Thakor Venkatraman Vaikuntanarayanan Peter John Bentley Williams Tianqi Xiong Liu Xu Chunhua Yang Guang Yang Yin Zhang Xi Zhang

MSc in Global Market Economics Pass Shinichiro Kawano

MSc in Management and Economics Distinction Violetta Kalathaki Feiran Ma Mazlena Mazlan Srivaths Swaminathan Merit Adrien Bellamit Carlo Benatti Edward Michael James Boyd Srishti Dhawan Yaqiong Huang Yifan Li LSE Digest 07-08 I 57 I

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 Mengyun Sun Jing Ying Xu Xiaoming Zhang Pass Suzan Doerr Sean Robert James Kennedy Jason Loucopoulos Martin Marinov Owen Richard Priestley Charles Nicholas Rex Klaudia Monika Stadnicka

MSc in Politics and Government in the European Union Pass Tal Ofer

MSc in Statistics Distinction Kenny Cheng Nalin Pongtawewirat Fatema Sunderji Merit Gianmario Candore Ho Wing Chan Jin Chen Xinyue Li Jianhua Liang David Peter Raines Florian Andreas Stellner Chonglin Tang Shuqiong Wu Yueran Zhang Pass Aarathi Kanakaria Alva Yinjie Cao Kook Jin Cho Aastha Sharma Han Fu Sun

María José Eva Parada Juan Francisco Galli Basili Ana Paola Gomez Saira Haider Yevgeniya Korniyenko Marcel Mihalenko Stephanie Fredrika Musialski Paulina Terrazas

MPA in Public Policy and Management Merit Hala Corinne Marie Audi Margaret Carstens Pierre-Alexandr Greil Gustavo Adolfo Mata Suarez Marat Raimkhanov Aimone Ripa Di Meana Kenneth Daniel Stauffer Deborah Ilene Tamulonis Oliver Wassily Ullrich

MPA in Public and Economic Policy (LSE and Columbia) Distinction Neil Bush Merit Christopher Busch Francisco Javier Peralta

MPA in Public and Economic Policy (LSE and Columbia) Distinction Sandra Lyutse

MPA in Public and Economic Policy (LSE and NUS) Distinction Anja Waltraud Gaentzsch

MPA in Public and Economic Policy Distinction Daniel Raul Brieba Alexander James Hamilton Zoe Jankel Taekon Kim Catherine Elizabeth Lijinsky Olga Nuryaeva Merit Julio Arturo Briones Daniel Jose De Castro Gomez Sarah Nelle Byers Donovan

I 58 I LSE Digest 07-08

MPA in Public Policy and Management (LSE and Columbia) Distinction Aneta Ewa Ratynska Merit Mitra Nataraj Kai Juay Tan

Degrees Awarded in July 2008 MPA in Public Policy and Management (LSE and Hertie) Merit Kathrin Behnke Rukaiya El-Rufai Alexander Kleibrink

MPA in Public Policy and Management (LSE and NUS) Merit Charlotte Marie-Pierre Campanella Muhammad Khalid Nadeem Khan Puay Li Ivy Ng James Orum Sheppard Gaurav Trivedi

MPA in Public Policy and Management (LSE and Sciences Po) Merit Marie Deschamps Barbara Margaret Mills Midori Ota Leo Julien Pagnac Andrea Sitarova Ivy Wong

Master of Laws Pass Orhieoghene Oddiri

LSE Digest 07-08 I 59 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems Distinction Chika Nnenna Anajemba Annie Anna Bussarova Daniel Adrian Curto Millet Abhishek Dhingra Alexandros Georgalis Dessislava Hadjiyska Nils Kaiser Georgios Miltiadous Somya Mishra Brendan Patrick Monaghan Bernard Nikaj Jones Eneche Orumah Chrysanthi Papoutsi Charles-Eric Remi Pigeot Eugenia Planas Rimal Popat Shyam Ramakrishna Rao Samsurin Welch Samsuri Welch Govind Sankar Maria Spyropoulou Pavlo Tanasyuk Nivika Taneja Sofia Triantafyllou Merit Ioannis Agrafiotis Georgios Alexopoulos Danai Anastasiadou Nnamdi Chijioke Anika Shweta Arora Kurshida B.Yerriah Vishal Bector Paul-Hadrien Roger Betbeze Linda Carina Boewing Evan Castle Yuying Chen Thanyaorn Chongkamanont Tracey Martin Christopher Daniel Lawrence Connolly Randall Matthew Dell Enyidado Ama Esarba Dennis Eniola Ololade George Garima Mittal Goel Pradipto Kanti Goswamee Ankur Govil Syed Muhammad Ali Hassan Tanai Hotrakitya Ying Huang Raja Shahzeb Khan Sergey Klimentyev Nam-Youl Lee Jingyi Li Yue Li I 60 I LSE Digest 07-08

Zhi Liao Yabing Liu Jie Liu Huan Huan Liu Tingxia Luo Di Ma Nan Ma Sheharyar Malhi Anup Manekar Usama Mehmood Khizar Talib Feroz Memon Ruvimbo Rachel Muchenje Evangelos Nastos Qing Nie Peter Ainoko Ocheja Mukul Pahwa Chara Palaiologou Yu Pan Marina Papachristoforou Anisha Patanjali Evdoxia Patsouraki Elias Petris Suneel Sivarama Pillai Ioannis Politopoulos Nikolas Prezas Lin Qi Chirag Rawat Srinivasa Utham Gautham Reddy Mohammed Abdul Reza Antony Suresh Robert Rajat Sabharwal Nikolaos Safouris Savvas Savvides Bryan Schmitt Kiran Shakil Prem Prakash Sharma Yu-Wen Su Yakun Tang Lauree Wang Zheng Wang Ammara Waseem Fang Weng Huiwen Yan Xiaofei Yao Namrata Yavagal Jawad Yousaf Yousaf Shafiqa Zeb Jinyi Zhang Xiang Zhang Eryi Zhang Wanjing Zhou Timothy Mark Zrinzo Pass Olamide Omolaja Adesanya Varun Aggarwal Sohaib Syeed Ahmed

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Veer Anand Mansi Bhagchandka Umer Usman Chaudhry Hengyu Chen Xiuxiu Chen Andy Chai Hong Cheung Naichang Dong Tugce Puren Erkan Yan Gong Xiaolong He Xiaoming Jia Deepti Khaire Navad Khanzada Ajit Kumar Promit Lahiri Zejun Li Shenbian Li Yingnan Lin Jiaoyue Liu Meng Lu Vishal Madaan Nnamdi Christopher Ogbechie Aoli Peng Khunnicha Phornprapha Pakphum Sakultantimetha Anuj Saxena Nurit Soni Qing Tang Hiu Ting Tang Anoop Assan Vayalil Aliki Velliou Xixi Wang Krzysztof Waszczuk Alan Chia-Han Wu Shih-Chen Yang Feng Yue Jianping Zhang Siyu Zhao Xi Zhao

Yujie Liu Kenneth Miller Arlette Jolien Smit Alexis Laurence Waller Danlu Wang Rachel Marie Wells Johanna Elizabeth Woydack Andromachi Papaioannou Vera Lucia Lourenço Rodrigues Zhu Song

MSc in Social Anthropology

Distinction Laurel Turman Merit Ela Ben Hagai Maura Rosa Parazzoli Pass Charles Allen Duke

Distinction Julia Alexandra Belluz Frances Malcolm Mohamed Abbas Mohamed Zaki Merit Julia Klara Bryson Bailey Rafael Cariello Maria Efthymiou Elizabeth Reynolds Galvin Claire Gilbert Samantha Volkoff Green Kiran Hassan Alison Jane Judge James Christopher Kaufman

MSc in Anthropology and Development Distinction Madhuri Karak Juliette Yu-Ming Lizeray Andrew Wai Hoong Ong Merit Qadar Al-Ansari Julia Behrman Maria Izabel Camargo Sara Linet Dosa Kathryn Helen Ganly Daniela Johns Enrique Martino Martin Bronwen Mcconkey Susannah Ruth Morcowitz Dixie Marilee O'Donnell Maria Shipulieva Fernandez Mara Gabrielle Van Den Bold Pass Maciej Bugala Dia Nanette Alejandro Flores Yasmien Ghrawi Serena Rossignoli Carolina Sankarsingh

MSc in Anthropology of Learning and Cognition

MSc in Social Anthropology (Research) Distinction Matthew Wilfred Wilde Merit Martyn James Wemyss

LSE Digest 07-08 I 61 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 MSc in Applicable Mathematics Distinction Thomas Charles Gee Caitlin Mchugh Nils Alfred Thomasson Rosendahl Merit Catherine Grace Barrera Hareshlall Basant Rai Harpreet Singh Bedi Marta Maria Val Casetti Carmey Chua David Hutfless Rishi Nalin Kumar Shivam Kumar Timothy Edward Morrill Efstathios Panayi Pass Rodoula Avraam Lauren Canepari Lu Ji Matthew John Joyce Alexios Mantzios Anthony Sergiou Lei Tian Ian Robert Turner Zhinan Zhang Juanchan Zhao

MSc in Biomedicine, Bioscience and Society Distinction Caitlin Cockerton Rory Alexander Hamilton Amelia Claire Nicholson Kristen Kirby Veblen Merit Christiane Bostelmann Ipsita Debi Chakrabarty Ivy Chang Caitlin Marie Connors Anna Tabitha Mathilda Glockner Daniel Kawika Hirt Leon Ittiachen Allison Brooke Kessler Pass Amelia Ann Michael Moushmi Singh Ben Thompson

Georgi Iliev Roger Luo Merit Tobias James Bracey Anna Dall'Oca Johnathan Fugitt Veronica Howard Ka Yan Daphne Kwok Abdullah Fauzi Abdullah Lajam Kyungjoo Suh Matthew Taylor Yiyao Wu Kecheng Yin Ching Ching Yip Pass Xiaoyu Ji Gianna Michele Kaye Lisa Dorothea Johanna Kleinhenz Kun Jue Li Yuan Li Shan Li Yan Sun Mark Vrijmoed Yukun Wang Ho Yi Wong Kezhou Zhu

MSc in City Design and Social Science Merit Rayd Abu-Ayyash Lea Ayoub Janna Bystrykh Omer Cavusoglu Sarah Caroline Gould Chih Ling Ke Paul Warren Long Felicity Meerloo Anjali Mittal Lucrecia Montemayor Sweta Patel Monica Graciela Riera Peter Albert Staub Blaise Trigg-Smith Norio Yamato Pass George Pandyan Azariah-Moreno Yoichiro Hayashi Herman Eugene Loginov

MSc in Cities, Space and Society MSc in China in Comparative Perspective Distinction Jean-Philippe Crochet

I 62 I LSE Digest 07-08

Pass Paulina Valladares Huidobro

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 MSc in Communication, Information and Society Merit Ho Ming Conrad Chau Raphael Gabriel Daste Maria Llanos Gomez Reino Sebnem Ece Inanc Kaitlin Jennifer Kaufman Jillian Colleen Monaghan Pass Lok Wan Chan Heleni-Revekka Staiou

Merit Katherine Braun Rowena Friederike Castel Hay Szu-Yun Hsu Elizabeth Mattiuzzi Trenton James Oldfield Pass Martín Abadi Dimitris Kemanes Anna Puiggros Xirinachs Kate Rieppel Mischa Dawn Schlemmer

MSc in Comparative Politics MSc in Communication, Information and Society (Research) Merit Sagarika Bose Sean Jeremy Westwood

MSc in Communication Regulation and Policy Distinction Monique Elizabeth Loayza Carolyn Elizabeth Mcdonald Mariya-Martina Yalamova Merit Jelena Burnik Elissavet Gerouki Hina Khan Hannah Charlotte Mccausland Manzoor Ali Memon Aatekah Ahmad Mir Ashwini Reddi Pass Jingchi Liu Shahzad Mohammad Hongyu Song Yang Wang Xu Zhou

MSc in Communication Regulation and Policy (Research) Merit Michael Brian Mcclelland

MSc in Contemporary Urbanism Distinction Nicholas Luca Simcik Arese Patricia Torres Thomas Winter

Pass Joyce Sheung Yan Chan

MSc in Comparative Politics (Asia) Distinction Shraddha Bhandari Benjamin Cooper Merit Prayaag Akbar Hugo Frederic De Paula Lucia Soledad Fernandez Alonso Srinivas Chidambaram Parinandi Vilasa Phongsathorn Xiangdong Sun

MSc in Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies) Distinction Deborah Rachel Norris Merit Alyssa Leah Armstrong Sara Melissa Berger Kevin James Gerard Byrne Alexandra Fayth Cohn Lyndsey Drea Omar Joseph El Sharif Kakul Gautam David Grossman Mohanad Assem Hage Ali Josefine Edla Hellgren Kyung-Joo Jeon Neha Kumar Noa Fanny Maiman Elizabeth Jane Minor Dorian James Nightingale Sarah Platts Rebecca Rafique Stella Sophia Roque

LSE Digest 07-08 I 63 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Simon Christopher Russell Amanda Russo Daniel Joseph Saposnik Rebecca Anne Sleath Kirsti Russell Vastveit Constantin Curt Ludolf Von Alvensleben Truls Winje Irene Wintermayr Eva Maria Wuttge Nicholas Kavon Zanjani Joanna Malgorzata Adelajda Zeber Pass John Butler Charitini Michailidou Renata Zaleska

MSc in Comparative Politics (Democracy) Distinction Merete Bech Rasmussen Stephen Noble Smith Merit Erik Hoffmann Paul Daniel Lemaistre Julia Read Miller Leyla Sadat Mostafavi Henning Severin Katherine Jensen Smyth Pass Yoshinori Matsushita

