FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. GENERAL ISSUES. 1. What does N/A and some letters that I see against some of my prequalified services mean?

October 3, 2016 | Author: Charity Cunningham | Category: N/A
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1 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. GENERAL ISSUES 1. What does N/A and some letters that I see against some of my prequalifie...




What does N/A and some letters that I see against some of my prequalified services mean? N/A and some letters (that may range from A to D) you may see on your prequalified service(s) are levels of categorization given to your prequalified service(s). N/A which means “Not Applicable” shows that categorization does not apply to the service in question.

2. I have just been prequalified how do I get tender invitations? After a rigorously transparent verification process, Buyers will normally invite Suppliers who meet the tendering requirements (this includes being prequalified in the NJQS data base) to bid for jobs on the NipeX NNPC portal. This happens at close of advert. Although NJQS does not give jobs, it has provided a platform for you to be in the best position to benefit from tender opportunities when they come up. You are strongly advised to frequently visit the Public Opportunities section on the NipeX homepage( and check the National Dailies for advertisements of tender opportunities. 3. How do I know which DPR to apply for? You are expected to apply for service(s) which your company offers. Such services should align with what is stated in your company‟s Articles and Memorandum of Understanding. You can visit the Department of Petroleum Resources website to download a copy of the recent edition of their Product and Service Information to guide you. Please note that „‟The General Purpose DPR permit of Five thousand naira only is valid for Essential Services Suppliers and not accepted as a valid DPR permit for all Standard Suppliers.

4. My DPR is not yet ready can I still apply to NipeX Yes, you may apply to NipeX pending the issuance of your DPR certificate; however, your registration would be placed on hold at some point during you registration pending the submission of your valid DPR Certificate and other required mandatory documents. 5. My company is not a limited company can I apply as a Standard Supplier? Apart for rare cases as in the case of some Estate Survey and Law firms who are by law not allowed to operate as a Limited Company , all companies registering as a Standard Supplier

must be a Limited Liability company.

6. How long does it take to be fully registered in NipeX? You are expected to conclude your NipeX registration (this includes logging into your questionnaire, submitting it and other mandatory documents and attaining the „publish” status) within four weeks, starting from the date your log in details was sent to you. Although, presently, there are no penalties for submitting later than four weeks, NipeX will not be held liable for any inconvenience in Audit Scheduling, etc caused by Suppliers‟ inability to conclude registration on time.

7. Can I get jobs from NipeX? No NipeX does not give jobs 8. I was prequalified but was not invited for a bid I saw in the paper? As earlier stated, NipeX does not give jobs. The onus on who to invite to bid for a particular job lies on the Buyer who has a number of factors to take into consideration. Such factors include the type of job at hand and the Supplier‟s capacity to handle such jobs; the Supplier‟s prequalification for the service(s) in question, etc. You may talk to any of our staff in the Operations Unit if you have been prequalified for a service(s) but was not invited to bid for it. 9. How do I know when my contract will expire? Although, the NJQS Team always send renewal reminders to Supply (please ensure that your contact e-mails are valid always), it is important to note that renewal payment is done yearly and all contracts expires one year from the date of registration. 10. My certificate shows that my contract is valid but I have just received a mail that I need to renew my registration. The Expiration date on your Certificate is different from the expiration of your NJQS registration or contract. Presently, your certificate cannot be renewed and no fees attached to it. But you are required to renew your registration or contract with a mandatory fee of 20,000 naira only. 11. Can I reschedule my audit date? Yes you may reschedule your audit date but this must be done by sending a reply mail to the Audit Unit officially notifying them of your wish to reschedule your audit. This should be done

within 24 hours of receiving a date for your audit. You will incur penalty charge of one hundred and seventy seven thousand naira only for not showing up for your Audit after confirmation of date.

