Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC

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Marine Stewardship Council

Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC January 31, 2014


Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC

Globally, companies are choosing to partner with the MSC, supporting sustainable fishing and reaping the rewards.

105 countries



fisheries certified

where you can buy MSC labeled products

species certified

representing over 8% of wild caught seafood

Market leaders are recognizing the benefits that sourcing sustainable seafood can bring to their businesses. Benefits include contributing to the environmental sustainability of seafood resources and preserving livelihoods for those who depend on seafood as a source of income to sustain their families. Other benefits may include greater market access, price premiums, increased sales, enhanced reputation and brand affinity, positive media coverage, independently verified seafood traceability, employee satisfaction and engagement, and additional marketing opportunities to engage consumers.




delivered by fisheries after MSC certification

Examples of globally known organizations participating in the MSC program in at least one country where they operate:


Left: Carrefour, the largest retailer in Europe, includes the MSC program as a core tenet of their seafood sourcing policy. Carrefour carried out the “Les Jours Bleus” (Blue Days) campaign along with several seafood brands to promote MSC labeled products in France. Right: Selected packs from Mars Petcare’s SHEBA® and WHISKAS® lines are MSC labeled and available in stores across Europe.

© Magali Bragard/MSC

© Mars Petcare


Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC

Retailers and seafood brands are leaders in raising consumer awareness around the importance of sustainable fishing. Over

Retail Sustainable seafood uptake in the retail sector is growing rapidly

MSC certification is at the core of our sustainable seafood commitment, as a third party independent assurance of the responsible sourcing of seafood for us and our customers.


of top 25 US retailers with commitments to MSC sourcing



value of MSC ecolabeled products in retail sector globally

Examples of North American retailers participating in the MSC program:

Loblaw’s national Oceans for Tomorrow campaign in 2012 and 2013 across Canada educated consumers about sustainable seafood and promoted the company’s commitment to MSC. The campaign included prominence in weekly promotional flyers, cooking demonstrations, social media engagement, and impactful in-store signage and displays.


- Melanie Agopian, Sr. Director Sustainability, Loblaw Companies Limited


Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC

25,000 More than

Restaurants More restaurants are serving sustainable seafood to diners than ever before

restaurant locations

certified globally

In 2013 McDonald’s USA became the first national restaurant chain to adopt MSC’s ecolabel on its fish packaging in restaurants nationwide—more than 14,000 restaurants. The launch included packaging, in-store signage and national advertisements with the MSC ecolabel. Communication efforts resulted in more than 415 million media impressions and approximately 13 million impressions on social media, supplementing the awareness raised among McDonald’s 25 million daily customers.

under the sea under the arches









© Kim Napoli

- Susan Forsell, VP Sustainability, McDonald’s USA

Examples of North American restaurant chains participating in the MSC program:

© McDonald’s USA

We know customers are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from. MSC certification supports McDonald’s commitments to high quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients and to helping our customers make more conscious food choices.


Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC

200,000 Nearly

Foodservice In the education sector, MSC partners are engaging the next generation to be champions of sustainable seafood and hospitals are increasingly interested in the program

- Ida Shen, Director of Culinary & Catering Operations Cal Dining, UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, became the first public university in the U.S. to earn MSC certification in 2011. The launch event for students and faculty included serving MSC certified seafood, an information table with MSC materials, a raffle, as well as impactful posters and signage across the dining hall.

in the US and Canada regularly have MSC certified fish on their menu

Examples of North American universities participating in the MSC program: Binghamton University Cornell University Loyola Marymount University


McGill University Pomona College University of California, Berkeley University of Michigan University of Notre Dame Examples of North American hospitals participating in the MSC program:

Join us on this journey.

Virginia Mason Medical Center

Both photos: © Cal Dining, UC Berkeley

The use of the MSC ecolabel not only helps us bring awareness about sustainable fishing practices to a new group of students yearly; it assures them of our commitment to sustainability issues campus wide. The third party certification is held in high esteem by our customers.

students and faculty


Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC

22,000 More than

Processors New categories in sustainable seafood such as supplements and pet food are contributing to growth among processors

MSC labeled products globally

Examples of MSC labeled products from North American processors:

Environmental sustainability is a core tenet of our sourcing policy and participation in the MSC program contributes to customer satisfaction by helping us supply independently verified sources of sustainable seafood.