MSc in Comparative Politics (Empire) Distinction Thomas Henry Sawbridge Merit Zahra Abbas Sarah Chauvel Auchinleck Lucas Adam Ballet Eugene Carracao Luca Casiraghi Daniel De Simone Anushya Dushyanthi Devendra Tomoyuki Hashimoto Yazan Ramzy Kopty Ellen Kathryn Massey Julia Nayfeld Andrew Rath Talya Vatman Carl Frederick Weber Pass Jaewoo Jun

I 64 I LSE Digest 07-08

MSc in Comparative Politics (Europe) Merit Melissa Kaplan Kleopatra Klaussner Luiza Menasria Till Florian Toemmel Pass Meredith Kruse

MSc in Comparative Politics (Latin America) Merit Tanya Georgina Blackburn Isabelle Bosshard Natalia Bueno Bárbara Couto Daniel Duran Chad Michael Fernberg Rimple Gadhvi Sebastián Grenoville Helmut Kessel Meiners Gisella Lujan Velasquez Rocio Robinson Maria Del Socorro Rodriguez Dominguez Leslie Brooke Taylor Pass Andres Alonso Cardenas Cornejo

MSc in Comparative Politics (Nationalism and Ethnicity) Distinction David Brian Kitching Merit Anne Elizabeth Anderson Fownes Serena Elaine Bains Mario Battaglini Joanne Brooks Jason Campbell Aren Narbeh Ghazarians Andrew Kent Johnston Pass Jamexis Christian Caroline Anna Madeleine Enegren Michael Zinshteyn

MSc in Comparative Politics (Politics and Markets) Distinction James Conran Michelle Jacobi Neha Puri Brenda Klaartje Soetkin Van Coppenolle

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Merit Cecilie Børnes Utgård Bjarni Gislason Katie Patricia Hoard Matthew Maguire Brayden Taber Mccarthy Maximilian Friedrich Paulus Jean-Paul Pigat Luna Ross Polina Sakalian Rabia Ebrahim Sidat Aisha Zaman Pass Sigrun Mari Bevanger Shanshan Ma Lanny Rubin

MSc in Comparative Politics (Research) Merit Lila Caballero-Sosa Luke William Roger Cooper

MSc in Criminal Justice Policy Distinction Antonio Segovia Arancibia Merit Sarah Colover Kate Alexandra Gibson Christopher Marcinkiewicz Syed Peer Muhammad Shah Muhammad Ali Nekokara Joanne Lyndsey Peek Azmaer Shamayim Samuel Bárbara Sanhueza Pass Irfan Ali Baloch Amina Bukhari Juan Diego Garzon Sikandar Hayat Javed Soonharo Jiskani Imran Mahmood Maqsood Ahmed Memon Jahanzeb Khan Nasir Pattarawan Thongyai Weijin Xu Lok Fung Michael Luther Yau

MSc in Criminology Merit Barry Blackburn Pass Faisal Nisar Chaudhry

MSc in Culture and Society Distinction Camilla Buchanan Daniel Alexander Morgenthau Merit Rogvi Absalonsen Caryn-Ann Allen I-Ying Chiang Francesca Mia Cookney Jin-Jiun Lin Todd Motto Evelina Stefanova Tzenova Pass Mien-Mien Chien Hang Ryung Cho Chun Ming Huang Ayse Koz

MSc in Decision Sciences Distinction Shweta Agarwal Christopher Patrick Houghton Marta Morales Anouk Samantha Schneider Merit Santiago Andres Castro Varela Xun Sean Lu Joshua Mora David Morris Munmun Nath Wing Yee Pang Alexander Schuhr Pass Sidharth Kalita Mingxia Li Zijian Lin Lizbeth Ramirez Letechipia Ji Hyun Song

MSc in Development Management Distinction Emily Hannah Elizabeth Alldis Vineet Bewtra Lauren Kristin Damme Samantha Claire Dodd Chad Hamre Marius Keller Simone Novotny Couto Pereira Balamuralidhar Posani Lily Yetta Ryan-Collins Samuel Christopher Smit Merit Valentina Barcucci LSE Digest 07-08 I 65 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Stefanie Bauer Ramsey Christopher Menzies Ben-Achour Helge Michael Bergmann Natalie Dorothee Lea Bertsch Kristin Njolstad Bildeng Mathilde Laure Alice Blezat Claudia Maria Bustamante Pamela Campa Adam Clarke Samantha Joy Deb Melissa Sue Dessaigne Naomi Marguerite English Carly Eileen Frey Philipp Gattner Reena Gupta Paul Francis Healy Leila Hoda Nodira Inoyatova Ashini Kothari Kim Joanna Lawler Christina Lott Julia Sidney Mayersohn Fiona Mcdowell Brooke Charlene Mckean Eva Maria Meyer Ilaria Michelis Tiffany Aimee Misrahi Rebecca Dorothy Mitchell Takaaki Miura Marianela Najera Ramin Nassehi Stephanie Caroline Orel Nicole Orillac Friedrike Amani Paul Grace Puliyel Mohammad Jahirul Quayum Krzysztof Czeslaw Rajski Max Rebol Nicholas Skyrme Rees Barbara Reichwein Ewa Religa Cecilia Marie Serin Aubryn Allyn Sidle Alastair John Sullivan Danielle Tida Tappitake Ana Maria Torres Justine Lydia Turner Maarten Richard Van Doornmalen Helen Olivia Walton Pass Aylin Alpagut Zacharias Aristidou Arun Thangaraj Chinnaraj Joseph Jaikumar Michael John Downie Yousra El-Imam Amna Khalid I 66 I LSE Digest 07-08

Je Suk Lee Hongyi Liu Zahra Nathoo Lina Yohanny Ochoa Carreno Kenneth Wemochiga Soyeh Agnese Spiazzi Steven Brian Zarnfaller Weiming Zhang

MSc in Development Studies Distinction Emily Anderson Florence Dafe Neela Dolezal Jakob Engel Sofia Hussain Kâre Johard Dominik Klapdor Farah Jimmy Master Sarah Helen Mathewson Raphaelle Cordelia Janine Moor María Retana De La Peza Merit Khayam Mark Robert Allen Abdulla Almisnad Anne-Marie Viola Auguston Daisy Banerjee Jessica Brown Bridget Alexandra Ledwith Brown Elisabet Carlsson Angelica María Carvajal Thomas Tyrer Copple Emily Marshall Cummings Dhun Davar Julianne Deitch Mandakini Devasher Lloyd Mourant Donaldson Fotios Filippou Rachel Flynn Andreja Fornazaric Susanne Andrea Frick Amara Germain Hark-Weber Daniel Matthew Harris Munyema Hasan Amina Ibrahim Yasmeen Ikramullah Khan Felipe Jacome Lisa Jaspers Channa Ravinda Jayasekera Sarah George Katz-Lavigne Loic Kervran Sung-Eun Kim Elena Carolyn King Christos Kourtelis Kit Fong Stephanie Law

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Michael James Marra Ana Martin Ortiz Ana Martinez Gutierrez Vera Mazzara Shreya Mitra Rie Morifuji Jayanthi L Narain Rebecca Jane Nicholson Akiko Nobukiyo Didem Ozdemir Lauren Chin Ok Park Milankumar Manubhai Patel Sonali Dilini Peiris Eduardo Plastino Campos Benjamin Owen Robert Radley Vasna Ramasar Margherita Clara Redaelli Matthew Sabin-Matsumoto Mira Saidi Scarlett Bienvenida Santana Helen Claire Sharp Colin James Staniland Tiffany Danielle Stevens Ariel Ann Jurow Stevenson Hannah Louise Tait Paolo Tedeschini Lalli Philippa Holly Thomas Elin Victoria Twigge Ludmila Vidigal Silva Jing Wen Melissa Wijaya Juan Xiao Pass Win Myint Aung Andre Artiaga De Carvalho Coelho Lilia Marcela Del Razo Martínez Kazue Demachi Eduard Levi Faith Parasto Hamed Xiuqing Hao Sowon Kim Carolyn Eileen Kingston Marion Ruth Thérèse Klein Xin Liu Eilidh F Macpherson Eva Martincova Sarah Jane Muniz Yoshiko Ohtaki Min Joung Park Andrew David Shaw Steven Joshua Paschal Snyder Emiri Suzuki

MSc in Development Studies (Research) Merit James Orlando Kofi Afedo Maria Del Pilar Carino Sarabia Taranun Laoboonchai

MSc in Economics and Philosophy Distinction Lena Mareen Koerber Marco Moscianese Santori Merit Edwin Yong Sen Cher Emiliano Raphael Huet-Vaughn

MSc in Economic History Distinction Thomas Walter Brem Wesley Judkins Campbell Rabi Rouf Chowdhury Benjamin Conner Petter Myre Eng John Leiper Ross Liddle Merit Ji Soo Bang Priyanka Chadha Mary Elisabeth Cox Hina Imran Stanislas Kraland Terence Li Shahnawaz Malik Andrea Medeiros Castro Jordan Yutaka Nebuya Xianji Quan Gerasimos Routzounis Francesco Ruffo Di Calabria Evan Graves Tuck Nisarg Vaidya Justin Van Rhyn Xinwen Zhang Pass Marco Atanasovsky Ahmad Bukhari Dong Po Cao Richard Lee Dewey Xiaosheng Hong Marley Jellie Yohei Kobayashi Jiangnan Qian David Riordan Wen Zhu

LSE Digest 07-08 I 67 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 MSc in Economic History (Research) Distinction Taylor Allen Jaworski Jagjeet Lally Sarah Merette Franz Julius Morche Merit Lechuan Huang Ulas Karakoc Ling-Fan Li Andreas Masaoutis Justin Samuel Sacks Pass Sacha Kamran Syed

MSc in Environment and Development Distinction Edward Leo Davey Delilah Rose Jordahl Mavourneen Pieterse Stephanie Lauren Reed Helen Simons Kathryn Rachel Smith Karin Ruth Sosis Aparna Sridhar Merit Dalia Abulfotuh Brian Gordon Ashby Caroline Ruth Carson Melissa Castillo Trudy Elizabeth Collis Sara Dominoni Carolina Carvalho Siqueira Elia Amal Enan Stephanie Elise Fleming Sarah Joanne Hawkes Carola Kenngott Janina Carola Ketterer Lauren Rose Knauss Frederic Antoine Lemaitre Thule Mukuhi Mahlangu Lenneiye Hilary H Millar Reena Bhupendra Patel Isabelle Marie Pelly Vanessa Pena Lyazzat Rabbiosi Fay Chin Robinson Nina Cecilia Ryopponen Zainab Saeed Javier Jeffery Sethness Tom Souhlas Kristina Tanso Hamza Mohamed Tber Kimberly Anne Thompson I 68 I LSE Digest 07-08

Rosa Villacorta Radhika Viswanathan Pass Mushfiqul Ghani Chowdhury Ana Lucia Guasque Garza Wenzheng Ji Hildemarij Goverdina Mesker Wenxin Zhou Ce Zhu

MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation Distinction Christoph Futter Hannah Eryl Dowson Mccrea Merit Cecila Barsk Bipasha Chatterjee Nadia De Marco Diane Erceg Jean-Benoit Fournier Olivier Frédéric Garnier Bradley James Hopkins Katherine Alexandra Hui Hagai Kot Thais Linhares Juvenal Leonardo Mazza Isla Anne Milne Giulia Sateriale Sarah Schoenbach Joana Setzer Katherine Claire Taylor Suzanne Uittenbogaard Bryn Weaver Pass Nasim S Adeli Ebru Avcioglu Sanober Durrani Marianne Elizabeth Gillis Ekhosuehi Annabelle Iyahen Henna Jain Kazutaka Kuroda Brandon Lee Ding Liang Xiao Ma Tuuli Marja Makela Richard Sean O'Rourke Jerome Piet Sydney Pontz Katherine Teresa Stewart Alejandra Verdera Mahima Vijendra Timothy Robert Warlow Ang Zhao

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 MSc in Environmental Policy, Planning and Regulation Pass Helen Louise Weeks

MSc in European Political Economy Distinction Yuliya Babich Andrea Serafino Merit Vasileios Bougioukos Florian Brum Sophie Catherin Rachel Mei Chu Thomas Christian Yves Debrouwer Sophie Dory-Lautrec Edvin Dule Ali Erbilgic Anna Sofia Catalina Geib Peter Harvan Marie Jacquesson Maria Christina Jordan Tomomi Kai Petar Kamcev Andreas Kästner Ferdinand Nicholas Koenig Anna Ewa Kubicka Yanis Konstantin Kühn Von Burgsdorff Ioannis Giannis Manolis Olivier Paul Pierre Marty Fabrizio Mazza Christopher Simon Mooney Thomas Patrick Moran Sebastien Eric Nicolas Morard Isabelle Léonie Catherine Nicolay Megan Killeen Niedermeyer Benjamin Ott Mihai Cornel Panaite Kilian A Pender Filippo Pignatti Morano Andreas Johannes Pointvogl Krisztina Pomper Caroline Maria Posse Yannick Reichenau Jehan Clément Sauvage Friedemann Walter Schulze-Fielitz Frank Selvaggi Katarzyna Elzbieta Siadak Garrett Alexander Smith Iryna Solohub Philipp Thaler Chiara Maria Trabattoni Konrad Michal Turski Joana Valente

Cedric Diane Freddy Van Quickenborne Burhan Yörük Pass Ifigeneia Asimaki Brandon Andre Doerfler Nikolaj Gammeltoft Wei-Ting Huang Jane Antonia Irvine Mounir Kenaissi Thomai Mavroudi Paraskevi Pavlaki Arjun Singh Dusica Stoilkovic Richard Sultanov

MSc in European Social Policy Merit Lucilla Bertolli Myrthe Anna Catharina De Jong Marta Federici Claudia-Maria Lanter-Lehmann Martin Moessler Beate Augusta M Rojahn Alexandre Rosu Elitsa Tsankova Luca Paolo Virgilio Pass Tolga Duygun Emanuel Glass Niels Peter Nielsen Lok Man Tam Didem Taser

