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1 Commitment Like No Other Light Sources Group Capabilities2 Melles Griot. Commitment like no other. Melles Griot combin...


Commitment Like No Other

Light Sources Group C a pa b i l i t i e s

Melles Griot. Commitment like no other. Melles Griot combines deep technical expertise with creative engineering teams who understand how to bring product ideas to market successfully for life science, medical, imaging, semiconductor and defense customers worldwide. From optical components and systems, to laser sources and lights engines, to shutters – the Melles Griot team helps engineer your success.

Life Science Laser Source Innovation Group Partnering with Semrock and Melles Griot for high-volume optics and lasers gives piece of mind when on-time delivery is critical, and our deep understanding of where and how you need your optics and lasers makes your R&D process smoother. When you partner with us, our expert knowledge in both laser engines and optical filters can direct you to a more stable, more efficient final design and ensures your light source ends up where and how you expect it.

Part of the IDEX Family of Global Brands Melles Griot is part of the IDEX Optics & Photonics family of best-in-class brands, delivering premium products, engineered solutions and precision fabrication to scientific, commercial and industrial customers around the world. From custom components and subsystems to high-volume production, the IDEX Optics & Photonics manufacturing and distribution platform integrates leading photonics technologies in the areas of advanced coatings, optical filters, lasers and laser optics for manufacturers of light-based instruments, tools and systems. With facilities across North America, Europe and Asia, IDEX Optics & Photonics delivers state-of-the art technical expertise to its optical industry partners with brands including: Advanced Thin Films, CVI Laser Optics, Melles Griot and Semrock. For more information visit


Melles Griot Light Sources Group

Melles Griot Light Sources Group Overview With a strong core of engineering and development expertise, Melles Griot maintains an ongoing commitment to F ro m it s begi nni ngs i n 1 9 7 9 , the Melles Griot Light Sources group

technology development,

established itself as a premier manufacturer of laser-based light sources. This was

state-of-the-art equipment

accomplished through a customer-centric philosophy that delivered the exact

and world-class

solution our customer needed — rather than the rigidly defined set of products other

manufacturing processes

companies offered.

and management systems.

This approach quickly catapulted the company to a leadership position in gas lasers. Over thirty years and nearly 3 million units later, Melles Griot is widely known as a stable, reliable source of laser-based components, electro-optical assemblies, and multi-laser light engines to the global marketplace. The technologies used to generate laser light have changed considerably since 1979 and so have we. Our product portfolio now encompasses numerous laser wavelengths with technologies ranging from gas lasers to the latest developments in solid state and semiconductor laser technology. With our long history and customer-centric culture, Melles Griot provides the



1000 100 10 514 520 532 543 561 568 594 633 635 640 647 650 660 670 676 685 780 830

502 505

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solutions you need to outperform your competition.



design expertise

Reliable by Design. Fueled by Innovation. Melles Griot continuously maintains an extensive depth of technological and applications expertise. Our seasoned design and development teams represent disciplines in laser physics, optical design, thin-film coating technology, mechanical and thermal management, electronics, software development, manufacturing, and quality engineering. In total, more than a third of our employees are highly qualified engineers and scientists. We maintain a portfolio of more the 125 patents, 100 of which are in solid-state laser technology.

We arm our engineering team with the latest tools and training. Software tools such as Solid EdgeTM, AutoCADTM, SolidWorksTM and Zemax®, along with other finite element analysis methods, are just a small sampling of our software tools. These tools, combined with extensive training in project management methods and documented design-verification-testing protocol, result in innovative and robust designs that

Our collaborative

withstand the test of time.

process keeps you involved, informed, and helps drive program %25(6,*+7&(1752,'&+$1*( —UDG

time lines to help you out-compete in the marketplace.



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melles griot lasers and assemblies are designed for stable pointing performance over large temperature ranges.


Melles Griot Light Sources Group

At Melles Griot, our long-term relationships with market leaders and innovators in Life Sciences, Medical, Scientific, Analytical Instrumentation, Industrial, Semiconductor and Aerospace / Defense communities around the word help us understand the product performance attributes that are important to your application. As a result, we work as an extension of your design team, keeping you current on the latest in laser technology.

custom oem designs that facilitate modularity, mounting flexibility and easy installation.

