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Pronet in Breif Executive Chairman’s Message Overview of Pronet Milestones Our Values Overview of 2014 First Six Months Projects of Change Social Responsibility and Sponsorships Events

Executive Chairman’s Message

Dear all, We started 2014 with ideas of inovation and technology. We are now experiencing a change, which never ends but does not repeat itself, or maybe a transformation. When we look at the first half year of 2014, I can see that we focused on products and services which will further strengthen our innovative leadership position in Turkey. We are also working on perfecting our customer satisfaction and service with high impact projects and campaigns.

Overview Of Pronet

“As the leading Turkish electronic security systems company, PRONET has been installing and monitoring residential and commercial alarm systems since 1995. PRONET







corporate customers such as public institutions, industrial plants and banks. With more than 180,000 subscribers across Turkey, PRONET has a recurring revenue stream from its installed customer base. PRONET not only sets up electronic security systems, it also offers a state of the art alarm monitoring service and superior after sales support services which provides high customer satisfaction rates.”

Overview Of Pronet

Pronet is the market and sector leader, with both its business model and services. With vast expertise in the security







impressive portfolio of 500 special security projects. Protecting banks, ATMs, museums, HQs and malls, as well as residential clients, Pronet offers a state of the art service from 10 offices, with more than 80 dealers, and 24/7 technical service in 81 cities, with nearly 2000 employees.


1995 2006




1st Security Project: Akmerkez


BJK İnönü Stadium Project


AGIT Summit


Central Bank of Turkey


Topkapı Palace


Introduction of subscription based Alarm System


Investment in telecom business with Avea


10,000 Subscribers / New HQ in Maslak


Most successful technology application award by Turkcell


Crystal Apple awards for our newspaper advertisement


Turkven investment


2007 2013


Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst&Young Reached 20,000 subscribers


Regional offices opened in İzmir and in Antalya. Best Call Center Award at the İstanbul Call Center Awards.


Establishment of Sales Channel Reached 50,000 subscribers Kameram system introduced.


Moved to new HQ; the Flatoffice.


Reached 100,000th subscriber.


Cinven investment Pronet Regional offices in Adana, Mersin and in Kocaeli Crystal Apple Award for “Panic Botton” iphone application


Reached 150,000th subscriber

Our Values Pronet Heroes Believe in open Communication We believe in honesty and open communication to sustain the environment of trust. We believe that every opinion should be discussed, even if it is different from our own. We offer constructive criticism, we want to listen and learn from each other. Pronet Heroes Work in Collaboration and Solidarity We believe that we can solve any problem with a fair approach. We listen to people without prejudice, make an effort to understand each other, and show empathy. We believe in delegating in order to create a more efficient and productive working atmosphere.

Our Values

Pronet Heroes Support Customers We try to understand our customers’ needs. Our most important job is solving problems. We believe good customer experience is possible only with good communication. We try to make a difference by going beyond our customers’ expectation. Pronet Heroes Work with an Entrepreneurial Spirit We make a habit of dreaming, thinking and being innovative. We own our job and behave responsibly. We try to do our job better. We are not afraid of making mistakes. We try to understand them and avoid repetition.


Projects Of Change

The Uranus changing Project has been initiated in order to make Pronet the world’s 3rd largest security company, and one of the most favoured brands in Turkey. We have implemented the idea in two phases. In 2013, we focused on sustainable growth. Then in 2014, we focused on accelerated growth. We have made the necessary investments, and created new processes by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. In line with this concept, we implemented customer satisfaction processes such as:

* Proactive searching * Recover on the phone * Face to face convincing team * First-time Solutions * Usage habits * Process improvements * New sales management model

Projects Of Change

In addition to the current services that Pronet provides, Pronet Plus will be a brand new smart security solution including: Interactive Security, Monitoring Systems, Smart Home and Energy Management Solutions. Pronet Plus services will be provided via subscription, and Pronet Plus subscribers always benefit from having the newest smart home security service. Meanwhile Pronet continuously understands the need to improve this service. Pronet Plus solutions will work in conjunction with existing Pronet Alarm Systems. With Pronet Plus, our customers will be able to check their loved ones and make the necessary adjustments for their security and comfort, even when they are away from home. We will adapt Pronet Plus services into their life scenario, and they will be a part of it.