MSc in European Studies: Ideas and Identities Distinction Belén Gongora-Martinez David Christopher Walker Merit Eva Anna Achinger Edoardo Alessandro George Albrighi Peter Olav Baum Hanna Barbara Bielecka Caleb Calhoun Stephen Daniel D'Alfonso Natalie Justine De Clermont Synne Laastad Dyvik Véronique Raphaële Marie Foulon Sara Kraus Helena Boyden Lamb Jan Zbigniew Lasocki Claire Loucks Rebecca Elizabeth Reed Maret Milenia Matkowska LSE Digest 07-08 I 69 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Ioana Mazare Caitlin Mcmullin Maite Morren Chelsea Winter Nolen Federico Petrolo Morgan Lorraine Roach Nichole Rousseau-Mcallister Jacquelyn Julianne Johanna Schultes Emily Yao Pass Burcu Calli Kate Dillon Nadia Din Eveline Sophie Filon Kaori Fukushima Fatma Asli Velieceoglu

MSc in European Studies (Research) Distinction Bryon Guon Yee Fong Merit Zeynep Sengul

MSc in Finance (part-time) Distinction Arash Farhadieh Joyce Ka-Yan Lam Alexandra E Natan Stefan Padberg Jean Michel Pitre Merit Mustansir Amijee Jeremy Craunot Krishan Dev Gopaul Tanusree Guha Adrian James Hing Ying Xin Huang Anil Iqbal Katarzyna Jarnot Jason Kastner Aline Khouri Nandita Singh Mulham Sleiman Neophytos Tsangarides Anil Valsan Pass Humairah Akhtar Fraz Hasan Khan Combiz Namvar Yeganeh Shyam Ramadoss Elo Maria Weiland

I 70 I LSE Digest 07-08

MSc in Gender Distinction Alice Ashworth Merit Eng Hee Melvin Chng Jill Drouillard Maja Raskovic

MSc in Gender (Research) Merit Breonna L Cole

MSc in Gender and the Media Merit Gauri Bhure Tamsyn Dent Estee Ricca Fresco Yang Hao Kathleen Anne Pullum Pass Sara Ashlee Bledsoe Alice Pfeiffer

MSc in Gender and Social Policy Distinction Natalie Amber Hanman Gema Karina Santamaría Balmaceda Pernilla Anna Mari Tunberger Merit Johanna Margareta Heden Amber Astrid Schmidt Emma May Jennifer Smale Monica Stephen Miloney Shirish Thakrar Pass Medine Akgul Gwendolyn Heather Dingwall Natsuko Fujimaki Rahima Gambo Jayme Elizabeth Pettit

MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation Distinction Dorothee Barberon Rebecca Lynn Haines Sandra Panopio Anna Elizabeth Rooke Merit Sarah Cathrine Blake Emma Charlotte Brännlund

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Bridget Burns Sara Victoria Cannon Holly Connor Amina Olayiwola Doherty Ashley Erdman Carey Leigh Hogg Katharine Im-Jenkins Nikolina Jozanc Chandni Lakhani Melissa Langworthy Marialanna Lewes Lee Nicholas Mcglynn Sarah Hopkin Miles Ria Prianka Mukherji Sayaka Ochida Marcela Ondekova Ella Grainne Page Laura Astrid Ramos Cardona Aliya Hamid Rao Jasmine Begum Rouf Samantha Jessica Samuel Merissa Silk Sabrina Singh Tamaki Suzuki Aysen Ezgi Ustubici Elise Danielle Wohlbold Pass Jessica Karen Chao Jung-Eun Choi Cynthia Dehesa Guzman Elizabeth Gustafson Porngam Liamsiriwatana Nalinlux Pumhiran Emily Sauls Jennifer Tavern Aya Yamamoto

MSc in Global History Pass Andrew Duncan Cook

MSc in Global History (Erasmus Mundus) Distinction Bridget Devoy Marieke Hounjet Merit Daniel Cooper Sean Dubberke Henning Ellermann Sayalee Hemant Karkare Lauren Kepkiewicz Yiwen Li Chao Ma Barzin Pakandam

Willem Johannes Van Zyl Simon Watmough Lisa Wolf Pass Justin Brown

MSc in Global Politics Distinction Garima Mohan Charles Barclay Roger Merit Selina Adam Khan Katherine Alexander Jennifer Bauser Robert William Holmes Bennett Jeffrey Berlin Hedda Bull-Hansen Laura Janina Burkitt Jan Reiner Busse Ashley Elizabeth Chandler Eric Danko Matilde Susana Davison Jennifer Ehrlich Syed Nadir El-Edroos Kerstin Chantale Erickson Aaron Thomas Eske Nadav Asher Eyal Angela Fritz Sohko Fujimoto Bruce William Reinoud Graham Britta Verena Gruenig Avery Hancock Pui Yi Ho Andrew Hughey Rahim Kanani Caroline Antonia Karlsson Rachel Keeler Juliet Kerr Gee-Hae Sylvia Kim Hyo Rim Veronica Lee Steven Lei Pedro Leite Georgina Anne Lewis Samuel James Madden Justin S Mankin Ian Holt Matthews Jason Pierre Ollison Sally Terris Orr Andrea Ortega Tka Cerise Pinnock Catherine Rose Power Daniel Richard Oscar Rathwell Enrique Romero Clare Dorothea Rudebeck Philippine Rudolf LSE Digest 07-08 I 71 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Yashoda Sampath Natalie Patricia Sarafian Amiera Sawas Cornelia Christina Schiller Jeremy Sher Martin Simonek Howar Talabany Viktoria Tchoudakov Elvira Maria Christina Thissen Edmund William Towers Harry Verhoeven Antonia Karoline Von Perfall Matthew Werner Gregg Rupert Whetton Noah Daniel Zon Pass Christopher Biggers Won-Young Choi Eduardo Guzman Christiana Kathryn Kern Sachiko Kitahara Andrew Lederman Huize Li Michelle Mowery Claudio Rodrigo Pardo Enrico

MSc in Global Politics (Global Civil Society) Merit Sultan Abbas Stacy Ann Edgar Joanna Johnston Ziyaad Iussuf Lunat Mary Emily Mulville Odile Arisel Perez Adel Ruished Alisha Elizabeth Smith-Arthur

MSc in Global Media and Communications (LSE and USC) Distinction Hélène Barrot Merit Zayna Aston Alexandra Carew Joseph Douglas Clock Chetan Bharat Dave Sharon Ileen Fain Elizabeth Gotha Todd Douglas Hind Jing Li Ottavia Montingelli Wataru Narita Theodore Orsher I 72 I LSE Digest 07-08

Katherine Kyle Peck Mandeep Kaur Samra Leila Rosamond Scott Michelle Shabnam Shalizi Moran Song George Allen Onas Villanueva Pass Sahar Baghery Xuejiao Chen Inkyung Cho Rui Du Jingjing Fu Jessica Louise Laufman Xiaoyu Li Sinee Suriyapattanapong Yiqing Zhang

MSc in Health, Community and Development Distinction Rochelle Ann Burgess Damani Nicholas Goldstein Jing Jing Liu Lior Idit Miller Kerry Elizabeth Scott Merit Alejandra Alvarez Hilde Bryhn Ana Petra Costa Maria Desiree Diez Portela Dana Nicole Hayes Rona Jane Higgins Arif Jetha Livia Ottisova Ninjeri Pandit Francisca Puga Sophia Alexandra Walker Pass Sapna Prasad Dramani Yakubu

MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing Distinction Avram Denburg Irfan Dhalla Merit Alex Adjagba Amrita Palriwala Anwar Jilani Beate Barth Beth Emma Anderson Carmen Schickinger Eun Young Jung

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Iris Molosankwe Jeremiah Nee-Whang Jo Annah Gambrell Jensen Lara Brearley Laura Sawyer Margot Morris Mariam Ujeyl Maulik Chokshi Monique Smith Nichole Lee Taske Olumide Okunola Poonam Gohil Raphael Yugi Rebecca Carlton Savita Kalra Pass David Haddad Edward Bat Kanu Eric Obikeze Gemma Salvetti Lauren Weinberger Louise Harhoff Mahanoor Khan Rupal Mahendrakumar Jayaswal Taro Tomizuka

MSc in Health, Population and Society Distinction Emma Clifton-Brown Merit Svetlana Ancker Fiammetta Maria Bozzani Gabrielle Eve Elkaim Orsida Apollon Gjebrea Chazha Hick Asma Khalid Monallisa Mafirakurewa Kimberly Johanna Maynard Michelle Sriwongtong Cicely Thomas Pass Elizabeth-Rose Gabbett Farouk Adam Iddrisu Madeleine Lisa Knight

MSc in Housing and Regeneration (Social Policy) Distinction Thomas Neumark Merit James William Anderson Abigail Nauli Baker Bryony Baker Anna Jayne Beach

Emily Elizabeth Briggs David Burns Josin Chin-Sang Zoe Sarah Collins Gillian Davies Patrick Thomas Hannon Robert James Hutson Harriet Laura Jones Jonathan Lloyd Rosa Payne Thomas Christopher Say Octavia Julian Williams Pass Jake Brodetsky Alexander Alexander Owen Collins Anne Bovee Dods John Robert Goody Shuk Yan Man Ella Saimbi Sule Gulay Yiacoup

MA in History of International Relations Distinction Sarah Elizabeth Callanan Peter John Cannon Annette Barbara Geca Helen Patricia Murphy Mahon Stephen Murphy Christopher Alexander Parkes Merit Elyas Hasan Burney Bethan Robyn Cansfield Alice Eaton Melody Ann Erasmus Kirsty Alwyn Hannah Johnson Golnar Oveyssi Deanna Pittman Oliver Bury Popplewell Talal Ahmed Rajab Jennifer Raynor Benjamin Woodside Schrier Megan Tulac Brendan Udokoro Pass Cherise Gordon Kristine Beryl Hinterkopf Evangelia Mathopoulou Natanaree Posrithong Bryan Andrew Rowe

MSc in History of International Relations Distinction Craig Thomas Aitken James Fryer LSE Digest 07-08 I 73 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Richard Stephen Norris Joseph James Quaye Ellen Jenny Torgersen Ravndal Charlotte Lydia Riley Fiona Ann Robertson William L. Sapp Mikael Shirazi Anita Julia Zech Merit Jens Henrik Alderin Siavosh Arasteh Brittany Crane Brown Francesca Cappelli Philippe Charlebois Carla Fernández Benedicto Stuart James Greenacre Jessica Kate Gutteridge Ryan Haddad Victoria Olayinka Humphrey Angela Ioannou Teodora Kamenova Kamenova Sang Bum Kim Emmanuelle Konter Tamilla Mamedova Daniel Mcginn-Shapiro Sonya Marise Misquitta Konrad Spencer Mould Ivan Obadic Caitlin Leigh Peddie Arvind Ramakrishnan Conor Lee Riffle Robert Samuel Adam Scheuer Katherine Anne Spillenkothen Kristoffer Stabrun Adam Elliott Stahl Marcel Thach Alexander-Nicolai Bernhard Von Rosenbach James Walsh Antonia Wynne-Hughes Pass Waqas Ahmed Lisa Marie Allen Liam James Chambers Katherine Corogenes Ashley Allison Hetherington Tien Yin Huang Chunlin Hui Michelle Pui Yin Ip Noel Stephen Kelly Jeyup Seemont Kwaak Sanam Mahoozi Molly Alford Matlock Elisha Sulai

I 74 I LSE Digest 07-08

MSc in Human Geography (Research) Distinction Antonios Vradis Felix Weinhardt Merit Margherita Bassanese Richard John Daniel Simpson

MSc in Human Resource Management Distinction Foteini Christianopoulou Archana Preet Saluja Lok Ting Fiona Tam Eleni Vassiliou Merit Alexis Vaughan Antonia Cynthia Baah Charlotte Elizabeth Berger Mainak Bhattacharya Shromona Bose Tavar Bolouri Anna Janina Theresa Brockstedt Benaifer Buhariwala Orla Mary Cafferkey Zerin Ahmed Choudhury Chrysanthi Danou Amy Iretioluwa Duggan Jayanti Gopal Martin James Hitt Zhenpeng Lin Farheen Moeen Owen Diana Omogiafo Tolulope Toluwalashe Osho Shireen Quraishi Annalisa Jane Ryan Peter Nicholas Terela Lisa Whiffen Danah Louise Wilson Wenyan Zhang Lili Zhuang Pass Kanyana Eileen Baguma Larissa Barnett Aditi Chaturvedi Wendi Chen Aleksandra Maria Dura Sonam Goyal Chantel James Ian Edward Johnston Stephanie Jones Kamila Kapusniak Salonie Khurana Cho-Li Lin Guanghua Lu

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Sowmya Mysoor Hasa Ram Anuja Amol Shah Jessica Anne Symons Sneh Ajit Vajani Nafeesa Firozuddin Vora Xuan Xuan Peng Zhang

MSc in Human Rights Distinction Jesse Mark Bernstein Amy Beth Connell Julie Gersten Intissar Khreeji Nicholas Richard Williams Merit Luisa Gockel Antunes Almeida Verity Rachel Altaras David Nicholas Andersson Jeanne Delia Barrett Mariana Bastos De Oliveira Josef Roy Benedict Christina Blunt Christine Margaret Bradford Alletta Brenner Maria Butler Christopher Marty Cairns Sarah Diane Case Samantha Sophie Cohen Thomas Dannatt Iqbal Ahmed Detho Allyson Helen Doby Lorena Fuentes Thomas Alexander David Gaisford Christopher Bret Garrigues Christina Anne Givey Nina Gora Karl Horberg Ahmed Jamal-Ur-Rehman Melissa Kaminker Amira Kheir Hari Karthikeya Kondabolu Nina Jasmin Kuehnel Kay Louise Lalor Arshad Mahmood Pavle Mamula Malcolm Patrick Mccluskey Robin Miller Katrina Danielle Munir Anaide Laeticia Nahikian Sara Park Julia Parke Jennifer Susan Parks Elizabeth Parrott