Melles Griot offers the most complete portfolio o f laser technologies in the Industry. Wavelengths range from the ultraviolet through the near-infrared, with delivered power up to 3 Watts. We also design and manufacture laser-based light engines, lasers, beam conditioning, beam steering, polarization control, thin-film filters, mechanics and control electronics. Reliable assemblies require manufacturing to sub-micron and micro-radian tolerances — among our key competencies. Incorporating “light engines” into your instrument designs dramatically shorten

Static and thermal Finite Element Analysis of an optical element and a mount design.

product development time lines, significantly improves system performance, shortens the supply chain, reduces field service costs, and minimizes production complexities. Beam delivery options include precision-focused spots, custom-tailored spot geometries, and fiber optic beam delivery to maximize your installation and service options. Logistics and service arrangements including safety stock, kanban, rotating service spares and global pricing and service help to ensure that you have the right light sources in the right locations at the right time. Many of our products are designed to facilitate field installation through the use of fiber optic beam delivery or mechanical means, including alignment pins, or pre-aligned mounting brackets. These custom package configurations can significantly reduce field service costs and help you maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Multi-wavelength laser light engine with modular cartridge design for easy field upgrades.


M a n u fa c t u r i n g a n d p r o c e s s c o n t r o l

Manufacturing Our facilities are equipped with clean rooms certified to as much as Class 100 for critical processes. Current production lines accommodate unit volumes well in excess of 250,000 per year are highly scalable as demand dictates. Melles Griot is vertically integrated for close control of the most critical components while minimizing production lead-times. Dedicated ion-assisted ion beam sputtering coating chambers deliver the proprietary steep-cutoff and notch bandwidth coatings that control unit-to-unit consistency and spectral performance—and deliver highly efficient and compact laser sources for a variety of applications. Cavity optical substrates are super-polished to within 2-angstroms of surface roughness. Critical components are handled in accordance with the strict cleanliness standards of the ultra-high vacuum and computer hard Microscopic inspection and assembly in a clean room environment.

drive industries. Coating scatter is verified using a cavity ring-down technique to ensure higher efficiency products and minimal heat generation and cooling requirements.

Process Control Factory floor bar coding allows for statistical process control and lot tracking for critical components during the manufacturing process. Automated data acquisition and testing are incorporated and networked throughout our facilities to maximize production efficiency. This facilitates in-process characterization and subassembly and accommodates final assembly and performance verification to ensure repeatability, high throughput, and accuracy.

New Products New products are developed using our quality management and formalized product launch process. Each product goes through very specific phases of proof-of-concept, validation of key specifications, production repeatability, and reliability analysis prior to release to the marketplace. To facilitate this process, Melles Griot incorporates automatic design verification testing. New designs receive rigorous environmental testing including key parameters such as power stability, optical noise, beam Dedicated state-of-the-art ion-assisted ion beam sputtering for high efficiency, high reliability lasers with controlled and repeatable spectral output.


pointing, polarization and beam quality measured over time and temperature and under mechanical shock and vibration conditions.

Melles Griot Light Sources Group

Certification and Compliance is a Key Part of the Design Process ISO 9001:2008 Melles Griot is ISO 9001:2008 certified. As a worldwide quality management standard, ISO certification supports a culture of continuous process improvement. Certification mandates a process oriented approach in which close interaction with customers and welldefined design, development, manufacturing and delivery processes

Melles Griot offers

translate into satisfied customers.

turnkey systems, OEM


modules, integrated

All standard Melles Griot products incorporate applicable CE

assemblies, CE certified

certification and are CDRH and IEC compliant for emissions and

and IEC and CDRH

electrical safety. Custom and OEM products many be non-compliant,

compliant formats.

depending on the configuration you specify. In these cases, you must attain certification for your end product. Our experts can provide additional information about laser safety and compliance on request.

WEEE and RoHS Directives Melles Griot is committed to compliance with EU Directives 2012/19/EU (WEEE) and 2011/65/EU (RoHS). With this commitment, we support the need to conserve our natural resources whenever possible and restrict or eliminate certain hazardous substances from our products. Many of our current products are designed for multiple reuse cycles and take advantage of strong recycling policies. As a responsible global citizen, we apply our considerable internal technical resources and strong supplier partnerships to fully meet this commitment.

Automatic verification testing of lasers for power stability, optical noise and beam output characteristics.


D IO D E l a s e r m o d u l e s

Compact and Efficient Diode Laser Modules Diode laser modules provide extremely compact and reliable sources of laser light with minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to mechanical


shock and vibration. Most operate in a single longitudinal mode and provide linearly polarized output.

• Superior beam pointing stability • Low optical noise characteristics

STANDARD DIODE LASER SYSTEMS provide excellent output power and

• Excellent power stability over operation temperature

pointing stability from an ultra-compact laser head. This is achieved through state-of-the art thermal management and hermetic sealing, which improves

• Internal or external interchangeable controller versions

performance and reliability in harsh environments.

