Kim, Andrew Langford, Bruce Love,Jamie (adj) Lubisich, Senya Peters, Gerhard Richard, Levi Salwak, Dale Styles, Chris Villeneuve, Theresa

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Download Kim, Andrew Langford, Bruce Love,Jamie (adj) Lubisich, Senya Peters, Gerhard Richard, Levi Salwak, Dale Styles,...


DE Committee Minutes 05-18-15

Citrus College District

Distance Education Committee Minutes Monday, May 18, 2015 – CI-158

Present: Van Citters, Bev – DE Faculty Coordinator Kirby, Lari – DE Supervisor Hester, Dana – Dean of DE Tran, Chuong – Information Tech Specialist Sjodin, Jayne - Absent Kemp, Judith – Recording Secretary Call, Jack Kim, Andrew Lubisich, Senya Salwak, Dale White, Gailynn

Goedhart, Christine Langford, Bruce Peters, Gerhard Styles, Chris Yee, Stephanie

Love,Jamie (adj) Richard, Levi Villeneuve, Theresa

Absent: Adawiya, Issa (adj) Bosler, Sarah Carey, Richard J. (adj) Dougall, Natalie(adj) Ellis, Jeanette Gomez, Steve Grossman, Bruce Hadsell, Cliff Herrera, Rafael James, Rhoda Johnson, Glenna Malone, Sheila (adj) Mumford, M. (adj) Payne, Renee (adj) Riderer, Lucia Salvi, Lisa (adj) Solheim, Bruce Tucker, Gail Villa, Lisa Waddington,Brian[exc]

Afzali, Anna Borja, Patrick Brawner, Mary Brown, Rick Clark, Jeremy DeMonaco, John (adj) Durfield, Timothy Elias, Brian (adj) Flores, Richard Ghidella, Richard Gonzales, Rina Goodman, Robert Grauso, Linda Guttman, Ken Hall,James(adj) Harvey, Joe (adj) Hoehne,Wm Hartman,Steve S.A. Kibbe, Sonia (adj) Johnson, Sandra Lindsey, Steve McWilliams,Stuart(ad Medrano, Esmeralda Mixson, Vanetta (adj) Nuttall, Adora (adj) Parry, Erica (adj) Porter, Kimberly (adj) Rickman, Tracy (adj) Rubio, Mariano (adj) Ryba, Dave Shaw,Tammie (adj) Shrope, Doug Solis, Roberto Swatzel, Paul [exc] Van Horn, Tasha Vaughan, John Volante, Daniel—[exc] Woolford, Ryan (adj) Student Rep: Ramirez, ManuelASCC President


DE Committee Minutes 05-18-15

The meeting opened at 2:42 P.M. 1. Minutes: April 20, 2015 Bev referred the group present to the minutes of the last meeting 4-20-15. Bev called for comments, additions or corrections to the minutes posted on BlackBoard Committee site. There were no additions nor corrections, and minutes stood as posted. 2. DE Handbook – SharePoint update – Senya Lubisich Senya spoke to the DE Handbook, which can be accessed and viewed by all instructors requesting permission. The shared drive is located on Citrus Intranet, under “Libraries/ DE Handbook. Dana asked that interested faculty should request permission to view, and once doing so, if they have input/ any additions or suggested changes in language, to please contact the faculty leaders of each particular section; i.e. Dave Kary, Senya Lubisich, Gailynn White, Bev Van Citters or Dana Hester. 3. DE Guidelines [Academic Senate] Bev presented copies of DE Committee Guidelines she took to Academic Senate for their review on 5/13/15. Robust discussion from the floor ensued over many of the senate’s changes on several of the 14 guidelines. Bev pointed out this interactive faculty discussion and input is crucial in developing DE Policy, after which Board approval is needed. Dana added that a savvy accreditation team will most likely have additional changes, and will be looking at specific terminology in addition to compliance with national DE Instruction Policies. Bev passed hard-copies of “Citrus College Distance Education Best Practices” to members present. Senate changed the title of the Guidelines to Best Practices. Some DE members questioned the retitling and Dana explained that in actuality that’s what the DE Guidelines represented; not DE Policy but rather best working DE practices. The group went through each of the 14 provisions in the document below. At the conclusion of the vigorous discussion, and with revisions and verbatim restatements noted, Bev called on the group to vote on this new “second round” of changes by the DE Committee. Gailynn White moved to accept the changes as proposed, Senya Lubisich seconded the motion, and the motion carried with unanimous approval by a show of hands, no votes opposing nor voters abstaining. Bev will present this second-revised DE Best Practices to Academic Senate on Wednesday, May 27, 2015.