Mirte Thyra Suzanne Postema Kasit Rochanakorn Maria Ron-Balsera Grace Margaret Sauder Dina Shoukry Bartholomew Storan Anna Louie Sussman Jangwoo Yoon Mehrunnisa Yusuf Pass Laura Gava Michael Goecken Maj Britt Ravnkilde Gaia Sprocati Jing Xu

MSc in Industrial Relations (Research) Merit Fan Gu Ephrat Livne Nuno Rafael Oliveira Kawin Tangudtaisak Pass Michael Patrick Brown MSc in International Affairs (LSE and Peking University) Distinction Hoi Shan Cheung David Alexander Korn Michele Lyne Wong Merit Abigail Brown Ke Chen Xiao Fu Chen Li Myra Wai-Jing Pong Pass Ben Julian Hohne Eleni Koltsiou Yawen Liu Surat Suwannikkha Zheng Wu

MSc in Information Systems and Organisations (Research) Distinction Benjamin David Eaton Jan Dirk Herzhoff Carolyn Paris Merit Joël Jérémie Samuel Guilbaud Ming Guo LSE Digest 07-08 I 75 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Boyi Li Antonios Ntakoulas Pass Wifak Houij Gueddana Jae Yong Leel

MSc in International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management Distinction Frauke Simone Austermann Enrico Cocchi Shweta Shah Merit Ino Antonia Aroni Basak Atalay Ayesha Bano Fang Bao Christina Barcelon Walter Alexander Boyne Stefania Cappello Yui Fung Chow Gopa Das Disha Dharnidharka Sangeeta Gokhale Katrin Grunwald Miguel Henriques Mourao Brett Croll Henry Natasha Jaggi Juhi Jha Anne-Victoire Jocteur Monrozier Ashrayata Karki Woo Joong Kim Woonyee Koh Maya Kurian Miranda Tatiana Kwong Olga Lacigova Georg Ai-Hua Lehmann Katherine Mcguffey Lea Lenka Pachta Isabelle Karine Aurore Pellier Nayana Pongtawewirat Katharine Walker Reed Omosalewa Runsewe Margarita Sakelliou Kari Johanne Skjelbred Rachita Srivastava Joanna Inez Szymecka Katayoon Toufighi Pei Hsun Tsai Mark Chun Wai Yeung Jingjun Zhang Bin Zhao Qingyuan Zong I 76 I LSE Digest 07-08

Pass Divya Adusumilli Shruti Babbar Kalliopi Bastaki Liping Cai Lin Chen Susan Pei-San Chen Weishan Chen Dennis Generao Tanya Ghai Dong-Cheol Han Colenzo Ernest Jarrett-Thorpe Song Won Ju Nida Karim Georgios Karmis Amara Khalid Sapna J Khan Theodora Klepetouna Xiao Ying Lu Liyu Lu Mikolaj Michal Makowski Anub Mannaan Chaudhry Ahmed Mansoor Anne Oommen Janani Prabhakaran Arundhati Sharma Miftahuddin Sheikh Muhammad Aarti Sheth Suzanna Thekkekara Malthi Sampath Thummalapalli Eleni-Maria Voudouri Xiao Wang Lina Weng

MSc in International Health Policy Distinction Enrico Cinnella Katharine Margaret Lawrence Mandip Singh Sandhu Merit Stamatia Alexopoulos Jasmin Blak Alyx Elise Bovee-Begun Nimithri Sureni Cabraal Apostolos Charos Prithwiraj Das David Clifford Flood Malaina Freedman Qi Guan Anne-Laure Guillermin Rachel Irwin Jeannine Lemaire Andrew Maclean Lisa Mehigan Whitney Rae Miller

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 André Daniel Morais Kanchan Mukherjee Efthalia Nikoglou Anastasia Panteliadou James Richard Lewis Pugh Anne Kathrin Runge Vijayakumar Sankaran Rina Rajanikant Shah Meenu Mahak Sodhi Anne Stey Levine Thomas Shawn Thomas Pui Chi Wong Passß Naime Burcu Duyguluoz Aiko Orishige Konstantinos Papadakis Andres Ernesto Roman Urrestarazu Panagiota Vrouchou

Candice Lok Man Cheng Sophie Arabel Dimmer Pooja Ghia Arthur Johannes Franciscus Krebbers Anh Quynh Lam Diane Sophie Le Douaron Ayako Matsuba Tuc Anh Nguyen Marianna Nowaczyk Alexander Phillips Arianna Podesta Magnus Bruno Frederik Resch Benjamin Riedel Adam Skopinski Tracy Li Ling Tan Maurice Alexander Vakily Pass Inna Vladimirovna Leontenkova Chidinma Peace Ndukwe

MSc in International Health Policy (Health Economics)

MSc in International Political Economy

Distinction Evan James Rawstron Merit Esther Oyeronke Akinboye Sangita Goel Lyudmila Emily Gorokhovich Lindsay Hayden Tania Zulu Holt Adam Michael Andrew Johns Jonas Minet Kinge Louisa Maria Pericleous Soraiya Percy Shroff Jennifer Tom Einar Anders Torkilseng Ellen Werble David Qinghu Xu Ji Hee Youn Pass Fareen Sanam Hassan MSc in International Management (CEMS/IMEX) Distinction Wouter Theodoor Albers Alexander Mouringh Bonebakker Mathias Christian Imbach Clemens M Metz Sahil Nayar Mareike Barbara Nossol Wei Jia Shi Merit Arushi Batra

Distinction Charlotte Rosa Christina Fried Robert Fritz Hermann Lepenies Alexander Darren Lindenberg Jonathan Peter Yiangou Merit Morgane Sophie Beaudouin Alexander David Bos Margaret Lucille Carswell-Engle Angus Ian Hugh Fane-Hervey Jonathan Terrence Godsall John Grady Green Christina Heidlauf William Helmken Christopher John Hilson Iain Craig Kent Sardar Ali Khan Richard Erik King Valery Kisilevsky Max Kubicki Herman Zaks Lubin Sonia Mukhi Elisa Ayten Oezbek David Alan Osborn Michel Streith Pratte Muharrem Aytug Sasmaz Rosmarie Schlup Hanna Katharina Schommer Anne Maurits Ter Haar Patrick Joseph Thomas Renee Joanna Van Heusden Marta Maria Wieczorek Pass Pedro Nolasco Abreu LSE Digest 07-08 I 77 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Paige Whitney Andrews Nina Arbabzadeh Johan Arne Boelts Andrew Robert Christie Eli Birnbaum Clifton Ryan Coffey Emiliano D'Amato Reena Dinesh Desai Rory Patrick Doyle Carlos Gabriel Enriquez Montes David Hart Haerim Heo Katherine Igras Michael Paul Ashley Jenner Julia Antonia Kraetke Renata Krapivina Bredesen Robert Lewis Chor Li Yi Liu Francesco Marrangoni David Hugh Mcgovern Louisa Metcalfe Manoli Bimba Perera Lauren Petrosky Omar Raddawi Andrew Marshall Rennemo Samuel Skoblo Anya Tabb Danielle Topic Michael Vettiger

MSc in International Political Economy (LSE and Sciences Po) Distinction Stefano Mosso Merit Marion Hoffmann Marine Clarisse Thérèse Maryse Houx Matthieu Franck Serviat

MSc in International Relations Distinction Morten Skumsrud Andersen Thomas Andrew Ayers Christopher David John Bailey Sinclair Besombes James Hudson Borod Raluca Elena Boroianu-Omura Elizabeth Kate Brown Silla Brush Catherine Winifred Charrett Hyun-Seung Cho John Alford Donnelly Jesse Alexander Feinberg I 78 I LSE Digest 07-08

Thomas Frederick Charles Hoy Sze Wai Sylvia Hui Ruth Alison Lightfoot Sophia Meskin Pol Morillas Bassedas Elizabeth O'Casey Ana Francisca Ramirez Copelos Anna Nicole Shandro Ezra Sean Steinhardt Catherine Frances Yeldham Merit Martha Baxter Lawrence Christopher Blatnik Racheli Esther Kelly Breakstone Tiana Carriedo Laura Kirsten J Cooper Andrew Nicholas Cowdrill Brittany Damora Peter John Dangerfield Mateusz Marek Drela Christia Flourentzou Aarjen Glas Rokas Grajauskas Ali Haider Johannes Heistermann Bram Alfons Huguette Hofmans Michael Christian Godfrey Hunt Julie Hunter Paul Ionel Ivan Sara Karnas Neil Frith Ketchley Kjetil Ramberg Krøkje Il Woo Lee Sonia Lowman Dominik Marxer Sarah Moreau Annette Ruth Pacey Thomas John Patterson Marc Charles Timothy Perves Usma Qureshi Andrew Rabens Christopher Steven Reed Katherine Anne Kellough Reisner Linda Alexandra Ristani Stephen Ristich Zachary Andrew Rynar Susanne Gabriele Salz Nilanthi Renuka Samaranayake Hakon Lunde Saxi Nils Schmieder Mathew Zi Jing Sim Maya Ruth Soble Polly Southern Marie-Claire Waghorn Lucy Constance Judith Walker Eli Widecki

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Zachary Wolfraim Pass Sarah Tsege Mariam Bekele Johansson Joanna Maria Bolec Alistair David James Brunning Ruben David Elsinga Cem Ernaz Danyal Ariff Bin Hamidon Nathaniel Heber Elizabeth Paige Hyman Satoshi Kikuchi Talette Kinander Karina Kizhner Gary Guangming Li Zachary Megli Dino Mihanovic Amir Musin Catherine Nadeau Anna Pogosjan Damian Mark Quanking Daniel Patrick Riggs Charubhumi Ruangsuwan Sophie-Odile Charlotte Fanny Sauerteig Martin Oliver Schoenberg Lindsay Stoll Schubert Adrian Villanueva-Delgado Yexing Wang Guofei Wang Shen-Chi Weng Kwok Hong Wong Jie Yu

MSc in International Relations (LSE and Sciences Po) Distinction Clemence Vidal De La Blache Merit Margaret Jeanette Coombs Elsa Mouelhi-Rondeau Pass Lily Frey

MSc in International Relations (Research) Merit Tomas Giedraitis Yixiao Zheng

Master of Laws Distinction Nandini Anne Acharya Spyridon Andritsos Elisabetta Bellini Nicholas William Joseph Clapham

Siddhartha Datta Anna Sinead Kate De Courcy Wheeler Pravin Nath Fernando Gabrielle Gellineau Thomas Paul Goldup Sharon Anne Grennan Brianna Harrison Joshua Alan Hartman Shuk Ying Sabrina Ho Ian Johnson Nantje Leonore Carolina Johnston Iza Junkar William Bernard Keenan Tetyana Krupiy Galyna Kurovska Nicolas Lamp Eva Lee Wan-Xuan Lin Marta Maria Lucyk Natasha Mahajan Katie Ann Mahoney Areti Malaki-Tzartzanou Rowan Fionnuala Mcrae Sophie Anne Mcwilliam Reha Mitra Danica Mullarkey Eva Maria Joelle Nagle Ahto Nirgi Nadia Okraku Neil Christopher Owens Roni Pacht Francois Philippe Peglau Kathryn Anne Peterson Selene Francesca Rosso Basil Salman Benjamin Mauric Silverstone Pilar Tschollar Sheila Rose Varadan Marie Ella Aimée Von Engelhardt Martin Ernest Rene Wurth Wai Yee Yuen Renata Zagradisnik Amy Bridget Zarzeczny Merit Tayyab Mohyuddin Ahmed Nkilika Amobi Philipp Bachmann Kristina Sofie Barbov Irine Bartaia Nagashree Gajanan Bhat Preeti Bishnoi Sundip Biswas Zuzana Blazkova Jan Roberto Boker Nandini Shivany Boodia-Canoo Faisal Buali LSE Digest 07-08 I 79 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Gul Buyukkilic Michael Stephen Caldwell Victor Livio Enmanuel Cedeno Brea Benjamin Prajapati Chamon John David Charney Grace Hyunju Choi Amélie Chollet Hue Ting Chong Andrew Macmorris Coffin Charlotte Marie Caroline Colin Xue Cong Fernanda Crespo Ferreira Pawel Michal Czech Stéphanie Marie Elizabeth Damien Hadrien De Patoul Mark Devane Anna Frances Doherty Marie-Helene Karine Dufour Zeynep Feyza Eker Ekaterina Ermakova Padraic William Foran Joana Fragata Rossella Enrica Frigerio Daniela Gadben Clarice Garcia Kaustubh George James Jamshid Ghaeni Michelle Lascelles Gilmore Solange Gonzalez Barrenechea Anna Gracheva Orley Granot Jason Hadid Koji Hagio Akshat Hansaria Nora Osama Al-Ghazali Harb Karma Fairley Hickman Kan Yeuk Rebecca Ho Ching Long Veronica Hui Eleni Iakovidou Kathryn Ilczyszyn Tarun Jain Abhay Jhina Hui Jiang Ann Minu Jose Shruti Kannanur Puthanmadom Lamin Brima Ray Khadar Andrew Kidd Kazumoto Kitamura Michael Paul Kniffen Kathrin Kranz Nadja Kubat Amelie Mary Andrea Labbe Jehan-Damien Le Brusq Nicolas Anthony Letts Tina Lynch Eoghan Emmett Maginn I 80 I LSE Digest 07-08

