Labor Law Compliance Management System (LCMS) Frequently Asked Questions

November 26, 2016 | Author: Madison Strickland | Category: N/A
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Labor Law Compliance Management System (LCMS) Frequently Asked Questions _____________________________________________________________________________________ System Requirements: 1. Required internet browsers are: o Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater o Mozilla Firefox 14 or greater 2. Screen resolution should be set to a minimum of 1024x768. 3. If you are using a pop-up blocker on your browser, make sure you allow pop-ups to be displayed for the URL. Username/Password Questions: 1. What are the password requirements? 1. Password length must be 8 characters or more. 2. Last 4 passwords stored in our system cannot be used. 3. Space between characters is not allowed. 4. After 90 days, you will be required to create a new secured password (complex password). 5. The complex password must include the use of any combination of 3 of the 4 categories below: a. b. c. d.

Lowercase (a-z) Uppercase (A-Z) Number (0-9) Non-alphanumeric ! % # @ & ( ) { } ? < = > \ + - ~ ` “ [ ] ^ _ ; : |

2. Do I have to change my password periodically? Yes, after 90 days, you will be required to create a new secured password (see complex password requirements above). 3. What happens if I forget my password? Click on the “Forgot Password?” hyperlink on log in screen. User will be asked to enter Username and answer the security question. If answered correctly, the temporary password will be displayed on the screen. The User must highlight the temporary password and copy (CTRL + C). Then, click the Back to Home link and paste (CTRL + V) on the Password field. Upon login, the User will be prompted to change their password and will be given an option to change the security question and answer. If you cannot remember the answer to your security question, you should send an e-mail to following e-mail address with your Username, company name, first/last name and phone number: 

NYCSCA - [email protected]

DSF - [email protected]

4. I’m locked out of LCMS. Can I still use the Forgot Your Password feature? Once you are locked out of LCMS, the Forgot Your Password feature is no longer active. You will have to contact your Company Admin and have them unlock and reset your account. If you are a Company Admin and have no other Company Admins in your company, then click on the Contact Us hyperlink located on the bottom of the LCMS screen. This will open a blank e-mail. Please be sure to include your Username, company name, first/last name, phone number and mention that you’re locked out. 5. How do I create new users? Only a Company Admin can create additional users. If you are a Company Admin, please go to Admin, Manage Users and click Add New. Fill in the required fields.

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Labor Law Compliance Management System (LCMS) Frequently Asked Questions _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Can multiple staff use the same Username and Password? No, this is against NYC SCA and DSF policy. Each staff member who will enter, review, submit and release certified payroll must be given a unique Username. This is the main responsibility of a Company Admin. The Company Admin shall manage the users who can access LCMS. 7. Why does the Username have to be a valid e-mail address? The temporary password for a new user is sent to this e-mail address. This is also NYC SCA and DSF policy. 8. What are some major differences between the three (3) user roles? LCMS User Roles are Data Entry, Submitter and Company Admin.  Data Entry: o Enter certified payroll o Access to CPR Package is not available for this user  Submitter: o Submit certified payroll o Review certified payroll o Release certified payroll  Company Admin: o Submit certified payroll o Review certified payroll o Release certified payroll o Manage User Profiles (Add/Delete) 9. How can I view the specific user’s role? Only a Company Admin can view the specific user’s role by selecting Admin, Manage Users. 10. The original username that was sent to me is no longer a valid e-mail address. Can I change it? No, you cannot, but a Company Admin can create new users and delete the invalid LCMS Username. General Questions: 1. Do I have to upload my signature? No, uploading your signature to submit payrolls is optional. If you upload your scanned signature, it will automatically be placed on Certified Payroll Reports once you submit them. 2. What is the difference between a signature and a signature password? A signature is just a graphical representation of the user’s actual signature. See point above for more details. A signature password is required to submit certified payroll. 3. Can I select something (under Crafts and Classes) for which my company is not pre-qualified? Yes, nothing stops a user from selecting a particular Craft and Class, whether or not the company is prequalified for it. 4. Do I have to input my Company’s information in the Company’s profile? No, this information is preloaded in the system. 5. Is “SCA Certified” the same as “SCA Approved”? Yes. 6. Is there a limit how many employees the database can hold?