Projects Of Change

Advertising Campaign We have chosen a smart and witty way to bond with potential consumers. “Never mind your home on vacation, Pronet will take care of it,” was the slogan of the viral video prepared. A rap band called Group MUSİBET was formed to run the Project which was based on the insight that thieves also wait for the summer time just like everyone. The band sang a hit song, Biletini Kestik which became popular quickly through word of mouth.

Projects Of Change

Advertising Campaign This video shows that theft is not only about robbing valuable properties. It also mentions social media trends, and recently popular videos. Our video has made a huge impact on the internet. We kicked off a message that makes people think in a fun way, by recreating our social media accounts’ communication language. We shared a funny post on our tumblr page. We have caught our target audience just before they depart on holiday, with billboards in airports. We reached shoppers in malls, and recommended that they protect their new stuff with Pronet. Biletini Kestik has become a social media hit, and even begun to be played on radio. Moreover, we supported our marketing campaign with a sales campaign. We announced that Pronet is available for everybody who worries about their home. Our video has received more than 3 million hits in 1 month The number of Pronet Facebook page fans rose by 40 % in 1 month. Interaction rates soared from 2.46 % to 72 %. Pronet application channel traffic shot up by 900 %.

Projects Of Change

MPP (My Performance Process) We implemented MPP (My Performance Process) in 2014, in order to measure our performance more effectively. Moreover, our career planning and reward processes operate in parallel with this system. With this system,

* Our job descriptions are clearer * We can measure work results simultaneously * It provides regular opportunities to come together with our senior managers * We are working in parallel with our targets

Projects Of Change

Bizbize HR Portal We have created our internal portal, Bizbize HR, in order to access information easily and quickly, develop social networks within the organisation, and monitor business processes more effectively. We share important news and information with our heroes through this portal.

Projects Of Change

Change Conversations Each month, Alp Saul meets with employees from various departments and chats about the processes in the company over breakfast. The same Project is also activated with managers once a month.

Social Responsibility and Sponsorships

Pronet offers the opportunity to experience both fun and experience together for children between 4-14 years, in KidZania Istanbul. Children who visit the Pronet activity area in the Akasya Acıbadem shopping centre can learn information about security in practice, and experience work life. Pronet is the first and only security company in KidZania worldwide. Supervisors inform children about Pronet’s security with 5 protections, and show them how Pronet protects homes and workplaces in emergency situations such as fire and health emergencies. Afterwards, supervisors appoint children to perform the installation of devices in predetermined places. Children wear their Pronet vests and install devices such as a password panel, motion detector, external siren, magnetic contacts and panic button with the help of their maps.

Social Responsibility and Sponsorships

Pronet Security Classes We have opened three security classes in vocational schools, in order to meet the trained employee needs of the sector. We satisfy all the participants’ requirements and give them an opportunity to become an employee or intern at Pronet.


ProFest We ran ProFest on June 22, 2014 at Event Garden, with the participation of all Pronet Employees and Senior managers. There were carnival games, tournaments, fun stations and food buffets. We want to entertain our employees, and improve internal communication and motivation. Our event generated great satisfaction among our employees.


Direct Sales Vision Meeting The Pronet ‘champion team’ themed vision meeting was held in Istanbul. In the meeting, Pronet’s new products and services were introduced, and our guest speaker Ali Poyrazoğlu made a speech. Then awards were presented to successful sales teams. The meeting ended with dinner and a closing party.


Pronet Dealer Meeting Pronet’s dealer meeting brought together nearly 500 employees and 65 dealers from 30 provinces. Our motto was ‘faster, higher, and stronger’. The Pronet Executive Chairman, Alp Saul, made the opening speech at the event. Mr Saul said that they focused on infrastructure and renewing processes in 2013, and they will sell products and services, which will be the first in Turkey, in 2014.


Heroes Launch This project has been implemented in the scope of developing internal communication. All announcement drafts and communication language was changed at the end of this launch. We distributed Hero Kits to our employees as part of the project.


April 23 Celebration We invite our employees’ children aged 4-8 to accompany and celebrate our national sovereignty and children’s day with them.

University and Fair Visits We visit universities and fairs in order to introduce Pronet and reach new candidates. So far, we have visited: Arel University Gediz University Izmir Employment Fair Anif-Antalya Business Opportunities Summit Gazi University Career Days

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