Pauline Ginette Jocelyne Maillet Savas Manoussakis Edward Marrocco Pierre Oliver Matri Salah Mohammad Mattoo Anne Mccarthy Lawrence Ewan Mcgaughey Camille Mercier Marialeta Moumtzoglou Susan Mwangi Josefin Anna Sigrid Nordegren Louisa Margaret Nye Francisca Obu Siegfried Iwuani Omanukwue Chioma Ijeoma Oparadike Birthe Panhans Varun Pathak Adam William Penman Diogo Rui Pereira Brandon Michael Petelin Amir Pichhadze Alexander Prezanti Isolde Rabl Tyagarajan Sundar Ramanathan Nazli Ramzy Pierre Reine Joao Henrique Roriz Filippo Rossi Amit Sachdeva Rajinder Singh Sahota Urvashi Saikumar Gurbakhshish Sandhu Katja Scharkowski Ulf Schauenburg Vasudha Sen Makoto Seta Kay King-Lune Seto Shwetha Shanmukha Tanmaya Dhari Sinha Natalia Skoulidou Tanushri Syal Gunnar Thor Thorarinsson Padraig Eoin Twomey Chinonyelum Esther Uwazie Jessica Sien Wai Van Der Kamp An-Sofie Van Hootegem Srivalli Velan Chuanqi Wang Abigail Welsh Aritha Gishan Wickramasinghe Lois Rebecca Williams Jessica Winbaum Galit Wolfensohn Robin Zablow Ningning Zhang Han Zhang

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Yi Zhao Yasemin Zongur Pass Ajibola Abiola-Ajimobi Divyam Agarwal Prasanna Balasundaram Ana Bebiano Aizhana Bekkulieva Aytugce Birerdinc Isidore Kuupolle Bonabom Stéphane Bonichot Anastasia Burkova Pavithra Chugh Veronica Lily Coughlan Jingxian Dai Shrina Daswani Ratiba Deramchia Arpana Dhariwal Seyed Mohammad Dibaji Foroushani Rodrigo Fernandez Hector Alexis Garza Cervera Wen Zhong Goh Daria Golubenko Nadine Aisha Natasha Grandison-Mills Shi Hong Fu-Nu Huang Tanvi Kapoor Nazia Kassamali Jalal Khan Jung Eun Kim Isabelle Kishida Laura Alice Laborey Pernille Karin Lundin Larsen Zhe Li Zheng Li Caio Scheunemann Longhi Nikoleta Mangeli Zaynah Marani Kalliopi Margariti Alexia Mirachi Ankur Mittal Anjali Augusta Antoinette Motha Chinma Marie Jacqueline Obihara Zhongxi Ou Candace Padmore Juliana Vellutini Pimentel Gonzalo Tomas Polanco Angeliki Poulopoulou Vishnu Prasad Jannat Katixa Ramos-Román Stephen Mark Reid Eric Robertazzi Thiago Rocha Nadya Farid Rouben Mari Sakai Maria Pilar Seoanez

Reiko Shimoda Harshita Singh Diego Fernando Soto-Miranda Qi Sun Rebecca Luxsumy Thilaganathan Cem Usten Geraldo Valentim Neto Masrin Vanichwatanaramlouk

Master of Laws (extended part-time study) Merit Petra Arnold

MSc in Law and Accounting Distinction Sandrine Simard Tarun Ramunni Warriar Merit Khamran Ali Ali Ahmed Allawala Tatiana Valentinovna Antonova Baha Eldin Arab Nicolas Beaujoin Joshua Bloom Xiaoli Chen Wan Yee Cheung Antigoni Dimopoulou Christina Jia Wen Giang Takashi Hara Benoit Hug Nan Jiang Karlo Kampmann Ilknur Burcin Kekevi Kon Man Lau Stefanos Merikas Barbara Halina Polak Rabiya Qadeer Yan Qiu Shan Shao Ritu Vohra Wai Khuen Wong Lu Zhang Xiaoxiao Zhou Pass Luciana Silverio Abrantes Claudia Yukari Asazu Shutao Chang Aleksandra Harrison Wei Hou Yikai Hu Maria-Stefania Katsiapi Huan Liu Sumlit James Chiu-Man Pitayanukul LSE Digest 07-08 I 81 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Julian Rins Matthew Tyler King Robson Jing Wang Ziling Wang

MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society Distinction Dmitri Prieto Samsonov Merit Vanessa Corcoran Katherine Marisa Embiricos Jeanine Erica Joiner Sonal Makhija Honor Elizabeth Mcadam Katherine Ryder Eleanor Jayne Scudder Sara Volkmar Gaia Von Hatzfeldt Jack Wainwright Sahil Khan Warsi Justin Wieland Pass Ryan Littlepage Mariam Kathleen Morshedi Embla Eir Oddsdottir

MSc in Local Economic Development Distinction Mark Babij Deanna Lynne Salpietra Merit Alejandro Almazan Zimerman Jurgita Balaisyte Andres Bayona Roxane Chritine Marie Castelein Amy Addavail Coslett Rana Mashhour Dababneh Xue Ding Sufan Guo Armando Gutierrez Cuevas Colleen Joelle Hamilton Leticia Kawanami Nadezhda Lepeshko Fangzhi Lu Michael Nurmsoo Daniela B Platsch Kaneez Fatima Saeed Ali Sohail Yani Tyskerud Neha Viswanathan Yan Yang Sharon Liang Zhao Ying Zhu

I 82 I LSE Digest 07-08

Pass Lei Chu Natalia Teresa Gunther Zeyu He Hongchang He Piotr Leszek Hirnle Tadao Hoshino Yaprak Kurtsal Lorena Fonseca Medeiros Medeiros Melle Carla Patrick Jana Maria Patricia Reichert Divinia Sebastian-Mistry Didar Temenov Po-Kai Tsai Margarita Vega-Rapún Ken Wang Elsie Mumbi Wangai Sarah Werner Mengwen Zhang

MSc in Management Distinction Patrick El-Hawa Chantal Karin Felder Ravi Kanani Krista Lacy Lauks Min Kyu Park Roongkiat Ratanabanchuen Suraj Ravindran Victoria Soboleva Michael Hin Fung Wong Merit He Soung Ahn Kanika Arora Jacqueline Mae Yin Au Yiqun Cao Elida Cavic Shi Min Leisha Chia Priyanka Dewan Ashish Dudani Mehmet Can Erdogan Yetkin Ergun Sebastian Georg Martin Handschke Willliam Julian Heron Kai-Lin Hsu Antoine Khadige Shruti Krishnamurthy Yin Lam Claudio Laudati Thibault Benoit Pierre Leonard Isabel Bouissou Lepecki Yahan Li Ming Yuan Li Alessandro Lijoi

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Priyanka Girdhar Mohanani Babitta Obhrai Vasileios Papaioannou Phumphat Phetphumphairoj Ioannis Psychogiopoulos Xing Qin Gauri Raina Gokul Selvaraj Maria Carolina Serna Kitima Sirisabsopon Saowanee Sittichai Evangelia Spilioti Petros Trapezaris Niranjan Umashanker Di Wu Xu Yang Sahitya Yerramreddy Zhen Zhang Yiye Zhou Pass Yunru Chen Andrea Cruz Ian Desmond Cummins Adam Dimitropoulos Bradley James Fowler Olga Julia Grzech Vedran Hurem Josephine Kongoasa Ivan Kotev Sei Won Park Maria Eleni Pavlou Dong Jun Shin Xuwan Zheng Wufei Zhong

MSc in Management (CEMS/IMEX) Distinction Millen Wolde-Selassie

MSc in Management, Organisations and Governance Distinction Saira Iqbal Matthijs Robert Kwik John Francis O'Sullivan Merit Hira Adam Shefian Akbar Aditi Bagri Louisa Baxter Christian Busch Sehr Charania Olga Charles Daniele Diana

Flaminia Forneris Felix Gruendorfer Brandon Hawkins Madeeha Saleem Khan Mehwish Naseem Khan Daniel Klein Valeriya Kroshyna Leigh Ann Lanier Annabel Lui Cheng Ma Wendy Macclinchy Monika Maciulyte Parastu Malik Jennifer Massoud Sebastian Sebastian Mukkadan Pallavi Nandagopal Sirikanya Narongtanupon Kathy Ng Sarinee Nonejui Miroslava Piricova Zulekha Razzak Severin Jan Rueegger Kairat Satkyn Ulu Merlia Shaukath Christian Shelton Jielei Shi Nandita Singh Patricia Stallings Jamilah Tangaza Andrei Tchadliev Kanokporn Tongtaveepat Luigi Trentadue Erim Ergun Tuc Polyxeni Vasilakopoulou Karen Thorsen Vatnamot Ioanna Vourani Tingting Xie Xiaoyu Xu Pass Mira Abdrakhmanova Beryl Attah Kamran Balayev Celeny Roberta Da Silva Ana Teresa Gomes Lopes Da Silva Jun Young Heo Nijat Heydarov Ankit Pratik Kothari Nay Myo Kyaw Yi Pan Bo Pang Slavka Pavlovic Shuang Song Ye Zhang Maria Victorovna Zhelezko

LSE Digest 07-08 I 83 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 MSc in Management and Regulation of Risk Distinction JNicolas Alexandre Merlet Cindy Tsung Ki Ng Satendra Tiwari Merit Ghanem Al Araj Olivia Sylvia Brindle I-Chun Chen Yudie Chen Nathalie Dagher Aditya Hindocha Anne-Laure Jacquemard Hong Wee Lee Xin Li Ioulia Shamilevna Meftakhoutdinova Tatiana Michaelidou Siming Ou Rajesh Paidighantam Henrik Pankakoski Anita Stylianides Chung Yin Tang Xiao Ou Wang Xing Wu Chong Xu Qiao Li Zhang Meng Zhang Fei Zhou Pass Karen Stephanie Blunden Neophytos Christodoulou Andrea Chrysostomou Divya Desai Pooja Kesavan Alexander Don Neagoe Panagiotis Stefanos Papazoglou Ioannis Sabanis Olivia Song-Chi Tai Wei Tang Thara Liz Varghese Ricardo Villafuerte Abrego Shuai Wang

MSc in Non-Governmental Organisations and Development Distinction Rabia Masood Merit Yenchen Lee Varya Meruzhanyan Charlotte Marie Minvielle Natalie Anne Patrick-Knox Mathar Rana I 84 I LSE Digest 07-08

Patrick Reyburn Ananya Roy Nyana Sabharwal David Yebuah Pass Gabool Mohammed Al-Mutawakel Maria Teresa Castro Gomes Sumeyye Erdogan Maria Fernanda Galindo Abarca Julie Marie Monniot-Gaillis Tan-Chi Yang

MSc in Media and Communications Distinction Helen Shirah Dunphy Karen Lawler Fiona Mary Mackay Adam Christopher Paul Mitchell Johannes Till Opfermann Joyce Park Samir Saran Anirban Sarma Sofia Topakas Merit Ashmi Ahluwalia Nawf Tariq A Albassam Michelle Ameer Nadine Amer Amélie Aubert Ines Bamburac Marie Brigitte Madeleine Belinguier Millicent Celine Brown Angela Casolaro Alexandra Chalat Panagiotis Charitos Tianhui Chen Henry Cohn-Geltner Marissa De Miguel Isabella Dumas Laurène Fajon Jessica Gardiner Rosemary George Kushla Devi Gopal Lindsey Allison Hall Tarek Hosny Ching-Wei Huang Chitra Iyer Sally Yu Jin Jeun Anuja Jhalani Vipul Khosla Walaa Khubieh Terence Edmond Kiff Miyoung Kim Alexia Kommata Anna Kuma

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Yuchen Li Alice Chia-Lin Lin Fang Liu Anna - Maria Maierski Rahoul Bharat Masrani Débora Mehler Shavanna Maria Miller Yusuf Said Muftuoglu Ayumi Nio Olga Lacramioara Sanda Maya Sato Avainte Quebec Saunders Ilva Tare Dominika Wenta Thomas Kevin White Kimberly Denise Williams Szu Han Yang Elizaveta Zagretdinova Qiushi Zhang Xiaozhou Zhong Pass Ana Barbera I Areste Shilei Chen Sakib Aziz Chowdhury Dina Elshinnawi Kristen Elizabeth Fohrer Kornbongkoj Katchamas Zheng Li Amandine Isabelle Proisy Ksenia Starikova Riddhi Ved Nikolay Voronin Xiameng Xu Shuo Zhang

MSc in Media and Communications Regulation and Policy Merit Andrew Leslie Taylor Pass Long Yang

MSc in Media and Communications (Research) Distinction Ranjana Das Pass Naz Koseoglu

MSc in New Media, Information and Society Distinction Carlos Eduardo Nogueira Couto Pereira

Merit Emer Margaret Brizzolara Fernando Duarte Pei-Hsiang Wu

MSc in New Media, Information and Society (Research) Merit Roser Pujadas

MSc in Operational Research Distinction Kartik Krishna Ganju Ekaterina Sergeevna Isakova Romain Pechayre Natalia Petridi Pavithra Susan Prakash Diogo Quintas Liming Tan Yordanka Nikolaeva Velichkova Hubert Gan Kiat Wee Chin Hei Wong Maria - Irini Zannou Zhuying Zhang Merit Asmita Aggarwal Ioulia Anastasiadou Nicole Ada-May Austin Yi Chen Xuanchi Chen Elaine Wing Yin Cheung Akshat Gupta Ahra Jeon Ioannis Keskinis Tanushree Kirti Silja Niina Lin Korpelainen Jincai Lian Po-Chen Lin Anastasios Lismanis Dhruv Narain Juan Pablo Newman Madhudeepa Pandit Joao Vitor Serra Arna Lind Sigurdardottir Sumitra Sribhashyam Constantina Tsiakka Dimitrios Valsamidis Björn Viðarsson Yuhui Xu Pass Gilbert Adongo Bertha Alicia Alvarado Flores Sivarama Krishnan Arunachalam Thuridur Helgadottir LSE Digest 07-08 I 85 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Yanfei Hou Dong Hua Li Edward Teck Pin Ooi Hanjie Ou Alexandra Jimen Romero Sheetal Sharma Nikolaos Tsantoulas Yidan Wang Yi Wei

MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology Distinction Susanne Katharina Cromme Eidi Cruz Valdivieso Apollonas Pavlos Gerolymbos Britta Holzberg Toomas Kull Aditi Deepak Mehta Amee Patel William James Price Elena Rozhdova Maia Scher Catherine Kish Sheridan King Fung Gabriel Calvin Yau Merit Fabiana Amiouni Pooja Bhargava Vrinda Chopra Jennifer Curtis Jeroo Doodhmal Oksana Ksenija Dovorecka Jane Victoria Evans Maria Andreevna Golovanova Prerana Gurung Grace Shau-Wei Hong Ishan Jalan Maria Kallivoka Alexandra Regina Kopitsis Shilpi Lal Sharma Neihan Li Cheryl Chiew Yi Lim Jordan Kathryn Lonegren Matthew Eaton Marshall Khyati Modi Heind Moharam Grisda Rattanapitan Elicia Kelly Robinson Daphna Bina Rachel Salomon Christopher Sean Saville Sonia Alexandra Silva Megan Sobel Kristina Sorshilova Satoko Tada

I 86 I LSE Digest 07-08

Therese Wei-Min Tan Hsin Wang Mirander Ho Chi Wong Xiaohang Zhang Wei Zhang Shamim Zubair Pass Barbara De Castro Marugan Rasika Gaikwad Saadia Amin Khawaja Nan Li Kalliopi Melita

MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology (Research) Merit Lydia Benton Christopher James Coleridge

MSc in Philosophy and History of Science Distinction Matteo Colombo Dean Douglas Peters Joshua John Rowlands Merit Fabio Chiusi Jari Juhani Lindberg Angela Fleur Newton Paul David Robinson Fernanda Samaniego Germaine Mary Therese Symons Gregor Ulm

MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy Distinction Christopher James Austin Corbin Knight Barthold Scott Burnett Jillian Nicole London Brendan Morrison Caroline Elizabeth Saudek Mischa Van Den Brandhof Merit Rachel Tendayi Poppy Williams Bloom Jonathan Boben Ferran Curtó Pagès Martha Hampson Aaron Allan Hendrikson Alexandra Horton Mats Anders Ingelström Athina Maria Ioannidis Sarah Kellogg

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Andrew Harris Lowenthal Antonia Lena Moll Sophie Sarah Neuburg Paula Mary O'Hare Verena Risse Andrew Victor Schwarm Daniel Talbot Yusufi Vali Noah Robert Weisberg Leo Yan Alain Fabio Zysset Pass Lauren Alpert Thomas Aulerich Tiezheng Duan Edwin William Grant Aditi Jha Oleksiy Vasylovych Kurka Noel Elizabeth Mccormick Joel Francis Murray Akiva Leib Sandler David Shuttleworth Stephen Wall

MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences Distinction Alkistis Tania Elliott-Graves Mahmoud Bilal El-Youssef Benjamin Robert Ferguson Sebastian Koehler Adela Eva Mlcakova Merit Gunther Werner Baumgarten Ciaran Joseph Thomas Dunphy Osman Ladhani Cliff Nelson Chun Ngai Lam Stephanie Loizou Ross Omar Masood Roxanne Ellen Nejad Markus Scholz Andrew Michael Scott Giuseppe Ugazio Pass Giovanni Birindelli Anita Dorota Kaczmarczyk Ka Ki Lai Andrew Joseph Smock Vikram Sunkavalli Laurie Gerrell Unruh Martin Alexander Vezer

MRes in Political Science (Track 1) Merit Mariana Escobar Pass Faheem Husain Haider

MRes in Political Science (Track 2) Distinction May Chu Mauricio Ivan Dussauge Laguna David Munck Willumsen Merit Jens Peter Kongsmark Flanding Jessica Brook Roberts Tarlov

MSc in Politics and Government in the European Union Distinction Rauf Raufov Akhundov Claudiu Stefan Craciun Sebastian Friedrich Eduard Hufnagel Irina Camelia Iordachescu Micheal Aonghus O'Keeffe Markus Anand Sperl Bennet Strang Merit Tatar Merit Jonathan Frederick Amos Mehtap Anayurt David Andres Vinas Carolyn Elizabeth Armstrong Karla Bavoljak Julie Beckenstein Amandine Charlotte Aurore Brizio Nicholas John Patrick Cahill Emelie Thea Susanna Carlsson Carlos Carnicero Urabayen Anna Carta Vincenzo Aldo Conforti Ariane Couvreur Julia Bettina Coym Anna Dupont William Edouard Durst Sarantis Efstathopoulos Benjamin Julian Franco Morgane Marie Nadiège Gertz Cristian Ghinea Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis Marcus Carl-Ake Hansson Magne Hareide Pieter Sion Huisman Mathilde Nyholm Ibsen

LSE Digest 07-08 I 87 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Diana Isac Mikolaj Adam Jachowicz Barbora Jaksova Kenneth Knowlton Mark Krempley Owen C Larter Stephanie Marie Clemence Laurent Sarah Marlene Lieber Francisco Javier Lion Bustillo Thalia Lioulia Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad Polyxeni Mastromichali Dimitris Mathioudakis Monika Matyastikova Cate Nymann Monika Pachoumi Roshani Portia Palamakumbura Antonio Massimiliano Perdichizzi Ketie Mansje Peters Eleni Pipiligka Tiffany Biddanda Poovaiah Tanya Radchuk Niklas Raether Ellen Roenning-Arnesen Marianna Rolikova Alexios-Stavros Routzounis Joshua Boyd Schrier Henrik Seeberg Jenna St. Pierre Chiara Tabaccanti Georgia Ioli Tente Liv Katharina Thelen Christina Tsirou Emily Elisabeth Vigliar Mariana Vital Morgado Rebecca Wolffberg Vanina Stoilova Yordanova Pass Graham Samuel Ackerman Albi Alla Catalina Bobic Ivana Bodroza Emma Brooks Matteo Carnevale Ludwig Nicolas Duran Sandy Blanche Fournelle Hugo Gunter Fuentes Petya Iiieva Gegova Peter Ola Goransson Yasin Kerem Gumus Jeffrey Hernden Elvin Ince Christiana Kypri Hung-Ya Lien Rosalynn Margalli Caroline Milano I 88 I LSE Digest 07-08

Aleksandrs Murnieks Torkel Anders Nybakk Kvaal Chintan B Patel Juliette Dinkova Peneva Milan Rebic Claire Chloe Marie Salomon Aleksandrs Trocjuks Clémentine Thérèse Roberte Van Gaalen Julie Anna Vogt Bonnie Bo-Hyun Whang Ivana Zamparini

MSc in Politics and Communication Distinction Manuel Georg Adolphsen Caitlin Denise Berczik Marc Chalifoux Erin Rose Micheletti Timothy Graham Watts Merit Olivier Ballou Tonusree Basu Erifylli Eirini Bertsou Alexia Lilian Charami Brianna Coakley Scott Haines Coleman Milly Antonia Doolan Emilie Chiara Gabella Anthony Jerome Hendricks Caitlin Alexandra Hurcomb Sebastian David Landsberg Alexandros Makrygiannis Georgios Mitrakos Franco Panciera Laura Emily Richter Maciej Aleksander Spychal Justin Suni Charlotte Mary Wheeler Andrew Patrick Williams Pass Andrew Draft Ronald Lassig Mario Lopez Areu Konstantinos Makrygiannis Sajid Mannan Sebastian Enrique Suito

MSc in Political Sociology Merit Pranav Bihari Agnieszka Bojarska Michael Braun Christopher Matthew Bullivant Kaitlin Durand

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Dylan Edwards Bonnie Gutsch Rosy Kalfus Lay Chin Koh Leo Juhani Laikola Amelia Long Sarah Maria Mewes Nina Pattinson Katherine Raber Russell Wyatt Raymond Aisha Silim Marie Kiak Li Tan Miranda Rose Weigler Rawan Zeine Pass Patricia Bartholomew Elizabeth Weck Darnall Gulsharn Singh Sall Laura-Maria Stana Jen-Shin Yang

MSc in Political Theory Distinction Nathan Gordon Bernhard Rutger Kaput Matthew Stephen Mccoy Konstantinos Stratilatis Eno Trimcev Pui-Heng Debbie Tseung Merit Thomas Robert L Astor Sylvia Louise Poppy Buchanan Rachel Anne Cornwell Corey Dekker Joanne Elizabeth Kim Fidgen Jodie Philippa Amanda Gottlieb Jyoti Hirani Saqib Hossain Romana Karim Harris Michael Levine Jens Olesen Joe Pitchford Navprit Kaur Rai Orla Chloe Rangaswami Christoph Seifert Oliver R Sharp Hannah Stone Zoe May Sullivan Pass Sally Abd El-Moez Constantina Constantinidou Anthony Holmes Efthymia Thrasyvoulou

MSc in Political Theory (Research) Distinction Paul Benjamin Bryant Pass Maajid Usman Nawaz Richard Anthony Wagner

MSc in Population and Development Distinction Sophie Anne Bray Kristian Martin Hoelscher Michael James Irwin Eleri Wyn Jones Merit Maame Adwoa Konadu Agyeben Louis Bentegeat Michele Binci Matthew Robert Dilly Alexis Ettinger Tamarind Fowler Steven Robert Gilmore Dermot John Grenham Anne Leifsdatter Grønlund Nina Florence Marx Mamunur Rashid Miah Heather Anja Minnick Margaret Anna Murphy Kristin Smart Karine Berenice Natacha Tardif Guy Benjamin Westcott Taylor Aoife Tighe Adrienne Villani Hao Yu Pass Ashkan Alavi Joanna Miriana Corzo Perovic Francois Hurstel Rosemary Osei-Wireko Roberta Tranquilli

MSc in Public Policy and Administration Distinction Merrick Kingston Merit Jeremy Francis Boback Rodrigo Buj Garcia Camilo Andres Dominguez Gutierrez Luis Ernesto Gomez James Green Christopher Benjamin Lowther Anne Margaret Mcewen Rodrigo Ignacio Mobarec Hasbun Katharine Veronica Mary Pottinger LSE Digest 07-08 I 89 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Geoffrey Sauers Alexander Lawrence Stout Weisi Toh Fallon Maria Ventress-Tiernan Andrew Warden Abby Catherine Alexandra Yolda Pass Carlos Andrés Abogabir Hamilton Fernando Cruz Teresa De Jesus De La Garza Martinez Sofía Goldchluk Polo Guilbert-Wright Zheng He Felipe Ignacio Heusser Adam Mitchell Johnson Nurgul Kurmanbekova Ching-Ling Li Xiaolei Li Riaz Mahsud Dora Nagy András Nagy Ileana Beatriz Rossell Anneke Rousseau Asheesh Sharma Fan Yang

MSc in Public Policy and Administration (Research) Merit David Lamb De Valdes Pass Paola Gadsden

MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance Distinction William Prescott Cleveland Merit Tansu Aksoy Andrew Burych Krzysztof Bydalek Xiaocheng Gong Bun Navath Lay Hong Ling Fabijan Matosevic Alexandra Papadopoulou Medina D Pashaeva Maria Pittou Li Tan Lechan Wu Ying Yu Miaomiao Zhang Rui Zhou Pass Shuyun Huang I 90 I LSE Digest 07-08

Zhe Ji Pinar Gulen Kasimoglu Zhiyuan Li Jing Luo Mohsin Patel Petros Petrou Hanwen Derrick Tan Hsu Jing Tang Georgios Veinoglou Fen Wei Wenyun Zhang Xuan Zheng

MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies Distinction Teis Hansen Scott Arnold Mcvittie Merit Mary Louise Clegg Caroline Claire Marie De Francqueville Louise Elizabeth Edwards Kirsten Zoe Hulstein Taylor Morassutti Samuel Luke Nair John Charles Walker Reid Pass Muhammad Zubair Asghar Johannes Devik Brekke Aristeidis Chatzinikolaou Yo Ito Abu Toasin Mohammed Oakil Julian Eduardo Polania Shojiro Sasaki Eduard Zakharchenko

MSc in Regulation Distinction Johannes Michael Heidelberger Caio Ramos Sarah Schuster Merit Adesewa Akinsanya Natasha Keswani Matthew Lynch Anushka Jivita Maharajh Inmaculada Periañez Forte John Francesco Ringrose Bret Jason Schenewerk Sofia Helen Katarina Westerlund Pass Michelle Berendson Ryan Foscaldo Christopher Gruszczynski

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Xiao Li Jia Barbara Carmel Jorgensen Andrew Wyatt Merson Yoshihisa Ota Assen Stoytchev Stoytchev Qun Sun Leonardo Felisoni Torre Maria Ines Vazquez

MSc in Risk and Stochastics Distinction Jan Danilo Ahmerkamp Fabien Jacques Florent Breuilh Daniel Cai Jie Che Dan Chen Yajiao Chen Chui Ying Fung Henrik Nygaard Jensen Jeongeun Lee Sidharthan Nair Jennifer Laura Sexton Ilknur Zer Merit Liyana Nadirah Abd Rahman Imededdine Jerbi Dayana Rogayah Omar Basil Karim Wagih Yu Xue Mingran Zhao Pass Justin Kingkan Cheung Antoine El Hachem Konstantinos Fassoulis Shi Feng Michail Flampouraris Retsinas Ling Guo Cao He Qijia Jiang Li Ju Roh Yee Tong Yi Wang Sijin Xie Weina Xu Sichong Yang Lin Yang Baran Yildirim Xueyuan Zhang

MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology Distinction Carolina Coromina Vlad Petre Glaveanu Marianne Keane