• Circular or elliptical output

CUSTOM DIODE LASER SYSTEMS for OEM applications can be configured

• Wide range of wavelengths

for direct analog and/or digital modulation, eliminating the cost, complexity

• Closed loop power stability

and alignment challenges associated with external modulators. We also

• RS232 and USB interface

specialize in custom-tailored beam profiles that deliver the precise spot you

• Adjustable power

need at the point of work, dramatically reducing system complexity and

• Analog and digital modulation xDD and CRH Ultra

Output Power

Typical Specifications

405 nm

100 mW

Beam Pointing Stability

< 10 μrad / ºC

442 nm

40 mW

Power Drift

< 2% over 8 hours

488 nm

45 mW

Optical Noise

< 0.5% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz

515 nm

15 mW

Beam Delivery

Free Space

640 nm

100 mW

Standard Wavelengths

Output Power

Typical Specifications

405 nm

200 mW

Beam Pointing Stability

445 nm

80 mW

488 nm

150 mW

515 nm

60 mW

642 nm

100 mW

Standard Wavelengths

Output Power

405 nm

50 mW

Power Drift

± 2% over 8 hours (± 3°C)

445 nm

40 mW

Optical Noise

< 0.2% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz

488 nm

50 mW

Beam Delivery

Fiber Delivered (SM or PM)

515 nm

25 mW

642 nm

50 mW


Standard Wavelengths


cost—and significantly improving system performance.


Melles Griot Light Sources Group

< 5 μrad / ºC

Power Drift

± 1% over 8 hours (± 3°C)

Optical Noise

< 0.1% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz

Beam Delivery

Free Space

Typical Specifications


Customized Beam Technologies

xDD diode lasers offer excellent OEM performance. The interchangeable universal controller allows for high speed analog and digital modulation capabilities.

Ultra-stable Beam Pointing

CRH-Ultra CRH Ultra diode lasers offer superior beam pointing stability, very low optical noise, and excellent power stability controlled by an internal analog laser controller.

CRN & CF x Series The new 56-CRN and 57-CFx series diode laser systems provide excellent beam performance, pointing stability, low optical noise with high speed modulation and USB interface capability from a compact self-contained

package. A unique design allowing Melles Griot to customize the laser beam parameters to simplify your optical system design requirements providing flexibility to focus on core competencies. Optional controller box available for CDRH compliant requirements.

High Speed Modulation


d i o d e - p u m p e d s o l i d - s tat e l a s e r s

Stable, Reliable Solid-state Laser Sources Melles Griot first began manufacturing DPSS lasers in 1999. These devices provide compact and reliable sources of laser light with minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. Standard DPSS Laser Systems from Melles Griot provide excellent output power and pointing stability from a

FEATURES • Superior beam pointing stability • Low optical noise characteristics • Excellent power stability over operating temperature • Low power consumption

compact laser head. This is achieved through state-of-the art thermal management and current control, which improves performance and reliability in harsh environments. Fiber Optic Beam Delivery is available for most products, in addition to freespace beam delivery. With fiber core sizes of approximately 4 microns, maintaining alignment, and the resulting power efficiency and stability can be challenging. Melles Griot addresses this by incorporating the fiber launch components inside the laser head, and maintaining them at the same temperature as the laser itself. The result is stable power and efficient coupling; over time, over temperature, and during mechanical shock and vibration.

• Long lifetime solid state design • Closed loop power stability • Fiber optic or free space delivery • RS232 interface


Delivered Power

457 nm

300 mW

488 nm

50 mW

532 nm - Low Power

20 mW

532 nm - High Power

3 Watts

561 nm

50 mW

Typical Specifications (model dependent)


Melles Griot Light Sources Group

Beam Pointing

< 5 μrad / ºC

Power Drift

< 2% over 8 hours

Optical Noise

< 0.5% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz

Beam Delivery

Free Space of Fiber Delivered

85-Bxx Series, 488 nm Excellent, repeatable beam diameters reduce

Bxx Beam Diameter

integration time in your system

1400 1200


Greater than 500 Samples 1000 800 600 400 200 0 0.64













Beam Diameter (mm)

85-GHS / BLS Series, 532 nm or 457 nm


Compact, high power, highly manufactureable



lasers available at 532 or 457 nm.

GHS Beam Diameter

Greater than 500 Samples 400 300 200 100 0 0.15


















Beam Diameter (mm)

85-YCA Series, 561 nm

YCA M² Values

Superior beam quality in a compact


561 nm laser.