12 What documents should I show the Auditors? A comprehensive list otherwise known as the Audit Core Module has been attached to the Publish Notification mail sent to all published Suppliers. This contains all the required documents that the Supplier may present during Audit. Also, a supplier can have access to the Audit Core Module by accessing with their username and password, and clicking on “Joint Qualification Tools” and then on “documents and resources”. 13. How can I update my questionnaire? To Update Profile information e.g. contact person, telephone numbers, e-mail address etc: Firstly write a formal request on your company letter headed directed to the General Manager, NipeX requesting to update your profile clearly stating the areas you intend to update. To renew your subscription and update your Supplier information: Pay the mandatory 20,000 renewal fee to the designated banks and forward the teller to NipeX. You will receive a mail to confirm payment and to update your expired information(s). Then log into your online questionnaire as usual with your username and password. Go into all the sections of the questionnaire one after the other. Check and update all obsolete information. Do not change or update your product and service codes if you have already been published or prequalified. Do not forget to save any changes you have made. Click on the “submit” button to submit you updated questionnaire after the whole update. 14. Do I have to pay for any fees to be audited? No you do not have to pay any fees to be audited or scheduled for audit. However, a penalty fee of N177, 000 is charged for reneging after a mutual and confirmed date has been breached by the auditee. 15. I see "validation messages" when I click on the submit button while completing my online questionnaire? This means there are mandatory questions (usually highlighted in red) which must be answered or not properly answered before the questionnaire can be submitted.

16. How do I know my status? Log into your online questionnaire with your username and password to view your status. Your status may be seen as: New, Default, Published, or Reject. However, audited companies, will see in addition to the above: prequalified via audit. 17. I keep getting the message "invalid Username and Password" when I want to log in. You are trying to login from the wrong section of The Nipex website. Avoid clicking the “LOG ON „‟ button on the top right corner of the Nipex web page to access your questionnaire. 18. I keep getting the message "Account Management Error" when I want to log in? Your Nipex subscription/registration has expired. Contact Nipex website/supplier support for details of payment of annual renewal fees.

19. I have followed the Instructions on the guide you sent to me but still cannot log in? Contact Nipex website/supplier support for assistance.

20. I just renewed my registration but I was informed by my account manager that my registration has expired? Registration/subscription is renewed from expiry date on the system and not based on real time date of payment of annual renewal fees. Contact Nipex website/supplier support for further assistance and clarification. 21. How do I get my Certificate after I am prequalified? a.

Simply login with correct username and password.


Click on “Joint Qualification Scheme Tool‟‟


Click on „‟Print My Certificate‟‟

22. How can I add/increase product/service codes? a.

Write an application letter addressed to The GM Nipex.


Attach relevant and current DPR permit(s) that strictly cover the requested code(s) to be added.


Attach receipt of payment for addition of product/service codes-N25K for published suppliers, $2,000 for prequalified/audited suppliers and submit.

23. How can I view/upload my tenders/ITT?

Logon to Click on „‟Log On‟‟ to access the e-mkt platform. Type in login details to view/upload tenders. Contact NipeX Operations dept on 01-7644294, 01-4484360 ext 2205, and 01-7937911 for emarket/tender/ITT issues.

24. I want to change my login details. You cannot change your njqs login to view your questionnaire. However you may contact NipeX Operations dept on 01-7644294, 01-4484360 ext 2205, 01-7937911 for assistance to change your e-market login. 25. I have been audited but not closed out. Can I participate in bids? No you cannot. 26. Can I participate in bids if my company is not audited? NO you cannot. 27. When will my company be audited? a.

After your questionnaire has been published.


After you have received an audit notification mail from NipeX audit dept. and confirmed via email your availability for the audit.

28. What is the meaning of prequalification? The process whereby a supplier having met all preliminary requirements for registration and completed a successful audit appears live on the NipeX /NJQS online Database.

AUDIT SPECIFIC ISSUES 1. My questionnaire has been filled and my documents quality checked; I just received a mail telling me I have been published and awaiting audit; when am I likely to get an audit date? The schedule is based on a first come; first serve basic, so the audits will eventually come in the shortest possible time. 2. I have registered with NIPEX, but have not been audited and I have a tender to meet and in the advert it is said we should contact NIPEX for an audit, what should I do in terms of having an audit and meeting with the tender deadline? Write a letter requesting for an accelerated audit, address the letter to the General Manager, NIPEX; and attention The Manager, NJQS. Requests will be reviewed and treated based on their merits and on availability. 3. My initial audit was conducted awhile back, I have my non-compliances in place now; what should I do? Send a mail to the scheduler requesting a close-out; requests will be treated based on availability; at the event that it has gone past the 3 months grace period, a fine of #177,000 is applicable. 4. I have been prequalified but do not know how to print my certificate, what should I do? Log into your account, click on continue to joint qualification scheme tool, and then click on print my certificate. 5. On my prequalification certificate, the date states that my prequalification status has expire; what do I do? Your status might read expired but it still remains valid until a re-audit is conducted on you. You will receive a notification on a re-audit date as soon as possible.

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