Christina Patricia Knupfer Devon Elisabeth Vanderplaat Proudfoot Merit Susanna Bae Denise Davis Maria Kristin Enstrom Andrea Gobbo Christian Peter Hensby Olga Klyuyeva Kamiya Kumar Katya Michaels Phyllis Nikolaou Christina Papapetrou Su Hean Park Fernando Gabriel Ruiz Naomi Seivwright Xiao Shi Karen Snow Maria Tsochataridou Carla Jo Saupe Wright Melanie Ruth Yugo Pass Natalie Alex Baker Yohko Hokonohara Fryni Mylona Giannoula Panagiotakou

MSc in Social and Public Communication Distinction Ira Harris Glasner Helen Amelia Green Dalija Hasanbegovic Ali Mansour Sara Pascoli Merit Shahbaz Ali Boryung An Ateesha Calvin-Smith Ashmita Chandra Jennifer Christine Dinkel Sophia Cristina Dubois Aliki Evangelopoulou Bankole Falade Tamara Fustok Sarita Pooja Gupta Yi Jin Vasiliki Kostaras Pauline Angela Lowrey Alexandre Victor Margot-Duclot Caryn Margaret Ryan Vicente Salazar Yuliya Stavytska Lim Him Tan Pass Dana Adjina LSE Digest 07-08 I 91 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Athina Besleme Anastasia Giamali Valentina Maria Issa Constantina Psara Maria Psarrou Michel Jean Marcel Rose Shirall Smith

MSc in Social Policy and Development Distinction Daiana Beitler Oliver James Cyprian Bridge Shefali Misra Merit Geetika Anand Nalini Paula Andrade Miranda Eleanor Armstrong Lauran Benjamin Ana Cristina Calderon Adelaida Cano Kabiri Charles Mukhwana Rodrigo Delgado Aguilera Narendra Deo Gaurav Garg Sarah Hewes Masahito Hirano Jin Ji Rashid Kamal-Ur-Rehman Alix Inès Lebec Paula Verónica Margotta Meneses Liliana Miro Quesada Bambaren Agustina O'Farrell Saima Saeed Diogo Souto Maior Santos Arun Satheendra Nathan Garima Gaur Singh Sania Sufi Yolanda Gabriela Talavera Urroz Nozomi Tanaka Amanda Toombs Cong Wang Olga Zakharchenko Pass Maryam Onyinoyi Abdu Ayeleen Ajanee Mishael Alikhan Andrea Aparecida Bergamaschi Sarah Betz Christy Campbell Masayoshi Chida Daniel Gonzalez Yuchen Han Carla Jouavel Yun Ma Zulkarnine Mahama I 92 I LSE Digest 07-08

Angeliki Mardani Chikadibia Oyiboka Oguonu Oscar Ivan Ortiz Juan Luis Ossio Ruiz De Somocurcio Ajit Prasad Patricia Camille Rabat Elisa Benedetta Sabbion Kyoko Takahashi Komba Lawrence Teh Claire Nadine Pierrette Turgis

MSc in Social Policy and Planning Distinction Olga Aliya Gora Katja Marjaana Hokkanen Julia Gayle Kite Daria Popova Merit Leena Sisko Sinikka Aholainen Lucy Aitkenread Gloria Katharina Maryam Arjomand Gregory Barrett Caeli Elizabeth Christianson Carlene Emma Firmin Michelle Flores Da Cunha Katie Suzanne Gilroy Martha Jane Goyder Margaret Elizabeth Grant Dana Zelda Halevy Sally Hancock Megan Patricia Harrison Melissa Jane Knight Michelle Lynn Knott William Jarvis Newport Brie Kathleen Carol O'Keefe Bisola Oyedele Alexandra Elena Pavlakis Pratima Vinnakota Rao Maya Roy Daniel Alejandro Uribe Hei Pui Eunice Wan Pass Yusuf Mohamed Burhan Jie Yu

MSc in Social Policy (Research) Distinction Jenny Catrina Chanfreau Peter Philip George Currie Lauren Gilbertson Merit Matthew John Aldridge Simon Ian Horner Ruth Josefine Mieschbuhler

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Lorna Dorothy Roe Anthony Salla Pass Qin Zhou

MSc in Sociology Distinction Jill Michelle Colvin Merit Alva Albaek Nielsen Richard Bernard Wouter Bramer Seyed Mohammadreza Hashemitaba Huong Thanh Thi Le Maria Niazi Marianne Bjorner Savareid Pass Sharifah Farah Syed Mahamood Aljunied Hsin-Hui Hsu Mara Irommy Muñoz Jun Yu

MSc in Sociology (Research) Distinction Sam Emmanuel Taylor Friedman Charles Jonathan Gluckman Daniel Felix Kilburn Merit Rebecca Jo Coles David Brian James Thomas Malcolm Emlyn James Marta Justyna Kowalska Zhenzhen Liu Chiho Okabe

MSc in Sociology of Crime, Control and Globalisation Distinction Maxwell Soule Rachel Taylor Merit Kathryn Hannah Gregory-Smith Rhys Lloyd Jones Eghoghon Morag Ifeoma Ofili Pass Sandra Catalina Bello Montes Siddhartha Joag Robert Keegan Chin-Pai Lin

MSc in Social Research Methods Distinction Javier García Manglano

Monica Michelle Gerber Jessica Ann Hohman Nikhil Tarun Shah Sophie Wee Merit Manmit Kaur Bhambra Rania Atef Nasr Ibrahim Lauren Margaret Iona Lacey William Parry Marco Pomati Alexander Johannes Wulf Pass Sara Elias Maria Pilar Munoz Khalid Parvaiz Karina Isabel Rodriguez Navarro Gudny Bergthora Tryggvadottir Safeer Ullah

MSc in Statistics (Research) Distinction Mai Mohamed Sherif Hafez Sujin Park Merit Maria Carolina Castillo Dimitrios Pinelis

MSc in Theory and History of International Relations Distinction Saskia Thais Bruysten Andrew Philip Cadden Alasdair Lewis Scott Glennie Caroline Louise Green Matteo Mandrile Matthew Paul Norton Stuart William Powell Philip John Sydenham Sharon Maria Thiruchelvam Merit Sonja Nina Atallah Cheryl Kathleen Brumley Andrea De Gioia Alexandra Elizabeth Fattal Lili Liu Daniel Patrick Mccarthy Joseph David Meegan Andra Nicolescu Ian Michael O'Mara Gary Robert Quinn Kawika Anthony Solidum Trevin Stratton Yingying Wang

LSE Digest 07-08 I 93 I

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2008 Pass Nada Aude Aebischer Young In Kim Terje Myklebust Inho Song Tremaine Williams MSc in Urban Policy (LSE and Sciences Po) Distinction Leo Vincent Robert Giordano Merit Berenice Cynthia Jung Camille Hadassa Sultane Le Bris

MSc in Urbanisation and Development Distinction Laura Anne Margaret Dean Katherine Lee Sorrell Merit Najiyah Alwazir Carolin Bender Piyamit Chomprasob Jennifer Cinelli Andrew Lauck Peter Edward Stuart Marsden Veronica Marlene Persson Jessica Jade Toale Pass Lauren Refaat Hassan Abdel-Razek Faiza Ahad Jean Bulyaba Yachuan Chen Belinda Lee Fleischmann Nurzhan Ganimurat Pooya Ghoddousi Shena Mistry Sagiri Miyata Paulina Strassburger Minh Hanh Thai

MSc in Voluntary Sector Organisation Merit Sarah Denise Carter

I 94 I LSE Digest 07-08

PhD Awards Anthropology Kevin John Darbyshire Girish Daswani Fraser George Mcneill Clarinda Lucy Marion Still

Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Helen Victoria Bewley Iain Reid

European Institute Development Studies Institute (Destin) Lina Abirafeh Olivia Natalie Jensen Blanc-Brude Luciano Ciravegna Christopher James Desmond Daniel E Esser Andrew Martin Fischer Melanie Khamis Mallika Shakya

Economic History Arshi Rasheed Khan Hiroshi Shimizu Christopher James Vellacott Martina Giorgia Viarengo

Economics Rudiger Ahrend Benjamin Aleman-Castilla Regis Oliver Barnichon Mariano Bosch Antonio Butta Paul Gonzalo Castillo-Bardalez Arunish Chawla Emmanuel Frot Marieke Els Petra Huysentruyt Masayuki Kudamatsu Paolo Masella Hannes Felix Mueller Inger Munk Mirabelle Philippa Ariane Muûls Dimitra Petropoulou Riccardo Puglisi Raffaella Sadun Miguel Alejandro Sanchez Villalba Enrico Sette Katsuyuki Shibayama Ricardo Jorge Magalhaes Sousa Jang Ping Thia Carlos Thomas Katrin Tinn Evangelia Vourvachaki

Clementina Casula Daphne Halikiopoulou Michael Joseph Romanos

Finance Sridhar Rao Arcot Anna Calamia Michael Gabor Kollo Sheng Li Gara Minguez Afonso

Gender Institute Moira Dustin Gertrude Magdalena Nethania Fester Tamara Ganga Herath Seema Kazi Jong-Mi Kim Nattha Komolvadhin Chinweokwu Ada Madubuike

Geography & Environment Katherine Ann Brickell Laurence Crot Bing Shin Ho Dorothea Johanna Kleine Asa Maria Persson Vasileios Tselios

Government Vasilios William Alevizakos Paolo Franco Benedetti Michael Buehler Rune Dahl Fitjar Koichi Kato Naonori Kodate Keiichi Kubo Heather Carol Murchison Esteve Olle Rolf Johan Olsson Panagiotis Papoulias Kai Paul Spiekermann Ligia Alexandra Goncalves Teixeira Andreas Karsten Warntjen Joachim Hans Georg Wehner LSE Digest 07-08 I 95 I

PhD Awards Information Systems and Innovation Group Ana Isabel Domingos Canhoto Dionysios Demetis Afsoun Hatami Magda Hercheui Ashutosh Prabhat Kumar Khanna Nikiforos Spyridon-Stuart Panourgias Matthew Longshore Smith Prodromos Tsiavos Anne Wiggins

Duncan Neville Matthews Guenael Mettraux Daryl Alan Mundis Anestis Papadopoulos Charles Edward James Webb

Managerial Economics and Strategy Group Ricky Siu Kuen Wong


International History

Luis Cereceda Snezana Pejic

Gerald Blaney Jr Tanya Harmer Louise Prentis Woodroofe

Media and Communications

International Relations

Evangelia Berdou Ellen Johanna Helsper Josephine Rosa Perry Nancy Thumim

Jafri Abdul Jalil Michael S. Aktipis Victor Dragomirov Bojkov Krirkbhumi Chitranukroh John Grenville Cockell Shunji Cui Patricia Vitoria Pichler Daehnhardt Alexandra Magnolia De Dias Steve Donze Kathlean Carrie Fitzpatrick William Alexander Hooker Tetsuro Iji Deirdre Shay Kamlani John Robert Kelley Christopher John Mackmurdo Ahmad Faisal Muhamad Corinna Joan Mullin-Lery Stefanie Ortmann Daniela Passolt Fabio Petito Carsten Frederik Roennfeldt Rashmi Singh Ewan Stein Yolanda Vassiliki Valassopoulou Page Louise Wilson

Law Louise Arimatsu George Steven Chifor Chieh Huang Manuel Alejandro Iturralde Michail Kritikos Arlie Elizabeth Loughnan

I 96 I LSE Digest 07-08

Operational Research Nikolaos Argyris Mark Ludwig Martin Stefan Schilling

Philosophy Peter Mark Ainsworth Emiliano Boccardi Eleftherios Farmakis Jeremy Howick Shaun Patrick Le Boutillier Michael Moehler Matteo Morganti Kyoung-Eun Yang Georgios Zouros

Social Policy Helen Jones Chenard Anna Louise Dixon Marin Clara Gemmill Ruth Kattumuri Kikuka Kobatake Isabel Helen Shutes Sarah Thomas De Benitez Athina Vlachantoni Lisa Christina Warth

PhD Awards Social Psychology Russell Luyt Sevasti-Melissa Nolas Barbara Carolyn Osborne Claudine Marie Cecile Provencher Alicia Renedo Udaondo Caroline Elizabeth Roberts Alain Samson Sally Rebecca Stares Thomas Marvin Vinson

Sociology Jyoti Sudhindranath Belur Matthias Wolfgang Benzer Tessa Boyd-Caine Jennifer Ray Burrell Isabel Crowhurst Mahmood Delkhasteh Christopher John Hamilton Alasdair John Howard Jones Susan Helen Kerrison Linsey Jane Mcgoey Eva Neitzert Iliana Ortega-Alcazar Rosario Palacios Lilian Amanda Van Eck Duymaer Van Twist Susanne Louise Weber Susan Elizabeth Zimmermann

Statistics Adrian Urs Gfeller Oksana Yurievna Savina Christopher Solon Strom Limin Wang

LSE Digest 07-08 I 97 I

Scholarships and Prizes 1 Essex Court Prize for Corporate Law Kathryn Peterson

Bassett Memorial Prize (Government) Peter Greenall

1 Essex Court Prize for Finance Law Sharon Grennan

Blackstone Chambers Prize – best performance Law & Institutions of the EU Tarneem Saeed Insa Koch

1 Essex Court Prize for International Business Law Ian Johnson 11 Kings Bench Walk Prize in Corporate and Securities Law Wai Yee Yuen 11 Kings Bench Walk Prize in Human Rights Law Marie Von Engelhardt 11 Kings Bench Walk Prize in Labour Law Kathryn Peterson Adeline and Karl Goeltz Scholarship Stephan Seiler Akzo-Nobel Prize Thi Nguyen Thi Phan Alfred Gell Memorial Studentship Irene Calis Alison and Tim Frost Scholarship Prakarsh Singh Allyn Young Prize Shantayne Chan Andrea Mannu Prize (UG) Xiao Yi Chen Andrea Mannu Prize (PG) Sebastian Koehler Bank of England Scholarship Stephen Hansen Baines Prize for the best mark achieved in the Internationalisation of Economic Growth Matthew Napier Basset Memorial Prize (Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group) Jenni Reinikkala

