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1-800-980-8003 Government — Commercial — Residential CA License #959870 | NV License #0077068

Company representative:




With over 13 years of disaster management experience and more than 10,000 completed projects, Dryfast is qualified and insurance approved choice for cleaning and restoring your property. We are Licensed in California and Nevada. As a General Contractor specialized in Restoration, Environmental and Construction projects, we own and operate the latest industry Water and Fire damage restoration equipment to provide the best services to our customers. With 13 years of experience in Insurance Property Restoration, we can guide our customers through the claim process and documentation procedures. Dryfast documents all the steps taken while restoring a structure, therefore our insurance documentation is always up-to-date and we also help our clients to file insurance claims for their properties by taking care of all their documentation. Dryfast operates 24/7 and will respond within 45 minutes to any Emergency Water or Fire Damage call. We will assess the damages and provide you with a free initial estimate of our services. We manage all projects in house and will not sub-contract the project.

Call us at 1-800-980-8003 if you have any quaestions or concerns regarding restoration of your property!


Thank You for considering Dryfast!

Hire DRYFAST  Successfully in business since 2001.  Direct insurance billing.  Specialized in Insurance Claims.  Full service Construction and Restoration.  Licensed and Insured General Contractors,  CA License # 959870  NV

License # 0077068

“DRYFAST - the leader in property restoration in California and Nevada!”

Who We Are

Who we are and what our mission is Hello and welcome to DRYFAST. DRYFAST was founded in 2001 started as a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company providing services to residential and commercial clients. In 2005 our services extended to full service Property Restoration company. After contentious education and attracting experienced professionals to join Dryfast we have stepped into the restoration field as a General Building Contractors rebuilding properties, providing structural drying, water, fire and mold restoration services. Now with 3 locations in 2 States we handle property damage insurance claims on daily basis. We have also established a national catastrophe response division that travels around the country to help those in need. We continuously provide training and education to our technicians, project ,operations and office managers to keep up with the ever changing standards and procedures, and be able to provide you with professional service.

“One call – One company! This is the power of Dryfast!”


Our Services

Emergency services

 Water Removal and Water Damage Restoration  Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration  24/7 Emergency Board up Service  Mold Remediation  24/7 Sewer and Drain Cleaning  Waterproofing Restoration, Environmental & Construction Services - Construction, Renovation and Remodeling

- Mold Decontamination from Cloths & Furniture

- Animal and Insect Infestation

- Structural Drying

- Infrared Thermal Imaging

- Inventory

- Air duct Cleaning and Decontamination

- Pack Out and Storage

- Odor Removal and Ozone treatment

- Insurance claims

- Power Washing

- Consulting

- Crawl Space Clean-up

- Air Quality Mold Testing

- Sewage Removal and Clean-up

- Sanitizing & Decontaminatio

For customers without insurance coverage or loss not covered: 1) Dryfast will assess the situation for free and provide you with one discounted total amount. 2) We have flat rates for emergency services including:  water damage related  fire damage related  mold related  construction related

Our Services

Water & Sewage Damage Restoration

Immediate Response to Water Damage 24/7 Responding to water damage within 45 minutes! When you have water damage at your property, the most important step is to have a reliable licensed general contractor that is specialized in water damage to assist you! The entire process needs to be documented step by step for insurance purposes. If you are filling a claim we can assist you from start to finish, we can handle the entire communication and documentation needed for your claim. If you are paying out of pocket, we have discounted rates available. The goal of restorative drying is to locate the hidden trapped moisture that can actually cause secondary damages like mold and bad odors. At Dryfast we utilize digital moisture meters and Infrared cameras to assess the water damage degree and ensure all moisture is located and addressed properly. In the water damage restoration process we are providing the following services and techniques, 1. Water Extraction from carpet and hard surface, water pumping, sewage removal, extraction of standing water, water removal from crawlspace. 2. Removal of affected-water damaged building materials like: baseboards - they work as moisture barrier, wet drywall, wet carpet, wet carpet padding, vinyl floors, wet paneling and other non salvageable water damaged materials. 3. Providing proper targeted ventilation and Dehumidification to: inside walls, cavities, wet kitchen cabinets, wet vanities, wet subfloors, wet attics, wet crawlspace, ceilings, and all the hidden hard to reach areas that water have got into.

“Turning panic into peace of mind since 2001!”


Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Our Services

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Fire causes extensive damage to not only the furniture and movables, but can also melt the electrical wiring and affect the structure of the building. Whether the fire is big or small, the damage needs to be assessed thoroughly before preparing an estimate and plan the restoration. The Dryfast restorative process can be broadly described in the following steps: General Evaluation and Assessment: When fire damage occurs, we start with evaluation and assessment of the fire loss, take pictures, itemize the inventory and separate the salvageable items from the non-salvageable ones. Based on that evaluation partial or complete pack-out of personal belongings and furniture is done and then they are transported to our climate controlled storage units. Preparing the repair estimates: Our construction division estimator will prepare a repair estimate that matches the insurance company estimate and once the estimate is agreed upon the repair work starts. The repairs include removing drywall, tiles, kitchen cabinets, and all other non salvageable building materials and then providing access to the structure for cleaning and smoke odor removal treatment. Some of the smoke odor removal procedures that Dryfast follows include ozone treatment, soot hepa vacuuming, sanding, application of odor sealant, charcoal filter air filtration, thermal fogging with oil-based smoke odor destroying solution, among others. Construction Repairs: Once the structure is free of smoke odors and inspected to be safe, then construction repairs begin. As a general contracting and restoration company, Dryfast carries out all the repairs, no project is sub-contracted to another party. The structural repairs include roofing, drywall, painting, exterior siding, plumbing and insulation, among others. Cleaning and Delivery: While the construction is in progress, cleaning of salvageable items takes place at our cleaning facility and the non-salvageable items are documented for insurance evaluation. Once all the above steps are complete, the items are ready for delivery to a client specified location.