Greater than 500 Samples


120 100 80 40 20 0 0.96














laser light engines

Field-Proven Beam-combining Solutions If your application requires the integration of multiple light sources, Melles Griot offers a field-proven experience base to help you. Figure 1 represents a conventional beam-combining approach. Laser light engine combining up to six wavelength specific cartridges into a single mode PM fiber

Lasers are mounted in conjunction with beam-conditioning optics to deliver the required spot size at the working location. This may include optical isolators, modulation components, spectral filters and / or polarization rotators. Optics and mounts for beam-steering and beam combining are required, both of which must be precisely located and maintained over time and temperature to deliver stable performance. The high component count adds cost by way of a higher purchasedpart count, supply chain complexities, inventory carrying cost, quality control costs, assembly time, tolerance stack-up and optical efficiency. The completed assembly must maintain its alignment over time and temperature – wherever and whenever your customer chooses to operate it. Figure 2 represents a laser cartridge-based approach. This is particularly effective if you have an application where you need to add laser wavelengths to an existing

FIGURE 1 Conventional Beam Combining approach

system in the field. By purchasing an integrated system, consisting of a laser, beam conditioning optics, polarization and spectral control, modulation components (if required) and beamsteering into a precision-aligned cartridge, your components count is dramatically reduced. The time you spend procuring, inspecting assembling and testing drops considerably, and field serviceability improves exponentially. The end result is a plugand-play cartridge that delivers the wavelength and power you want, at a defined point in space, reliably and precisely over time, temperature and shipping and handling.

FIGURE 2 Cartridge-based laser assembly incorporating light source, beam conditioning optics, polarization control, modulation & beam steering.


Melles Griot Light Sources Group

Figure 3 represents the ultimate in integrated light engines. A significant departure from “bolt-together” light engines, this is a completely monolithic, hands-free approach. The hermetically sealed design, combined with our patented beam-combiner and ground-breaking mechanical design results in rock-solid stability when subjected to mechanical shock, vibration and temperature changes. All laser, polarization control, spectral control and beam steering components are held at the same temperature in an ultra-compact package, which delivers pointing stability better than 5 µrad per ºC, ultra-low optical noise and outstanding power stability. Customized beam profiles, focal distances and modulation parameters are available per your OEM requirements. Whether you need individual lasers, a cartridge-based approach or a fully integrated multi-laser light engine, Melles Griot has tried-and-true platforms that can be quickly custom-configured for OEM requirements. Our design process incorporates extensive design validation including mechanical shock and vibration, thermal and humidity testing, regulatory approvals and certifications as appropriate for the configuration and packaging design to ensure robust and reliable performance.

FIGURE 3 melles griot lasers and assemblies are designed for stable pointing performance over large temperature ranges.


Delivered Power

405 nm

100 mW

445 nm

50 mW

488 nm

100 mW

515 nm

20 mW

532 nm

30 mW

561 nm

40 mW

640 nm

100 mW

Other power and wavelength options may be available. For detailed product specifications and performance parameters, please consult our website or contact the factory.

melles griot lasers and assemblies are designed for stable pointing performance over large temperature ranges.


helium neon lasers

The World’s Leading Supplier of Helium Neon Lasers As the worlds leading supplier of Helium Neon lasers, Melles Griot offers a broad selection of products for 2

applications requiring unmatched M performance, narrow linewidth, stable frequency and long operating lifetimes at affordable prices. Products include 543 nm green and 633 nm red with randomly or linearly polarized output. We also offer frequency stabilized Frequency stabilized HeNe laser.

models with frequency stability better than 1 MHz. The standard product offering includes fully turnkey systems including the laser head and controller, and for OEM’s we offer plasma tubes or custom-tailored configurations. If you already use HeNe lasers from another supplier and require service spares or field replacements, it is highly likely that Melles Griot offers a product with drop-in compatibility. Helium neon lasers continue to be a design solution for applications requiring frequency stability, excellent beam quality, long operating lifetime and an economical price point. If you are currently using Helium neon lasers and are considering a transition to solid-state devices, our Applications Engineers are ready to discuss your requirements.



Laser Head Dimensions

633 nm

1 mW

31.8 X 177.8

633 nm

5 mW

44.5 X 396.2

633 nm

10 mW

44.5 X 483.9

633 nm

17 mW

44.5 X 637.3

543 nm

2 mW

44.5 X 510.3

melles griot lasers and assemblies are designed for stable pointing performance over large temperature ranges.


Melles Griot Light Sources Group

A Global Partner for Your Light Source Needs Highly configurable platforms • Beam geometries • Polarization orientation

Simplify your optical system design requirements.

Application knowledge in core areas • Faster time-to-market • Knowledge of performance requirements that matter, whether written or unwritten

Flexible manufacturing processes • Beam geometry at point of work leading to improved system performance

Project Management process leading to faster time-to-market

Compact design offers smaller footprint.

• Direct access to / interaction with technical experts

Light Engine capability • Integrated solution capability; from photon emission to photon capture • Broad expertise / technical knowledge

experience, longevity, expertise • Big-company systems and controls; small company flexibility

A family of solutions available for your application at


Melles Griot — Light Sources group 2051 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92011 USA PHONE FAX






[email protected]

Germany: +49 6251 84060 Email: [email protected] United Kingdom: +44 (0)333 011 2302 Email: [email protected] For a full list of locations visit and click “find a rep” at the top of the page.

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