Call Center Software for Telesales & Customer Service

November 18, 2016 | Author: Erika Floyd | Category: N/A
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Call Center Software for Telesales & Customer Service

Europe’s Most Loved Call Center Software

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Configure & launch your outbound campaigns in just few minutes! Transform your business with all-in-one LeadDesk software.

LeadDesk Is THE Software for Your Call Center and Telesales Business LeadDesk is the industry-leading software for call center, inside sales and telemarketing operations. Millions of calls and 100,000+ orders handled each week. Our products serve all sizes, from freelancers to large, multi-site enterprise users. Frustration-free usability, wide options to customize. With LeadDesk, you can launch any outbound campaign on your own – in just some minutes! Easy-to-use, configurable cloud software

Scalable – 1-1000s of agents

VoIP, GSM modem & hybrid telephony

Predictive, progressive, preview & account dialer modes

Advanced monitoring & reporting

Secure & compliant with EU directives & local regulations



LeadDesk Improves Your Business

LeadDesk is an all-in-one software for your call center that lifts efficiency and boosts revenues. First improvements often realized in just few days!

Who else is using LeadDesk? LeadDesk software has 500+ customer organizations, from 20+ countries. Our smallest customer is just 2 seats, and largest 1000+ seats – all using the same, scalable LeadDesk software.

How to get started? Contact us to get a free assessment of the potential benefits LeadDesk software could provide you.


Mr. Lauri Pukkinen | +49 151 70226715 [email protected]

Or, continue reading to get to the details.

What Features Does the LeadDesk Software Include? Cloud-based system

You only need LeadDesk & an Internet connection. No hardware required.

Contact database

Use LeadDesk as your CRM for customer acquisition.

Contact intelligence

LeadDesk is integrated with B2B/B2C data sources & can automatically clean bad data.

Quality control

Listen to call recordings & real time conversations. Track agent productivity.

Full agent interface

Everything a call center agent needs – from dialing to order-taking to time management.

Flexible operator choice Let us be your phone company. Or choose any other operator.

Telephony options

Use VoIP, GSM or landline calling – or integrate with any PBX.

Outbound & inbound

Make & receive calls. Use IVR. LeadDesk is the only system you need.

Smart outbound campaigns

Designed to manage campaigns, calls & sales – including email and SMS.

Reporting and live screen

Run off-the-shelf or tailored reports & show real-time data internally and to product owners

Dialer modes

Preview calling, progressive calling, predictive calling & more dialer options.


Link LeadDesk with your ERP & reporting systems.

Plus much more! Contact [email protected] for a full product description

Why Do LeadDesk Users Love Their Software? We asked our customers. This is what came up.

More active calling. Save agent time from manual work and provide better incentives for active calling through powerful predictive dialler and real-time dashboards.

100% flexibility. LeadDesk fits with your operations – not the other way around. It scales from 1 to more than 1,000 agents, and gives you great platform to manage remote offices. Adjust call results, product forms, system languages etc. as you wish. We also provide you a full access to our API.

Helps grow my business. LeadDesk software has full, multichannel outbound & inbound feature set. When your business grows, LeadDesk grows with you. Also, if you are a product owner, LeadDesk platform is an excellent way to grow your telesales channel while ensuring quality, efficiency & control.

Higher quality work. Use real-time data to manage your business. Coach your agents with live call monitoring. Use call multiple recording features to ensure all deals are for real. Stand out from other call centers by providing high-quality, real-time reports for your product owner. Automate critical tasks, such as follow-up calls and SMS confirmations.

Save on cost, time and resources. Setting up LeadDesk takes just a few minutes. As LeadDesk takes care of list allocation, campaign management and reporting automatically, you can focus on coaching and there is less need for back-office resources. We provide LeadDesk, an all-in-one telesales solution for comparatively low prices. Also, sometimes LeadDesk can help you to cut your telephone prices.

What Does LeadDesk Exactly Provide to Its Customers? These are the 7 main assets you can access, every day.

1. Admin interface Access with browser or smartphone, setup campaigns & monitor results with few clicks. Highly configurable.

2. Agent interface Setup agent mask by Campaign – it can be very simple or very advanced. Robust telephone client is built in.

3. Team screen Show progress to the whole team. Who is the sales king of the day?!

4. Client/sponsor view Share as much as you want – or as little as you want – with your subcontractors, product owner, sponsor, your own HQ. Up to you!

5. Programming interface Want to integrate LeadDesk into some other software. No problem. Use our development interface, or rely on our Professional Customer Service team |

6. Operator service LeadDesk is a certified VoIP operator in the whole EU area. We can bundle an operator service to LeadDesk offering optimized as per your required traffic.

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7. LeadDesk team at your service! Close to 100 professionals in 10 countries. Developers, 24/7 support, account managers. Benefit from our scale & get help where you need it, when you need it.



Windows (XP, 7 and 8, etc.) supported. Also Mac and Linux. Contact support for more info Internet connection Optimized for the latest Chrome web browser (support for IE8 or later and the latest Firefox release) Minimum screen resolution: 1280×800 Headphones (USB recommended)


GSM modem, Landline, VoIP, PBX, GSM router, external phone Predictive, Powel Dial, Progressive, Semi-Progressive, Preview, Click-to-call, Manual


Agent interface (calling and sales) Admin interface (campaign management and dashboard) Central database


Data import (XLS, CSV) and export (reporting) Web API for 3rd party cloud apps Contact us for the latest information on Pipedrive, Fortnox and other custom CRM/billing integration


ENG/GER/FRA/SPA/POL/SWE/DEN/EST/FIN/HUN/ROM – more introduced on a monthly basis


Customer data typically stored and hosted as part of the service, in the local cloud Data storage (number and call data, recordings, statistics) at customer premises possible, requires customer-managed hosting


Servers hosted and operated by major cloud service providers Large server capacity, auxiliary server available at all times All data backed up every day, >99.9% service up-time


PROTOCOLS: • • • •

VoIP: protocols in use: SIP/H.323 (port 5060 / 1720 / others can be agreed) Traffic between client and server: HTTP/HTTPS (port 80) Voice: between client GUI and possible GSM module: UDP (port can be defined) Voice between client GUI and possible integrated VoIP softphone: TCP


• 5 levels of users can be defined • Installation: Administrator user rights required • Usage: Normal user rights satisfactory


Personal username and password for each team leader and agent Data can be stored on our server or customer server SSL installed upon request


• 24/7/365 service hotline


• Basic service comes in three editions, each 50€-150€/seat/ month • Contact sales to get your offer


Product development and user support: Germany, the UK, Poland, Spain, the Netherland, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia. Channel partners and system integrators used on a case-by- case basis LeadDesk group mother company LeadDesk Oy, owns own subsidiaries in its priority local markets, such as LeadDesk AB, LeadDesk GmbH, LeadDesk AS and LeadDesk Sp. z o.o.

Europe’s Most Loved Call Center Software | [email protected]

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