Our Services

Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold Inspection, Black Mold Testing and Mold Removal Process Effective Mold Remediation always starts with professional detailed inspection of the areas where you suspect to have Mold, or areas that you have visible mold, 1. Mold inspection should be as detailed as possible, obtaining information from client, finding available information on the property like: was there pre-existing mold condition, any known leaks in the past, roof damage, cracked exterior walls, drain problems, ongoing water heater leak, leaky windows, windows type single or double panned, I inspect kitchen cabinets under the sink, bathroom areas, We then use digital moisture inspection meters, infrared camera, and our experience to locate and spot the cause of Mold damage, we look for specific signs mold leaves behind, or when is about to develop. 2. Mold Testing, Air Sampling. When you feel the presence of Mold but we do not see any signs yet we suggest Air Testing to be performed, Air Mold Test helps us understand what is the current air quality, providing us with detailed report showing the type of Mold spores, amount of Mold Spores, and info graphic chart comparing indoor to outdoor mold spore count, giving us legitimate documentation of the Air Status, either there is abnormal amount of Mold spores or not, this is the most accurate way of testing, using Zefon Cassettes. 3. When you have Mold present. We prepare detailed estimate line item by line item making it easy to read and understand, explaining the whole process, 4. Mold Removal. Mold Remediation starts with building containment barrier to separate affected areas, all work is done in the containment that is under negative air pressure, to ensure that no mold spores are released outside of the work area, our negative air filtration units have HEPA filter, and 2 pre-filters, then we begin with removal of mold contaminated drywall, flooring, sanding wood joists and beams, applying


Construction & Renovation

Our Services

Full Service Construction: Free Inspection and Estimates Insurance Claims and non Insurance repairs, New Construction, Additions, Renovation, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, Waterproofing Exterior and interior, waterproofing is essential and a very important process to protect your property from moisture intrusions, water intrusions can cause mold and indoor air quality contamination. House shifting repair, French drains play important role to navigate water away from the property and or capture underground water, Framing, Electrical - complete rewiring from Knob and Tube to Romex, new panel, Roofing - Complete replacement or temporary repair, Plumbing -Re-pipe from galvanized to Copper or Pex, Sewer line replacement, Board up service. Contaminated Insulation replacement, Dryfast populates 2 warehouses in the San Francisco Bay Area, one in San Carlos that is 19,000 square feet and the second in North Bay - Santa Rosa, strategically located to cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area as well our Las Vegas, Nevada location that covers the entire metro area. With 17 fully equipped construction repair trucks and hundreds of pieces of tools we are ready to start construction projects within a week from estimate approval.

“From start to finish – on schedule, on budget and in person!”

Our Services

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services  Air Duct Cleaning & Repair  Organic Carpet Cleaning  Rug Cleaning & Repair  Upholstery Cleaning  Pressure Washing  Graffiti Removal  Hard Surface Cleaning

 Tile & Grout Cleaning  Contents Cleaning  Chimney Cleaning  Dryer Vent Cleaning  Sewer & Drain Cleaning

All products utilized in the cleaning process are certified green, organic, or low to no V.O.C. For more information – please visit our main website: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the nature of the products we use – we can provide you with the Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.) on each product.

“Choose an organic cleaning company – help preserve the environment!”


Animal and Insect Infestation

Our Services

Animal and Insect Infestation When you have Raccoon, Rat, Mouse or Bird feces, is considered to be a health hazard, We handle Animal Infestation insurance claims and non insurance projects.

Animal infestation affects the Indoor Air Quality! Feces interact with the indoor air releasing fumes and toxins, air moves from crawlspace or attic to inside the property, Also contaminated air can get to the interior through the air duct system,

We Provide complete Decontamination, Antimicrobial treatment, Cleaning , Removal of attic or crawlspace insulation contaminated with Animal urine and feces, Replacement of drywall, and Framing decontamination.

Crawlspace Rat and Raccoon feces cleaning and decontamination, soil treatment and or replacement and sanitizing will improve the indoor air quality.



immediate assisatance call:

1-800-980-8003 San Carlos

Las Vegas

642 Quarry Rd., Unit A

3443 Neeham Road #4

San Carlos, CA 94070

N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

Phone: (650) 213-8400

Phone: (702) 727-4252

Fax: (415) 864-8003

Fax: (702) 942-7336

San Francisco

Santa Rosa

1500 Market St.

1399 Corporate Center Parkway,

San Francisco, CA 94102

Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Phone: (415) 861-8003

Phone: +1 (707) 800-3890

Fax: (415) 864-8003

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