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Labor Law Compliance Management System (LCMS) Frequently Asked Questions _____________________________________________________________________________________ No limitation. 7. Are we required to use LCMS to submit certified payroll? Yes. 8. How will I know when a payroll is due? After the first CPR submission, you will see reminders on the Message Board when you first log into LCMS. You can navigate to this screen at any time by clicking on the small house icon on the upper left-corner of the screen. 9. What happens if the subcontractor subcontracts out? Who is in charge? It is the responsibility of the contractor who subcontracts to make sure to use the Assign Subcontractor screen to assign their subcontractor to the project. Each subcontractor, whatever tier, is responsible for entering their own Certified Payroll records. General Contractors must enter payrolls for their employees also. Managing Company/Employee Questions: 1. My Company’s information is incorrect. How can I change the data in the Company’s profile? For NYC SCA Contractors: If you notice that data is incorrect or missing, contact the Contractor Qualification Unit (CQU) at (718) 472-8777. Once changed by CQU, your Company profile will be updated in LCMS within eight (8) to ten (10) hours. For DSF Contractors: Please call (718) 610-0292. 2. While adding a New Employee, I see that Ethnicity is bolded. Is the Ethnicity field required? Ethnicity is a required field in system as per contract enforcement. 3. Do data entry users have access to the Crafts and Classes screens? Yes, all users in the system have access to the Crafts and Classes screen. 4. Can the Submitter or Data Entry person delete a user? No, only the Company Admin person can delete an LCMS user. 5. Who in my company can be a Submitter or Company Admin? In order to legally submit Certified Payrolls you must be an officer of the company. 6. Can I edit employee info? A user can edit employee information by double-clicking in employee record to open it. 7. Can I delete employees? No, but you can disable/hide employees so they won’t appear when creating a Certified Payroll record. If an employee then works for the contractor again, that employee record can be enabled. Use Employee Status radio buttons on bottom right of employee record in Manage Employees screen to change this. 8. Can we upload employee data from Excel (100 or more employees) to the CPR system? A company may choose to have a custom interface created from their existing payroll system, QuickBooks or spreadsheet. There may be a onetime fee associated with this. Managing Project Questions: 1. I am a subcontractor. Will my job(s) be in LCMS when I log in?

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Labor Law Compliance Management System (LCMS) Frequently Asked Questions _____________________________________________________________________________________ Projects are preloaded in the system. If you do not have access to that project, contact your hiring contractor and request to be assigned to that project. 2. As a hiring contractor, how can I get my subcontractor approved for a specific project? For NYC SCA Contractors: GCs and upper-tier subs should go to the Vendor Access System (VAS) and click on the “Subcontractor Approval Form (SAF)” link in the Project Information (Post Award) section of VAS to begin the process. Once it has been initiated by their GC or upper-tier sub, subcontractors will receive an email containing a link to their SAF. For DSF Contractors: General Contractors and subcontractors should go to the DSF website, For further assistance please call, (718) 610-0292. 3. Where do the subcontractors come from on the left-hand side of the Assigned Subcontractors window? Are they pre-qualified for the selected project? For NYC SCA Contractors: These are preloaded from an internal NYC SCA database. Not all subcontractors are pre-qualified for the selected project. For DSF Contractors: All approved subcontractors are preloaded from an internal DSF database. Prevailing Wage Package Questions: 1. My prevailing wage rates changed in mid-work week. Can we post two different rates for the same Week-ending? You can add a new prevailing wage package for the new rate (use the Save As function). Then, when you’re creating the CPR for the week-ending, under the No. of Classifications column enter the number “2” (to indicate how many classifications this person performed for you this week). This will allow you to create two (2) line items on one CPR with two different rates for one employee. 2. Regarding the Effective Date and Expiration Date in the Prevailing Wage Package screen, will I be able to select a particular package if you are out of the date range? No, if the current date is outside the range of the Prevailing Wage Package, you will not be able to select it. This was set up to remind users to create new Prevailing Wage Packages when new rates are in effect. Managing CPR/Payroll Questions: 1. Who gets the Certified Payroll Summary Sheet and Statement of Non-Performance? An LCMS submission is automatically submitted to the tier above the user. It can be another subcontractor, general contractor, Project Officer or Labor Law Compliance. 2. Who at the NYC SCA and DSF can view the CPR Log? Limited authorized NYC SCA and DSF staff can view the CPR Log. 3. If someone works at “PS 132” in the morning and “PS 2” in the afternoon, do I need to input the FICA information, etc., twice? The system will automatically carry over the FICA from the same employee if they are working on another project. It must be entered manually on at least one of the projects. The same holds true for the other fields in that section. 4. Can LCMS import certified payroll data, ie: Quickbooks or other payroll applications?