DE Committee Minutes 05-18-15

REVISED DE BEST PRACTICES 5-27-15 Citrus College Distance Education Best Practices The following best practices are designed to assist faculty in meeting requirements reviewed and approved by the dean overseeing Distance Education and Academic Senate, as well as Title 5 of the California Education Code as accessibility compliance standards. All Distance Education courses offered at Citrus College should include the following elements: 1. Timely, appropriate and regular interaction between students and faculty. This should be achieved through interactivity such as individual and /or group email, message board discussions, real time and archived chat, online/in-person office hours. 2. Instructor contact information that includes phone number, Citrus College email address and virtual and /or traditional office hours posted under Instructor tab. 3. Course essentials such as detailed schedule, policies, assignment information, and grading policies that are easily found on the course Blackboard site. It is recommended that this information be available prior to the start of the course. 4. Identification on course site that includes Citrus College, the instructor name, course name, and number, including the CRN [Course Reference Number] is also recommended. This can be posted under course Information. Include information regarding whether the course is fully online or hybrid, if it meets 16, 8, or 6 weeks with session dates and when on-campus meetings are scheduled, if required. 5. An announcement link on main page or some other method of providing current and up-to-date information for students. At least one announcement per week helps to keep students on track with due dates and assignment details. 6. Information on technical help and instructional support with links to these services are recommended. 7. A functional and easy layout that also meets with web accessibility initiative [WAI] guidelines, ADA guidelines, and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, in alternate media for persons with disabilities [CA Ed Code Section 67302], e.g. e-books. A page accessibility statement consistent with DSP&S guidelines is also recommended. 8. Academic rigor should be comparable to a traditional course. 9. In accordance with Citrus College DE Attendance Guidelines, substantive weekly contact between faculty and students is built into each course. Please see DE Attendance and Record Keeping Guidelines for specifics and examples. 10. In order to promote and commit to student engagement and be compliant with regular and effective contact regulations, course cartridges should be used as supplemental material, for hybrid or online courses in the Citrus College Distance Education Program. 11. Weekly download of grades to ensure that accurate records are available for each student. 3

DE Committee Minutes 05-18-15 12. Faculty are responsible for the archive or export of course materials. Archive/export should be done at the end of each semester to ensure that transfer to new course sites is available. 13. A course level SLO assessment should be completed each academic year. 14. Faculty attendance at DE Committee Meetings, unless otherwise scheduled in a face-to-face class or faculty leadership commitments, is encouraged.

Please note that these best practices are in no way intended to infringe upon academic freedom. course content and pedagogy which are strictly the responsibility of the individual instructor. Please contact the Distance Education office or the following individuals should you have questions or need assistance in meeting these best practices. Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences [SBS] and Distance Education


Dr. Dana Hester Distance Education Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Bev Van Citters


Supervisor of DE and Library, Ms. Lari Kirby


Information Tech Specialist II, Mr. Chuong Tran

[email protected]

8/26/04 created 3/16/15 and 4/20/15 revised [DE Committee] 5/13/15 revisions by Academic Senate 5/18/15 approved by DE Committee 5/27/15 approved by Academic Senate


DE Committee Minutes 05-18-15 4. Program Review Dana directed the group’s attention to DE Program Review Data reports posted for 2013. Two reports summarized a declining success rate in DE from Fall 2012 – Fall 2013, while enrollment totals (DE FTES) numbers actually increased. In two ethnic groups pinpointed; African-American and Hispanic, numbers reflected a drop in retention rate and a drop in success rates as well. This trend appears to be mirrored in other area colleges. Dana suggested that DE Student engagement along with improved demographic statistics be looked at. Also recommendations to be implemented include increased DE faculty training (@ONE), creative course designing with “hands on” help from Chuong, Bev or faculty mentors, familiarizing instructors with new technology and apps ( ZOOM or SWIVEL) or swivel-like technologies now available for DE course sites. Institutional membership for ALL faculty to access new technologies, all would be positive strides to enhance DE course sites and engage DE students. 5. DE Annual Resource Request Dana proposed no changes in staffing at this time, and the following implementations in the works should affect positive DE success rates reflected in 2014 data and move the DE Program forward. Other recommendations;       

Policy that all instructors utilize BlackBoard in traditional courses [ 80% do now] Bev increased DE Workload noted and compensated Increased training (@ONE) for all instructors (more Friday Faculty Sandbox time & presentations) Modification of training modules to be @ONE compliant Grant request submitted for funding of “Snag-it” and “Fantasia” apps Increased WIFI – especially in CI-158 Computer Lab On- call counselors during regular hours

6. OEI Revisited

Dana briefly revisited the “OEI” [Online Education Initiative] set up to review Distance Education courses. The OEI enables interested instructors to offer their course(s) online and draw from a larger pool of students. Instructors would go through a rigorous three-fold approval process before their course could be approved and offered online. The advantage to these instructors and participating colleges could be higher online completion and course success numbers. Bev conferred with DE Coordinators from a number of participating colleges at a conference at Mt. San Antonio College. These pilot colleges are charged with providing back-up evidence of local senate and association approval, and also a letter of support from the college president. This trend will enhance the scope of DE / Online Instruction nationally. 5

DE Committee Minutes 05-18-15

7. Announcements On-line Teaching Conference, San Diego June 18, 19, 2015. Testing Center will be announcing Summer Hours and will likely be utilizing IS-107 for testing Fall Testing Center hours may include Friday and Saturday hours. New schedule to be posted on Bb as soon as available. Meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM with the reminder to download BlackBoard grades weekly and archive Bb courses.

5/19/15 jak


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