I 98 I LSE Digest 07-08

Blackstone Chambers Prize – intermediate best performance Public Law Grace Tsz Yan Cheng Blackstone Chambers Prize in Commercial Law Shuk Ying Sabrina Ho Blackstone Chambers Prize in Public International Law Rowan McRae Bowley Prize – best performance 2nd year project in Business Mathematics and Statistics Steve Almond BP PhD Economics Scholarship Radhicka Kapoor Brian Abel Smith Prize – outstanding performance in Health MSc’s in Social Policy Mandip Singh Sandhu Evan Rawstron Emma Clifton-Brown Irfan Dhalla Brian Abel Smith Prize – best long essay in Health MSc’s in Social Policy Jasmin Blak David Qinghu Xu Emma Clifton-Brown Laura Sawyer British Journal of Industrial Relations Prize – for best dissertation Lukas Du Bois Ali Emam Jenni Reinikkala British Journal of Industrial Relations Prize – for best performance MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management Frauke Simone Austermann

Scholarships and Prizes British Journal of Industrial Relations Prize – for best performance Industrial Relations (Research) Ephrat Livne

Creditflux-Cairn – dissertation prize runners up Nicolas Merlet Georgios Gegos

BSc International Relations Year 2 Goodwin Prize Marco Moraes

Crisis States Research Centre – Dissertation Prize Amina Ibrahim

BSc International Relations Year 3 Examination Prize Marte Loefman Selma Stern

CS MacTaggart Prize – best overall performance across all 3 years Siew Goh Ren Ho Insa Koch Zhengfei Soon

BSc Management Sciences – best finishing student Lasse Pekka Helin BSc Sociology Year 1 – best overall performance Laura Akhmetova Paul Bronziet BSc Sociology Year 2 – best overall performance Melisa Hui Valdez BSc Sociology Year 3 – best overall performance Ren Yung Ho BSc Sociology Year 3 – best overall performance in project Ren Yung Ho Megan Gaventa Charles Mostyn Lloyd Memorial Prize Jenny Chanfreau Christie Memorial Exhibition Kimberly Maynard

CIPD London Branch Prizes – best performance Cynthia Baah & Martin Hitt (Best Dissertation) Foteini Christianopoulou (Best Student) Clifford Chance Prize – best performance in Property II Victoria Labed Creditflux-Cairn – dissertation prize winner Richard Thakor

CS MacTaggart Prize – best performance in second year exams, with reference to 1st year Khay Hong Jia Chong Christina Legge CS MacTaggart Prize – best performance in 1st year exams Gabriel Choy Kelvin Lee Philip Proudfoot Cyril Offord Prize – outstanding performance in Mathematics Sakhee Joisher Neelan Santhirarajah Dorothy Hodgkin Award Fernando Aragon Qi Zhang Dechert best performance – Property I Samay Shah

Dechert best performance – Introduction to the Legal System Angela Chen Delia Ashworth Prize Pernilla Tunberger Derby Bryce Prize Gullnaz Baig Economica Award Jan Zapal

LSE Digest 07-08 I 99 I

Scholarships and Prizes Economics Examiners Prize Year 1 Wee Keat Cheoh Heeral Chhatralia Ruth Chiah Angelique Karnessis Xin Ping Khoo Michelle Shi Lim Laura Narbutaite Yi Ling Ng Bhavik Shah Maiting Zhuang Economics Examiners Prize Year 2 Zhuu Ang Wei Wen Ho Yu Jie Khoo Grace Lim Rajan Patel Stephanie Teo Alexander Tsappis Xinrui Zhang Economics Dept Prize Year 3 Hui Fang Lee Zi Lin Boripat Louichareon Bengt Nilsen Jesse Oeni Peter Richardson Omar Soomro Zhengfei Soon Serena Tang Edvard Westermarck Prize – best MSc Anthropology of Learning and Cognition dissertation Laurel Turman Ely Devons Prize Simon Dennison Abhimanyu Gupta Thuy Duong Nguyen Lukasz Rachel Farr Prize BSc Actuarial Science finalists Jia Wei Lim Siew Shin Goh Fawcett Prize – MSc Gender & Social Policy Gema Santamaria-Balmaceda Fei Xiaotong Prize – best MSc China in Comparative Perspective dissertation Jean-Philippe Crochet I 100 I LSE Digest 07-08

Financial Times Prize Veena Gohil Firth Prize – best Research Seminar paper by a PhD student Nicolas Martin Foundation for Automation & Human Development Prizes – for best performance MSc Human Resource Management Lok Ting Fiona Tam Archama Preet Saluja Foundation for Automation & Human Development Prizes – for best performance MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management Shweta Shah Enrico Cocchi Frederic and Elizabeth Sipiere Scholarship Daniel Stein Geoffrey Stern BSc International Relations Year 1 Prize Amisha Bagri Harry Barrett Nicholas Morgan George and Hilda Ormsby Prize – best undergraduate dissertation Elizabeth Pauline Harrison George and Hilda Ormsby Prize – best undergraduate examination performance Rupert George Crozier Guest George and Hilda Ormbsy Prize – best Master’s dissertation Mark Babij Patricia Torres George Jones Studentship Katy Dineen Goldstone Prize for Criminology Prasanna Balasundaram Candace Padmore Gonner Prize Hemish Shah Gordon Smith Prize best dissertation – MSc Politics and Government in the European Union Anna Dupont

Scholarships and Prizes Harold Laski Prize – MRes in Political Science May Chu Harold Laski Scholarship Jack Blumenau Haya Freedman Prize – best dissertation in Mathematics Marta Casetti H.C. Edey Prize Xue Mei Head of Department’s Prize in Government and Economics Kok Tjun Chan Hilde Himmelweit Prize – MSc Social and Cultural Psychology Vlad-Petre Glaveanu MSc Social and Public Communication Helen Green MSc Organisational and Social Psychology Britta Holzberg MSc Health, Community and Development Jing Jing Liu Herbert Smith Prize – outstanding performance in Part I Ruchi Parekh Hobhouse Memorial Prize – best overall performance Caitlin Cockerton

Iain and Louise Crawford Prize Molly Griffard Jasmine Khiri Ruth Naomi Leighton Matthias George Lomas Luke Moore Nicolas Carl Oudin Nilam Patel Jeremy Fredman Stein IMA Prize – BSc Business, Mathematics and Statistics finalist Sze Ing Tan IMA prize – BSc Actuarial Science finalist Kwan Chi Chan Iris Forrester Prize Sarah Elizabeth Callanan Isaac Schapera Prize – best MSc Law, Anthropology and Society dissertation Dmitri Prieto Samsonov James Joll Book Prize Gullnaz Baig Janet Beveridge Award Luke Barnes Amina Adewusi

Hobhouse Memorial Prize – best dissertation Camilla Buchanan,

Jean La Fontaine Prize – for outstanding 1st class degree from the Anthropology Dept Insa Koch Eleanor Bush Aula Hariri

Hughes Parry Prize – best intermediate performance in Obligations Christopher Randall Chuan Wei Kong

John Charvet Studentship Vassilios Paipais

Hunt Prize for the best mark achieved for the MSc Economic History (Research) Degree Jagjeet Lally Taylor Jaworski Huw Wheldon Prize – outstanding performance in final year exams Hemish Shah

John Griffith Prize – intermediate best performance Jonathan Morris John Griffith Prize – intermediate second best performance Migara de Silva J R (Bob) Gould Prize Mei Lien Chew

LSE Digest 07-08 I 101 I

Scholarships and Prizes Keith Thurley Prize – for outstanding performance (BSc) Swarna Vaddi

Lillian Knowles Prize – best set of 1st year marks by a continuing student Vivien Mann

Keith Thurley Prize – for best overall performance MSc Human Resource Management Foteini Christianopoulou Eleni Vassiliou

Lillian Knowles Prize – best set of 3rd year marks Sofie Petersen Overleir Matthew Briggs

Kelly Black-Iwaskow Prize Abbas Poptani Joseph Slowy

Linklaters LLP Prize – best performance in Commercial Contracts Martin Hammond

Laura Ashley Foundation PhD Studentship Aude Michelet

Lucy Mair Prize – best MSc Anthropology and Development dissertation Andrew Ong

Lauterpacht/Higgins Prize for Public International Law Benjamin Silverstone Lauterpacht / Higgins Prize in Public International Law Daniel Peat Kelesi Blundell Lawyers Alumni Group Prize – best dissertation Ian Johnson Lawyers Alumni Group Prize – best overall mark Benjamin Silverstone Lawyers Alumni Group Prize for Legal Theory William Keenan Leonard Woolf Prize – best overall performance MSc European Studies: Ideas and Identities Belen Gongora-Martinez Lecturer's Prize in Jurisprudence – best performance Caroline Wojtylak

Malinowski Memorial Research Fund Grant Gillian Mann Maurice Freedman Prize – best MSc Social Anthropology dissertation Johanna Woydack Medlicott Book Prize Robert Samuel Michael Oakeshott Prize – for best dissertation MSc European Studies: Ideas and Identities Rebecca Maret Michael Sallnow Prize – best undergraduate Anthropology dissertation Rebecca Sprowles Michael Oughtred Scholarship Tom Cunningham Morris Finer Prize – outstanding performance in Part I Hong Cheong Wong MRes/PhD Economics Scholarship Can Celiktemur

Lovells Prize – best performance in Business Associations Colm O'Grady Eugene Chan

MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems – best dissertation Govind Sankar

Lovells best overall performance in Obligations & Property I Lucy Demery

MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems – best performance Bernard Nikaj

I 102 I LSE Digest 07-08

Scholarships and Prizes MSc Comparative Politics Bill Letwin Prizes Ben Cooper (Asia) David Kitching (Nationalism) Helmut Kessel Meiners (Latin America) Deborah Norris (Conflict Studies) Neha Puri (Politics and Markets) Merete Rasmussen (Democracy) Thomas Sawbridge (Empire) MSc Decision Sciences – best finishing student Anouk Schneider MSc Development Management: best overall performance: Balamuralidhar Posani MSc Development Management – best dissertation Friedrike Paul Lily Ryan-Collins MSc Development Studies – best overall performance Florence Dafe Sarah Helen Mathewson MSc Development Studies – best dissertation Amina Ibrahim Suzanne Frick MSc Development Studies: Ideas and Identities excellent dissertation Dominik Klapdor MSc European Political Economy – best overall performance Andrea Serafino MSc European Political Economy – best dissertation: Sebastien Morard

MSc Global Politics – Distinguished Prize Charles Roger MSc International Relations Philip Windsor Dissertation Prize Morten Andersen MSc International Political Economy Susan Strange Dissertation Prize Alexander Lindenberg MSc Management Prize Victoria Soboleva MSc Management and Regulation of Risk – best overall performance Nicolas Merlet MSc Management, Organisations and Governance – best dissertation Kathy Ng Matthijs Kwik Tingting Xie MSc Operational Research – best finishing students Chin Hei Wong Yordanka Velichkova MSc Social Research Methods – best dissertation Sophie Wee MSc Social Research Methods – best performance Monica Gerber Oakeshott/Cranston Prize – MSc Political Theory Ben Bryant Otto Kahn Freund Prize in European Law Pierre Reine

MSc Finance and Economics – best overall performance Sofia Senhaj Rhazi

Paul Taylor Prize – best overall performance MSc Politics and Government in the European Union Markus Sperl

MSc Finance and Economics – 2nd best overall performance Olivia De Backer

Peter Self Prize – MSc Public Policy and Administration Merrick Kingston

MSc Finance (Part-time) – best overall performance Jean Michel Pitre

PhD Economics Scholarship Sanchari Roy

LSE Digest 07-08 I 103 I

Scholarships and Prizes Premchand Prize Chang Le Pump Court Prize in Taxation Francois Peglau Raynes Prize – best performance in final year exams Jia Lim Richard Goeltz Prize Ronald Man Philipp Stampfer Rishi Madlani Prize Junwei Huang Robert Mackenzie Prize Ryan Cunningham

Stan Cohen Prize – best dissertation in the MSc Human Rights Grace Sauder Stanley De Smith Prize in Public Law Amy Zarzeczny Sweet & Maxwell Prize – best performance in Part II Naeem Kapadia Sweet & Maxwell – Intermediate best performance Ila Bhate Tibor Scitovsky Scholarship Michael Boehm Stefanie Sieber

Rouse Legal Prize – best performance in IT Law Angela Wing Keunyoung Oh

Titmuss Prize – outstanding performance in MSc’s in Social Policy Thomas Neumark Rabia Masood Eleri Jones Olga Gora Julia Kite Oliver Bridge Lauren Gilbertson

Routledge Cavendish Award – best performance overall Samay Shah

Titmuss Prize – best thesis Dr Lisa Warth Dr Isabel Shutes

SC Tsiang Scholarship Maral Shamloo

Vincent Cheng Scholarship Xiangyi Kong Jin Wang Yanhui Wu

Rosemary and Raymond Firth Award Johann Steinmuller Rouse Legal Prize in IT Law Iza Junkar

Stefan Altorfer Prize – best mark achieved in Business and Economic Performance since 1945 Annina Mueller Laura Foll Slaughter & May Prize – best exam performance in Part I Jennifer Poh Slaughter & May – best overall degree Christopher Chapman Slaughter & May – best exam performance in Part II Martin Hammond

I 104 I LSE Digest 07-08

Watkins Prize Conrad Heilmann William Robson Prize – MSc Regulation Johannes Heidelberger W.T. Baxter Prize Sophokles Yiannakas Zimmerman Award Selim Gulesci

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