- Bill DiMento, Corporate Director of Sustainability, High Liner Foods

High Liner Foods featured the MSC ecolabel in a Canadian TV advertising campaign in 2013 supporting the national rollout of MSC labeling across their product lines.

Canned and Shelf Stable


Pet Food


Leading Companies Worldwide Partnering with MSC

99% Over

Wholesale and Distribution More distributors are partnering with MSC and benefiting from the traceability aspect of the program

of MSC certified products are correctly labeled per independent DNA testing results

Examples of North American specialty seafood distributors and wholesalers participating in the MSC program:

Allseas Fisheries Corp, Toronto, ON American Fish & Seafood Company, Los Angeles, CA Blundell Seafoods Ltd, Richmond, BC Chesapeake Fish Company, San Diego, CA Export Packers, Brampton, ON

Ginsberg’s Foods, Hudson, NY Halperns Purveyors of Steak & Seafood, Atlanta, GA Imperial Seafood & Shellfish, Northwood, OH Ipswich Shellfish Group, Ipswich, MA

Morey’s Seafood International, LLC, Golden Valley, MN

Seattle Fish Company Denver, Denver, CO

North Coast Seafoods, Boston, MA

Seattle Fish Company of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Seattle, WA

Shamrock Foods, Phoenix, AZ

Pacific Seafood Group, Clackamas, OR

J.J. McDonnell & Co., Inc., Jessup, MD

Pier Fish Company, Inc., Boston, MA

John Nagle Company, Boston, MA

Slade Gorton and Company, Boston, MA Southwind Foods, Los Angeles, CA

ProFish, Baltimore, MD

Southstream Seafoods, Warwick, RI

Fisherman’s Market International, Halifax, NS

Kyler Seafood, New Bedford, MA

Pucci Foods, Hayward, CA

Stavis Seafoods, Boston, MA

Foley Fish, Boston, MA

Louisiana Foods, Houston, TX Maines Paper & Food Service, Conklin, NY

Samuels & Son Seafood Company, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Sysco, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Virginia, Quebec

Fortune Fish Company, Bensenville, IL FW Bryce, Glouster, MA Food Services of America GFS Quebec, Boucherville, QC

Our company believes that MSC certification is not just an investment in sustainable fisheries, but one of many business practices which will sustain our business for future generations.

- Craig Risk, President and CEO, Seattle Fish Company of New Mexico

Maximum Seafoods, Woodbridge, ON Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafoods, LLC, Columbus, OH

Santa Monica Seafoods, Rancho Dominguez, CA Seacore Seafood Inc., Vaughan, ON

Vince’s Shellfish Company, San Bruno, CA

Sea to Table, Brooklyn, NY

Seattle Fish Company of New Mexico educates consumers about seafood sustainability and promotes its certification through the use of the MSC ecolabel on truck wraps and advertising, as well as participation in local sustainability events and business-to-business outreach.

© Seattle Fish Company of New Mexico

Albion Fisheries Ltd., Richmond, BC

MSC commercial a snapshot of April 2011 Together we canpartnerships, restore the health of the as world’s oceans The companies mentioned islines this brochure are just Number of product bearing thesome MSC of the businesses globally that are partnering with MSC. ecolabel: than 9,000 We appreciateMore the efforts of all companies involved. Working together we will have the most impact communicating to Number of countries: 74 consumers the importance of sustainable seafood and ultimately improving fishing practices around the world. staff billion is here Estimated retail value: More thanMSC $2.5 to help you make valuable connections in the supply chain for sustainable seafood and promote your participation in the program.

Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games to serve MSC certified seafood

Please contact any member of our Commercial Team for more information on gaining MSC Chain of Custody certification or selling MSC certified seafood products. Geoff Bolan Commercial Director Americas [email protected] +1 206 631 2492

Sandra Cedrone Senior Commercial Manager - Americas [email protected] +1 508 209 7254

MSC Global Headquarters and Regional Office – Europe, Middle East and Africa Marine House 1 Snow Hill London EC1A 2DH Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7246 8900 Fax + 44 (0) 20 7246 8901

Maggie Beaton Commercial Manager Americas [email protected] +1 206 631 2497

Michael Griff Commercial Manager Americas [email protected] +1 206 631 2498

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MSC Regional Office – Asia Tanglin International Centre 352 Tanglin Road Strathmore Block #02-09 Singapore 247671 Tel: +65 64723280 Fax: + 65 64723780

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