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Labor Law Compliance Management System (LCMS) Frequently Asked Questions _____________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, if interested, please e-mail [email protected] who will provide data upload requirements. A custom interface may be necessary. 5. What’s the difference between certified payroll that has been Reviewed or Released? When an upper tier subcontractor, general contractor, Project Officer or Labor Law Compliance Unit user clicks on the:  Reviewed: the payroll submission moves up to the next tier. The user has the option to enter text when reviewing.  Released: the payroll is released and sent back to the submitter’s e-mail address. The user is encouraged to select a reason from check boxes and/or enter optional text when releasing. A message will also be displayed on home page once the submitter logs back in. 6. In CPR Data Entry, where does the Week Ending date come from? Can this date be changed? The initial week ending date is selected by the user when the first Certified Payroll record is created. Once submitted, the week ending date cannot be changed. It is always seven days after the previous week ending date. 7. In the Deduction Summary area, what is the difference between Project Wages and Gross Wages?  Project Wages are the sum of the straight time project wages and the overtime project wages multiplied by the hourly rate of pay and hourly cash benefit amount.  Gross Wages are the total gross wages to be paid to employee for the week and may include other non SCA projects. 8. What do we do if we have Daily rates as opposed to hourly rates? System requires that you enter time worked in hours. You should divide the daily rate by the number of hours worked for the day and enter that value in rate field. 9. Please explain the field: “No. of Classifications” on the CPR Data Entry Screen. If you want to create more than one employee’s Certified Payroll Record, you can enter a number in this field. If you enter “2” for example, two employee records will be created for the selected employee on one CPR. This is useful if an employee is performing two different trades or has two different rates during the same period. By leaving the field blank, a “1” is assumed and one employee record will be created. 10. Where can we enter text for Supplemental Benefits for Union members? There are currently three text boxes on the left side of the screen near the top. The section is labeled Wage & Supplemental Benefits. Information can be entered here. 11. What if I checked “Check if this is the last CPR” and it turns out that it is not? Can I go back and uncheck it? If not, who can undo it? Yes, next time you navigate to the CPR Log screen you can click on the button called Remove “Last CPR” Flag. All subcontractors and General Contractors control their own flags. There is no need to contact the tier above you. This happens often, especially with punch list work. 12. I want to enter a Non-Performance submission for the first week ending date for a certain project and the system will not allow me to do so. What do I do? You cannot submit a Statement of Non-Performance until you submit your first payroll. 13. If a contractor is not working on a project for a long period of time, are they required to make a submission?

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Labor Law Compliance Management System (LCMS) Frequently Asked Questions _____________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, a contractor must submit either a Statement of Non-Performance or a Pause for every week there is no activity. The Pause is recommended If there’s no activity for an extended period of time, (more than four (4) weeks), by selecting “Suspend Project Work” located under the Project Menu. Suggestions: 1. There should be a report that informs us which employees are defined in what trades. For example: “Who is defined as Plumber, Laborer, etc.” There is no reporting module in the system for anyone other than NYC SCA staff. 2. Can we add local deductions/withholdings to the Deduction Summary area? This is not available at the current time but local deduction can be added using the Other Deduction hyperlink. 3. Can we also add a Total Deductions column in the Deduction Summary area? This is not available at the current time. In the interim you can enter all of your deductions using the Other Deductions hyperlink. 4. Instead of breaking out the net and gross deductions, can we enter the net pay directly? No, this is not available at the current time. The system calculates net pay based on the gross pay and total deductions. Things to Know: 1. Bold lettering indicates required fields. 2. Usernames must be a valid email address. 3. Crafts and Classes interface uses Window’s functionality to pick your crafts. (Ctrl or Shift keys). 4. When assigning a subcontractor, subcontractors whose Subcontractor Approval Form is “Approved,” “Disapproved” or “Pending” will be displayed in the left-hand column. 5. In CPR Data Entry screen, all of the traffic lights must be green before you can submit the Certified Payroll records. 6. Do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer navigation buttons. Use the system menus and the buttons when in a particular screen. 7. Do not give out passwords to anyone. Doing so violates NYC SCA and DSF policy. Instead, create Usernames for each staff member who will enter, review, submit and release certified payroll.

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